Full Trailer for 'The Shining' Sequel 'Doctor Sleep' with Ewan McGregor

September 8, 2019
Source: YouTube

Doctor Sleep Trailer

"Come play with us forever and ever." Warner Bros has debuted the full-length official trailer for Doctor Sleep, the adaptation of Stephen King's sequel to his original novel "The Shining". The first teaser arrived earlier in the summer, but this looks even more creepy and thrilling with tons of fresh footage. Doctor Sleep is both written and directed by Mike Flanagan, of "The Haunting of Hill House" fame and Gerald's Game. Set years after the events of The Shining, Ewan McGregor stars as an adult Danny Torrance, a man with psychic powers known as "the shining". The cast includes Rebecca Ferguson as Rose the Hat, head of the True Knot, a cult that feeds on children with these powers; Kyliegh Curran, Bruce Greenwood, Zahn McClarnon, Emily Alyn Lind, Jocelin Donahue, Jacob Tremblay, Carl Lumbly (playing the same cook played by Scatman Crothers in The Shining), plus Alex Essoe as Wendy Torrance, Danny's mother (originally Shelley Duvall). This is looking very, very good. Creepy but with just the right amount of mystery.

Here's the full-length official trailer (+ poster) for Mike Flanagan's Doctor Sleep, from WB's YouTube:

Doctor Sleep Teaser Poster

You can still see the first teaser trailer for Flanagan's Doctor Sleep here, to see the original reveal again.

Years following the events of The Shining, a now-adult Dan Torrence (Ewan McGregor) meets a young girl with similar powers as his and tries to protect her from a cult known as The True Knot who prey on children with powers to remain immortal. Doctor Sleep is directed by acclaimed American filmmaker Mike Flanagan, director of the films Makebelieve, Still Life, Ghosts of Hamilton Street, Absentia, Oculus, Hush, Before I Wake, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and Gerald's Game previously, who also directed the TV series "The Haunting of Hill House". The screenplay is also written by Mike Flanagan, adapted straight from Stephen King's novel of the same name first published in 2013. Warner Bros will release Flanagan's Doctor Sleep in theaters everywhere starting November 8th later this fall. Looking good? Planning to see this in theaters?

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I'm interested, Flanagan could do well here. It will be cool to see a dilapidated Overlook.

grimjob on Sep 8, 2019


It does look good. Which is not enough, of course. Stephen King never liked what Kubrick did with his story. Still, Kubrick's touch has become famous. Who knows if King will like this one better ...

shiboleth on Sep 8, 2019


Look, it's best if I not really comment because I don't like King's stuff, but why not just a little?'s film of King's mediocre, for the masses book, which I read many years ago, is a masterpiece and work of pure genius. Both in the adaptation, the vision and execution and the magnificent work of Nicholson's acting. This will not be anything close to a Kubrick film and I hardly can buy into this director as being 'acclaimed'. I've never heard of him and not seen any of his movies...just read about him and seen clips and have no interest in him at all as a filmmaker. People love King's brand of horror and have for many years so I'm sure this will be a solid entertainment for them. Nothing wrong with that. It won't be for me and I've no problem with that Rebecca Ferguson, but not enough to watch her in this.

thespiritbo on Sep 8, 2019


I completely disagree... All of Mike Flanagan's stuff are absolutely brilliant. Haunting of Hillhouse, before I wake, Gerald's game - all so deep and not your typical horror or slasher tipe of films... Cannot wait for this as I watched The Shining, which was not at all a good adaptation of the book, so hoping Dr Sleep will be more accurate, especially with the tech these days giving good picture, sound and special effects. Think it will blow your mind if you are a Flanagan/King fan

Willem Schoombee on Sep 9, 2019


You might be right if you're a Flanagan/King fan of which I am most definitely not and couldn't disagree more with you with regards to Kubrick's brilliant film. So we'll just have to accept that we disagree on this. Alright by me. I hope you enjoy it when you go to see it. Cheers!

thespiritbo on Sep 9, 2019


You're not a Flanagan/King fan? Even though you just stated you haven't seen any of Flanagans movies? Maybe get your head out of your own ass for a second and watch Geralds game, haunting of hill house, Hush, Ouija, oculus and or before I wake. Just so you can make an informed stupid decision.

Jon Odishaw on Sep 9, 2019


You again, Jon? Haven't you learned by now to stop pestering me with you infantile anger and disagreements? I'm a bit brighter and more aware than you and from the clips and trailers of this guy's work trying to convince me to see the product only convinced me not to. I know that is too complex for you to understand, but I'm tired of your immature rants at me so will solve the problem by blocking you. I've always thought you to be an unaware, fanboy of stupid and trite movies and not worth my time because you can't have a respectful conversation because of your massive insecurities and feelings of being less than others...thus your lame attempts to denigrate them and bring them down, way down, to your level. You really need to grow up and stop pestering me. I have no interest in your thoughts or opinions on films and certainly have no interest in what you think of me. Now for the blocking you as I won't even be notified that you have addressed me. What a relief. You're toxic!

thespiritbo on Sep 10, 2019


You're a fedora personified

Jon Odishaw on Sep 10, 2019


"When I was a kid, there was a place." "A dark place." "They closed it down and let it rot." "But the things that live there... they come back!" Toys 'R' Us is Coming Back from the Dead

Akirakorn on Sep 9, 2019



DAVIDPD on Sep 10, 2019


genuinely looking forward to this (although that may be due to my Rebecca Ferguson fixation). appreciate i am in the minority, but i have never liked the original's Kubrick adaptation *as much as* the book. always dangerous to revisit a seminal work in any medium, but i am interested in this (although probably more from the teaser trailer than this full one).

son_et_lumiere on Oct 17, 2019

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