Official Trailer for Errol Morris' 'American Dharma' Doc About Bannon

September 19, 2019
Source: YouTube

American Dharma Trailer

"A portrait of delusion." Utopia has debuted an official trailer for the documentary American Dharma, the latest film from legendary doc filmmaker Errol Morris. This originally premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year, but became controversial as it spends too much time sympathizing with and promoting an extremely evil person. No one wanted to release it, but Morris finally found a way to get it out. American Dharma is a portrait of controversial political strategist and former Donald Trump advisor, Steve Bannon. Morris engages in a conversation with Bannon, challenging him on all of his beliefs, and asking him to breakdown the reasons why he's doing what he's doing in the world. It's shocking, surprising, and also just scary as fuck because he straight up explains how and why they have been manipulating and tricking people into supporting conservatism. I saw this in Venice last year and I hated it, as it allows Bannon to humanize his beliefs in a way in which no one needs to see. But that's up for everyone to decide themselves, I suppose.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Errol Morris' doc American Dharma, direct from YouTube:

American Dharma Doc Poster

No stranger to sitting down with some of the most controversial figures of our time, Errol Morris trains his lens on Stephen K. Bannon. In their wide ranging conversation spanning 16 hours, Morris questions Bannon on his background, belief system, his worldview, his current feelings on President Trump, and how films such as Henry King's Twelve O'Clock High, John Ford's The Searchers, and Orson Welles' Chimes At Midnight became part of Bannon's understanding of the world. Frank and unflinching, Morris grapples with his own contention of Bannon's ideology and methodology. With American Dharma, Morris proposes that even for those who disagree with Bannon, ignoring him is a dangerous course of action. American Dharma is directed by veteran doc filmmaker Errol Morris, of the docs Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line, The Fog of War, Fast Cheap & Out of Control, Standard Operating Procedure, They Were There, Tabloid, The Unknown Known, The B-Side, and Wormwood previously. This first premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year. Utopia debuts American Dharma in select theaters starting November 1st.

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Everyone be sure to register to vote!

Nick Sears on Sep 19, 2019


Trump 2x baby!

Maxwell_Edison on Sep 19, 2019


Uggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. No.

Alex Billington on Sep 19, 2019


Double, double ditto. I quote you from the article...'he straight up explains how and why they have been manipulating and tricking people into supporting conservatism.' The evil personified here is astonishing. The real horror is that those manipulated and tricked will never see that they were and even if you tell them they will only get angry and rude and verbally react. How many of them will see this film and hear Bannon actually admit and reveal this? None!

thespiritbo on Sep 19, 2019


not everyone wants socialism, alex. what is it you want from the left? a climate plan that will cost everyone a fortune? "medicare for all" that won't work. or do you feel fine with letting every immigrant into the country? and how about the proposal for "free college educations" - again, WHO pays for it. i'd certainly vote for what was best for the country and not give a thought to parties/ideologies; but, what do you see in the left/liberal ideas that you think can actually work?

dan on Sep 20, 2019


Real liberals support none of those ideas only people on the far Left do.A liberal and a conservative have a lot in common they differ on about three real issues.

Warpcore1701 on Sep 20, 2019


Why? The electoral college elects the president...not the just proven this last time. Besides, registering to vote accomplishes nothing. Perhaps then going out and voting might...maybe....

thespiritbo on Sep 19, 2019


Oh come on. The electoral college is a system in place for a reason and those that resent it are just bitter because it worked against them. It doesn't mean the system is broke. Not at all. It's near-sighted and shallow thinking to say don't go out and vote. That's juvenile. Look I'm not a Trump fan and certainly didn't vote for him and I know the electoral college system is how he won but are we actually going to sit here and say that if the opposite happened (Clinton won because of it) that the same people who whine about it wouldn't instead be lauding the integrity of the system? I sincerely hope the democratic candidate becomes the next president because they won the electoral college. I really do. That would be a lot of crow eating because all of a sudden the college system would be brilliant! Brilliant!!

LightningB on Sep 20, 2019


I can see how a farmer's vote should have been worth 3 times that of mine 100 years ago, but today there is NO excuse for the electoral college system. Zero.

Charles Knowlton on Sep 21, 2019



thespiritbo on Sep 21, 2019


Why wouldn't they be registered to vote Anyway?

Warpcore1701 on Sep 20, 2019


This hate figure shows that nowadays critcs of the system are even worse then the system itself. That's one of the things that makes our times peculiar ...

shiboleth on Sep 19, 2019


Provacative title, but the content is lacking.

DAVIDPD on Sep 19, 2019


I can't comment without getting into serious trouble. I just hate how they used the word Dharma in the title.

kitano0 on Sep 19, 2019


Yeahhhh a lot of this film really bothers me. A lot of it.

Alex Billington on Sep 19, 2019


Gotta love Steve.He fights the good fight. I love how the poster is triggered to all hell.His anger made my day.MAGA 2020! "tricking people into supporting conservatism." - LMBAO

Warpcore1701 on Sep 20, 2019


cry more, lib

Mike Fareri on Sep 20, 2019


I haven't seen this like Alex has but the trailer certainly doesn't seem to paint him in any positive light. If the opinion of him is he's a monster, it doesn't seem to change that at all. Really just re-enforces it. Just creepy vibes from the guy.

LightningB on Sep 20, 2019

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