Official Trailer for 'Great Alaskan Race' About the Original Serum Run

August 23, 2019
Source: YouTube

The Great Alaskan Race Trailer

"You are choosing to transport this serum with a stone age solution!" "Have a little faith, will you?" P12 Films has debuted the first official trailer for a family adventure movie titled The Great Alaskan Race, made by writer / director Brian Presley. The movie is a recreation and retelling of the true story of the great serum run of Alaska in 1925. This original "race" across Alaska later became the iconic Iditarod trail sled dog race, still held every year. The legendary serum run originally occurred in the winter of 1924 to 1925 - Leonhard Seppala and his team of sled dogs traveled over 700 treacherous miles to save the small town of Nome from a deadly diphtheria outbreak. The Great Alaskan Race stars Brian Presley, Brad Leland, Treat Williams, Henry Thomas, Brea Bree, and Bruce Davison. Along with a bunch of cuddly dogs. The dialogue in this trailer is atrocious, but at least the dogs look like they're having fun. Check it out below.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Brian Presley's The Great Alaskan Race, from YouTube:

The Great Alaskan Race Movie

The Great Alaskan Race Poster

After overcoming personal tragedy, widowed father and champion musher Leonhard ‘Sepp’ Seppala steps in the midst of a diphtheria outbreak in his small dock town of Nome, Alaska to safely deliver the anti-toxin to the hospital. With his own child’s life on the line, Sepp battles the impossible, accompanied by his trusty pack of sled dogs. When a severe winter storm has made it impossible journey for planes, trains, or any form of transportation, Sepp and his dogs are able to get the anti-toxin to the children in need, just in the nick of time. The Great Alaskan Race is both written and directed by American actor / filmmaker Brian Presley, making his feature directorial debut after producing a few movies previously. This is produced by Brian Presley, Will Wallace, and Mark David. P12 will release Presley's The Great Alaskan Race in theaters starting on October 25th, 2019 this fall. For more info, visit P12's website. Who's ready for an adventure?

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This movie might be watchable if it only could focus on that journey. Since everything else doesn't look good at all ...

shiboleth on Aug 23, 2019


I always feel sorry for the dogs when I see films with them pulling a sled with a human being on it. I don't know, but I'm not sure I buy the refrain that the dogs love doing it. How do we know? Did one of them tell one of us that one time?

thespiritbo on Aug 23, 2019


For sure you don’t know a siberian Husky! They love love love to run ! It’s a passion for them ! There’s not a job is a passaion ! If you know the purebreds you would understand

Márcia Mont Alvão Freire on Aug 23, 2019


Never owned a Husky, but had a few friends that did and do remember them saying that they had to let them run and exercise a lot more than usual with regards to other dogs. They told me people should never own one of these dogs without realizing their need to exercise/run and often. Thanks for the reply. Still...pulling sleds thru heavy snow...all the time? Do any of them get tired or even reticent about going out and pulling a sled again?

thespiritbo on Aug 25, 2019


I would love to have a Husky, but I'm afraid they would talk me to death!

kitano0 on Aug 25, 2019


True, I wasn't thinking of dogs here. And I wouldn't argue that there's some passion I wasn't reported on. I was mostly referring to the story here, which looks more interesting as an adventure and less as a drama about the decision behind it. Of course, I'm not avoiding what you're saying and tend to agree with you. Since, for one, I surely wouldn't do it. Not to myself or to animals either...

shiboleth on Aug 24, 2019


a working dog is a very happy dog, and this breed love to work, they are built to pull

Anne Marie Parkin on Aug 24, 2019


These dogs really really love to do this. It does seem odd, but actually they're born with a love for this job. If you ever go up to Alaska and meet them, you'll understand right away.

Alex Billington on Aug 24, 2019


Yea, I seen films both fictional and documentary featuring these dogs and yes it does appear that they love to do this. looks like tough, grueling work and I'd rather be the human riding on the sled than a dog harnessed up pulling the sled. Just saying...I will say the films I've seen these dogs are loved and treated very well by their owners and the relationships between man and animal are top notch. So there's that and most don't seem to be mistreated in any fashion. But they love it? Geez!

thespiritbo on Aug 24, 2019


I'm involved with rescue of northern breed dogs, and have my own "pack" - one of which is sleeping on my bed as I type this. These dogs go absolutely nuts anytime I touch a piece of mushing gear. They live to run and pull. There is nothing in this world that gives them greater joy than running and pulling hard. I don't race, but I mush my dogs because it gives them joy.

Mark Scrivener on Aug 24, 2019


Thanks for you reply and experience and insight. I know, I've had a few dogs in my time and they sure did love me and cherish my like the cat I had for 13 yrs. who was rather blasé about the whole I must say that Nikos was always on the back of my chair next to my front door waiting for me when I got home. He just didn't go nuts like my dogs did. So...okay...I understand these dogs love to pull sleds...what the heck is with that? Don't they get tired? Are there ever times when at least one of them just doesn't want to do it?

thespiritbo on Aug 25, 2019


Every dog has their own personality as you know. One of mine would run until she dropped dead if I let her. My other dog would probably stop at some point, but it would take a long time. I never run far with them....just enough for them to have fun and get some exercise. I suspect most of the dogs that are on the race teams are like my girl and will run until you make them stop. As far as ever not wanting to do it...I never try to take them out unless they are healthy and not showing any signs of distress. I'm the one holding them back...THEY always want to run and pull any chance I give them. The reality is you can't make a dog run or pull. No amount of yelling or abuse will change that - dogs cower in fear when abused, not run. Check out what happened to Nicolas Petit in this year's Ididarod. No one loves their dogs more than Nick. His team was way out in front, running like the wind until they got on a stretch of sea ice where they remembered getting lost the year prior. The dogs freaked out and stopped running. Nick pampered them and tended to them, but they would not run, so he quit the race. So yes, sometimes a dog doesn't want to run, and when that happens, you don't run. Period.

Mark Scrivener on Aug 25, 2019


Thanks...good informative reply.

thespiritbo on Aug 26, 2019


You're obviously someone who's hard to convince. Next winter vacation or time off, come up to Northern Minnesota, There are several relatively inexpensive dog mushing businesses around Ely, Finland, Isabella & Grand Marais. A couple select ones give you an orientation for a couple hours in the morning, then let you meet, familiarize & hook up your team of dogs. An experienced guide on his own dog sled, then heads for the trails -- with your team following close near. The scenery is breathtaking and the experience a lifelong remembrance. My wife and I had a ball, with side aches from laughing so much! If, after the experience, you don't agree that, indeed, these dogs do genuinely & truly enjoy pulling a sled in the outdoors... Well, let's just say, I would be shocked. Interested? Contact me and I'll personally help getting you set up.

EdTugMan on Aug 29, 2019


Alaskan huskeys are the sweetest, strongest dogs.

DAVIDPD on Aug 26, 2019

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