Olivia Wilde in Full Trailer for Sarah Daggar-Nickson's Film 'A Vigilante'

January 31, 2019
Source: YouTube

A Vigilante Trailer

"You start to feel like there's no escape." Saban Films has debuted the first trailer for an indie dramatic thriller titled A Vigilante, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Sarah Daggar-Nickson. This first premiered at the SXSW Film Festival last year to some strong reviews, and has been playing at smaller fests, arriving in US theaters this March. Olivia Wilde stars as a woman who has decided to devote herself to removing domestic abusers, using specific methods to obscure her identity and guarantee they won't return to bother their victims ever again. The cast includes Morgan Spector, Kyle Catlett, C.J. Wilson, and Tonye Patano. This is definitely a provocative, and maybe controversial film (depending on your views), where violence is being used for good - but this is what makes it an interesting film worthy of your attention.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Sarah Daggar-Nickson's A Vigilante, form YouTube:

A Vigilante Poster

The film centers on a once-abused woman (Olivia Wilde) who now devotes herself to ridding victims of their domestic abusers. "A Vigilante is painfully realistic: the action takes place in gloomy suburbs during a harsh winter, at roadside motels and in bars and parking lots somewhere in New York state." (Via AFF) A Vigilante is both written and directed by Australian filmmaker Sarah Daggar-Nickson, making her feature directorial debut after a few short films previously. This premiered at the SXSW Film Festival last year, and also played at the Busan and Sydney Film Festivals. Saban Films will release Daggar-Nickson's A Vigilante in select US theaters starting March 29th, 2019 this spring. Who's interested in seeing this film?

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She looks like a beautiful vigilante. That might sell the film. Let's hope that the rest will be there too ...

shiboleth on Jan 31, 2019


Looks interesting. I'll watch it. Don't really understand how it could be controversial unless we're saying that all films like Taken etc are controversial as they use violence for good...

alex on Jan 31, 2019


There's much more to it than that... People seem to be uncomfortable with violence being used in a positive way, it's always seen as negative - and controversial because society says that we should never ever use violence. But yeah...

Alex Billington on Jan 31, 2019


I'm interested because it's about women and the abuse they suffer usually with no help or compassion from society at large and the lead is female as is the director. However, I did not like the trailer. I thought it was poorly done and didn't do a very good job of piquing one's interest in the subject at hand regarding the film. Too bad. I hated the punching the bag clip in the beginning as it went on much too long and then they had to continue with the sound of it thru out the rest of the trailer. All it did was annoy me. Still, I'd like to see this film as the director isn't responsible for a bad trailer so no sense in laying that on her.

thespiritbo on Jan 31, 2019


Idk about thinking women being abused have no help or compassion from society. That may have been an issue previously, but we're in a heavy #MeToo era of women's rights and voices being heard. I do think a lot of woman in abusive situations are too terrified to seek help and thus end up in a terrible cycle of violence and forgiveness/excuses for their abuser. Maybe it's different across the pond?

THE_RAW_ on Feb 1, 2019


No, it's the same here. The #metoo movement is a positive move forward, but society still is far behind in compassion and help for rape victims and victims of domestic abuse and violence. That really hasn't changed and one only has to look at the resistance the #metoo movement is getting with this continuing to not believe women who come forward. I'm a bit more cynical than you it appears, but I see it as the truth and not cynicism.

thespiritbo on Feb 1, 2019


Well said, but I'm now tending to believe the women just for the reason you stated in your last sentence. Plus the fact for years and years they have not been believed and in fact have been denigrated. I can't allow myself to be any part of that kind of reaction. So I believe them and agree there should be an exhaustive investigation asap. From what I understand the statistics of reports of abuse, rape, etc. only about 3% are ever proven to be false allegations. That's a staggering statistic, yet many still do not want to believe women and immediately go to they are lying when the facts support the opposite. It's time for us to believe these women and help stop the suffering women have endured at the hands of men since the beginning of us standing up and walking as humans. Peace.

thespiritbo on Feb 3, 2019


I felt raw and bruised just from watching the trailer. Wilde looks good in this. Wondered why I haven't seen her in awhile...

THE_RAW_ on Feb 1, 2019

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