Second Trailer for Fox's 'Dark Phoenix' Movie Starring Sophie Turner

February 27, 2019
Source: YouTube

Dark Phoenix Trailer

"Sometimes, we want to believe people are something that they are not…" 20th Century Fox has debuted a second official trailer for Dark Phoenix, the next big X-Men movie focusing on Jean Grey as she becomes the "Dark Phoenix". This movie has been delayed and nearly forgotten, but it's still coming out this summer. It's connected to the previous X-Men series, and brings back a few of the characters from the most recent movies. Sophie Turner (from "Game of Thrones" and Josie) replaces Famke Janssen as Jean Grey; she already appeared in X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016 as Phoenix. The cast includes many old and new members: James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters, Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Alexandra Shipp, plus Jessica Chastain, Ato Essandoh, and Scott Shepherd. This looks like they're really trying to live up to Jean Grey's legacy, going all out on VFX and epicness. Watch out.

Here's the second official trailer (+ poster) for Simon Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Phoenix, from YouTube:

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Poster

You can still watch the first official trailer for Kinberg's Dark Phoenix from last year here, for more footage.

Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) begins to develop incredible powers that corrupt and turn her into a Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all the people living in the world. The next saga in Fox's X-Men franchise of movies. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is directed by industry veteran, English writer-producer Simon Kinberg, making his feature directorial debut with this film after producing various superhero movies for the last 20 years, including X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past, Logan, Deadpool, and The Martian. The screenplay is also written by Simon Kinberg, based on the "The Dark Phoenix Saga" comics storyline by John Byrne, Chris Claremont, and Dave Cockrum. After being delayed from first opening this summer, 20th Century Fox will finally release Kinberg's X-Men: Dark Phoenix in theaters everywhere starting on June 7th, 2019 this summer. Looking any better? Still excited?

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So, she still hasn't grown up and has her problem of adolescent angst. Or something close to it. What they say for the relationship between parents and their younger ones? Survive the years between 14 and 21 and then everything will be ok. This seems be the harder case of that ...

shiboleth on Feb 28, 2019


Impressively underwhelming and did they just kill mystique in the trailer? Hmm

Jon Odishaw on Feb 28, 2019


Whelp, the whole mystique of mutants in movies and the X-Man franchise died off a while ago...

Akirakorn on Feb 28, 2019


That looks like it could be good.

El_MUERkO on Feb 28, 2019


Well, it looks better than Apocalypse.

grimjob on Feb 28, 2019


And yet worse than X-Men 3. Did they REALLY have to remake that? Could've went for a different version of the Phoenix story, but this is essentially the 3/4 of "X-Men 3: Subtitle I don't care to remember."

Akirakorn on Feb 28, 2019


No, they certainly did not have to. Why they did, I can't possibly understand. But you could ask that question of most remakes.

grimjob on Feb 28, 2019


Remakes of a good (even if not original) story are kind of warranted. However the first "big screen" adaptation of the Phoenix Saga was not what the fans were hoping for, and by calling this "Dark Phoenix" we were hoping to finally get the proper Phoenix saga on screen. By the way: I only know the Phoenix Saga from the 90s Xmen cartoon, which I am assuming is closer to the comics, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Alternate point: With the reboot/prequel we got in Bumblebee being closer to the tv show many of us grew up with (and made Transformers the franchise it is) I / we thought we would get a similar treatment with this version of Phoenix.

Akirakorn on Feb 28, 2019


I'm interested in your opinion of remakes being warranted. I tend to be completely against it, although there have been a few that were surprisingly pretty good, even better than the original. But those have been few and far between for me. What's your take on that? I also only know the Phoenix saga from the cartoon, you are definitely not alone.

grimjob on Mar 1, 2019


I welcome remakes on 2 conditions: 1) The original was a great concept / story that was poorly made, either through the fault of the filmmakers, studio executives, or even a lack of budget or effects technology. 2) The original was well done but is very dated (has not aged well). Not the effects or technology used, but the social trends of the time. Basically, if way the characters looked, talked, and acted makes someone from that time cringe and say "yeesh what were we thinking!?". I do not want a remake if the original was well done and we all want more. Just make a sequel or a spinoff. If it ain't broke don't fix it, just bring me another one just like it. I'm not talking about "Oscar-worthy" movies or highly respected franchises/studios. Look at The Fast and The Furious and The Hangover. They turned into sucessful franchises because the original films were well made. Even if you don't like them, you have to admit they are well done for what they were. We also do not need remakes of timeless/cult classics. Even if they're outdated, not well-made, or flopped at the box office. Not everyone has experienced a lightning strike first hand, but when you catch it in a bottle, keep it there.

Akirakorn on Mar 1, 2019


All fair points, can't help but agree.

grimjob on Mar 3, 2019


I sadly agree and even's not saying a lot....because that bar was set *VERY* low.

THE_RAW_ on Feb 28, 2019


Very. Low. The cartoon was great, and hopefully this will be their last entry before Disney takes the reins. The X-Men deserve better.

grimjob on Feb 28, 2019


TRUTH. My favorite superhero team that still barely has been given their due in film. *cough* Gambit/Rogue *cough *

THE_RAW_ on Mar 1, 2019


Yikes...damn shame they ruined the legacy of the first two films.

DAVIDPD on Feb 28, 2019


Just let Marvel/Disney do their thing with this franchise already. Fox has had it for far too long and continuously blown their chances since First Class. It looks like a muddled stupid mess of a great story. I'll just go watch the animated series again until the ones that knows what they're doing bring their iteration...

THE_RAW_ on Feb 28, 2019


This movi e will be as bad as her acting. The only good thing about GoT ending is she won't get anymore work.

Pugiron on Feb 28, 2019


I've given up on this franchise. I could care less what Disney/Marvel does to it. Moving along to something completely irrelevant. After Disney acquires 20th Century Fox they should hand over The Fantastic Four to either Disney Animation or to Pixar, can do so much more with animation, or hell focus on making a decent Doctor Doom movie!!! The following got FF right: The mid90s cartoon and twisted toyfare theatre (even though Mr. Fantastic was an asshole, Sue Storm was a slut , the Thing was an idiot, and Johnny Storm was an idiot and H.E.R.B.I.E. was a dick, and Dr. DOOM!!! was vain...) but hot damn was it funny. Or just do the next best thing...hand it over to Axel Braun. Ps. I know I went off topic.

Sergio R. on Feb 28, 2019


It looks impressive and fun. But then again there have been multiple X-men films that had great looking trailers (The Last Stand being biggest culprit) but then turned out to be less than stellar so you have to keep the jury out until seeing the actual film.

LightningB on Feb 28, 2019


None of the last six X-Men movies looked good in their trailers, you're just stupid.

Pugiron on Feb 28, 2019


Oh sure they did. It seems like a 6 year old can make a decent looking trailer for an X-Men film because it apparently isn't that hard but of course the movie themselves has been a letdown too many times. And if you're going to be troll, try not to at least be an a$$face of one.

LightningB on Mar 3, 2019


The Disney shills really turned out for this comment section.

Weapon✘ on Mar 2, 2019

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