Spiritual Teacher Ram Dass Profiled in 'Becoming Nobody' Doc Trailer

June 6, 2019
Source: YouTube

Becoming Nobody Trailer

"Each of us must be true to ourselves to hear, 'what is our unique way through?' Because if you get phony-holy, it ends up kicking you in the butt." Love Serve Remember Films with Google Empathy Lab present the official trailer for a documentary titled Becoming Nobody, from musician / director Jamie Catto. This is the quintessential portal to Ram Dass' life and teachings, taking us through his history and into his mind. "In Becoming Nobody, historic clips balance an engaging conversation with director Jamie Catto. We come to understand how our old roles and disguises become increasingly burdensome. The film captures a loving man full of joy, wit, honesty and wisdom, at ease in conversation while sharing his considerable pains and pleasures. These life experiences that have freed him from the attachments of his 'somebody-ness' have transformed him into the radiant soul." Looks like a vital film for all those exploring alternative spirituality.

Here's the first official trailer (+ poster) for Jamie Catto's doc Becoming Nobody, from YouTube:

Becoming Nobody Poster

Becoming Nobody represents the core arc of Ram Dass' teachings and life: whether as Dr. Richard Alpert, the eminent Harvard psychologist, or as Ram Dass who serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western philosophies, he has defined a generation of inner explorers and seekers of truth and wisdom. Through his turns as scion of an eminent Jewish family from Boston, rock-star Harvard psychologist, counter-culture rascally adventurer, Eastern holy man, stroke survivor and compassionate caregiver, Ram Dass has worn many hats on his journey, the narrative of which is revealed in this film. His ability to entertain and his sense of humor are abundantly evident in a conversation that brings us around to address the question of ultimate freedom. Becoming Nobody is directed by musician / filmmaker Jamie Catto, director / creator of the doc 1 Giant Leap previously and a member of the band Faithless. Love Serve Remember Films will release Becoming Nobody in select US theaters starting September 6th this fall. Anyone interested in it?

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Somebody was and is having fun ...

shiboleth on Jun 6, 2019


I've found/know my truth. I guess this might be interesting for those who haven't.

THE_RAW_ on Jun 6, 2019


Hey Raw...I was finally able to post on this thread so I'll alert you to my reply to you having to be on the 'snake religion movie' thread. I would think you'll still get that and perhaps you can reply, if you so desire, to that communication here. Up to you. Cheers.

thespiritbo on Jun 6, 2019


Interesting perspective. Having no significance is your significance. The ultimate "humbling" I suppose? So having no purpose is the purpose? However if that IS what is truth...what's the point? Or there lies the point. No point is the point? And round and round we go. And I don't care to expand my truth/knowledge because I don't want to be ostracized/ criticized and questioned by internet strangers regarding my beliefs. It's my way and I've had experiences to solidify it. And I live my life by said truth/way. And in my experience most will scoff and question because it's not their desired path. Freedom of choice Bo. One of the greatest freedoms we will know.

THE_RAW_ on Jun 7, 2019


Thanks for the intelligent response and I was chuckling while reading it and your take. I love having intelligent discussion on this subject and am always interested in what others have obtained on the journey. I apologize if I put you on the spot in asking you to elaborate on your statement and thought I'd get the reply you gave and understand why. Pity isn't it, but such is life and human beings and their behavior. I believe you and I discussed this once before and you did elaborate and explain a bit more, but alas, in my older years I seem to have forgotten. Whatever, it's nice to see you are comfortable and at peace with your life and your said truth/way. I'd be hard pressed to elaborate my own except to say as I've gotten older I'm more comfortable with that I don't know and will probably never know as it all seems to be unknowable to the mortal mind at least. Peace.

thespiritbo on Jun 7, 2019


Well now I want to know more!! Do tell...

Alex Billington on Jun 10, 2019


Haha! Sorry @dawisebuddha:disqus, not via this medium. Maybe if we were sitting down for a beer/dinner, I'd be more inclined. This format is soulless and empty for a potentially deep and meaningful conversation. Appreciate your interest, but politely decline.

THE_RAW_ on Jul 3, 2019


I've been aware of Ram Dass for many a year and he's helped me quite a bit on my spiritual journey. I think I first got wind of him when he was Richard Alpert and at Harvard with Timothy Leary and experimenting with LSD and other psychotropic drugs for spiritual purposes. He's an interesting man and has had quite the journey himself. I'm not sure this documentary film with tell me anything about him I don't already know, but I like doc films and he will certainly be an entertaining subject. As the Tao said quoted by the ancients...'No self is True Self and the greatest man is nobody'. Try that out for size as Ram Dass discusses it here and does so with great humor.

thespiritbo on Jun 6, 2019


Yep, I've worn out two copies of Be Here Now!

kitano0 on Jun 6, 2019


That's amusing and believe it or not I've still got my original copy scotch taped and pieced together as it is. The only thing I can say about it is that I'm still working on Being Here Now. Not an easy thing to do, what with the chattering of the mortal mind and its capabilities to think about things ad nauseum. Reminds me of the great spiritual singer songwriter/poet Leonard Cohen when he stated: 'The voices in my head...they don't care what I do...they just want to argue the matter....thru and thru' he also stated: My ordinary state of mind is very much like the waiting room at the DMV' from a guy who spent over 8 years living in a Buddhist Monastery in the mountains outside of L.A. here now, katana...and good luck with

thespiritbo on Jun 7, 2019


Zen mind is ordinary mind...

kitano0 on Jun 7, 2019


Well, actually Zen mind is not mind in that the saying goes that 'not thinking is pure Zen'. No all...think of that...sorry...pun or joke intended. Cheers!

thespiritbo on Jun 7, 2019


"the saying goes..." ?

kitano0 on Jun 7, 2019

14 lazy...actually it is Bodhidharma who is quoted as having said: "NOT THINKING about anything IS ZEN. Once you know this walking, sitting or lying down, EVERYTHING you do is ZEN". The capitalization is in the quote. I do hope that you were not being 'snarky' in calling me out like this, katano. That would be unfortunate, but still, Zen the saying't resist. Peace?

thespiritbo on Jun 8, 2019


Fascinating life.

DAVIDPD on Jun 7, 2019

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