Watch a Trailer for Sci-Fi Smash Hit 'The Wandering Earth' from China

February 25, 2019
Source: YouTube

The Wandering Earth Trailer

"This is not a simple rescue mission." You've heard about it, but have you seen any trailers? This actually looks fun. The Wandering Earth is an epic Chinese sci-fi movie, being compared to Roland Emmerich's save-the-world movies, that has become a huge box office hit - earning over $600 million in China alone, the second highest grossing movie of all-time there. If you're in America, you can already watch this as the movie has been released in theaters in the US as well. The Wandering Earth is about a future where all the people work to maintain giant engines pushing Earth away from our sun to join the orbit of another star 4.5 light years away. "Yet the 2500 years journey came with unexpected dangers, and in order to save humanity, a group of young people in this age of a wandering Earth came out boldly and fought hard for everyone's survival." Starring Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Jinmai, Wu Jing, and Qu Jingjing. If it sounds cool, wait until you see the footage - it really does look like a spectacular blockbuster experience.

Here's the full-length official trailer for Frant Gwo's The Wandering Earth, direct from YouTube:

And here's one of the very first teaser trailers for The Wandering Earth, also found on YouTube:

The Wandering Earth Poster

The Wandering Earth Poster

The sun is dying out. The earth will soon be engulfed by the inflating sun. To save the human civilization, scientists draw up an escape plan that will bring the whole human race from danger. With the help of thousands of infusion powered engines, the planet earth will leave the solar system and embark on a 2,500 year journey to the orbit of a star 4.5 light years away. The Wandering Earth, also known as Liu Lang Di Qiu in Chinese, is directed by Chinese filmmaker Frant Gwo (or Guo Fan), of the films Lee's Adventure and My Old Classmate previously. The screenplay is written by Gong Geer, and Junce Ye & Yan Dongxu, and Frant Gwo & Yang Zhixue; from a story by Cixin Liu. United Entertainment Partners + China Film Co. debuted The Wandering Earth in both Chinese & US theaters on February 5th earlier this month. If you're in the US, check your local listings. If you're elsewhere, you'll have to wait for a local release. Looking good?

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I would give that a go, looks more original than the Star Wars ST.

Lewis on Feb 25, 2019


This is a Chinese movie that we didn't hear about until after it became a huge hit in China, and now I'm looking into it and posting the trailer. There's nothing wrong with that. Very rarely happens, but sometimes we only hear about international movies after they've been released and get extra attention.

Alex Billington on Feb 25, 2019


He didn't deserve that response

Tester on Feb 25, 2019


Yeahhhh I know, but still. Had to explain.

Alex Billington on Feb 25, 2019


well in all fairness his name is "jerk store" .. hes got a reputation to uphold lol

Derek NOLA on Feb 25, 2019


What was wrong with it?

CyraNOSE on Feb 25, 2019


I knew it, I just knew it, socialism will save us. Yeah, man. But, on the more funny side, this looks good and I'm almost into it. Yup, and it probably won't be the hard decision ...

shiboleth on Feb 25, 2019



CyraNOSE on Feb 25, 2019


I can't watch it if it's not in English. I'll miss out on all the theatrics because I'm reading subs the whole time. Unfortunate, because it looks good!

Chris Tree on Feb 25, 2019


Posters show three types of space suits...why? May check it out to find this answer.

DAVIDPD on Feb 25, 2019


4.5 light years is a 137,000 years. Probably evolution of technology/generations?

THE_RAW_ on Feb 26, 2019


Yeah, probably. I thought the actor was the same though...

DAVIDPD on Feb 26, 2019


I didn't catch that...hard to say. There's A LOT going on in that much...

THE_RAW_ on Feb 27, 2019


Science, how does it work? What percentage of the speed of light will we be dragging the Earth over those 4.5 light years to the next star over? Will we be keeping the Earth from freezing solid by just running our SUVs 24/7/365, because of course the ONLY thing that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with keeping the Earth warm is THE FUCKING SUN!

Sharkman1963 on Feb 25, 2019


It's a movie. It's no more ridiculous than the Earth being billions of years old, that dinos lived over 165 million years ago, that the Universe and all life was created from a lifeless chemical which sat dormant for who knows how long from who knows where that suddenly ignited itself (which is scientifically impossible) then created living organisms and perfect balance throughout the universe and complex systems within even the smallest living creature. So "F#ck You" pal!!

CyraNOSE on Feb 25, 2019


It's not called science FICTION for nothing...

THE_RAW_ on Feb 26, 2019


While the Earth, being a huge ball, has enormous surface area to dissipate all its surface heat back to outer space in 1-3 weeks, it would not freeze solid too easily. One of the most common misconceptions in movies, or even interviews with ex-astronauts (!) is that once you get into the vacuum of space, you immediately freeze to death. Totally wrong. In fact, if your space suit supplied infinite air / food / water / pressure to you, you could even overheat (when the Sun is shining on you). Otherwise, you would live for years in such suit. Why? Because space isn't cold. Space kind of has no temperature at all. It only accepts what you emit, it does not take anything from you. Now, lets drop you in same suit over antarctic. Same, sun is shining on you etc. You would feel cold really soon. Why? Because once your suit touches something with lower energy than the suit it self (like snow/nice/cold air), that energy will be taken from the suit. On the antarctic you would freeze to death unlike in the vacuum of space, because your body would not keep up with heat production when the outside environment takes away your heat at such pace. In vacuum/space, you would be fine, as nothing takes the heat away from you. Now back to the movie, while the surface would get cold really fast due to very large emission area, the Earth's core would remain molten hot for billion+ years in the outer space. The Pluto for example is 4+billion years old, small, and barely gets any heat from the Sun, and it is theorized that it'S core is quite warm. This is how bad the vacuum of space is at taking the heat away from you. If the movie was about some super SciFi engines that break Newtonian Laws by generating action in one direction without corresponding counter-action from the opposite direction & generate no exhaust (so the engines could be placed directly on the surface), then I guess it wouldn't be too far fetched. Humanity could power those engines from the Earth's core-heat, while living comfortably few kilometers below the frozen surface. Where temperature would be 50-100'C for millions of years.

disqus_f8bzP9BxhH on Apr 19, 2019


Quite the spectacle...but the premise is a bit far-fetched, even from a scifi standpoint. At least it made it's money back?

THE_RAW_ on Feb 26, 2019


more far-fetched than "the martian"? there are quite a few movies where you have to suspend belief to enjoy them.

dan on Feb 27, 2019


I didn't enjoy "The Martian". I felt there were too many omissions from the book that dumbed it down.

THE_RAW_ on Feb 27, 2019


The Martian movie, however dumbed down vs. the book, at least tried to follow some science/logic. This movie here fails some pretty basic 5th grade Newtonian physics. So yes, it is a number of times more far fetched than "The Martian" (movie).

disqus_f8bzP9BxhH on Apr 19, 2019

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