Add Another Year: Cameron's 'Avatar 2' is Delayed Again Until 2022

July 23, 2020


What a bummer. Yet another delay. Disney, which now owns the company formerly known as 20th Century Fox, has officially announced updated release dates for James Cameron's Avatar sequels that have been in the works for a decade already. We have been playing this game for so many years before. Avatar 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Avatar (originally released in 2009), was initially scheduled for December of 2016. Every year, or every other year, Cameron re-appears and announces that they aren't quite ready and it gets delayed another few years. First they moved it into 2017, then until 2020, then until 2021, where it has been for a while. They officially started filming last year and have been deep into production ever since, with hopes that maybe they'll make that 2021 date. But with the pandemic screwing up everyone's schedules, that won't be the case – Avatar 2 has been rescheduled to open December 16th, 2022 instead. It's what it is.

Here is the official letter / statement from James Cameron released on social media about the 2022 delay:

So there you go. This pandemic is messing up everything. Another year of waiting until we all get to go back to Pandora. Disney also officially announced updates to the complete line-up of Avatar sequels - each one pushed back another year. And the next round of Star Wars movies have also been delayed by a year (now set for December 2023, 2025, 2027). Following James Cameron's Avatar 2 in December of 2022, Avatar 3 will open December 20th, 2024, then Avatar 4 will open December 18th, 2026, and finally Avatar 5 will open December 22nd, 2028. That's so far away from now I don't even want to think about it. This is either going to be one epic, incredible, unforgettable sci-fi saga, or one epic disaster. I am still hopeful and I am still excited, and I think it will be worth the wait. It's just annoying to wait and then deal with delays over and over and over again. But at least it means they're not rushing this, and Cameron is taking his time to make sure it's just right. As always, we'll keep everyone updated on any more delays + schedule changes.

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Okay, COVID, now I'm really pissed off.

StoryFix Media on Jul 23, 2020


He'll always be looking for an excuse to delay things. In 2022, If a butterfly farts in Brazil Avatar 2 will be delayed by 6 months. 😉 But yes, the virus.

Nova Prospect on Jul 24, 2020


I really enjoyed the first, but I have a bad feeling on the followups.

Lewis on Jul 24, 2020


The longer these movies are delayed 1) people will start losing interest or 2) the anticipation will greatly overshadow the end product. The first one was fun and groundbreaking, but that was 2009. I would much prefer to see an Alita sequel.

kitano0 on Jul 24, 2020


You could've said this six years ago and we'd all be like "Yeah!" Now... I mean, every time Avatar gets mentioned film people love to pile on "but no one cares about these sequels!" But people will care. When the marketing machine revs up, when we start seeing footage, they'll get that buzz again. Don't worry. I trust in JC.

Alex Billington on Jul 24, 2020


Well, I hope so. Cameron is a great film maker, it just seems he's putting all his eggs in one basket. And I do want to see an Alita sequel more than a Avatar movie. I was really surprised how much I liked that movie.

kitano0 on Jul 24, 2020


Right you are, Alex. I too trust Cameron. I don't get all these naysayers, but then again I don't get a lot of people denigrating those with superior talents like Cameron and the like. I've been saying this about the effect the marketing campaign will have since all this coverage of Cameron making all these sequels first began. When he's ready with the first sequel and the marketing gets under way it's effect will have people foaming at the mouth to get in line to see his film...even...or maybe even especially the naysayers.

thespiritbo on Jul 24, 2020


its possible but it does feel like Avatar was riding the pinnacle of the 3d resurgence at that time... curious to see the reaction to this

Derek NOLA on Jul 27, 2020


I'm curious too, but as has been's Cameron and he's established himself as a visionary filmmaker and when he's ready the marketing will be so massive and so well done people will flock to get in line to see what they've been 'enticed' to see. That's just my opinion...humble as can!

thespiritbo on Jul 27, 2020

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