First Trailer for Comet Disaster Movie 'Greenland' with Gerard Butler

April 1, 2020

Greenland Trailer

"They got it all wrong. There's a ton of fragments! Planet killers…" Whoaaa! How about some apocalyptic disaster action to make things even scarier nowadays? The first trailer has debuted for an action movie titled Greenland, the latest from stuntman turned director Ric Roman Waugh (Shot Caller, Angel Has Fallen). The mega disaster in the film involves a comet breaking into pieces, and these pieces striking Earth causing complete devastation. The plot focuses on one family that must safely get to an underground bunker located in Greenland before a big piece destroys the entire planet. Starring Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Scott Glenn, Andrew Bachelor, and David Denman. I'm a sucker for epic disaster movies, and yes this delivers. Looks intense and thrilling, though now might not be the best time to release an apocalypse movie.

Here's the first international trailer for Ric Roman Waugh's Greenland movie, direct from YouTube:

It's finally back! Please click here to watch the new version of this trailer.

A detached married couple must get their son and themselves to safety after being randomly selected to enter an underground bunker, as a massive object from space threatens to destroy the world in less than 48 hours. Greenland is directed by American filmmaker Ric Roman Waugh, a former stunt director, and now director of the films In the Shadows, Felon, Snitch, Shot Caller, and Angel Has Fallen previously. The screenplay is written by Chris Sparling. Produced by Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, S├ębastien Raybaud, and Alan Siegel. STX Films will release Greenland in US theaters everywhere starting this June, although that may change with ongoing delays due to the pandemic. Now scheduled for August. First impression? Scary?

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After watching this, I think we're doing better every day. This is going to be an interesting watch afterwards ...

shiboleth on Apr 1, 2020


This looks horrible.Butler keeps making these same end of earth disaster movies.Wasn't his last movie about weather satellites destroying the earth?How he as has fallen from 300 and law abiding citizen.

Warpcore1701 on Apr 1, 2020


What difference would it make to get to a bunker before the earth was completely destroyed? Is tequila there?

kitano0 on Apr 1, 2020


It's just the usual "how do we save humans when earth is being destroyed?!" concept - put people into underground bunkers. I think it first started as the way to survive an atomic bomb, now it's still around for any purpose. It's either underground or into spaceships, but in two days time you can't get any ships going so. Save some humans underground .

Alex Billington on Apr 2, 2020


Well, yeah I get it...the old Dr Strangelove mineshaft thing. Another worn-out trope. I like my tequila angle better.

kitano0 on Apr 2, 2020


Hahahah for sure, for sure.

Alex Billington on Apr 2, 2020



C. D . Mitchell on Apr 3, 2020


This looks horrible.Butler keeps making these same end of earth disaster movies.Wasn't his last movie about weather satellites destroying the earth?How he as has fallen from 300 and law abiding citizen.

Warpcore1701 on Apr 1, 2020


Honeslty, Law Abiding Citizen and 300 were weak films. I think Gerard know his level and is doing the best he can with it ...

shiboleth on Apr 2, 2020


Gerard must have gone afoul of some big hitters to be making such poor film choices.

DAVIDPD on Apr 1, 2020


...for so long now

kitano0 on Apr 1, 2020


just watched it on youtube. the special effects looks pretty good for a disaster movie and the acting looks good with some very intense scenes. i'll be looking for this one.

dan on Apr 1, 2020


I quite liked that, pretty general really and once the pandemic is over we will be bombarded with reboots of Outbreak.

Lewis on Apr 2, 2020


Not an Academy Award winning or even Golden Globe. But it looks good and entertaining. We can use a distraction at this time. Love the man, like his movies, and glad he's survive all of these years in Hollywood. Look forward to more of his future works, whether, good, bad, indifferent or amazing. And the cast in this movie is exceptional. Nice...

C. D . Mitchell on Apr 3, 2020


Weird...this movie comes out in less than 2 months and the trailer gets released...but then retracted everywhere? All of this right before a real comet Atlas is set to go by earth and we just found out it also is beginning to break up? What gives...

James Burgin on Apr 8, 2020

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