Official Trailer for 'Himalayan Ice' Doc About an Ice Climbing Challenge

March 4, 2020
Source: YouTube

Himalayan Ice Trailer

"You have no idea what you're getting into…" 1091 Media has unveiled an official trailer for an adventure documentary titled Himalayan ice, which will be debuting on VOD next month. This radical documentary is about a group of climbers / mountaineers who head to India to explore one of the most remote valleys in the Indian Himalaya with local climber Karn Kowshik. The film follows their journey into the Spiti Valley, where they try to start an ice climbing movement with the local population. What they found was perhaps "the biggest treasure trove of unclimbed ice in all the Himalayas." Ice climbing is an especially dangerous sport, there are more dangers than regular rock climbing, but that's what makes it such an exhilarating and admirable activity. As a mountain geek myself, this looks like an awesome documentary to discover & enjoy.

Here's the official trailer for Ari Novak & Austin Schmitz's doc Himalayan Ice, direct from YouTube:

Himalayan Ice Poster

In December 2018, alpinists Ari Novak and Karsten Delap set out for India to explore one of the most remote valleys in the Indian Himalaya with local climber Karn Kowshik. Their goal was to meet with the indigenous population of the Spiti Valley and try to support local ice climbing. What they found was perhaps the biggest treasure trove of unclimbed ice in all the Himalaya. Himalayan Ice tells the history-making story of their journey to put up 9 first ascents and start an ice climbing movement by the local population. From their journey to the valley along the most treacherous road on earth to walking amongst Snow Leopards, the expedition was anything but expected. Himalayan Ice is co-directed by adventurists / filmmakers Ari Novak (director of films including Crossing White Lines, PawParazzi, and Sk8 Dawg) & Austin Schmitz (his feature directorial debut). This hasn't premiered at any festivals or elsewhere, as far as we know. 1091 will release Himalayan Ice direct-to-VOD starting on April 21st this spring. Interested?

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I do understand the passion, but nothing else about it ...

shiboleth on Mar 4, 2020


I do understand the passion, but nothing else about it ...

shiboleth on Mar 4, 2020


I don't even understand the passion. It just seems insane to me. I've come to understand that there is something lacking in people who do this sort of the fear factor in their brains. It's like they are dead inside and need massive stimulation by doing death defying things like this. I just don't get it or them and certainly have no admiration for them. There's something off in them. Plus, I don't dig

thespiritbo on Mar 4, 2020


There's nothing lacking in them at all. Come on, that's an absolutely ridiculous thing to say. They love adventure and outdoors and exploration and physical challenges. It's exciting and makes them feel alive, which is a different experience for you and others. Everyone can experience the world any way they want.

Alex Billington on Mar 5, 2020

5, course everyone can experience the world any way they want. Just don't expect me to bow before these so-called 'experiences' like you do or that they are something special and not more than a little nutty. That's my take on mountain climbers and the like. I think you are being a bit disingenuous in saying they' love adventure and outdoors and exploration' as I grew up in the outdoors in the desert and next to the great Colorado River. I loved all that. The Physical challenges defying death is another matter altogether. Even the guy in that Solo doc or the people around him say he's missing the 'fear' portion in the brain and that's what I was referencing. People can also disagree with one another and I disagree with you here. I hold fast that these 'daredevils' or whatever are lacking something...or to put it another way are dealing with dysfunctions or neurotic impulses outside of their consciousness. That ought to get you going Look, I could get into a very lengthly discussion with you about this and have with others a lot, but it is impossible to discuss in a comment section of a film website. Freud would have an interesting take on this. I've read him a lot and will follow thru to see it I can come across his take on these kind of 'risk takers'...other than that I'll bow out as you and I are not going to find agreement here. Cheers.

thespiritbo on Mar 5, 2020


I'm somehow in the middle between your and Alex's reaction to it. I spend some time with people who like to cllimb (I even went with them on two or three occasions when I was younger and during one of them I really got scared) so I can understand them a bit. Although, the frend that talked me into it is much more about travelling and not just into climbing. Anyway, with her, I understood the whole climbing thing better, but I also tend to agree with you that this passion is not something profouond either. Which is the reason I never really did it on my own. And I think some of them exaggerate with the whole thing. ...

shiboleth on Mar 5, 2020


Fair enough. All this makes for an interesting discussion and I've had many regarding this subject and these people who do such crazy things for thrills or whatever. It's meaningless to me what they do, but the why they do is of great interest to me. The human condition and human behavior is my greatest interest. Why people do what they do...from killing one another in massive numbers to the psychology behind wars, etc. The human condition is filled with darkness. I happen to think these kind of 'adventurous' people have a bit of that darkness and madness in themselves. They don't hurt others so all is well. I just don't have any interest in them. Only in the why they do and they won't be able to tell you as it's unconscious. What they tell you is all bs ego aggrandizing nonsense. Okay...ranting get off my soap box and acknowledge that as always your take on things in sane and calm and worthy of consideration. Cheers.

thespiritbo on Mar 5, 2020


The other side of this violent and racist film:

Sukrit Gupta on May 26, 2020

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