Official Trailer for 'The Medicine' Documentary All About Ayahuasca

May 7, 2020
Source: YouTube

The Medicine Trailer

"There's no doubt that it can be incredibly effective in healing all manner of conditions." 1091 Media has unveiled an official trailer for a documentary called The Medicine, which is a new film about the infamous hallucinogenic plant known as Ayahuasca. You've probably heard about it, mostly because it's becoming quite popular in western society as a deeply moving spiritual experience. Can this ancient Amazonian plant medicine help heal mankind? "Humanity faces an unprecedented rise in addiction, insecurity and disease - perhaps the cure does lie within the arms of Mother Nature." The Medicine reveals the hidden mysteries of one of nature's most powerful and controversial healing remedies. It's also a documentary about Amazonian shamanism, introducing Taita Juanito Guerilmo Chindoy Chindoy, both a teacher and student of the sacred plant medicine. As Ayahuasca gains popularity in the West, the film explores the science as well as the lore behind the plant and why it is used to heal. Hopefully the film is as comprehensive and objective as it looks.

Here's the official trailer (+ poster) for Farzin Toussi's doc The Medicine, direct from 1091's YouTube:

The Medicine Poster

Farzin Toussi's The Medicine documentary reveals the hidden mysteries of one of nature's most powerful and controversial healing remedies: Ayahuasca. Increasingly popular in the West, Ayahuasca is both a tradition in Amazonian shamanism and a promising new focus of mental health research. The Medicine introduces spiritual leader Taita Juanito Guillermo Chindoy Chindoy, both a teacher and student of the sacred plant in the Colombian Amazon, where Ayahuasca is known as Yagé. Former NFL safety Kerry Rhodes and actor AnnaLynne McCord, each facing personal struggles, are introduced to Ayahuasca by Taita Juanito, guided through a true ceremonial practice, and emerge with new insights. The Medicine also features leading scholars and authors exploring the cultural and scientific significance of Ayahuasca. Humanity faces an unprecedented rise in addiction, depression, and disease – can an ancient indigenous plant medicine help heal mankind? Perhaps the cure lies within the arms of Mother Nature. The Medicine is directed by doc producer / filmmaker Farzin Toussi, making his directorial debut with this film. 1091 debuts The Medicine direct-to-VOD on July 7th, 2020. More info on Ayahuasca check out

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Yea, and this is really old news as this 'supposedly' miracle plant was popular more than several years ago. Some people had sort of mystical experiences the same as with peyote or mescaline or even LSD. Others felt nothing at all and just committed their guts out. Others, like the other psychotropic plants/drugs I mentioned and very, very bad terrorizing experiences. This is all old stuff and reminds me of the old Castaneda books about Don Jaun the Yaqui shaman. I read those books starting back in 1969. Nothing new here. I'd be interested in seeing this documentary film though just to see the angle they've taken on this old stuff. I thought this experience of going down to the Amazon and sitting with some supposedly shaman in a hot hut ingesting this drug/plant had run its course. I still think it has and this doc film is a bit behind the whole deal.

thespiritbo on May 7, 2020


Very good insight: 'sitting with some supposedly shaman in a hot hut ingesting this drug/plant had run its course'. Generally, what's there not to agree with, you said it all. These things have written all over themselves the expiry date a long time ago ...

shiboleth on May 8, 2020


So, this "sitting in a hot hut with a Shaman thing" has been going on for 4000 years, but you two have put an expiration stamp on it. Interesting.

kitano0 on May 8, 2020


Exactly... It's just about opening your mind, removing your fears and inhibitions, and plant medicine has been doing this for humans for... a long time... as you've so nicely pointed out.

Alex Billington on May 8, 2020


Not as a rule. For some, this is not 'opening mind', it's just a wrong preconception about mind older than 4000 years (as pointed out earlier).

shiboleth on May 8, 2020


I mean... I think it's pretty clear most people are unable to use their own brain at its full potential, and these medicines (proven with scientific research) help rewire things so that the brain is fully awakened. But I don't want to get caught up in this too much, don't mind me.

Alex Billington on May 8, 2020


No worries, you're stating your thoughts (as we all do) here. But still, 'rewiring things' has nothing to do with 'being awakened'. Despite the fact that you honestly mean something good, enlightening, broad and open minded with it. So, don't mind me either ...

shiboleth on May 8, 2020


Just one more seems to some here I arbitrarily made up the "4000 years" time-line...when it's right there in the trailer.

kitano0 on May 10, 2020


It's quite easy to understand. The thing is gone, some people just don't know anything about it. And some do...

shiboleth on May 8, 2020


I still agree with you, man and stand by our conversation and perceptions regarding this. 4000 yrs. or has nothing to do with this specific project you and I were discussing...and then were rudely judged from unwanted to have a bit of fun about this silliness. The film is 'old stuff'...maybe not 4000 yrs. old, but still old pop culture 'fad' gator. I'm ashamed I took the time to respond to kitanoO...well...not didn't know cultures from 4000 yrs. ago engaged in ingesting psychotropic plants for spiritual and ritualistic purposes...did you?'m being snarky...sorry, it's beneath me to do

thespiritbo on May 8, 2020


Get off your self righteous high horse, kitanoO. It's unbecoming and petty and tacky and comes from a complete misunderstanding. Plus, one has the right to put an expiration stamp on it if they so desire. This 4000 year thing you're dragging out means squat in relation to what shibilteh and I were discussing. Not to explain as I'm not sure it won't fly over your head too, but this specific and particular thing was 'big' in the pop culture more than several years ago and ran it's course. Thus this doc film is behind the times. None of it has to do with the religious and mystical experiences that has been going on for thousands of years. Again, your petty self righteousness has cloaked your ignorance and inability to see both of us were discussing this particular 'thing'. That's what is 'interesting'. Get over yourself.

thespiritbo on May 8, 2020


The psychological projection apparent in your response is very revealing. Is that horse high enough for you?

kitano0 on May 9, 2020

13'm laughing at the 'psychological' part of the projection is there another kind or did you just need to mount the high horse again while actually riding a sorry...I shall abstain from further engagement with you as I've decided holding my remarks back to you to be the best spiritual approach to your ignorance and arrogance...the spiritual acquiring having come from participation in a 4000 yr. old ritual that has become a cultural fad you've only become aware of... You're just being silly and inauthentic, but you don't know that. Poor dear. Let's stop this. I shall refrain also from reading any infantile retort of yours attempting to put forth a pretense of a presentation of how remarkably educated and intelligent you are. Look at me...I can't you now, bubba. Was always on the brink of doing it whenever reading your vapid posts. Bye bye.

thespiritbo on May 9, 2020


I've tasted that drug about 15 years ago (I'm 44). Best experience ever! I was an 8 hour long trip, where i could see my whole life at the same time, very much like the movie 'Interstellar', but with neon lines and fluorecent fractals. Lived it with 25 other people at my parent's house and a shaman who directed the trip, singing mantras and blowing cigarrete smoke onto us. Previously, we had to ask the Ayahusca (embodiment of the plant) a life question, and it would answer what we need, not what we want. Everyone vomited except me, and i got my answer: I should love myself more. xD

oliveitor on May 7, 2020


On the other hand, my brother had convulsions due to extreme vomiting, and it was his worse experience ever. All i say, is that i enyoyed it. I don't recomend it.

oliveitor on May 8, 2020

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