First Trailer for Re-Edited 'Paradise' Merges 'Prometheus' & 'Covenant'

August 25, 2020
Source: Vimeo

Paradise Trailer

"They are false gods." This sounds like a must watch. An editor called "Job Willins" has put together a project titled Paradise, and it's now available to watch / download online. Paradise is a homemade editing project combining Prometheus and Alien: Covenant into a single, David-centric narrative. We all know that despite Ridley Scott returning to the Alien franchise for two movies, the results were a bit mixed. Some love them, some hate them. Some love one of the movies, but hate the other one… But the best part about them both - David, the android character played by Michael Fassbender. So that's why he wanted to craft something borrowing the storylines from both movies and condense everything into one movie. We've seen this before - Topher Grace once edited a single movie from the three Star Wars prequels, just for fun. This new cut features parallel (rather than chronological) narratives that come from both films. I want to watch.

Here's the teaser trailer (+ poster) for Job Willins' project Paradise, direct from Vimeo (via his Tumblr):

Paradise Poster

Paradise is a fan-made movie by Job Willins (aka Daniel) - follow him on Twitter @JobWillins or Vimeo. He explains on his site: "Paradise is an editing project combining Prometheus and Alien: Covenant into a single, David-centric narrative. The goal was to intercut material from both films to tell a story in a way that favors the strengths of both. With a runtime of about 2.5 hours, I aimed to enhance much of the excitement and mystery from the two films by unfolding them in parallel and playing them off one-another. This method also allowed opportunities to emphasize the major theme of creator/creation relationship that runs through both stories and hopefully achieve a unique viewing experience rather than merely a significantly abridged double-feature." For more info on the project, and to find download links to watch, visit Willins' Tumblr post here. He even test screened early versions of this to hone the final cut. So… what do you think?

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Pincode on Aug 25, 2020


This can be decent and not too demanding watch...

shiboleth on Aug 25, 2020



DAVIDPD on Aug 25, 2020


Glad to see someone is giving this cut some love. I downloaded it and I have to say it makes two mediocre films into one succinct narrative about creation and the consequences of pushing that creation too far. For those who loathed the stupidity of both films, it's mostly cut out which redeems both films. I would have never guessed to do such edit, but a las I'm not an editor. I would be open to have a sequel based from this cut of Paradise.

Manny on Aug 25, 2020


Job Willins....or Job Wanted? A bit of fun is one thing, but at what point do such homemade projects disrespect the original filmmakers? Probably the point where they are put online.

Voodoo Stevie on Aug 26, 2020


Firstly , there's no way to edit out ALL the Stupid Stuff ;?)) the whole series is based on people making bad decisions ... Secondly , the only worthwhile takeaway from Covenant is that David is obviously insane ... Killing Shaw , for "experimentation purposes" as the probable snapping point ... but i think the next/last movie will be interesting , as David will be all wound up into how they crash and hibernate the ship that Ripley's original crew finds . So as much as I hated Covenant , it did make me anticipate a good finale ...

Dominic on Aug 26, 2020


Humans are stupid. Just watch the news.

Josh Taylor on Aug 26, 2020


I think this is awesome but how is this legal?

Josh Taylor on Aug 26, 2020


Yes, I remember seeing this trailer . 3 years ago.

Razzbender on Aug 26, 2020

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