Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' Trilogy Playing in IMAX 70mm This Spring
March 13, 2019

Christopher Nolan - The Dark Knight Trilogy

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you this very important message. Warner Bros and IMAX have announced that Christopher Nolan's iconic Batman movie series, known colloquially as The Dark Knight trilogy, will be returning to IMAX theaters in 70mm this spring for a special one-time event. In celebration of the 80th birthday / anniversary of the DC comic book character Batman, first created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939, they're bringing this particular big screen Batman series back to cinemas. But unfortunately it's only playing in five different IMAX theaters around North America. The reason being that these special presentations will include a Q&A with Christopher Nolan, who will be on hand for the first event in LA (which will be taped and replayed). This seems like a do-not-miss opportunity.

10 Years Later: Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' Was & Still Is a Masterpiece
July 17, 2018

The Dark Knight

"You've changed things… forever. There's no going back." On July 18th, 2008, Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight opened in theaters worldwide and changed everything. The seminal sequel to 2005's Batman Begins would have an indelible impact on pop culture, the superhero genre, and movies in general. Heath Ledger's Oscar-winning performance and tragic passing would send shockwaves throughout the industry. With a groundbreaking marketing campaign leading up to its highly anticipated release, The Dark Knight became an unforgettable big screen experience. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, let's take a look back at how Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight changed things forever and remains a masterpiece to this day.

Watch: 11-Minute Look at Evolution of The Dark Knight in Cinema
February 9, 2015


While fans are patiently waiting to see any footage from the anticipated Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, let's not forget that there's a whole cinematic history of Batman that we can still watch in the meantime. And if you're not in the mood to go back and watch every movie that The Dark Knight has been given (a couple of them are pretty terrible), thankfully Jacob T. Swinney from 35MM has put together an 11-minute examination looking at the evolution of Batman on the big screen. The video does begin with the TV series incarnation starring Adam West, but that's only because he got his own movie too. Watch below!

25 Years Later: How Burton's 'Batman' Redefined The Dark Knight
June 23, 2014

Tim Burton's Batman

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the release of Tim Burton's Batman. Let's take a look back all the way to the summer of 1989 when the superhero genre saw a resurgence and the Dark Knight was reborn again for a new generation of moviegoers. Batman came out on June 23rd, 1989 - a month after I was born. As such, Burton's Batman was my cinematic introduction to the character. His take on Batman is special to me mostly because of his approach to the character. Michael Keaton doesn't look like a typical superhero, he looks like an average guy. The great appeal of Burton's take on the character is that anyone can be Batman.

'Batman Beyond' Short Debuts for the Dark Knight's 75th Anniversary
April 21, 2014

Batman Beyond

Just under a couple weeks ago, we highlighted a cool new animated short from Bruce Timm, the man behind the spectacular "Batman: The Animated Series." The short is just one of many special things happening this year in order to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Batman. And now a second animated short from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment has popped up online, this one using the world of the animated series "Batman Beyond" to pay tribute to The Dark Knight. Fans will hear the return of Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne and Will Friedle as Terry McGinnis, and it's a cool short to celebrate Batman turning 75. Watch!

Check Out These Three Unused Posters from 'The Dark Knight Rises'
November 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

The epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's gritty Batman franchise arrive this past summer with The Dark Knight Rises, and fans are now eagerly waiting for the arrival of the film on Blu-Ray/DVD on December 4th. In the meantime, let's take a look at some of the hype before the theatrical release that never came to be. Trailer Park is one of theleading entertainment marketing and content agency creating advertising campaigns for major studios, networks and media clients. Now they've released three posters for the sequel that didn't make the cut. Two are familiar while one would have been a great viral poster. Look!

Jonathan Nolan Talks About the Ending of 'The Dark Knight Rises'
October 15, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

It's been early three months since the conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy hit theaters, but there's still plenty of buzz on the internet about The Dark Knight Rises. After all, the home video release arrives on December 4th, along with a set of all three films featuring Christian Bale as Batman. Now someone else besides the director has taken a couple minutes to talk about the ending of the trilogy. Be aware, if you haven't watched The Dark Knight Rises, there are spoilers abound from this point on in this quick interview featuring writer Jonathan Nolan talking about the conclusion to the Dark Knight legend.

Remember Aurora is Reaching Out to 'The Dark Knight Rises' Fans
August 20, 2012

Remember Aurora

It was only one month ago that a gunman entered a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado and terrorized an unsuspecting audience, killing 12 and leaving many injured. It was an incredibly sad, tragic, and unforgettable day, but the community of Aurora has come together to work through it, stronger than before. A good friend of the site, designer Mark Rantal, has partnered with local organizations to create, in collaboration with Denver Comic-Con, made for fans of The Dark Knight to be a community that will remember the victims of this senseless massacre, and to help and heal.

SoundWorks Collection: Sound & Music from 'The Dark Knight Rises'
August 1, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Even before the movie came out,  The Dark Knight Rises was under heavy fire for some seemingly worrisome sound design with the voice of the villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy, as his dialogue was at times indiscernible in the prologue release with the IMAX version of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. In case you haven't noticed, some changes were made between then and the theatrical release (hear a comparison here). Now the SoundWorks Collection goes behind the scenes of both the sound and music in The Dark Knight Rises with composer Hans Zimmer and supervising sound editor and designer Richard King where they talk about Bane's unique voice, the sound of The Bat and much more. Watch it below!

Sound Off: Chris Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises' - Your Thoughts?
July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The Fire Rises. The Legend Ends. It's finally here. Four years after The Dark Knight, seven years after Batman Begins, Chris Nolan ends his Batman saga in epic fashion. In theaters everywhere, including 70mm IMAX, is The Dark Knight Rises, Batman's triumphant grand finale. Christian Bale returns as Batman, joined by Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Tom Hardy as his nemesis Bane, plus Gary Oldman as Gordon and Michael Caine as Alfred. So how is it? Best of the three? What about the way it ends? Once you've seen it, post a comment with your own thoughts on TDKR.

Looking Back: Four Years of Rumors, Hype & Build-Up to 'The Dark Knight Rises'
July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Trilogy

Here we are, on the eve of The Dark Knight Rises. The legend is coming to an end. Its been four years of leading up to this, ever since The Dark Knight. Honestly, we could say it all began with Batman Begins in 2005. I still remember my first time going to see Begins, when I was living in New York City for a summer, and how much I loved it right off the bat, falling for Nolan's style. But the site launched a year later closer to The Prestige and finally, The Dark Knight. We've come a long way since TDK hit theaters on July 18th, 2008, posting nearly 200 articles on or about the sequel since then; now, it's time. Let's take a look back.

Review: 'The Dark Knight Rises' a Solid End to Nolan's Batman Saga
July 19, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

We always knew there would be a last Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie. What we hoped and got was for that end to be Nolan's decision, an ending that he saw fit for this version of this character. We wished for a crescendo to all of his Batman films, ending on a solid note that tied the series together. As for ranking, The Dark Knight Rises is lower than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and even ranks rather low on Nolan's impressive filmography. However, it is a reasonable- and massive - finale, and, script issues aside, The Dark Knight Rises is a very fitting way for this saga to end. Until someone reboots it again.



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