Interview: Repo! The Genetic Opera Director Darren Lynn Bousman
November 6, 2008

Darren Lynn Bousman

I first met Darren Lynn Bousman two years ago when we interviewed him for Saw III (you can still find that here). Not only do I think he's a great filmmaker, but he's a big horror movie geek and very down to earth, which as everyone knows, is quite rare to find in Hollywood. So when he showed Repo! The Genetic Opera back at Fantastic Fest in Austin, I walked in very optimistic and open, just because I wanted to give something so unique and so original a chance. Last weekend I caught up with Darren again down in Hollywood for an interview and an opportunity to chat about Repo. If there's anyone who might be able to convince you to see Repo! The Genetic Opera on November 7th, it's Darren Bousman himself.

Check This Out: Sarah Brightman in Repo! The Genetic Opera Clip
October 26, 2008

Sarah Brightman in Repo! The Genetic Opera Clip

I'm supporting Repo! The Genetic Opera because I really think it has a chance as a cult classic. There are people out there who hated it and won't give anyone a chance to enjoy it. I, on the other hand, believe that there are the right crowds who should give it a chance. So with that, I'm running a clip this weekend featuring singer Sarah Brightman and lead actress Alexa Vega. You'll hear one of the songs, titled "Chase the Morning", in the clip. It's actually one of the few songs that my friends who didn't like Repo thought was one of the best. I'm not sure everyone will like this, but please give it a fightin' chance!

Repo! The Genetic Opera Road Tour Details Revealed!
September 24, 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera Road Tour Details Revealed!

Although it may not be the most talked about horror film of the year, Repo! The Genetic Opera is definitely one of those cult classics in the makings that true cinephiles need to see before everyone else. At the world premiere during Fantastic Fest, director Darren Bousman announced that he was putting together a tour for the film. Bousman and star Terrance Zdunich are traveling across the US to a total of 7 cities throughout November to premiere the film to fans. If you're wondering why they're doing this, I'll go into a bit more of the back story below. But for those who are already anxiously looking forward to Repo! The Genetic Opera, check the list below and see if it'll be stopping by your town.

Final Poster for Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera
September 17, 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera

In lieu of the impending premiere of Repo! The Genetic Opera at Fantastic Fest, the final US poster has been unveiled over at AICN. I wanted to feature this today because within a few days I'll have finally seen the film and will be able to comment on it and I'm honestly a bit nervous. I was excited when this was first announced two years ago, but since then, I've grown weary. I'm hoping it's the newest cult horror classic, but I'm also afraid that it's going to suck, a lot. Even after watching the trailer, I still don't know what to think. I'll be going into the screening this weekend quite optimistic, but also cautious, just in case my worst fears are realized. Until then, take a look at the final poster for the film and sound of with your thoughts.

First Full Trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera
June 27, 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera Trailer

The first official trailer for Darren Lynn Bousman's rock opera titled Repo! The Genetic Opera has finally arrived. The last time we showed you anything from this it was a teaser in October last year. I must admit that this new trailer looks awesome, just plain badass. I've got a good feeling that they've spent the last 8 months beefing this thing up with some visual effects and incredible music and now it looks top notch. I love the comic book style imagery and dark operatic feel to it. I am really, really liking this so far and I do think it might be an instant cult classic. I'm just genuinely excited to see this and I'm still holding my breath hoping it's not pure crap. With this trailer, Repo! The Genetic Opera finally looks awesome!

Repo! The Genetic Opera Gets a Spiffy New Website
April 7, 2008

Repo! The Genetic Opera

What is it with today and "lost" movies? A new website has popped up for Darren Lynn Bousman's musical Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's actually an impressive site and it reminds me to yet again get interested in this rather odd movie. However, this is another one of those movies (like Valkyrie and Trick 'r Treat as well) that seems to be in release limbo. It was scheduled for April 25th for a while, but I doubt it's going to make that date. I remember talk of it being moved to give them more time to finish it (specifically the music), but now its anyone's guess, since there hasn't been an actual update from Lionsgate for a while. At the very least, check out the spiffy new website.

What Exactly IS Repo! The Genetic Opera!?
December 6, 2007

Repo! The Genetic Opera!

Saw II, III, and IV director Darren Lynn Bousman's next feature isn't another Saw movie, it's Repo! The Genetic Opera - something of a horror opera musical. But what exactly is Repo? I'm afraid no one will really know until it hits theaters next April, but at least let Darren tell you what it's not: "This isn't Saw… Nor is it Sweeney Todd." Shooting on Repo wrapped last month and the whole movie is just about done, including its extensive soundtrack produced by Japanese musician and composer Yoshiki.

First Repo! The Genetic Opera! Teaser Trailer
October 24, 2007

Repo! The Genetic Opera!

You might have already seen the video from the Spike TV Scream Awards of this exclusive footage / teaser trailer from Repo! The Genetic Opera!, but it wasn't the entire thing. Now we present to you in slightly better quality the first teaser trailer for Repo! This time it's the full teaser trailer and I must say I'm quite drawn-in. Paris Hilton, who you may or may not recognize in the black hair singing in the middle, also continues to impress me even more. Although it doesn't look at all polished, which has me a bit worried, it does look very, very unique.

First Look Footage from Repo! The Genetic Opera!
October 20, 2007

Repo! The Genetic Opera!

What a night for dark and bloody musicals! The Spike TV Scream Awards were held last night and Twisted Pictures debuted a special quick first look at some footage from Repo! The Genetic Opera! That's the original horror-musical that Saw director Darren Lynn Bousman is directing and that has been filming up in Toronto. This footage look intense - everyone really needs to watch this!

Eli Roth's Trailer Trash and Repo The Genetic Opera Both Get 2008 Dates
October 14, 2007

Trailer Trash and Repo 2008 Release Dates

We're already well into the month of horror and that means there's horror news aplenty on top of the horror movies hitting theaters in the next few weeks. Today's update confirms release dates and information on two of the biggest upcoming horror movies. Eli Roth's Trailer Trash movie as well as Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo The Genetic Opera! both have confirmed release dates in 2008. This is very exciting as these are two upcoming films that I am incredibly interested in and expect to be huge hits.

Oh No, Paris Hilton Joins Repo! The Genetic Opera
July 30, 2007

Paris Hilton

We've been talking about Darren Lynn Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera movie for quite some time, ever since he first brought it up. The latest casting news on the film is that the one-and-only Paris Hilton has joined. The other cast already involved are (of course) Tobin Bell, Alexa Vega, and Paul Sorvino. Anyone excited, or has this film absolutely been ruined?

Tobin Bell Joins Bousman's Repo! The Genetic Opera
June 28, 2007

Repo! The Genetic OperaWe've mentioned it briefly before and followers of Saw II, III, and IV director Darren Lynn Bousman know it well - Repo! The Genetic Opera. It's a horror rock opera, being referred to as Brazil-meets-Rocky Horror Picture Show, from the Saw director and is apparently a musical that is even more violet than the Saw films. Although some could say this was inevitable, the latest news is that Tobin Bell (who plays Jigsaw in the Saw movies) has been cast in Repo! The Genetic Opera.



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