Official Trailer for 'Autism: The Sequel' Doc Following-Up Years Later

Autism: The Sequel Trailer

"In some ways, we're exactly where we were." HBO has released an official trailer for a documentary titled Autism: The Sequel, which is (as the title indicates) a sequel to the Emmy-award winning documentary Autism: The Musical from 2007. This new film picks up again with these same people, now adults, and takes another look at their lives and their struggles. The original doc film introduces five autistic children as they work together to create and perform a live musical production. From the same director, Autism: The Sequel weaves together present-day interviews with footage of the subjects and their families shot 12 years ago. The challenges with adulthood are entirely different, of course. The main subjects include Elaine Hall, Adam, Henry, Lexi, Neal, and Wyatt. The doc is premiering on HBO at the end of this month. Have a look.

Watch: Outstanding Short 'Rebooted' About an Out-of-Work Skeleton

Rebooted Short Film

Oh my bones! This is instantly one of my favorite animated short films I've ever seen. Seriously. Rebooted is a live-action + stop-motion animation hybrid short film made by Australian filmmaker Michael Shanks (not the one from Stargate). The 12-minute film stars an adorable stop-motion animated skeleton, pretty much straight out of Ray Harryhausen's films. Now out of work as an "out-of-date special effect", Phil the skeleton takes drastic measures when he learns the film for which he was created is being rebooted without him. Starring Phil, the skeleton, "as himself", along with Glen Hunwick and Peter Paltos. I really love everything about this. Not only does the stop-motion animation blend perfectly into the real world footage, but it looks and feels authentic, it's all so perfectly animated and realized. And beyond that, the story of this funny skeleton guy (and all the other special effect friends he meets) is so charming. Enjoy this short below.

Carly Chaikin & Samara Weaving in Trailer for 'Last Moment of Clarity'

Last Moment of Clarity Trailer

"I just have to know if it's you!" Lionsgate has unveiled an official trailer for a mystery thriller titled Last Moment of Clarity, the feature directorial debut of brothers Colin & James Krisel. A normal New Yorker's life is upended when his girlfriend is murdered by the Bulgarian mob. He flees to Paris to stay safe. Years later, he sees a similar looking woman in a movie. Obsession with past love takes Sam to Los Angeles to look for answers, only to put him back into the sights of the Bulgarians. Described as an "updated Hitchcockian thriller in the vein of Vertigo and Rear Window," it "will keep you guessing until the final frame." Starring Samara Weaving and Carly Chaikin as the two main women, with Zach Avery, Udo Kier, Brian Cox, Hal Ozsan, and Pasha D. Lychnikoff. No surprise, this trailer gives away a lot to get you more curious.

Offiical Trailer for Tayarisha Poe's Stylish Film 'Selah and the Spades'

Selah and the Spades Trailer

"There is a power amongst certain factions of the student body…" Amazon Studios has debuted the official trailer for the indie Selah and the Spades, marking the directorial debut of up-and-coming filmmaker Tayarisha Poe. This originally premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival last year, and it also stopped by AFI Fest in the fall. Available to watch via Amazon in just a few weeks. The film is set at a wealthy private school, which is run by five student factions operating incognito. The main story focuses on Selah, who runs the faction known as the "Spades", and her trials and tribulations when a provocative new student named Paloma challenges her for the throne. This stars Lovie Simone in a breakout role as Selah, with Celeste O'Connor, Jharrel Jerome, Gina Torres, Jesse Williams, and Ana Mulvoy Ten. It's worth a watch.

Capture the Wolf in New Trailer for Epic Danish 'Valhalla' Action Film

Valhalla Trailer

"Keep all warriors in readiness." Madman Films in Australia has debuted a new official trailer for a Danish fantasy epic titled Valhalla, which already opened in Denmark (and a few other countries) last fall. But is still awaiting release in the rest of the world. Viking children Røskva and Tjalfe embark on an adventurous journey from Midgard to Valhalla with the gods Thor and Loki. Life in Valhalla, however, turns out to be threatened by the dreaded Fenrir wolf and the god's barbaric archenemies, the Jotnar. Side by side with the gods the two children must fight to save Valhalla from the end of the world. Starring Roland Møller as Thor, Salóme Gunnarsdóttir as Freja, Lára Jóhanna Jónsdóttir as Sif, Ali Sivandi as Skrymer, plus Jacob Lohmann, Patricia Schumann, Andreas Jessen, and Stine Fischer Christensen. This looks cool! Definitely a Scandinavian cinema take on the classic Ragnarok fairy tale, but it still looks entertaining.

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Watch: 'Sleepwalk' Short Film - A Long Journey for a Slice of Apple Pie

Sleepwalk Short Film

"Well, mister. You sure drove a long way for an apple pie." This is a wholesome short film that will fill you up with that warm, fuzzy feeling of goodness just like a homemade apple pie. If only we could serve everyone some apple pie when they watch this. Sleepwalk is written and directed by Portuguese filmmaker Filipe Melo, telling a very American story of a man who drives a long way to find some apple pie from a small, dusty town. Why? You have to watch to find out what it all means and why he went all the way there. There's no way to figure it out from guessing before, I am sure of that. Starring Greg Lucey, Durant Mcleod, and Joy Green. There's just something wonderful about this short, besides the plot itself, the extra warm color timing and on-location cinematography. And the lead performance that carries the emotional weight of the entire film. While it's a different story, this reminds me of Paris, Texas in many ways. View the short below.

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Sophie Stevens in First Trailer for Psychological Horror 'The Haunted'

The Haunted Trailer

"Alone… in a house of secrets." Vertical Ent. has debuted a trailer for an indie horror called The Haunted, not the most original title but that's not indicative of much. This premiered at Screamfest a few years back, now getting an official release (in the US) coming up this May. Arriving at an isolated house for her first nightshift, young care-taker Emily is left alone to face a terrifying vengeful spirit in this disturbingly clever, psychological horror. Only 75 minutes long! Sophie Stevens (from "Doctors" and The Black Prince) stars as Emily, along with Ray MacAllan, Nick Bayly, Maggie Daniels, and Virginia Denham. It does look like it might be quite scary, but hard to tell if there's more going on in this than just another haunted house.

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Watch: 'Faces of Cinema' Focuses on Close-Ups Throughout History

Faces of Cinema

"The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up." There's nothing like a close-up. Every single person out there expresses their emotions and feelings on their face, and it's up to filmmakers to capture that in the camera. Lost In Film video editor Ignacio Montalvo has just put together another breathtaking video for all of us to be moved by. His latest is called Faces of Cinema, and it's a magnificent supercut of close-up shots spanning films from 1902 to 2019, presented in chronological order. If you think you've seen them all, not only are there some close-up shots you've probably forgotten, but there's so much beauty in each of these shots it's impossible not to be swept off your feet by this video. Montalvo also made the stunning "Most Beautiful Shots of the 21st Century" a few years back. His videos are always must watch.

Official UK Trailer for 'White Mountain' Himalayas Climbing Doc Film

White Mountain Trailer

"There is only man and mountain." Signature Ent. in the UK has unveiled an official trailer for a mountain climbing documentary titled White Mountain. This is also a shortened version of the film's original title: Dhaulagiri: Ascent to the White Mountain. Dhaulagiri is the name of a mountain in the Himalayas (elevation of 26,795ft / 8,167 m; seventh highest in the world) that is one of the hardest mountains to climb on the planet. The film follows an Argentinian team that goes back six years after a failed ascent to try and a friend a friend that went missing and discover what happened. Described as a doc "that alternates between the grandeur of adventure and the intimacy of retrospection. It is the story of a path that winds upward, twists downward and leads inward. It addresses a universal subject: The search for the meaning of life." Which is always the main path to understanding mountain climbers. Why do they do it? To feel truly alive.

Intense Teaser Trailer for 'Train to Busan' Zombie Sequel 'Peninsula'

Peninsula Teaser Trailer

"Were you scared?" No way! Right? Well Go USA has unveiled the first official teaser trailer for the zombie movie Peninsula, the sequel to the Korean smash hit zombie action thriller Train to Busan from 2016. This sequel is directed again by the same filmmaker who made the first one – Yeon Sang-ho – and follows the survivor Jung-seok, who was able to safely escape the diseased wasteland. In this next post-apocalyptic thriller, "when his team unexpectedly stumbles upon survivors, their lives will depend on whether the best—or worst—of human nature prevails in the direst of circumstances." Yeah, we all know it'll be bad. Starring Gang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun. In addition to the poster, this is the first look reveal and packs a punch despite being only a 90-second teaser. This looks just as epic and intense as the first one, if not even more so. Mixing in some Mad Max with the zombie apocalypse, and more. Can't wait to watch! Fire this up.

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Amber Anderson in Official Trailer for Gothic Horror Film 'Skin Walker'

Skin Walker Trailer

"Too many things happened in this house in the past…" Cleopatra has debuted an official trailer for an indie gothic-esque horror film titled Skin Walker, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Christian Neuman (founder of Focusart) after numerous other short films previously. Amber Anderson stars as in this psychological thriller as Regine, a fragile young woman trying to build a new life – safer and happier than the one she had as a child. Escaping her trauma is not so easy however, and when her grandmother is brutally murdered, Regine must return to the village she once left and revisit the gruesome horrors of her past to protect herself and her family. The cast includes Udo Kier, Jefferson Hall, Sophie Mousel, Luc Feit, Luc Schiltz, Sarah Lamesch, and Bérangère McNeese. This starts out rather calm, but gets extra crazy by the end. So much going on! And nothing like Udo Kier smashing things to make a film even better.

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Official Trailer for 'LA Originals' Doc About Chicano Hip Hop Culture

LA Originals Trailer

"And the more we hung out, the more we just started building on ideas of things that we could do to make money that weren't illegal." And with that, they built an empire. Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for a documentary called LA Originals, a film marking the feature directorial debut of renowned photographer / entrepreneur Estevan Oriol. The doc film is an exploration of the culture and landmarks of the chicano and street art movement that cemented Mister Cartoon and Estevan Oriol's status as behind-the-scenes hip hop legends. Quite a story. Featuring appearances by Estevan, Mister Cartoon, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Blink 182, Michelle Rodriguez, Wilmer Valderrama, Danny Trejo, & George Lopez. This looks like a fascinating and eye-opening story of a cultural movement, and two talented people from Los Angeles.




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