Josh's Review: Shoot Em Up - An Action Classic

I had the distinct privilege of attending the world premiere of Shoot 'Em Up this past week at Comic-Con. We were greeted with a friendly introduction from the film's director, Michael Davis, about his influences in making the film and how excited he was to be showing it for the first time to all of us. Even with such a cinematic treat as the introduction, my opinion of the film is not bias because of this. The film speaks for itself. Shoot 'Em Up is one of the best action movies I have ever seen, period.


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Comic-Con Video Interview: Clive Owen and Director Michael Davis on Shoot 'Em Up

Clive Owen and Director Michael Davis Interview

Just a few days ago, FS.net had the chance to chat with the legendary Clive Owen and the director of Clive's next movie, Shoot 'Em Up - Michael Davis. We spent a few minutes firing questions towards these two and discussing one of the most exciting upcoming action movies this year. Not only is Michael Davis just a big action movie fan himself, but Clive Owen is as charismatic and "badass" in person as he is on screen. Read on to watch our exclusive video interview.


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Comic-Con Video Interview: Rob Zombie on Halloween

Rob Zombie Interview

At Comic-Con this past weekend, FS.net spent a few minutes to chatting with writer and director Rob Zombie on his upcoming Halloween remake. In addition to chatting with Zombie, a clip from the film and a new extended trailer were shown at the presentation and Zombie and company answered questions from the fans. Anyone excited for Halloween (or not) should check out this interview, as Rob lets us in on his thoughts on all things horror and more.


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Review: The Reaping Could Be The 11th Plague

The Reaping is Hollywood's latest attempt to scare religion into people by resurrecting the 10 plagues that God used to convince the Pharaoh to let Moses lead his people out of Egypt. The film relies too much on old gimmicks and offers nothing new or exciting, resulting in a uniquely disappointing experience.


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Grindhouse's Action Hero Freddy Rodriguez Interviewed

Freddy RodriguezLast weekend we had the pleasure of heading out to Los Angeles to screen Grindhouse and meet the cast and filmmakers behind the film. The star of Robert Rodriguez's half Planet Terror, Freddy Rodriguez (not related), plays an action hero character named El Wray in the film and delivers one hell of a badass performance. Some of his fight scenes rival those even in The Matrix and he delivers one of the most memorable performances out of any in the film.

Freddy is an incredibly nice and down-to-earth guy (rare with actors these days) who gave us a bit of insight into his character and the filming process for Grindhouse. If there is any one actor you keep an eye on, it should definitely be Freddy. He's starred in everything from Bobby to Harsh Times to Lady in the Water and now this, and has never failed to impress me in every film. Grindhouse opens this upcoming Friday, April 6th, so make sure you don't miss him in Planet Terror next weekend!


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Review: Dead Silence is Freakin' Scary!

Dead Silence is the second film directed by James Wan and written by Leigh Whannell, the deadly duo who brought us the first Saw film. It's been over 3 years since his directorial debut and resulting immediate cult status in the horror genre, and many have been eagerly waiting for his next project. This is going to be a really hard review to write because I don't want to give anything away, but let me tell you, it's one hell of a ride!


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Is Adaptation The Way To Make A Film?

Sin City

300's opening weekend box office domination was so successful for many reasons. It would be easy to argue that one of the biggest reasons for the $70 million opening weekend is due to the fan base already built from the Frank Miller graphic novel. It is difficult to make a film adaptation of any source, however there are many advantages, and disadvantages, of "adaptation".


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How To Ruin A Franchise: 5 Ways to Kill a Good Movie Series

Hannibal Rising

2007 will most likely be remembered as the year of trilogies. There are so many of them coming out this year, including Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Rush Hour 3, and The Bourne Ultimatum, just to name a few. It's easy to see that many of these films are quickly becoming the cash cow franchise that the studios have been craving. Franchises have been around forever and I feel it's too easy for Hollywood today to ruin many of everyone's favorite classic films by turning them into horrible franchises with terrible sequels. Here are some tips of what not to do to ruin a classic series.


 Posted on February 21 in Opinions | 55 Comments

Top 5 2007 Horror Films To Look Out For

This looks like it's going to be a great year for horror fans! I've looked over all of the horror films opening this year and put together a list of what I predict will be the goriest, scariest, and most terrifying flicks to come out in 2007!


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The Messengers Delivers Fun Scares

Nothing is more refreshing than a really good ghost story. One that is original, but still can grab a hold of you and pull you in. One of my favorite horror films of all time is Tobe Hooper's Poltergiest. It's one of those classics that still scares me every time I see it. The newest attempt to scare audiences with ghosts comes in the form of The Messengers. A Japanese-American hybrid that falls short on originality but succeeds in delivering a suspenseful enough story to scare us for the 84-minute running time.


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The Terrifying Dead Silence Trailer!

Saw creator and director James Wan brings us his first feature since 2004.


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Rob Zombie's Halloween...Let Him Do What He Wants

There have been all kinds of crazy rumors flying around the Internet regarding Rob Zombie's remake of the John Carpenter classic Halloween. The frenzy started last week when AICN and Fangoria posted two very different reviews on Rob Zombie's script for the film. After reading these critiques, Zombie decided to make a statement of his own on his personal myspace blog. Here is what Zombie had to say…


 Posted on January 23 in Movie News | 3 Comments



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