Independent Horror Being Pushed Forward

Although I personally felt like After Dark Films' Horrorfest was a terribly miss-marketed kick in the groin for horror fans, news is buzzing around about the possibility of Horrorfest 2 for 2007. This festival will once again be run by After Dark films and is tentatively scheduled to hit multiplexes the weekend of October 19. Unfortunately it is too early for any information on what films will be apart of series, however there is some exciting news on some other independent titles.


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The Hitcher: Another Pointless Remake

While on a road trip to get to their unknown Spring Break destination, college students Grace (Sophia Bush) and Jim (Zachary Knighton) cross paths with John Ryder (Sean Bean), a man who needs a lift after his car gets stranded on the highway. Remember how your parents told you never to pick up strangers? It isn't until after they set out on the road that John Ryder turns out to be a psychotic maniac looking to fill his masochistic needs. Based off of the 1986 film of the same name, The Hitcher proves yet to be another attempt to scrap in on some extra cash from old and tired ideas.


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Josh's Review: Alpha Dog Not the Leader of the Pack

Based on true events that led to the capture of Jesse James Hollywood, a drug dealer who became one of the youngest men ever on the FBI's most wanted list, Alpha Dog depicts the brutal lifestyle of some "gangster white boys" in California. The plot centers around the awkward kidnapping of Zack Mazursky (Anton Yelchin) from his family in order to force his brother Jake Mazursky (Ben Foster) to pay back money that he owes drug lord Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch). There are plenty of other stars packed in the film including Sharon Stone, Bruce Willis, and new comer Justin Timberlake.


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Black Christmas Review: Only a Stocking Stuffer

Black Christmas is yet another horror remake to jingle its way into theaters before the end of this year. The original, released in 1974, claims to be one of the greatest 70's horror films of all time. Although this isn't a shot-for-shot remake, Black Christmas still retains some of the original film's classic elements, but suffers by trying to compress it into nothing more than an average slasher flick.


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Krasinski Isn't Stuck Behind A Desk Anymore...

John Krasinski, known to most people as Jim from the hit television show The Office, plans on pursuing a life outside of his character on the show. John will be directing his first feature film called Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. The film has already started production and is an indie drama based on the novel by David Foster Wallace.

The movie features Julianne Nicholson suffering from a rough breakup. She decides to videotape interviews with different guys, and tries to make sense of how men work.


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New and Grotesque Hostel: Part II Poster!

The folks over at IGN posted the first Hostel: Part II poster. As you can see, it is incredibly disgusting; this is something than we can expect from writer/director Eli Roth. The first Hostel, although not well received by critics, debuted as number 1 its opening weekend in January 2006, making over $19 million. I think this poster sets up some horrifying images of what we can expect in Part II. Unfortunately this is not the US poster. I still think this is an effective marketing strategy, as the international poster for the first film featured a severed head. Obviously Lionsgate still has creative and new ideas to gross us out. Read on to check it out.


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Starship Troopers Might Use Some More Bug Spray; 3rd Sequel Planned

According to Moviehole.net, a third Starship Troopers movie is being planned. Ed Neumeier will be writing and directing the third chapter. Neumeier has never directed a movie, but his writing credentials include the first two Starship Troopers films, Robocop and Anacondas 2. Casper Van Dien is rumored to return and wear the uniform of Colonel John Rico yet again. I guess we can expect new bugs, more satire, and a new weapon from the Federation!


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'8 Films To Die For' Horrorfest: A Lost Opportunity

The past weekend, After Dark Films took a chance and unleashed one of the most creative and original movie going experiences to ever hit theaters across America. In a span of only 4 days, After Dark Films planned to release 8 independent horror movies for a series entitled "8 Films to Die For." These films, which have never been released before, were advertised as grotesque and violent cinematic explorations into the horror genre. Our resident horror expert Josh was planning on attending all 8 films over the long weekend to see first hand what kind of experience this was going to be. Unfortunately for the folks over at After Dark Films, this "Horrorfest" turned out to be the most uncoordinated, horribly thought out waste of time for everyone who went or was a part of the series. He only ended up seeing 6 out of the 8, due to the fact that after the first 6 his mind was completely numb and there was no way he would have lasted sitting through two more of the films. Read on for his reviews and thoughts on the 8 Films to Die For Horrorfest.


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Stranger Than Fiction Review: A Clever Dramedy

Stranger Than Fiction is about a man named Harold Crick (Will Ferrell). Harold appears to be living a rather bland life until one day when he wakes up hearing a woman narrating his life. That woman, Kay Eiffel (Emma Thompson), turns out to be an author whose newest book is actually about Harold Crick. Problems arise when Harold hears this narrator speak of his death. Confronting a University Professor of Literature (Dustin Hoffman) and falling in love with a near by baker (Maggie Gyllenhaal), Harold must figure out the ending to his life that is being written with every step he takes.


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U2 Coming Soon in 3-D

That's right, the folks over at The Hollywood Reporter got the scoop on the untitled 3-D film featuring the rock band U2. Cathrine Owens and Mark Pellington, with Tom Krueger as the cinematographer on the 2-D material, are supposedly directing the film.

More Than 700 hours of footage was shot on nine pairs of the ultra expensive Sony Cinealta 950 cameras. The footage was shot in seven different South American cities during the months of February and March of 2006; which were among the final months of U2's two-year worldwide tour called the Vertigo Tour. Rumors are also circulating about whether or not U2 will also be the first band to be a part of the first live 3-D performance that would be projected in theaters across the country. The untitled 3-D film is due out in mid to late 2007.


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Life Lessons Hidden Under the Skin of Saw III's Grisly Gore

It's hard to pull off a good third installment in a successful franchise. It's even harder to make three separate films over a span of only three years. Somehow, Leigh Whannell and Darren Lynn Bousman have not only made another sequel that is just as good, if not better, than the first two, but they have also managed to breathe a refreshing conclusion to the series.


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Josh's Take on The Prestige: Loses Magic By The Third Act

Christopher Nolan's newest attempt to dazzle audiences features two competing magicians during the late 1800's. Through an impressively confusing narrative structure, the lives of these characters spiral downward as their methods of competing with each other grow drastically more dangerous.


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