More Antipathy Than A Grudge This Time Around

Those pale ghosts are back to bother some more people in The Grudge 2 opening this weekend. Unfortunately for them, they have run out of new and original ideas to kill those innocent teens that sneak around their house. The only originality comes from director Takashi Shimizu trying to escape the horribly conventional screenplay.


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Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leaves No Meat On The Bone (Josh's Take)

It's time to go back to where the legend was born in New Line Cinema's Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. The film depicts the birth of Thomas Hewitt (Andrew Bryniarski), the man known to many as Leatherface, as well as his morbid family and the horrific events that shape "what is known as the most brutal killing spree of all time."

In a completely different way than the 2003 remake displayed, The Beginning is a terrifying journey into the darkest depths of mankind, traveling into places many would never want to go. The film is overly brutal and gory, something that the 2003 remake was lacking, and also generates the same gloomy spirit of the original. As a whole, the film is able to create blood freezing tension that shocks the audience at almost every turn.


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Not Enough Gold Stars For Employee Of The Month (Josh's Take)

Ever wonder what goes on behind the registers at Costco or Sam's Club? Lionsgate seems to know in their new comedy Employee of the Month. The film stars Dane Cook, Jessica Simpson, and a handful of other comedians who tell us "buying in bulk is our God given right."

Dane Cook stars as Zack, a box boy who has never amounted to anything while working at Super Club. It's only when the sexy new cashier Amy (Jessica Simpson) arrives that Zack decides to beat out archenemy Vince (Dax Shepard) at winning employee of the month to get Amy's attention. The best performance however comes from Andy Dick's character Lon. While Andy does seem to be restraining himself at some points, his awkward appearance alone is hysterical.


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Flyboys Can't Seem To Take Us High Enough (Josh's Take)

At the beginning of World War I, a group of young Americans volunteers for the Lafayette Escadrille, the French military's aerial combat squadron. Seems like the typical Hollywood war movie right? Flyboys seems to be one at its surface, but deep down it actually offers much more than the expected action sequences. The group of young Americans who decide to become the country's first fighter pilots is a diverse group, including a spoiled rich kid, a down on his luck farmer, and an African-American boxer. Throughout the course of the movie they must overcome not only their training and intense aerial battles, but also conflicts in their own trust and tragic losses amongst friends.


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The Quiet Speaks Loudly On Difficult Issues (Josh's Take)

What would you do if you had a friend that would listen to everything you had to say. What if your friend would never judge you no matter what secrets you told them? Would you tell them your darkest secrets? The Quiet is able to answer all of these questions and more in one of the most disturbing but also one of the most effective films of the year.


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The Wicker Man-Bear

What was possibly going through Nic Cage's head when he turned to the end of the script where it read, "And Edward Malus puts on a bear costume and prances off into the woods"? What was director Neil LaBute thinking when he was shooting and told Cage to karate punch anyone who stood in his way. Better yet, what did the studio executives say when they saw this film. My only guess would be that one leaned over to the other and said, "This was supposed to be a comedy right?" Before I continue my ponderings of what the hell happened when remaking The Wicker Man, I'll give some info on the plot.

The Wicker Man

After trying to save a mother and daughter from a horrible car wreck, Edward Malus (Nic Cage) receives a letter from his ex-fiancée. She tells him that she has moved to a scarcely populated island and that her daughter has been missing for some time. Being that Edward is a sheriff, he decides to travel to Summerisle and look for his daughter. Upon reaching the island he begins to unravel a deep plot hidden within the neo-pagan community that inhabits the island.


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Beerfest Makes College Look Like The Special Olympics

Broken Lizard returns from a two-year hiatus after Club Dread. However this time around their focus isn't about a island junkie serial killer, it's a super-secret beer drinking competition in Munich. Of course all of Broken Lizard are here, as well as many cameos from some other actors that have appeared in other Broken Lizard titles. Where Beerfest succeeds is in its ability to not take itself too seriously and in return provides a genuinely fun time.


In its storyline center, Beerfest is about two brothers who must travel to Germany to deliver their grandfather's ashes to his final resting place. Upon arrival, the brothers discover a beer drinking competition where they are completely unwelcome. After returning home they decide to form their own team to compete in next year's tournament. The team consists of the two brothers, a Jewish scientist, an ex-beer tester, and, of course, a male whore.


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Farce of the Penguins

Farce of the PenguinsThis week, our official podcast will feature a discussion on the current state of comedies. While I was doing a little bit of research on some films comming out, I stumbled upon Farce of the Penguins.

Now, I will admit that satire is probably my favorite type of comedy. However after to many Scary Movie flicks, I feel that these types of satires are stretched too thin.

But the genre might be turning around with this film. Not only is it going to be written and directed by Bob Saget, but the cast of voices for the penguins feature a barrel full of comedians like: John Lovits, Dane Cook, Norm MacDonald, Jason Alexander and Gilbert Gottfried. The plot is: A mockumentary that illuminates penguin survival and mating rituals, as well as one bird's search for love while on a 70-mile trek with his hedonistic buddies.

Hopefully, if we keep our flippers crossed, this will be a good one to look forward to in the future.


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Pulse Review

Here we go again with another remake of an original Japanese horror movie. Although this one doesn't feature any long haired girls or meowing little boys, it does feature an overly pale Ben Kingsley look-alike.


Pulse is about a group of friends who ban together to figure out why one of their friends committed suicide. After discovering that there is actually a virus that is spreading through almost every electronic device in the country, they must figure out a way to stop it.


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The Descent Review

All of the reviews that I have read have been fairly positive, so my expectations for this film were actualy pretty high. It is unfortunate that my review is probably the least positive of the reviews many will read on The Descent. Not that I disliked the film, but I am a little dissapointed at how much better it could have been but was not.

The Descent

The film is about a group of friends who decide to go spelunking in a "tourist friendly" cave. Come to find out the trusted leader Juno, takes her friends on an expedition that turns out horribly wrong when they not only become trapped inside the cave, but they also begin to be stalked by the creepy creatures who live there.


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Interview with Marc Miance of Attitude Studios

RenaissanceWhile out at Comic-Con 2006 in San Diego, FirstShowing.net took a few minutes to meet up with Marc Miance of Attitude Studios to discuss his inspiration behind the visual concept of the film Renaissance and his work at Attitude Studios. Marc co-founded Attitude Studios and is credited as providing the original visual concept for the film Renaissance and helping its animation process at Attitude. He's always been fascinated with the combination of cinema and digital images and Renaissance is the first feature film (in addition to Sin City, A Scanner Darkly, and A Waking Life) of its kind to use motion-capture conversion to animation and an incredibly unique visual style. Marc is an exciting individual with an incredible vision that has opened many possibilities for the future in cinema.


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Josh's Best of Comic-Con 2006 Upcoming Films

1. Spider-Man 3
Even though I wasn't able to see the footage because of unforseen issues, I am still looking forward to this movie the most. Partly because I am and have been a Spider-Man fan almost all of my life, and also because I just know how much ass this movie is going to kick. Enough said.


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