Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure - Part 1!

Ken's Nostalgic Indiana Jones Adventure

I think I can speak for all of us here at FS.net when I say that we love movies. No wait, that is an understatement. We really, really LOVE movies! We aren't like some critics who have the most fun when they are tearing apart a film. Nor do we dread going to watch a movie after having already seen six others over the last couple of weeks. We still get excited and giddy over news of some upcoming film or someone being cast in a certain role. For me personally, I'm not interested in wordy writing or hyper-critical articles and reviews. We will always bring our love of film to everything we do while still telling it like it is.

To show you exactly what I mean, I decided to document the journey I undertook through the first three Indiana Jones films last Saturday evening.

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Ken's Review: Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Fails to Impress

A few weeks ago Alex listed out his most highly anticipated summer films. In the comments I responded with a list of my own most anticipated summer films in order of most to least excited. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was fourth on my list, beating The Incredible Hulk, Get Smart and Pineapple Express. I bring this up to point out how excited I was to finally see this movie. The trailers presented a darker, more intense film then we had seen in the first Narnia installment. Sadly, I must report that I did not come out of the theater with a huge smile on my face. Instead I found myself walking to my car disheartened and perplexed.

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Ken's Review: Speed Racer - A Wonderful Experience of Visual Overload

When I first heard that the Wachowski Brothers were directing Speed Racer, I was extremely disappointed. Unlike most people, I loved all of the Matrix films and I desperately wanted to see them make more movies along those same lines. The best way to describe it is like when your favorite band releases the most amazing album, then after waiting a year to hear their next one, hoping it will be even better, they decide to totally change their sound and it sucks. That is what I thought would happen with Speed Racer. Thankfully the Wachowskis didn't exactly change their style and their newest work turned out to be quite good.

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Five Movies to Get You in the Mood for (More) GTA IV!

Five Movies to Get You in the Mood for (More) GTA IV!

Grand Theft Auto IV is finally here! Today officially marks the release of one of the most highly anticipated video games of the year. Where are you on this historic occasion? Are you at work counting the hours until you are released to race home and spend the next 12 hours glued to the tube, basking in the glow of GTA IV? Perhaps you are one of the millions of employees who used a precious vacation day so that you could be there at midnight to buy it, take it home and play non-stop for the next 24+ hours? Or are you one of the unfortunate ones who can't afford it yet and are going to have to hear from your friends about all of the enormous amounts of fun they're having? No matter who you are, we here at FS.net want to give you a little gift to help you survive this landmark in video game history.

Ken's Review: Baby Mama - Don't Be Scared Guys, It's Actually Funny

There are some movies that just don't appeal to guys at first. Movies like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, 13 Going On 30, and Ever After are a few examples of those types of films. I'll admit that after a few forced viewings by my wife, I can actually enjoy watching Pride and Prejudice. However, I despise 13 Going on 30 because I just don't get it. It was a film made with girl humor in mind, which we men completely don't understand. This was the exact type of film that I thought Baby Mama was going to be. Now after seeing it, I must proclaim to every man that was dreading being dragged to it by their significant other, it was actually funny and within our realm of understanding.

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Ken's Review: The Forbidden Kingdom - A Remake of Last Action Hero?

After a 45 minute drive through a snow storm to make it to a screening of The Forbidden Kingdom, the last thing I expected was to be transported back to 1993. Nevertheless, there I was, sitting in a theater with the overwhelming feeling that I had already seen this movie a long time ago… then it hit me. I had seen this film already back in 1993 but it had a different name - Last Action Hero. I know it's a bit of a jump to relate the two films, but that was the overwhelming feeling I got while I watched it. If Last Action Hero is the movie I thought of while watching Forbidden Kingdom, you probably have a good idea where this review is going. And, well, you're probably right.

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R-Rated Movies: How Young Is Too Young?

R-Rated Movies: When Is Young Too Young?

There is something very wrong going on at our local theaters across the nation. However, the theater is where this problem is cultivated and not where it begins. The origin of this atrocity starts in our homes, the moment a decision to go see a certain film is made; when parents make the choice to see an R-rated movie in the theater and bring their underage child. Over the last two years I have seen a major increase of underage children in R-rated films and I can't keep quiet any longer. This issue must be addressed.

Ken's Review: Smart People - One of the Best Films of the Year

There are some movies that take me a bit to really think about and ponder over. That was the case with There Will Be Blood. It wasn't until the morning after that it had really sunk in and made its impact. Then there are the films that grab me and excite me the second the credits start rolling. That's my favorite feeling. The feeling of loving a film so much the moment it is over that you want to stay for the next showing because you don't want the feeling to end. I felt that once already this year after watching In Bruges. Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long to feel it again - this time with Smart People.

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Ken's Review: Street Kings - Blurring the Line Between Good Cop and Bad Cop

As I was driving to the screening of Street Kings, I couldn't help but hope for one thing - this would at least be as good as Narc. For me Narc was a solid and intriguing cop movie from the last few years that I really enjoyed. It's a bit hard to come up with a good original cop film in today's time in the shadow of all the great ones from the 70's and 80's. I'll tell you now though, I actually kind of liked Street Kings and it's definitely worth checking out.

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80's Movies: Remakes, Sequels and Forgotten Films

80's Movies: Remakes, Sequels and Forgotten Films

Lately I have been obsessed with two things: 80's movies and anime. I won't be talking about anime now, but hopefully when we hear more about the Ninja Assassin film being made, it will give me a chance to go into the exciting world of anime. For now I want to talk about the films from the 1980's and how extremely rad most of them are.

Until recently if someone had asked me my opinion of the 80's it wouldn't have been a positive response. I would even go as far as to say that until a few weeks ago, I hated everything about that decade. I guess I hadn't given it that much thought and was basing my opinion solely on the music and clothing styles. I will never forgive my mom for making me wear bright neon yellow shirts and shorts with knee socks rolled down to my Velcro shoes. It turns out that the 80's actually produced the best cartoons and toys ever! But what originally sparked my interest in reevaluating the 80's was a conversation I had in Austin during SXSW and the realization that most of my favorite films and series found their beginning in the 80's.

Ken's Review: Leatherheads - About Much More Than Just Football

There are some movies that just make me smile. These are the movies that you walk out of feeling like every complication in life isn't as big of a deal as when you had walked in the theater. Leatherheads is a film that made me feel this way. This is a story about overcoming everything so that you can do what you want to do. It's about fighting for your dreams and doing whatever it takes to see those dreams realized. It's about trying to keep that thing you love the same when everyone else wants to change it. It might not be a perfect film, but its one I'm definitely going to see again.

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SXSW Review: Chuck Palahniuk's Choke

Chuck Palahniuk is definitely one creative and crazy writer. I haven't had the pleasure of reading any of his books, but a few of my friends have and they really enjoyed them. If you don't know who Palahniuk is, then perhaps you have heard of a movie called Fight Club. That's right, he also wrote that. Choke, his newest book turned into film, is set to be released sometime in August this year. I had the pleasure of seeing it at SXSW and walked out torn between the offensive content and extremely enjoyable and creative story.




Alex's Top 10 - 2019
1. Parasite
2. Last Black Man SF
3. The Lighthouse
4. Marriage Story
5. The Specials
6. Blinded by Light
7. Long Shot
8. Uncut Gems
9. For Sama
10. A Beautiful Day
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Adam's Top 10 - 2019
1. Parasite
2. Once Upon a Time
3. Avengers: Endgame
4. The Farewell
5. Knives Out
6. Rise of Skywalker
7. Peanut Butter Falcon
8. Little Women
9. 1917
10. The Irishman
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