Interview: Matthew Modine on Kubrick and His 'Full Metal Jacket' App

Matthew Modine

Few would truly argue that Full Metal Jacket is the greatest film about the Vietnam War. Some would say Platoon. Others Apocalypse Now. But Stanley Kubrick and his war film from 1987 showed audiences the preparation for war as it was under the draft, hard conditions that broke men down into heartless, sometimes mindless, killers. The star of that film, actor Matthew Modine, has made an iPad App that serves as a behind-the-scenes look on how Full Metal Jacket got made and how Kubrick, one of the great filmmakers of all time (not arguably), pulled it together. You can download the app from the App Store now.


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Download This: Matthew Modine's 'Full Metal Jacket' Diary iPad App

Matthew Modine's Full Metal Jacket Diary

Get ready to travel back to the mid-1980s for an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of Stanley Kubrick's war classic Full Metal Jacket. I'm not exactly sure when this app was first released, but there's an iPad app available (currently for $9.99 in the App Store) made by Matthew Modine that chronicles the production of Full Metal Jacket in a virtual, interactive diary. The app is literally called "Matthew Modine's Full Metal Jacket Diary" and it features over 400 high-res photos, five chapters chronicling the filmmaking process from Modine's out-of-print book, a nearly four hour audio experience, and more. Whoa, this is cool!


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Download: 'Anything After' App Highlights Post-Credit Movie Scenes

Anything After App

Is there anything after the credits? It's a question many movie fans ask themselves. Thanks to the wonder and amazement of mobile applications, we can now find out if any movie, even those in theaters now, have footage in or after the credits. Thanks to a good friend, I was tipped off on an app called Anything After, created by Damien Dalli, that addresses the question of, "Is there anything after the credits?" It's essentially a crowd-sourced database, with a yes or no interface confirming if there is footage at the end of the credits. A recent example: Django Unchained - didn't know there was a scene hidden at the end? Should've had this!


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THX Launches Home Theater 'THX Tune-Up' App for Apple Devices

THX Tune-Up App

THX is back! But only on your iPhone/iPad. While we don't cover anything home theater here at FS.net, we are nonetheless home theater owners and support the highest quality viewing experience. Which is why I felt it was worthwhile to point out this new app created by THX Ltd. called "THX tune-up", sold for $1.99 normally but it's completely FREE right now if you grab it in the next week. AICN was the first to point this app out, which helps you properly adjust the video/audio settings on your TV & home theater setup in order to get the best experience out of the equipment you own. It's a nifty lil' easy-to-use app that should help out.


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Cool Apps: Todo Movies to Help Keep Track of Upcoming Releases

Todo Movies

Everyone here is a movie geek and we're constantly trying to keep up with the latest releases, official dates, plans and projects and so on. I came across a cool new app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) that helps you organize upcoming releases and even reminds you when they hit. The app is called Todo Movies, made by German company Taphive GmbH, and it's very simple and straightforward, but I thought might be a good suggestion for fellow movie geeks who want some better organization to their release schedule (in addition to our own release schedules, of course!). The app only costs $0.99 and is totally worth it once you take a closer look.


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Download This: Impressive New Showreel iOS HD Movie Trailers App

Showreel iPad App

As iOS device owners, we're big app users here at FS, and always love when something movie-related comes along. Yesterday we featured Paramount's new 100th Anniversary app looking back at their films, now we've got another cool app looking towards what's coming up. This one is called Showreel, and while there's been a fair share of movie trailer apps (including one from Apple themselves), this was made by Riot and it's great. Not only is it designed well, but it works well, it's intuitive and fast and nothing gets in the way, you can watch movie trailers all day and never have to visit the web (hey wait a minute, don't leave us behind!).


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Paramount Pictures Releases 100th Anniversary iPad App Looking Back

Paramount 100th Anniversary iPad App

As it's now 2012, that means it is official Paramount Pictures' 100th Anniversary, as they officially began back in 1912. We featured their brand new logo a few weeks ago, but now they've launched an app for the iPad, called simply Paramount100, that takes a look back at their magnificent history, awards and accolades, and more. It's a pretty impressive app, as we've seen a lot of them popping up recently. They've got features like "100 Years in Pictures", with the ability to watch some of the films "now", their Academy Awards, and a Studio Tour. Give it at a look if you have an iPad, another cool app for film geeks / cinephiles.


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Check This Out: Bad Robot's Kick Ass New Action Movie FX iOS App

Action Movie FX

Despite that otherwise cheesy sounding title, the Action Movie FX app is pretty damn cool. Launched last week just before the holidays and created by Andrew Kramer and David Baronoff of Bad Robot Interactive, the app allows you to add very high quality action movie visual effects to any video footage you shoot. My first introduction to this was when Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm sent me a video casually driving on the highway, when suddenly a helicopter crashes in front of them and they smash into it. It completely caught me off guard, my heart leapt for a second. The reviews in the App Store confirm just how great the app is.


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Apple Debuts a Must-Download New Movie Trailer App on iOS Devices

Apple Movie Trailer App

Well there you go, now you can stop reading FirstShowing. All you need is an iPad, this new trailers app, and you're good to go for every new trailer that comes out. Apple has debuted a new app today, on the same day as the new iOS 5 upgrade, titled iTunes Movie Trailers, a free download on all iOS devices including the iPad. It connects in with the Apple trailer page, which is where most new trailers are debuted (in high def as well), and presents a sleek look at the latest trailers, including galleries, details, favorites, and much more. It's definitely a kick ass app and anyone who loves trailers needs to download this thing right away.

IMDb Launches Nifty Movie & TV Trivia iOS App Called IMDb Trivia

IMDb Trivia

Think you know your movie trivia? Think you know more than your friends? Put it to the test on the new IMDb app that just launched this week called, simply, IMDb Trivia. The app itself is a free download on the iTunes store but it also has in-app purchasable question packs if you want more. The app is actually very well designed and has random trivia questions for movies, TV and everything in-between, with various game types beyond just multiple choice. If you're a die-hard movie fan and an iPhone/iPad owner (like myself), you definitely need to download this, as you might get addicted and play it non-stop through the weekend.


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