Bond Week: Quantum of Solace - What Did You Think?

Quantum of Solace

Our Bond Week coverage ends with this - one final discussion about the 22nd James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. We want to know what you thought! Did it live up to all of your expectations? How did it compare to Casino Royale and did it provide a suitable finish to the story that started in that movie? Has Daniel Craig started to improve and turn into the old fashioned James Bond we all know and love or become something else entirely? Was it as action packed and entertaining as you were hoping or just one big mess? Sound off below, leave your thoughts, and let us know what you thought of Quantum of Solace!


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Bond Week: Book Review - Bond on Set: Filming Quantum of Solace

Bond on Set: Filming Quantum of Solace

To wrap up our Bond Week coverage, we present our review of the phenomenal behind-the-scenes book "Bond on Set: Filming Quantum of Solace." I've always been a big fan of coffee table books and other movie memorabilia, so for a die-hard James Bond fan, finding something that looked this good to go along with an amazing movie itself was already an exciting prospect. However, once you take a look inside of this book and get a sense of what it was like to step on to the actual set while shooting Quantum of Solace, you won't want ever want to walk away from it again. To say I love this book, frankly, is an understatement. "Bond on Set" is a visually stunning look at the behind-the-scenes world of James Bond and is a must for any real Bond fan. In addition to some commentary, we've got a few photos from inside to share.


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Bond Week: Black20's Quantum of Bonds Video

Quantum of Bonds

One Bond replaces the other, but it won't go down without a fight. How about some late night, last minute James Bond comedy to help you kick off the weekend? Back during the big Dark Knight craze of the summer, the internet goons at Black20 actually made a very impressive video called Battle of the Batmans. Now they're back again with Quantum of Bonds, a Pierce Brosnan vs Daniel Craig extravaganza like nothing you've ever seen (thanks to SlashFilm for the tip). I don't think this needs an introduction - because you'll be laughing right off the bat anyway and it's better to go in without any prior knowledge.


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Bond Week: What Are YOUR Favorite Bond Movies?

What Are YOUR Favorite Bond Movies?

Earlier this week we asked Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster what his favorite Bond movies were, so now it's time to ask all of you. Besides the upcoming Quantum of Solace, there are 21 other Bond movies in the franchise's 46 year history to choose from. Out of all the films, 7 of them star Roger Moore, 6 of them star Sean Connery, 4 of them star Pierce Brosnan, 2 of them star Timothy Dalton, 1 of them stars George Lazenby, and 2 of them (so far) stars Daniel Craig. There's a very diverse and exciting selection of films to choose from, so it may be a bit tough to narrow them down, but now is the time to reveal all. It's time to man up and admit which you prefer the most. So what are your favorite Bond movies?


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Bond Week: Fan Fueled Survey Results to Argue Over!

Scaramanga and James Bond

As a Bond fan myself, I know how frustrating it is to get caught up in long arguments with fellow Bond fans over who the best James Bond actor is (Roger Moore) or which Bond movies are the best (The Man with the Golden Gun). Thankfully we've been given some different fodder to fight over today courtesy of Fandango, who surveyed roughly 1,000 Quantum of Solace moviegoers recently about the Bond franchise. They chose some rather interesting questions to ask, like the most outrageous character name for a Bond girl, the most confusing title for a Bond movie, or the most terrifying villain or henchman in a Bond movie. Luckily we have the exclusive results to share - and argue over for hours on end!

Bond Week: Jay Leno Drives Bond's Aston Martin DBS

Quantum of Solace

I want one! One of the many things that James Bond is known for is, of course, amazing cars. In Quantum of Solace he drives a black Aston Martin DBS, one of the sleekest and best English sports cars around. This isn't the first time Bond's driven an Aston Martin, that was back in 1964 in Goldfinger, where he drove a DB5. Anyway, let's get down to the point - this car is a beauty and I want one. But because I don't have $250k just laying around, we'll let car aficionado Jay Leno show us the ropes. The video is from Jay Leno's Garage and features a full-on run down on the DBS and it features. Watching this only makes things worse, because he highlights everything about the car that makes it so damn amazing. Enjoy!


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Bond Week: Official Quantum of Solace Review!

Quantum of Solace

When it comes to James Bond, I'm a bit more sensitive than most moviegoers. In truth, I'm a big James Bond fan and have been all my life. Bond means more to me than nearly any other big screen hero or franchise in history, so when I go into a Bond movie, I go into it very critically. With that in mind, however, Quantum of Solace didn't let me down, at all. I walked out of it the first time so amazed and so stunned that a modern Bond movie could be that great, that I had to wait to see it a second time to confirm that it really was that good. So after finally catching it again, I'm able to officially call Quantum of Solace the best Bond since GoldenEye in 1995. Many will disagree, but that's because they're not Bond fans like I am.


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Bond Week Interview: Quantum of Solace Director Marc Forster

Marc Forster

After first seeing Quantum of Solace a few weeks back, I was given the immense opportunity to sit down and chat with the man behind this latest iteration of James Bond. Marc Forster is one of the most talented filmmakers working today with a very diverse filmography including Monster's Ball, Finding Neverland, and Stranger Than Fiction. It wasn't until I started talking with him that I realized he is a lot more brilliant than I could've ever imagined, and it shows in Quantum in the ways he applies independent filmmaking techniques to a big budget action movie. It may be a fairly short interview, but what Marc talks about in relation to Bond is certainly incredible - especially once you've seen the movie.


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Bond Week: A Look Back at Bond Posters of the Past

Thunderball Poster

Ah yes, the movie poster - where would James Bond be without movie posters? To kick off Bond Week and pay our respects to the many wonderful designs of the past, we put together a quick little feature today looking at some of the brilliant James Bond posters that have graced the walls of movie theaters for years. There are so many classic and iconic posters that there's actually an entire book of them, but we'll look at just a few of the many that can be found within the book. Being as big of a Bond fan as I am, it's quite nostalgic looking back at all of these posters. Bond has undoubtedly progressed in so many ways over the 46 years that he's been around, and it's easy to tell when you take a look at these posters. Enjoy!


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James Bond Week Kicks Off Today on FirstShowing.net!

Bond Week

Quantum of Solace officially hits US theaters on Friday, November 14th, so in honor of the upcoming release of the 22nd James Bond film, we're launching James Bond Week here on FirstShowing.net. We just really want to make sure you're completely in the Bond mood before you step into the movie theater on Friday. Daniel Craig returns in the highly anticipated follow-up to Casino Royale from 2006 and this time he's joined by the venomous Olga Kurylenko. This announcement today doesn't mean there will be that much of a change, we're just serving you an extra helping of all things Bond, James Bond.


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