Interview with Marc Miance of Attitude Studios

RenaissanceWhile out at Comic-Con 2006 in San Diego, FirstShowing.net took a few minutes to meet up with Marc Miance of Attitude Studios to discuss his inspiration behind the visual concept of the film Renaissance and his work at Attitude Studios. Marc co-founded Attitude Studios and is credited as providing the original visual concept for the film Renaissance and helping its animation process at Attitude. He's always been fascinated with the combination of cinema and digital images and Renaissance is the first feature film (in addition to Sin City, A Scanner Darkly, and A Waking Life) of its kind to use motion-capture conversion to animation and an incredibly unique visual style. Marc is an exciting individual with an incredible vision that has opened many possibilities for the future in cinema.


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See, Now Hellboy is Badass!

All of the Comic-Con panels, clips shown, footage and coverage has been closely under the watch of the big movie biz. Our site, FirstShowing.net, alone, has been the only one to provide nearly complete coverage of a majority of the big movie panels at Comic-Con. No other press websites, fan blogs, or anyone else out there has provided either a complete video or otherwise 100% accurate transcript of the events that happen. Part of the reasoning is the fear that the movie biz has installed in everyone by threatening them and emphasizing to every attendee that "what you are being shown is only for those of you here and that's it." (And has recently become a reality for our fellow blog /FILM.) However, there is one panel that I missed, and to my own luck, it's been hosted in its entirity via video online. But get this, not by a sly pirater with a video camera, but by the director of the film itself.

Linked originally from the ComicBookResources.com forums, a full 500MB DIVX video of the panel, including the footage shown, can be found online right here. Uploaded by Tad Stones, the director of the entire Hellboy Animated series.


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Josh's Best of Comic-Con 2006 Upcoming Films

1. Spider-Man 3
Even though I wasn't able to see the footage because of unforseen issues, I am still looking forward to this movie the most. Partly because I am and have been a Spider-Man fan almost all of my life, and also because I just know how much ass this movie is going to kick. Enough said.


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Alex's Best of Comic-Con 2006 Upcoming Films

It's been a few days since Comic-Con has ended and I've been able to relax a bit and dwell on all of what we saw while out in San Diego. As my mind mulls over all of the footage and clips we were shown and the panels and questions that were asked (and answers that were given), I've been able to stew out the truly most exciting upcoming movies from Comic-Con 2006.

This list is my own best of Comic-Con 2006 list that showcases what made me enjoy every last second of my time out at Comic-Con and again reiterate just how awesome opening day will be for each and every one of these listed here.

(Also check out fellow First Showing staff Josh's Best of Comic-Con 2006 Upcoming Films)

1) Spider-Man 3

Do I need to say more?


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FS.net Comic-Con Coverage Link Dump

Come one, come all, this is your last chance to check out our complete Comic-Con coverage! Over the next few days I will be editing all of the live blogs to fix grammar, mistakes, clarity, and more. I'm comprising links to our complete coverage here in this article, so bookmark this bugger if you want to never forget your FirstShowing.net Comic-Con experience (ha!). There are a few more articles, some interviews, and a bit more goodness to come post-Comic-Con but those links will be updated here once they're up.

Comic-Con was truly an incredible and unforgettable experience full of lots of good news, amazing upcoming movies, and just all-around good times. Keep watch on FirstShowing for plenty more movie news and event coverage we have coming up as well as our in-theatre events!


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Comic-Con Live: Columbia Panel

12:03PM - The Covenant graphic novel writer comes on stage to debut a new trailer for The Covenant movie.

Panel featuring: Sam Raimi, Amber Tamblyn, Arielle Kebbel, and director of The Grudge 2 Takashi Shimizu.

Check it out for the last live blog from Comic-Con 2006!


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Saturday Night Coverage Wrap-Up

Hey guys… Wrapping up about to head to bed here in our hotel. A bit of a grueling day. It started off amazing with some fantastic panels including on 300 (that looks simply astounding) and Grind House with Tarantino and Rodriguez (that also looks awesome). Later on unfortunately it took a turn for the worst as Kevin Smith was late and we had to leave to catch the roundtables. Then began the entire debacle with the roundtables and press at Comic-Con. It's a bit much to go into depth on those stories now, but we covered as much as we could. Unfortunately Guillermo del Toro also left early and went home and we were unable to finalize our in-person interview with him but are planning something in the near future.

Check out what coverage we do have and our exclusive videos from the Sony press roundtables that only FirstShowing.net has.

Comic-Con 2006 FirstShowing.net Coverage:


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Ghost Rider Exclusive Press Roundtable Featuring Cage, Mendes, Johnson

The exclusive press roundtable video from Ghost Rider including director Mark Steven Johnson, and actors Nic Cage and Eva Mendes. A great Q&A session with some wonderful questions and amazing news from Nic himself. We hope you enjoy this exclusive content only at FirstShowing.net! Click onwards to watch the video!


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Spider-Man 3 Exclusive Press Roundtable Featuring Topher, Thomas and Bryce!

Here is the exclusive second part of the roundtable Q&A with the Spider-Man 3 cast! This part features Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church, and Bryce Dallas Howard. We hope you enjoy this exclusive content only at FirstShowing.net! Click onwards to watch the video!


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Spider-Man 3 Exclusive Press Roundtable Featuring Tobey, Kirsten and Sam!

Even though FirstShowing.net got "really screwed" by the workers at Comic-Con, which we sincerely apologize for, we have something very special for you.

You are about to see the first of a two part roundtable discussion with the entire cast and director Sam Raimi of Spider-Man 3! This first part features Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Sam Raimi answering questions from the press. You will also see the FIRST TIME Sam reveals Venom as a villain in the film. He told all the press at these roundtables before the public Sony panel. We apologize again for the terrible misfortune that both my colleague and I had to go through, but here is our way of making it up to you. Enjoy the exclusive video from FirstShowing.net! Click onwards to watch the video!


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Spider-Man 3 Tidbits

Long story but we did NOT make it into the panel - because we were instead in the exclusive roundtable sessions with all 6 people from Spider-Man and 3 people from Ghost Rider. As of this minute we are uploading the 100% exclusive (we were the only ones in the room recording video) press roundtable session to post on the internet!



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Spider-Man Live A Bit Delayed...

It will be a bit delayed… given that I'm currently sitting in the press roundtable room awaiting the arrival of the guests (from Ghost Rider and Spider-Man 3). There's about 40 of us in here waiting to talk to the various actors including Nick Cage, Eva Mendes, Tobey Maquire, Kirsten Dunst, and more, from both Ghost Rider and Spider-Man 3. It will end at about 5:00PM (PST) or maybe a bit later, so we'll do our best to start on time. As soon as we get out we're rushing downstairs to the panel, so I'll do my best to start our live coverage ASAP after.


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