Bob $tencil: King of Comic-Con 2008 Final Video!

Bob $tencil: King of Comic-Con 2008 Final Video!

Well, here it is. My Pièce de Résistance, my Mona Lisa, my Sixteen Chapel, my Spruce Goose, my Titanic: Bob $tencil: King of Comic-Con 2008. It has been your pleasure watching me kick ass at Comic-Con this year and I am sure you are all forever grateful for the amazing stories and people that I was able to bring you… I know I am. If you've never been to Comic-Con, then you can now enjoy all the best parts of it, without the lines, or the smell. It takes a special kind of person to do what I do, and believe me, you are better off watching from the comfort of your own internet. So sit back, relax and enjoy as I show you how a real man takes over a convention. Follow Bob $tencil this year in our final video as he chats with Guy Ritchie, Samuel Jackson, Rain, Kiefer Sutherland, the entire cast of Watchmen, and more!

Comic-Con 08: This Year's Best Panels and Footage

Comic-Con 08

After I returned from the San Diego Comic-Con earlier this week, I kept getting asked countless times over what the best thing I saw was the whole time. So to answer that question for everyone, I thought I'd throw together a quick recap of this year's Comic-Con and list my favorite panels and the best footage. While I generally knew what was coming and had my eye set on a few particular films, not only did they all deliver, but there were certainly a few exciting surprises as well. This year may not go down as the greatest year in Comic-Con history, as Paramount's absence was truly felt, but it certainly will be remembered! Read on for the list of my favorite presentations and the best footage from Comic-Con 2008!


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Bob $tencil's Comic-Con Dharma Initiative Video

Bob $tencil's Comic-Con Dharma Initiative Video

For as long as I can remember, my fans have been asking me, "Bob, what makes you tick?" Well, to help answer that question, I thought I would document my trip to the Dharma Initiative booth on the floor of the Con, which you can see in this video. They threw everything they had at me, but I handled each question with the grace of an ox and passed with flying colors. They invited me to take the follow up test online ( They had all these multiple-choice answers that didn't make much sense, So I have included the answers that I would have given to those questions below. One last teaser video to hold you over until the main event early next week. Read on and enjoy this video!

Bob $tencil's Post-Comic-Con Photo Blog!

Bob $tencil's Post-Comic-Con Photo Blog

A week since it began and I still can't get that taste of Mountain Dew and Stridex pads out of my mouth.

We are working hard on finishing the longer full video of this years Comic Con, and by we I mean Sean and Bacon. Yours truly, the talent, is relaxing pool side. I know that you are all still thirsty for more Comic Con footage and tomorrow we will be posting my adventure in the "Lost" Dharma and Greg booth thing, and the final video will be up early next week. In the mean time, here's some pictures of me that you can add to your spank bank (ladies). If you haven't checked it out yet be sure to visit my youtube page, oh, and add me on myspace or whatever the hell it is you kids do these days. Previous years' videos are on the youtube page. If you haven't seen them before, then they're new to you. If you have seen them then go ahead and watch them again anyway, what else are you gonna do, work?


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Bob $tencil's Comic-Con Day 4 Video Recap

Bob $tencil's Day 4 Video Recap

Yesterday Bob $tencil brought us his last Day 4 blog from Sunday, the final day of Comic-Con, however today he brings us his actual video recap from Day 4. So you've seen what happened at the "Lost" panel on Saturday and you saw what happened when Bob $tencil drank the Dharma Initiative beer and talked with Seth Rogen, now see the result of those two combined! Bob $tencil brings us yet another video recap to hold us over as we wait for his final Comic-Con video. And if you're concerned that you've already seen everything, don't worry, Bob's got a lot of hidden treasures that he will reveal in the final video and so much more as we lead up to its release. Anyway, let's take a look at Bob's dreamy Day 4 recap.

Comic-Con 08: Friday the 13th Poster and Trailer Debut

Comic-Con 08: Friday the 13th Poster and Trailer Debut

We've been talking about the upcoming Friday the 13th remake for quite a while but have only recently begun to see the first photos of the new Camp Crystal Lake and its resident serial killer Jason Voorhees. I decided to catch the panel on Sunday afternoon at Comic-Con for the remake just to check out any new footage that they were showing and damn, was I in for a treat. I've never counted myself amongst the Friday the 13th fans, but after watching the trailer they put together for Comic-Con, I'll genuinely admitted that I'm pumped as hell. The way the trailer ends should leave any appreciative horror fan completely riled up for this remake. Not only do we got an early look at the previously mentioned trailer, but we've got the first high resolution look at the teaser poster straight from Comic-Con below.


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Comic-Con 08: Frank Miller's The Spirit Panel Recap

The Spirit

Anticipation was only at about medium last week during Lionsgate's panel for The Spirit at the San Diego Comic-Con. Most people really didn't know what to expect. As for me, I found myself unimpressed with the first teaser trailer from a few months back and really needed some reassurance on it, especially from the film's writer and director Frank Miller. While Alex already live blogged the entire panel as it took place on Friday, I thought I'd recap all that took place and give my own opinion on Frank Miller's solo directorial debut. Although I wasn't exactly excited before I arrived at Comic-Con, Frank Miller's presentation has instilled just a bit more confidence in me. I truly hope it delivers!

Bob $tencil's Comic-Con Day 4 Blog!

Bob $tencil's Comic-Con Day 4 Blog!

We're on the last stretch of Bob $tencil coverage, but he's definitely still got quite a few surprises for all of us. We've posted three awesome daily video recaps (see the links below) and have added another blog today and will finish out this week with some additional videos. Bob $tencil will be bringing us a short Comic-Con recap tomorrow, another "Lost" video on Wednesday, and the granddaddy of them all, a final big Comic-Con video later on in the week. Until then, his latest blog can be found below as well as some hilarious photos from his last days on the show floor. We hope you've enjoyed Bob's coverage of the grand Comic-Con so far and hopefully you're excited for the last few updates that we'll be bringing you.


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Comic-Con 08: Last Photos From the Final Hours of Geek Heaven

Comic-Con 08: Last Photos From the Final Hours of Geek Heaven

We began our Comic-Con 08 coverage with an extensive photo gallery from the show floor on Wednesday night, and we end our Comic-Con coverage with a set of photos from the final hours of geek heaven. With two hours left until the show floor closed until next July, I ventured back out with a camera in one hand, wallet in the other, to take some last minutes shots and pick up some last minute exclusives. What can I say, I'm a geek and I love Comic-Con as much as the next guy. Although we primarily only cover movies, I thought I'd give fans one last look at what it's like to step into geek heaven here in San Diego. So hopefully these last few photos convince just a few of you to join us next time for one of the best events all year.


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Eight New Awesome Watchmen Posters from Comic-Con 08!

Eight New Watchmen Posters from Comic-Con

We're wrapping up all of our Comic-Con coverage and there's a few things that we've missed but needed to catch up on. Both Watchmen and Terminator Salvation are coming out of Comic-Con with incredible buzz, so it's with great pleasure that I present eight new Watchmen posters from the show floor that were on display at the DC Comics' booth. Thanks to our Brazilian friends at Omelete for uploading some great photos of all eight posters, as they've haven't officially hit online until now. By March next year, all eight of these (and the characters in them) will be ingrained in our minds - because after these presentation at Comic-Con, I'm expecting Watchmen to be a huge hit and a phenomenal movie. The imagery in all of these is fantastic and I commend Warner Brothers for sticking with a classic 80's style instead of going with something modern and sleek, like the posters for 300. Check them out below!


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Bob $tencil's Comic-Con Day 3 Video Recap and Blog!

Bob $tencil's Day 3 Video Recap and Blog!

Bob $tencil is back yet again to deliver one of the best videos so far! If you've never been to Comic-Con, you might not know that Bob $tencil's big thing is hassling the celebs in Hall H. And so far we haven't seen much of that in his daily updates. However, here's a video showing Bob at his best, connecting two panels at Hall H with the beer that he was given during the Lost panel. Everyone seemed to love his Day 2 Recap, so check this one out too, I'm sure it'll have you laughing. Bob catches up with the writers of Lost during their panel as well as Seth Rogen from Pineapple Express. And he's relentless yet again - hard-hitting questions for both, even Rogen. They're still working on a full Comic-Con video, but here is the latest recap.

Comic-Con 08: What Exactly Is Pixar's Up All About?

Pixar's Up

Earlier today Disney presented a panel at Comic-Con on their two big upcoming animated movies: Bolt and Pixar's Up. We've already seen the trailer for Bolt, which looks absolutely hilarious, but so far we haven't heard a single peep about Up! In fact, the most we've seen is a logo, but no one even knows what it's about. Since Disney decided to break the tradition of attaching the newest trailer in front of each Pixar movie, our first glimpse of anything Up was revealed at Comic-Con this year. And damn was it a tearful introduction! Pixar's own Pete Docter, of Monsters Inc, debut some concept art and a few scenes from Up and it looks just as good as everything else we've seen from them over the years. Read on for more details.


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