Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2010: The Final Video Has Debuted

Bob Stencil Comic-Con 2010

It's finally here! After a bit of a delay, the final Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2010 video has debuted and can be watched in its entirety below. It features a lot of new footage, including some red carpet interviews with the cast of NBC's "Community", his question to Will Ferrell from Megamind in Hall H, and a few more scenes on the crazy Comic-Con showfloor. There is also a bit of the best footage from episodes past spliced in. It was another great year and we hope you enjoyed all of Bob's coverage from Comic-Con this year. You can still watch his first video, second video and special Nathan Fillion interview as well. So watch & enjoy!

Watch: Nathan Fillion 'Agrees' to Serenity 2 with Bob Stencil!

Bob Stencil & Nathan Fillion

Although Comic-Con 2010 wrapped up a few weeks ago, our good friend Bob $tencil dropped by with this surprise video interview with the one-and-only Nathan Fillion that I have to share with everyone. Fillion was at Comic-Con promoting ABC's "Castle" and sat down for an interview with with Bob to talk about that show, but that obviously wasn't really why Bob was there. You've got to see what happens! We will also have one more final video from Bob $tencil at Comic-Con 2010 that will debut next Monday (8/9) morning, so check back then as well, you won't want to miss it! Whether you're a "Firefly" fan or not, it's time to watch!

Comic-Con 2010: Final Round-Up of Another Fantastic Year!

Comic-Con 2010 - Tron Legacy Booth

Another Comic-Con come and gone, but another unforgettable year it was. Mainly because there's not much going on this Saturday (it's so much quieter!), I wanted to provide you guys with one final recap of all of our coverage of Comic-Con 2010, from our live blogs and coverage of the panels, to a few interviews and some viral events, to poster and photo reveals, and lots more. This year I brought both Ethan and Tim and the two helped provide all this great coverage, which you can find below (including Tim's Golden Briefcase episode). I also want to say that Tron Legacy (photo above) stole the show again and was my highlight of this year.


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Comic-Con 2010: Quick Review of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim!

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I got to watch Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at Comic-Con last week and I've been kicking myself about not writing anything about it since. I saw at a special secret premiere on Thursday night, which I followed with Flynn's Arcade's re-opening, then lots of glorious sleep because I was already exhausted and immediately crashed after I returned to my hotel. But if my tweet was any indication ("Scott Pilgrim vs the World was AMAZING! Wow just wow. Edgar Wright's BEST movie. Totally loved it!") I absolutely adored it, easily one of my favorites of the year, a kick ass, visually energetic, totally awesome comic book adaptation.


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Comic-Con Video Interview: Weta Workshop's Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor Comic-Con

On Sunday at Comic-Con, Golden Briefcase host Tim Buel and I caught up with Weta Workshop's creative genius Richard Taylor. If you don't know who he is, Taylor is one of the top designers and executives from Weta Workshop, the studio that designed all of the creatures, costumes, armor and weapons from Lord of the Rings as well as King Kong, Chronicles of Narnia and District 9. Taylor has won five Oscars in various categories like Costume Design, Makeup and Visual Effects, and is an amazing behind-the-scenes cinematic legend. It was an honor to speak with him and a fun interview to conduct right on the Comic-Con showfloor.


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Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2010: Episode 2 - Bob Strikes Back

Bob $tencil

A long time ago at a Con not too far away… Bob $tencil is back again from Comic-Con 2010 with his second full video chock full of some of the funniest, most entertaining and completely historic moments in $tencil history. His first video from Comic-Con launched over the weekend (watch it here) and he's got one more coming later this week. In this newest video, Bob catches up with celebrities Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as well as the lovely Natalie Portman (wait until you hear what she says!) in Hall H. He also chats it up with more booth babes on the showfloor and gets a little bit kinky, too. Need I say more? Watch below.

Exclusive Interview with Green Lantern's Sinestro: Mark Strong

Mark Strong as Sinestro

It was a true honor to finally meet up with one of my favorite actors, Mark Strong, at Comic-Con this past weekend for a quick interview. Mark plays Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern movie from Warner Bros starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, directed by Martin Campbell. Mark and I delve deep into Green Lantern, discussing how much of the comic book origin story we'll see, how much of Sinestro we'll see, how he continues to draw motivation for villain characters that are aliens (of which Sinestro is) and his work on the movie so far. It's an absolutely fascinating interview and a must watch for any/all Green Lantern fans.


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Final Photo Recap: Step Inside Tron Legacy's End of Line Club

Tron Legacy's End of Line Club

Disney again stole the show at Comic-Con 2010, not only with a great panel for Tron Legacy on Thursday morning (recap here), but especially with the Flynn's Arcade / End of Line Club viral. Last year, Flynn's Arcade made its first appearance, capturing the awe and excitement of Tron fans worldwide. The arcade was back this year, but instead of leading to a lightcycle, it took fans on a journey into the Tron world to the End of Line Club straight from the movie, complete with a giant video screen and hidden viral clues. This is our final photo recap of this brilliant viral marketing stunt that should make everyone excited for Tron Legacy.

Comic-Con 2010: Our Final Sunday Showfloor Photo Gallery!

Comic-Con 2010

As is my tradition, I usually roam the Comic-Con showfloor on Sunday afternoon primarily because it's the only other time I can actually set foot on it besides on Preview Night and because I love snapping a few extra photos of anything I find there before the doors close forever. This time I was exhausted but I still made my annual trek through the overcrowded (more so this year than any year previous) showfloor to find whatever cool things I could and damn did I find some awesome stuff. There's more Tron goodies, lots of collectibles, the motorcycle from Priest, Stan Winston's Iron Man armory, Inception's dream machine, and much more!


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Comic-Con 2010: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's 'Paul' is Hilarious

Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's Paul

The terrific trio of director Edgar Wright and actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost brought us two amazing comedies in the form of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. But recently, these three kings of comedy have taken a break from the Blood & Ice Cream Trilogy to work on different projects. Wright has Scott Pilgrim vs. the World coming up soon, and Pegg/Frost hit the road with Greg Mottola (Adventureland, Superbad) for an extra-terrestrial comedy called Paul. This year Comic-Con attendees in Hall H were treated to the first bit of footage from the comedy including our first glimpse of the Seth Rogen-voiced titular alien. Read on!


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Comic-Con 2010: Reactions to Footage Shown at Marvel's Panel

Marvel Studios: Captain America / Thor

As you've probably heard from all of the buzz, the Marvel Studios panel this past weekend was one of the most highly anticipated and exciting panels of Comic-Con 2010. We provided a live blog with updates as it was happening, but as that is a bit hard to read through now that it's over, I wanted to provide a quick recap of the footage we saw and our reactions to it in a new video blog with Ethan, Alex and Tim from the Golden Briefcase for your viewing pleasure today. Marvel showed some early footage from Thor as well as Captain America and we talk a bit about our reactions to all that we saw from both of those movies. Watch below!


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Four Awesome Character Posters for Green Lantern Revealed

Green Lantern

"In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight." Get ready Green Lantern fans, here's the first debut of some awesome early teaser posters for Warner Bros' Green Lantern movie. Although not everyone was able to get a glimpse of the footage they debuted at Comic-Con this weekend, you'll get a first look at Mark Strong as Sinestro and Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond on these posters (something that fans in Hall H didn't even get to see!). I'm really digging these sleek posters as our first tease at Green Lantern, especially the fact that the green in the logo slowly changes to yellow by the time it gets to Hector.


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