Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2011: Saturday & Sunday Final Recap Video

Bob Stencil Comic-Con 2011

"The convention floor is a staple of Comic-Con… let me show you around!" Bob $tencil has delivered one final must watch video recapping his Comic-Con 2011 experiences, taking us on a journey through the Comic-Con showfloor, encountering Wolverine, George Lucas, the babes of Pan Am and many others. Bob also talks with the legendary Francis Ford Coppola inside Hall H. This is his final video from this year and it's one of the best, especially if you've never been to Comic-Con, so take a tour with Bob and see what it's like to walk around the showfloor as the King of Comic-Con. You can find more of his videos right here.

Comic-Con 2011: Futuristic Weapons for 'Men in Black III' on Display

Men in Black III Sony Booth

Despite some odd production delays and hiatuses, Columbia Pictures' Men in Black III is still in the works, and set to hit theaters May 25th, 2012 next year. While there wasn't a Hall H presentation for the sequel, Sony did plant some rather interesting Men in Black tidbits around Comic-Con. I caught a photo of the giant Neuralizer (above) in my Preview Night gallery, but it was our friends at SlashFilm who discovered the Studio Art Technology booth and got shots of a complete collection of weaponry used in the movie. A handful of futuristic prop guns, similar to the infamous weapons from the first two movies, were on display.


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Comic-Con 2011: Hugh Jackman's Surprise 'Real Steel' Event Photos

Real Steel

Just when Comic-Con was about to start, tweets started coming from the @RealHughjackman himself stating that he'd suddenly be showing up at Comic-Con and would be dropping by for a surprise Real Steel promo. On Thursday morning at around 11AM, Hugh Jackman rolled up to Petco Park with his Real Steel truck, two of the fighting robots (the purple one is Noisy Boy), and tons of swag, giveaways, and Australian charm. At first he took to the stage and greeted the crowd, talking about how he really wanted to stop by Comic-Con, then started to walk through the crowd giving out swag and signed posters to all the fans there.


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Comic-Con 2011: Final Set of Movie Geeks' Sunday Showfloor Photos

Comic-Con 2011

As is my tradition, I usually make one last run through on the Comic-Con showfloor on Sunday, primarily because it's the only other time I can actually make it on there besides Preview Night, and because I love snapping a few extra photos of cool stuff before the doors close until year. Tired as always, I still made my annual trek over to the showfloor one last time, albeit it briefly, to snap a few more photos. There's some shots of that Total Recall police hovercraft on display outside on the street. Plus plenty more, from Tintin collectibles to Captain America and Batman costumes and lots of props. Here's my final 2011 set of photos.


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Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2011: 'Bucky Larson' & Playboy Party Video

Bob Stencil - Playboy Party

What would happen if Bob $tencil got into a Playboy party? Who would he hook up with? We're about to find out. Late on Friday night during Comic-Con 2011, a massive outdoor party was held for NBC's The Playboy Club and Columbia Picture's upcoming comedy Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star starring Nick Swardson. Bob struggles with a recent breakup while drinking and schmoozing at the Playboy Party, but finds more than enough friendly bunnies to help him forget about Sandra and enjoy the evening. There's lots of heavy drinking in this, so this is your warning - it's going be downright hilarious to see. Watch below!

Bob Stencil at Comic-Con 2011: First Thursday & Friday Recap Video

Bob Stencil

Bob $tencil is back with his second official video of Comic-Con 2011, with a recap of his showfloor and Hall H experiences on Thursday and Friday. True to form, Stencil bumps into weirdos, celebrities, costumed superheroes, and some booth babes. As many may have heard from the rumors coming from inside Hall H, Bob made quite a show asking a question to John Cusack, and if you want to see what it is all about, this is the video to watch. We posted his first Wednesday night Twilight preview video earlier this week, and he's got a Playboy party recap coming tonight (don't miss that one). For now, enjoy his Thursday/Friday recap!


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Comic-Con 2011: 'Knights of Badassdom' Wields Action and Laughs

Knights of Badassdom

Though the comedy Role Models dabbled in the world of live-action role playing (or LARPing), a new comedic action adventure invaded Comic-Con this year that puts these medieval pretenders front and center in a bloody, heavy metal driven romp. The appropriately titled Knights of Badassdom crashed into Hall H this weekend, and while we haven't heard much about this film, the unveiling of the first trailer and a clip from the film proves our waiting will not be in vain. With a cast that includes Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten and Summer Glau, this is one of those comedies that geeks will love, but everyone will enjoy.


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Comic-Con Video Blog: 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Footage Astounds

The Amazing Spider-Man

Our friendly neighborhood Spidey is returning to theaters next year, but will it be any good? Yesterday the most highly anticipated panel of the day was for Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. It was only a few days ago that we finally got the first teaser trailer, but they showed a new block of never-before-seen footage and revealed our first look at Rhys Ifans as the villain The Lizard. Following the panel, our own die-hard Spider-Man fan Brandon and blogger Ethan recorded a video blog talking about how all of the new footage impressed and amazed them.


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Comic-Con Video Blog: 'Adventures of Tintin' is Pure Spielberg Magic

The Adventures of Tintin

Yesterday, the San Diego Comic-Con hosted one of the best panels we've ever attended, a presentation for The Adventures of Tintin which included Steven Spielberg himself making his first-ever Comic-Con appearance, Peter Jackson appearing in person, and even a brief cameo by Andy Serkis. We covered the panel and discussion live, but they also showed some brand new footage from the film that impressed nearly everyone. We've seen an international trailer that looks good, but this footage looked so good that our own Ethan and Brandon met up to recorded a video blog talking about how great this film looks. Watch below!


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Comic-Con 2011 Live: Francis Ford Coppola Unveils His Horror 'Twixt'

Francis Ford Coppola

Our final live blog from the depths of Hall H at Comic-Con 2011 happens this morning, covering the very intriguing and mysterious panel that brings legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola back to the Con after being here years ago for Bram Stoker's Dracula. The panel is for Twixt, which we saw the first photo from a few days ago. Coppola and acclaimed musician Dan Deacon present sequences from Coppola's new horror film, TWIXT, and involve the audience in a dress rehearsal of the completely unique and innovative way they plan on performing it. That's the official description for it, I'm curious to see what this is all about.


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Andrew Garfield's Amazing, Heartfelt Comic-Con Spider-Man Speech

Andrew Garfield - Spider-Man

If you didn't hear, yesterday's Comic-Con panel for Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man began when actor Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter Parker, appeared in a cheesy Spider-Man costume at the microphone where fans normally ask their questions. It seemed as if he wanted this to be his first reveal as Peter Parker to the fans because this was his first time at Comic-Con and he's as big of a fan of Spidey as us, "so here I am as a fan," he said. He then started speaking about his love for Spider-Man and how he "needed Spidey in my life" and went on to give one of the best speeches I've ever heard anyone give at Comic-Con. Watch it below.


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Comic-Con 2011 Live: Sony's Hall H 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Panel

Sony / Columbia Pictures & Spider-Man

One of the most anticipated presentations at Comic-Con 2011 is the Sony/Columbia Pictures panel, which includes discussions and early looks at four movies back-to-back, culminating in the big reveal of The Amazing Spider-Man. The first official teaser trailer just debuted earlier this week, but given this is the unveiling of the film, we might see/hear more, so definitely follow along. In addition, the other movies being featured are Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the comedy 30 Minutes or Less, and Len Wiseman's sci-fi remake Total Recall. We'll be live blogging from Hall H non-stop for the full hour-and-a-half panel.


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