Video Blog: Alex Buzzes About WonderCon Footage with SlashFilm

WonderCon Video Blog - Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I love comic conventions, especially when they're packed with exciting footage and panels. WonderCon, the smaller sister of Comic-Con, usually in San Francisco every spring, was held in Anaheim (temporarily this year) this weekend. Saturday is movie day, and the studios brought quite a force, with presentations for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Ridley Scott's Prometheus, Battleship, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Rian Johnson's Looper. I met up with three guys from SlashFilm afterward for a hype-filled discussion on all the footage we saw and what impressed us the most.

NY Comic-Con Video Blog: The Thing Prequel Footage Unveiled

The Thing

There weren't many movie panels at the New York Comic-Con this weekend, but Universal had a strong presence with a few presentations, including a big reveal for The Thing prequel. We've been waiting to see some footage from the movie and we got a first look at some actual photos last week. But today they finally unveiled a teaser trailer for a fairly small audience at the NY Comic-Con and it was actually pretty awesome, I was very impressed. It's a beautifully edited, exciting and thrilling teaser with a few bits of snowy footage and some glimpses of the alien/creature. Everyone else I talked to sitting with us seemed to enjoy it, too.

WonderCon Posters: Iron Man 2's Black Widow and Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass - Black Widow

Although WonderCon, held in San Francisco this weekend, isn't as big as the San Diego Comic-Con, it is a great comic convention with a strong presence that draws a good crowd. WonderCon has announced that you can pick up a new Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) mini-poster for Iron Man 2 this weekend at Booth #242. You can view that sexy poster below. Additionally, HitFix has a look at the exclusive new Kick-Ass poster that features Big Daddy on it (seen above) that will be signed by Nic Cage as well - hit that link to find out how to get one of those. Both of these posters are pretty sleek, I might try to pick up one of each myself.


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A Day in the Life at San Francisco's WonderCon

A Day in the Life at San Francisco's WonderCon

About a month ago when I went to the New York Comic Con I shot a video tour of the show floor to give everyone not in attendance an idea of what the NYCC was like inside. I just returned home tonight from WonderCon, which takes place in San Francisco and is the official little brother of the San Diego Comic-Con, and I've got another video that I shot on the show floor to share with all of you. Thankfully, for your benefit, I put some thought into the camera angles and so on, which means this should be more enjoyable to watch than the last one. So if you're excited, then dive right in for a taste of WonderCon!


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San Francisco's WonderCon Movie Presentation Line-Up!

Welcome to WonderCon

From one convention to the next! San Diego Comic-Con's little sister, WonderCon, has just announced their panels and presentations for this year. I hate to say it, but I'm a bigger fan of WonderCon than I am of the New York Comic Con. It's a smaller version of the "big" San Diego Comic-Con, but it's the perfect size, it's not too crowded, and they always have great presentations. This year's line-up is quite impressive, even moreso than the NYCC (even though there are some repeats), so I'm glad to announce it today. As always, I will yet again be traveling to San Francisco for WonderCon to bring you of all the latest coverage.

A Day in the Life at the New York Comic Con

A Day in the Life at the New York Comic Con

This year's New York Comic Con wasn't as exciting as last year's; since it's earlier in the year, the movie studios didn't have too much to show. Although there weren't as many panels, the show floor was just as big, and as always, I love hitting up comic conventions just to check out the booths. So to give all of you a better idea of what it's like here at the NYCC and give you a glimpse of a day in the life of an attendee like myself, I shot a little video of my adventures on the show floor. It's rather short (only 5 minutes), but I tried to briefly record what this convention is like in comparison to San Diego and otherwise. I hope you enjoy!

WonderCon: Complete Wrap-Up and Thoughts

WonderCon 2008

I'm finally safely home and have caught up on numerous hours of sleep after being in San Francisco for a long weekend at WonderCon. Besides toting a shiny new Jim Lee designed Batman statue that I picked up, I've got some great memories that I'm taking home with me. WonderCon is one of the last big comic conventions before the summer season, and the Hollywood studios decided to show off some of their very best upcoming movies. Although I've already covered a few of the panels, specifically Wanted, Get Smart, Wall-E, Iron Man, and X-Files 2, as a wrap-up I wanted to give all of my final thoughts on the movies that were previewed at this year's con. It's a brief yet comprehensive look at some of the more exciting films due out in the next few months.

WonderCon: First X-Files 2 Footage Plus Duchovny and Anderson

X-Files 2

I've been to two San Diego Comic-Con's, two WonderCon's, and countless more conventions, but I've never seen a crowd this excited ever. The X-Files fans packed Hall A at the Moscone Center in San Francisco yesterday to see not only the first glimpse of footage from X-Files 2, but to hear David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, director Chris Carter, and writer Frank Spotnitz talk about the movie. First things first, the footage, which is what excited fans the most, has hit the internet and can be watched via YouTube below. Whether you're a big X-Files fan or just hoping for an awesome thriller this summer, you won't want to miss this very short teaser trailer.

WonderCon: Jon Favreau Debuts New Iron Man Footage and More!!

Iron Man

I finally have my report from Paramount's Iron Man panel at WonderCon from Saturday and it's one hell of exciting experience to recall. This is already a bit late (it originally took place on Saturday evening), but with a day packed full of nothing but Hollywood panels and parties, it's hard to keep on schedule. Whereas I gushed earlier about Pixar's Wall-E being the best movie of 2008, after what we were shown at WonderCon, I'm thinking that Iron Man could easily be the best comic book movie of 2008, even over The Dark Knight. That's definitely not an easy thing to say at all, but it's becoming more and more apparent that Jon Favreau was born to direct Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. was born to become Tony Stark, and I was born to enjoy the hell out of the Iron Man movie this May.

WonderCon: Pixar's Wall-E Presentation - Incredible!

Pixar's Wall-E

One half Disney's panel today at WonderCon in San Francisco was a presentation focused on Pixar's Wall-E (the other half was Prince Caspian). Now everyone knows that I'm truly excited for this movie, as it combines my love for sci-fi and my love for Pixar, and that can only mean great things. However, after this presentation today, I'm completely sold - Wall-E is going to be the best movie of 2008. Not only looking at the passion that the director is bringing to it, but also looking at the footage we saw, I know it already. I laughed, I cried (I'm serious), and I smiled, and by the end of the Disney panel, I was in love with Wall-E. Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton stopped by to talk about his inspirations and the filmmaking process to a crowd of comic book fanatics.

WonderCon: Warner Brothers' Get Smart Panel

Get Smart

Another highlight from WonderCon this year was the panel and presentation for Warner Brothers' upcoming summer comedy Get Smart. Appearing live in San Francisco today were the director Pete Segal and stars Anne Hathaway and Steve Carell. Not only did they deliver one hell of a hilarious Q&A, but the new trailer that debuted for the audience looked fantastic and played to enormous applause and cheers. Not only is this going to be a huge summer hit, but Carell perfectly embodies a contemporary Agent Maxwell Smart.

WonderCon: Wanted Definitely a 'Hard R' Based on Footage


Coming live from WonderCon in San Francisco, we've been shown a glimpse of the first real footage from the upcoming comic book flick Wanted and it's pretty intense. After watching the first teaser trailer, we weren't sure whether to expect a PG-13 comic book flick or something more extreme. After watching this full five minutes of footage here today at WonderCon, I can confirm that it is definitely going to be a hard R. Not only did James McAvoy drop about six F-bombs in that five minutes, but the violence is quite excessive (although no dead bodies were to be seen). Director Timur Bekmambetov is an incredibly visual director and it certainly showed in the over-the-top footage we saw.



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