Tim Miller's 'Deadpool' Movie May Be a Part of Fox's 'X-Men' Universe


Over the last month or so we've been following development announcements for the Deadpool movie, which might actually end up shooting thanks to fans reaching out on places like Twitter. While production is still far off and details like the rating (PG-13 or R?) won't be decided until later, fans are nonetheless very anxious to figure out what's going on and where/how the Merc with a Mouth might fit in to any universe. When speaking to screenwriter Simon Kinberg recently, news site ComicBook.com found out Deadpool may actually be involved in the X-Men universe at Fox, or at least a part of the bigger picture somewhere.


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Watch: Impressive Fan Film 'Spawn: The Recall' from Michael Paris

Spawn: The Recall Fan Film

"You are lucky I found you first, child." Catch this dark, impressive fan film from Michael Paris. While there has been some talk of another Spawn movie in development, we haven't seen anything actually come together in years. There hasn't been anything since the Spawn movie from 1997 with Michael Jai White that most people despise. Paris decided to make his own Spawn film and the result is "The Recall", set mostly inside of a grocery story with some really cool scenes. It's impressive work for a fan film and shows just how much potential there is in great characters. Spawn fans will enjoy this the most, but it's entertaining for all.


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Someone Made a Comic Book Sequel to the 'Super Mario Bros.' Movie

Super Mario Bros. 2

Though most movies based on video games don't really live up to their potential, the adaptation of Super Mario Bros. from 1993 is the one widely regarded as one of the worst of all-time. The film does have a certain cult classic following, but there's no denying the film is a pretty epic disaster. However, comic book artists Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss decided the fan following was a good enough reason to put together a comic book sequel to the film, complete with insights from screenwriter Parker Bennett, who left the end of the film open with a vague cliffhanger that indicated more adventures were on the way.


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Fans Take to Twitter: Fun Reactions to the Ben Affleck Batman News

Ben Affleck Batman

Ben Affleck as Batman?! Say it ain't so! It can't be true! This is the worst news in the history of the world! News that Ben Affleck has been officially cast to play Bruce Wayne aka Batman in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel hit Twitter by storm last night, spreading instantly all over the world and evoking some of the most heated reactions and discussions we've seen in a while. The actor who gave us Daredevil and Gigli is going to be the next Batman? Thinking about that too much can make your head spin, which is why it's best to kick back (and relax until 2015 when the movie arrives) and enjoy the fun responses that have poured in.


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Ben Affleck to Play Batman in Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' Sequel!

Ben Affleck / Batman

Wow. This came out rather quick. Word is that Zack Snyder has cast the one, the only, Ben Affleck to play Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel - tentatively titled Batman vs. Superman. Warner Bros made the official announcement, confirming a July 17th, 2015 release date for the highly anticipated DC Comics sequel, as well as Affleck's involvement. Affleck won an Oscar this year for directing/producing Argo (which won Best Picture) and also won one in 1998 for Good Will Hunting's Best Screenplay. Many may remember he already played George Reeves, aka Superman, in Allen Coulter's Hollywoodland and was one of the best parts of that movie. No more rumors - it's official, it's happening. Affleck vs Cavill in 2015. Are you ready?


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'The Star Wars' Comic Trailer with George Lucas' Original Story Vision

The Star Wars

As many hardcore fans can tell you, the version of Star Wars that eventually made it to the big screen had plenty of significant changes from what director and writer George Lucas initially envisioned. Some changes include the name of Starkiller instead of Skywalker (this version actually uses both) and a green-skinned alien version of Han Solo that was obviously scrapped. However, the folks at Dark Horse comics thought it would be cool to take Lucas' original vision and turn it into an eight-issue comic book series, complete with some amazing illustrations bringing to life the first rough draft of The Star Wars from 1974. The comic won't start publishing until September 4th, but this cool trailer gives us a glimpse. Watch!


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Palahniuk Confirms 'Fight Club' Graphic Novel Sequel in the Works

Fight Club

It's true - we're getting a Fight Club sequel. At least, on paper to start. Author Chuck Palahniuk released a short memo on his official site stating that he is indeed writing a sequel to his original Fight Club story, first published as a novel in 1996. As an optimist, I'm hopeful that this means we may one day see this next story adapted into a movie to follow as a sequel to David Fincher's Fight Club adaptation from 1999. But until then, keep an eye out for the next Fight Club comic book series, which Palahniuk says still won't be out for a few years. "We haven't started to court a specific publisher, not until I hammer out the complete story."


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Interview: 'The Wolverine' Director James Mangold on Logan & Death

James Mangold

"My goal here was just to allow the themes to be adult." Hitting theaters this weekend - The Wolverine. The return of Logan, for his 6th time on the big screen, this time in a solo movie set in Japan based on the Miller/Claremont comic arc. At the helm is James Mangold, director of Girl Interrupted, Kate & Leopold, Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma and Knight & Day, along with Hugh Jackman returning as Logan. I screened The Wolverine and actually loved it, and wanted to talk with Mangold about so much of the movie; how they pulled off the fights and the themes of Wolverine they handle so carefully. It's a quick chat, but a good one.


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Whedon Confirms Ultron's Origin Being Rewritten Without Hank Pym

Hank Pym Ultron Face

Well this didn't take long to come out. Only a day after it was officially announced by Marvel Studios that the next, new Avengers movie would be titled Avengers: Age of Ultron, details have started to come out from director Joss Whedon himself confirming some of their plans. Or at least, their plans not to include many of the Ultron story elements comic book fans are familiar with. As soon as that title was revealed, fans went crazy with questions over what that meant, how the story would work, if we would see Hank Pym aka Ant-Man, who is getting his own movie (after Avengers 2) anyway. Whedon clears up any early speculation.


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Comic-Con 2013: Final Set of Sunday Showfloor Photos to Wrap Up

Comic-Con Goodbye

As is my tradition, I usually make one last run through on the Comic-Con showfloor on Sunday, primarily because it's the only other time I can actually make it on there besides Preview Night, and because I love snapping a few extra photos of any cool stuff I can find before the doors close until year. Tired as always, I still made my annual trek over to the showfloor one more time to find what I could and snap some photos. Surprisingly, there wasn't that much to see for movies this year besides endless toys, expensive props and the occasional hidden gems. Marvel's booth also added a last minute Guardians of the Galaxy prop display.


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Six TED Videos Realistically Ponder 'What If Superpowers Were Real?'

What If Superpowers Were Real?

What if? Always a fun question. What if Superman were real? What if Tony Stark existed? We're big fans of TED Talks anyway, but TED Ed recently featured an excellent six-part video series that ponders: "what if superpowers were real?" It's not just a cheesy investigation into capes, the videos actually delve into the real world implications of superhuman abilities, ranging from invincibility to immortality to super strength and speed. The segments were put together by Joy Lin, an educator from Texas, with voiceover by James Arnold Taylor explaining the "scientific and logical fallacies inherent to six highly desired superpowers."


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Discuss: Is Superman Too Old Fashioned for 'Man of Steel' to Soar?

Man of Steel

Zack Snyder's latest Superman incarnation, Man of Steel, may prove that not all superheroes can be made over in the modern superhero style. The genre has become darker, richer in themes, and more complicated over the past few years. With the help of The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan as producer and his trusty screenwriter David S. Goyer, Snyder planned to create a Superman film to match. What they didn't count on is that the ultimate do-gooder may not be capable of such a treatment. In a genre that now highlights a hero's shortcomings and tarnishes their morality, is it possible to show the darker side of a being who has only one weakness and who is supposed to be the beacon for truth, justice and the American way? Read on!


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