Spectacular IMAX Poster for Chris Nolan's 'The Dark Knight Rises'

The Dark Knight Rises

IMAX. The only way to see The Dark Knight Rises. The way Christopher Nolan intended you, every last viewer out there emotionally invested in this, to see it. I'll be there at midnight, seeing TDKR in 70mm IMAX, and again the next day. It's now IMAX's trend to release their own exclusive posters that are given out at midnight showings. Last week we featured The Amazing Spider-Man IMAX poster, this week we have the poster for The Dark Knight Rises. And out of all the official posters we've seen for this, it's one of the best. Not perfect, but it's quite awesome, and certainly has a very epic, very IMAX feeling to it. See it below!


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Badass New Bane Viral Poster for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Discovered

The Fire Rises

Are you ready to RISE? Down to only 15 more days left until Christopher Nolan's long-awaited, extremely highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises arrives in (IMAX) theaters everywhere. While there has been a slurry of odd updates related to TDKR recently, one that caught our eye was this new poster for the villain Bane, played by Tom Hardy. Found on IMPAwards (via Collider), it apparently was discovered in the online viral game at that we teased recently. The art looks more like a darker Warhol-esque rendering than an actual movie poster, which makes it all the more badass, and worth seeing in full below.


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Watch: Tour an IMAX Theater Preparing for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

IMAX Theater - The Dark Knight Rises

Everyone getting excited for The Dark Knight Rises yet? As we hit July, I think you can start to feel the anticipation. Our friends at SlashFilm found a fantastic featurette worth watching, that shows a breakdown of how the 70mm IMAX projection system works. A projectionist at the Liberty Science Center IMAX theatre in New Jersery shows step-by-step how it works, how they're setting it up for TDKR ("the largest film ever shown") since it's the longest IMAX movie ever shown there and features an hour of IMAX footage in the movie. If you've ever wondered the ins-'n-outs of IMAX/70mm projection, this video is a must watch.


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You Need To See This: 'Dark Knight Rises' Marketing Hits the Streets

The Dark Knight Rises

Rise. We're now under 30 days until Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises explodes into theaters in July, and that means it's time to go all out building up hype. Warner Bros has started their strong traditional marketing push, with billboards, big posters and more advertising appearing in major cities like New York and Los Angeles. Our friends at SlashFilm caught a photo in LA of one of the coolest billboards I've ever seen, and while I was in NY this weekend, I snapped some shots of a series of posters in a subway station, as well as a big Times Square billboard being installed. Everyone excited for Batman must see these.


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'Dark Knight Rises' Producer: Nolan Will Never Direct Batman Again

Christopher Nolan

It's pretty bold to say that something will never happen whether you're talking about something as simple as eating meat or making a movie. But in the case of The Dark Knight Rises producer Emma Thomas, who is also the wife of Christopher Nolan, we're inclined to believe her statement that the filmmaker will never be in the director's chair of another Batman film following the conclusion of his trilogy. In an interview with SFX Magzine (via, Thomas was asked of the possibility of Nolan returning to the universe of the Caped Crusader and she definitively said, "No, never. No, that's truly a never." Read on!


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See the Full 'Dent Act' Document from 'The Dark Knight Rises' World

Gotham City

Introducing the Dent Act. While this isn't much of a viral, there was an authentic-looking City of Gotham document found on the website, found via SuperHeroHype, mentioning the Dent Act. As we all know, Harvey Dent didn't make it past The Dark Knight, and we see his funeral in one of the first trailers. So, in the world of The Dark Knight Rises, the city introduced the "Dent Act" in his name to "bolster the city's campaign against organized crime." The document outlines some plans, and includes a good quote by Gotham Mayor Anthony Garcia. "This Bill is Harvey Dent's legacy and I intend to protect it." See below!


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One More Nokia-Released 'The Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Hits the Web

The Dark Knight Rises

"I'm not afraid. I'm angry." Yes, here we go, yet another trailer for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, right at the 31 day mark before TDKR actually hits theaters. We've stopped posting TV spots, but this is a trailer, and its got some new footage, but mostly a lot of exciting energy that will get you pumped up. Yes, we're getting down to the end, but this is one last trailer to put you over the top. I love Zimmer's score they use, the way it builds, the shots and epic feeling. Cannot wait. Christian Bale returns as Batman, with Tom Hardy as Bane, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, plus Michael Caine and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


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Make Your Own 'The Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot for Premiere Contest

The Dark Knight Rises

Fans have already been brought into the marketing mix for The Dark Knight Rises with a contest to design t-shirts for the exciting conclusion to Christopher Nolan's film trilogy, and now they have another chance. We've already seen some cool TV spots for the film, but now you can make your own with a chance for it to be seen by the rest of the world. Imported from Gotham City (via SlashFilm) has revealed a contest for aspiring editors to make their own 25-second TV spot, which Christopher Nolan will judge himself, for a chance to win a trip to the New York City premiere of the film. Sounds like a pretty damn sweet deal to me.


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New 'Dark Knight Rises' TV Spot & Awesome Fanmade Trilogy Poster

The Dark Knight Trilogy

"Now you're just showing off." That's about what we think which every single TV spot that comes out for The Dark Knight Rises, but we're not going to feature each and every one, so don't worry. But this new spot was too awesome to ignore with an exchange between Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new character and Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, and a couple of great moments between Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) and Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), including one that calls back to Batman Begins. Plus, an awesome fanmade poster commemorating Christopher Nolan's trilogy has surfaced. Check them out below!


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Warner Bros Launching 'TDKR' Tie-In 'The Fire Rises' Strategy Game

The Fire Rises Game

While there honestly isn't much exciting to report here, except for a game announcement, that "Rise" Bane logo (seen above) is badass enough on its own to feature anyway (high res on Facebook). The information in this news comes from a Batman Wikia blog post announcing a new game that will be available soon called The Fire Rises. It is a "browser-based real-time strategy game" for The Dark Knight Rises made by Warner Bros as online promotion. In lieu of any other good viral or ARG updates, this online game will have to do. Join Bane's mercenary forces to lead Gotham City’s underworld characters in a powerful uprising.


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Listen: Samples from Hans Zimmer's 'The Dark Knight Rises' Score

The Dark Knight Rises

If you haven't picked up tickets for the midnight premiere or the marathon of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, then you should probably get on that since they've been on sale since Monday, June 11th, and you don't want to be stuck outside crying without a ticket. Of course, if you happen to be unable to see the film as soon as it opens on July 20th, you can feel a bit better knowing you can have Hans Zimmer's presumably awesome score for The Dark Knight Rises in your hands on July 17th. You can pre-order it on Amazon now, and while you wait just one more month, sample some of the tracks below.


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'The Dark Knight Rises' Midnight & Marathon Tickets On Sale Today!

The Dark Knight Rises

The Fire Rises! Now that we've seen Prometheus and Avengers, what's the next biggest movie coming up on the summer schedule? Give or take Amazing Spider-Man, next is Chris Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, arriving in theaters July 20th. That's only 39 days away, if you can believe it. A number of movie theaters, including AMC and those listed through Fandango, will begin selling midnight and marathon tickets for The Dark Knight Rises today. Specifically, those interested in midnight shows or AMC's marathon events, should aim to get their tickets when they go on sale at 12-Noon EDT (9AM PDT) today, Monday, June 11th.


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