New Trailer for Chilling HBO Doc Film 'Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes'

Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes Trailer

"Nobody was warned by anybody, schools and kindergartens were open." HBO has revealed the official trailer for a chilling new documentary called Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes, from talented doc filmmaker James Jones (On The President's Orders, Mosul). This premiered at the Full Frame Doc Festival and will be streaming on HBO Max this month. This powerful and at times graphic film tells the story of the disaster and its far-reaching ripple effects entirely through extraordinary, immersive footage - all shot on-site in the hours, days, weeks, months following the accident. Deeply personal witness testimony helps contextualize the tragedy by providing an overview of life in Chernobyl before the meltdown and its harrowing aftermath. Government propaganda films also illustrate the Soviet Union’s pride in its nuclear program and the many delayed and misleading reports. Everyone knows the story, and there was that great HBO series in 2019, but most of this real footage has never been seen before until now. It's all so frightening & chilling. Take a look.


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Official Trailer for Documentary 'Civil' About Attorney Ben Crump

Civil Trailer

"You gotta try to not just be a spectator on the sidelines - get into the arena, and do something." Netflix has revealed an official trailer for a documentary film titled Civil, a remarkably inspiring look at the work of civil rights attorney Ben Crump. The film is premiering at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival soon before it's streaming on Netflix, along with a theatrical debut for anyone who wants to watch. From Emmy-nominated Director Nadia Hallgren and producers Kenya Barris & Roger Ross Williams. Crump's mission is to raise the value of Black life. He has worked as the civil lawyer for the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Black farmers, and "Banking while Black" victims, in doing so challenging America to come to terms with what it owes his clients. "Hallgren gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his upbringing and his balance of work and family life." I'm always looking forward to watching docs like these because they're so empowering and invigorating, a passionate look at what it takes to fight for justice and to really fight for change in America.


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Jemaine Clement Plays a Sexual Healing Guru in 'Nude Tuesday' Trailer

Nude Tuesday Trailer

"She's hit maximum arousal." An early trailer is out for a film titled Nude Tuesday, which is premiering this month at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. We missed this trailer when it first dropped in April, but fun to catch up with it now before its festival debut. A suburban couple goes to a new-age retreat as a last ditch attempt to save their marriage. Their path to reconnection is riddled with hilarity and humiliation as they seek to find themselves & each other. The craziest part: spoken entirely in an improvised, gibberish-esque language with subtitles created by contributing writers globally after release, Nude Tuesday is an utterly singular excursion into miscommunication, full frontal nudity and self-discovery. The film stars Jackie van Beek, Damon Herriman, and Jemaine Clement. This does look absurd, not only all the gibberish but everything happening in it, making fun of these spiritual retreats. I've got to see this! It should be hilarious.


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Acclaimed Volcanologists Documentary 'Fire of Love' Official Trailer

Fire of Love Doc Trailer

"For Katia and Maurice, the unknown is not something to be feared – it is something to go toward." Neon has revealed an official trailer for the acclaimed documentary Fire of Love, a spectacular feature about the true story of a French couple that studied volcanoes. This premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, where it won the Editing Award at the end of the fest. Fire of Love tells the extraordinary love story of intrepid French scientists Katia and Maurice Krafft, who died just as explosively as they lived — capturing the most spectacular imagery ever recorded of their greatest passion: volcanoes. The film sifts through the thousands of hours of footage they left behind, trying to piece together their lives and understand them, not only as a couple, but what they were hoping to accomplish in studying volcanoes. Pair this with Herzog's doc Into the Inferno and you're in for one explosive evening (Herzog is also working on his own doc about the Kraffts, too). Fire of Love will be released in theaters this July. I'm a BIG fan of this film, I enjoyed everything about it and hope to see it (again) in the cinema sometime this year. Take a look.


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Official Trailer for 'Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey' Doc Series on FLDS

Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey Trailer

"It was for our salvation." Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for a chilling true crime docu series about one of the worst religious institutions ever to operate on American soil - called the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, also known as FLDS. They are an off-shoot from the Mormon religion based in Utah, with an even deeper belief in patriarchal religious values including polygamy. The series will examine the rise of Warren Jeffs in the Fundamentalist Church and his shocking criminal case. An in-depth look into the secretive polygamous sect of the "FLDS" and the rise of self-professed prophet Warren Jeffs. From forced underage marriage and pregnancy to a complete unraveling into an oppressive criminal cult under this madman's rule, this uncovers extraordinary bravery battling tyrannical control in modern America. It is connected to the other TV series called Under the Banner of Heaven, now available to watch, which is also set in the FLDS and covers a freaky true crime story of a murder within. The way this trailer ends with the woman saying everyone will eventually come around and go "what the f*!k" is terrific. Preach!


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Netflix Series 'Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies & the Internet' Trailer

Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies & the Internet

"There are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics." Netflix has revealed an official trailer for a new doc series titled in full: Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies and the Internet. This is the latest tech doc creation from acclaimed filmmaker Brian Knappenberger, who has made a handful of excellent docs about the web: We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists, The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz, and Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press. This time he takes on misinformation and the erosion of the truth thanks to the internet - split across six episodes covering different topics. "Conspiracy. Fraud. Violence. Murder. What starts out virtual can get real all too quickly--and when the web is worldwide, so are the consequences." Rich with distinctive characters and surprising developments, reality is warped when the ordinary American household collides with a chaotic web of misinformation. I'm glad that Knappenberger is handling this, because he knows the web better than anyone, but I just hope telling these stories actually change things. Because it's getting pretty dire on here. We all need to wake up and start fixing the problems.


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Trailer for 'Becoming a Queen' Doc About Toronto's Queen of Carnival

Becoming a Queen Doc Trailer

"Everybody wants to win." Gravitas Ventures + Callowgrove Ent. have revealed a trailer for a documentary film called Becoming a Queen, made in Canada by filmmaker Chris Strikes. This is opening on VOD in the US coming up in June, after premiering last year at a Canadian film festival. The film is described as an "intimate portrait of one woman’s quest to become Queen of Caribbean Carnival for an unprecedented tenth time in her final competition." Through Joella Crichton's lens we explore expressions of identity, love and family through Caribbean artistry, against a larger society that often lacks understanding of its significance. Becoming a Queen focuses on Joella's attempt to win for her 10th time in a row in the Caribbean Carnival's Queen Competition in Toronto. From design to assemble, this film follows the exhaustive preparations for Joella, her costume designer Kenney Coombs and the tight knit team consisting of her mother, Lou-Ann and older sister, Mischka. This does look like a TV doc, but it seems fascinating following her story nonetheless.


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Official UK Trailer for Immersive 'The Princess' Doc Film About Diana

The Princess Doc Trailer

"It's the media that's causing the problems." Altitude Films in the UK has revealed an official UK trailer for a documentary experience called The Princess, the latest from award-winning doc filmmaker Ed Perkins (Garnet's Gold, Tell Me Who I Am). This first premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and it's opening in June in the UK, though there's still no US date set yet. This doc works as a counter-point to the Spencer film from last year. Princess Diana's story is told exclusively through archive footage to create an immersive narrative about her life and death. It also illuminates how the public's attitude to the monarchy is still fanatical and unwavering. I saw this during Sundance and really dug it - "It doesn't exactly say anything new that we don't already know, but it's a genuine experience to get lost in this film. It makes you feel like you're part of the problem being an observer watching all of this footage." Check it out below.


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Official Trailer for Marco Bellocchio's Personal Doc 'Marx Can Wait'

Marx Can Wait Doc Trailer

"There's that mystery." Strand has unveiled a new official US trailer for Marx Can Wait, a very personal documentary made by acclaimed Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchio. Some will recognize his name, but this isn't anything like his usual work. 1968 was the year Camillo died. Nearly 50 years after the death of his twin brother at the age of 29, Marco Bellocchio gathers his family to reconstruct Camillo’s disappearance. Combining intimate conversations with the Bellocchio family and those who knew him best with archival material, family movies and his own oeuvre, Marco attempts to manifest a ghost he has been dealing with his entire life. What begins as a family conversation morphs into a study on grief, guilt and responsibility, compassion, empathy, and love. "Marx Can Wait is an attempt at reconciliation and understanding from a filmmaker in his eighties whose work has never shied away from the challenging or the provocative." This first premiered in Cannes last year and will be out in theaters in the US later this summer. View more below.


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Official Trailer for 'Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song' Doc

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song

"Unlocking the mysteries of life was his primary preoccupation." Sony Pictures Classics has revealed the official trailer for the documentary film titled Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, a Journey, a Song, which premiered at both the Venice and Telluride Film Festivals last year. Yes, they made an entire doc about one song! But it's about so much more than that. Hallelujah examines the legendary poet and singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen through the lens of the hymn "Hallelujah," arguably his most famous and certainly most covered work. Rufus Wainwright, Brandi Carlile, Judy Collins, Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, and Eric Church, among others, appear in the documentary and have all recorded and performed their own versions of the emotional song. Other interviewees include his long-time artistic collaborator Sharon Robinson; John Lissauer, arranger of the original version of "Hallelujah"; record industry legend Clive Davis; and Larry "Ratso" Sloman, an ex-Rolling Stone reporter, who shares never-before-heard, unedited tapes of interviews he recorded with Cohen between 1974-2005. It looks quite good! A worthy doc about the glory of one song.


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Cannes 2022: 'Moonage Daydream' is a Mind-Expanding Experience

Moonage Daydream Review

There's only one David Bowie – no one else has ever been like him, no one will ever be like him again. A one-of-a-kind artist, creator, human (maybe? maybe not?), lover, dreamer, musician. How do you tell his story? Is it even possible? Probably not. It's better to not even try - there is so much about him that can't be explained, that can't be described in words. Moonage Daydream is a documentary about David Bowie, but it's not really a biopic, and it's not really a documentary. Much like Bowie himself, it's a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience that will blow you away. It's a profound experience - one of the most moving viewings I've had at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. Emerging from the cinema it's like entering a whole new world, with a new outlook on life and fresh perspective. It's a mind-melting, cosmically existential journey through Bowie's existence & endlessly wise mind. The epitome of a cinematic experience in every way. Amazing.


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Stunning Teaser Trailer for New David Bowie Doc 'Moonage Daydream'

Moonage Daydream Teaser

"It's what you do in life that's important, not how much time you have." Neon has revealed the first teaser trailer for Moonage Daydream, a David Bowie biopic documentary arriving in theaters later this year. This teaser drops just ahead of the film's world premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival later this week. Featuring never-before-seen footage and performances, filmmaker Brett Morgen examines David Bowie's creative, musical and spiritual side. It's the very first biopic authorized by the Bowie estate, described as "a cinematic odyssey exploring David Bowie’s creative and musical journey." With unfiltered access to Bowie's archives, including all his master recordings, they spent five years constructing a genre-defying "cinematic experience" that grapples with spirituality, transience, isolation, creativity, and time to reveal the celebrated icon in his own voice. I am a huge fan of the doc director Brett Morgen, especially after Jane which was an exceptional film. And this looks like it's going to be yet another unforgettable cinematic + aural experience.


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