Fest Trailer for 'Mom & Dad's Nipple Factory' Doc About Breast Cancer

Mom & Dad's Nipple Factory Trailer

"This is a part of their love story." A festival promo trailer is now available for this documentary film titled Mom & Dad's Nipple Factory, the second feature from up-and-coming filmmaker "Justinsuperstar" (yes that's what he really goes by). The film is described as a touching and inspiring documentary that shows the power of love, perseverance, and innovation and is a must-see for anyone whose life has been touched by breast cancer. The doc just kicked off its 2023 festival tour as the opening night film at the beloved 2023 Milwaukee Film Festival in April, followed by stops at Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival and Doclands in Northern California this May. The film is about the director's parent's tenacious pursuit of "the perfect prosthetic nipple, transforming what began as an intimate labor of love into a 'factory' with the power to change thousands of survivors' lives." A great title for this wonderfully uplifting film - have a look.


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Official Trailer for 'Love to Love You, Donna Summer' Music Biopic Doc

Love to Love You, Donna Summer Trailer

"There's too much fire in me…" HBO has revealed an official trailer for a music biopic documentary titled Love to Love You, Donna Summer, arriving for streaming and viewing this May. The film premiered at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival, and also stopped by SXSW, CPH:DOX, Hot Docs, IFF Boston. Love to Love You, Donna Summer is a deeply personal portrait of the Queen of Disco. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Roger Ross Williams, along with Brooklyn Sudano, daughter of Donna Summer, the documentary explores the highs & lows of fame, offering an intimate glimpse at the artist’s life on and off stage. The film pulsates with the beats and significance of Summer's music, including her early hits with Giorgio Moroder, which invoked a sexuality that became a hallmark of Summer's wildly popular stage persona at the time; and "She Works Hard for The Money," which paid tribute to the working woman and became the first video from a Black female artist to debut on MTV. The film provides a rich perspective on her complexity, talent, and the adversity she faced while examining the impact that fame can have on love, art and family. Listen in below.


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Alexandre O. Philippe's 'The Taking' Doc Trailer on Monument Valley

The Taking Doc Trailer

"Audiences are so used to not wanting the truth, they don't want to be woken up from that myth." Yep. Dekanalog has revealed an official trailer for a cinema documentary titled The Taking, made by Swiss director Alexandre O. Philippe. This first premiered in 2021 at Fantastic Fest, Sitges, and the London Film Festival, and is finally getting a proper release. A radical examination of Monument Valley's representation in cinema and ads, The Taking scrutinizes how a site located on sovereign Navajo land came to embody the fantasy of the "Old West." Philippe explains his intent: "Even though I have a little fun with John Ford, this intent is also not to trash John Ford. The intent is not to trash the function of myth. Myth is important, and the idea, as false as it may be, of this false narrative about the American west, still carries a lot of values that I can relate to… The crux of it is that we talk a lot about cancel culture these days, and that bugs me a lot. I would like us to be in more of a context culture." This is probably why it has taken a few years to open.

Infuriating Doc 'Victim/Suspect' Trailer About Sexual Assault Victims

Victim/Suspect Trailer

"It's only in the details that you start seeing how a reporting victim becomes a suspect." Netflix debuted their official trailer for a documentary titled Victim/Suspect, made by doc director Nancy Schwartzman, arriving this May. This premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and also screened CPH:DOX in Denmark. Victim/Suspect chronicles journalist Rae de Leon's investigation into a shocking nationwide pattern: Women tell the police they’ve been sexually assaulted, but instead of finding justice, they’re charged with the crime of making a false report, arrested, and even imprisoned by the system they believed would protect them. This all sounds horrifying, and it absolutely is horrifying. But worst of all it's true – it's happening all the time. Produced by Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, Alice Henty, Rachel De Leon, Amanda Pike, Nancy Schwartzman. Reviews remind us, "all of this should rattle us and move us…"


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Trailer for Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd Music Doc 'Have You Got It Yet?'

Have You Got It Yet? Trailer

"He launched them into space." Mercury Studios has launched their official trailer for a music history doc film titled in full: Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett & Pink Floyd. This look back at the origins of the iconic rock band Pink Floyd was co-directed by Hipgnosis founder Storm Thorgerson, who passed away in 2013, but is still credited as director for all his work over the years on this project. The film examines the relationship between Pink Floyd - the visionaries behind prog rock and British psychedelic music – and founding member Syd Barrett, who left the group before they met stardom. It was Syd who gave the group their moniker by combining the names of blues players – Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. Intimate interviews with band members David Gilmour, Nick Mason, and Roger Waters uncover Barrett’s ongoing impact on the group. Narrated by the actor Jason Isaacs, the doc film also features original band managers Peter Jenner and Andrew King, as well as The Who's Pete Townshend and Blur's Graham Coxon. I hope this is a much more engaging and fascinating feature than this trailer - there's not much to see in here.


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Hilarious Trailer for 'Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers' Conspiracy Doc

Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers Trailer

"The government didn't want that out." 1091 Pictures has launched an official trailer for a conspiracy doc called Secret Space UFOs: Fastwalkers, the latest in a series of "Secret Space UFOs" movies that are all about aliens. They've been churning out UFO conspiracy docs like this more and more recently, especially ever since the Pentagon went rogue saying they can't actually figure out what's in some of their footage. This one focuses on various NASA sightings and UFO events that have happened in space. Expert researchers reveal the truth behind NASA UFO sightings, military involvement and cover-ups in a journey spanning five decades. "Discover the reality of UFO activity in outer space and our atmosphere." Yes, sure, sure, "reality" indeed. As much as I hope we do meet real interstellar species out the universe, none of this makes much sense if these aliens are just silently observing and leaving, never interacting much with humanity (or the planet) in any other way. But what do I know?! Maybe the truth is "out there…" Will we ever know for sure?

'Desperate Souls, Dark City' Doc Film Trailer About 'Midnight Cowboy'

Midnight Cowboy Doc Trailer

"If I'm going to America to make a movie, this is the movie I'd like to make." Zeitgeist Films + Kino Lorber have unveiled the official trailer for a documentary film titled in full: Desperate Souls, Dark City and the Legend of Midnight Cowboy. This already premiered at the prestigious 2022 Venice and Telluride Film Festivals last fall, with a limited US release set for June this summer. The cinema history doc follows the behind-the-scenes odyssey to get Midnight Cowboy (1969) produced, as well as the tumultuous era in which the movie was released and embraced. The original film won three Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, and starred Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. It's about a hustler who travels from Texas to the grit & grime of New York City, finding a new friend in the process. This doc looks like a heartfelt tribute to the film, digging into why it's such a unique work of art, made by the British filmmaker John Schlesinger. There seem to be more & more of these films recently about the making of cinema classics - I'm all for them.


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Julie Cohen's Body Positivity Documentary 'Every Body' Official Trailer

Every Body Trailer

"We've just been silent about this for so long." Time to speak out about intersex people! Focus Features has revealed an official trailer for a documentary film called Every Body, the latest from award-winning doc filmmaker Julie Cohen (of The Sturgeon Queens, American Veteran, RBG, My Name Is Pauli Murray, Julia). It's premiering first at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival this summer before opening in limited theaters right after at the end of June. Three intersex people challenge a heteronormative system of secrecy and non-consensual surgery. Every Body is Oscar-nominated documentarian Julie Cohen’s impassioned battle cry for the rights & dignity of intersex children & adults in America. Focusing on three people who overcame shame, secrecy, and unauthorized surgery in their childhoods to enjoy successful adulthoods. Choosing to ignore medical advice to conceal their bodies and coming out now as who they truly were. Take a look below.


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Official US Trailer for 'Slava Ukraini' Doc About Ukraine Fighting Back

Slava Ukraini Trailer

"When is this war going to end?" Cohen Media has revealed an official trailer for a documentary film titled Slava Ukraini, made by the French doc filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy. The term "Slava Ukraini!" has been Ukraine's motto ever since the war broke out last year, translating directly to "Glory to Ukraine!" This film is about their military fighting back. One year after the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, director / philosopher BHL takes us to the heart of the combat through this war diary made during the second half of 2022. From Kharkiv and Bakhmut to Kherson, in the aftermath of the city's liberation, this documentary bears witness to the ravages of war through the testimonies of soldiers, chronicles of the front, and portraits of its civilians, and shares with us the struggle of the Ukrainian people. Featuring music composed by Slava Vakarchuk. This looks more like a news story than a film, but still historically important.


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Final Trailer for 'Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story' Doc

Hollywood Dreams And Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story

"If the guy behind the make-up isn't selling it right, then it doesn't work." Cinedigm has unveiled a new official trailer for Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story, the documentary about the British actor Robert Englund, best known for playing the evil villain Freddy in the A Nightmare on Elm Street movies. We originally posted teaser trailers for this film back in 2019, when it was known as Icon: The Robert Englund Story. The horror documentary film was fan-funded on Indiegogo and has been struggling to get finished and ready for a proper release. Now it's finally time! Cinedigm is debuting this for streaming on their horror platform Screambox this summer season. The documentary follows Englund's career from his early days in Buster and Billie and Stay Hungry (starring with Arnold Schwarzenegger) to his big break in the 1980s as Freddy Krueger to his directorial debut with the 1988 horror film 976-EVIL to his iconic acting status in current roles such as the hit TV series "Stranger Things." The film which was shot over the course of two years, highlights the life and career of the classically trained actor & director. Dive in.


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Tour de France Cycling Team Doc 'Enter the Slipstream' Official Trailer

Enter the Slipstream Trailer

"This is a sport about perseverance no matter what." Monument Releasing has debuted an official trailer for a cycling documentary film titled Enter the Slipstream, which is a actually a pretty cool title for a film about the world's best cyclists. The film opens in June this summer if anyone is interested. It follows the Education First (EF) Cycling Team as they navigate a turbulent 2020 season through the Tour de France, telling the individual stories of the ambitious riders, from the Colombian star Rigo Urán to rising up-and-comers and veteran teammates. With their superstar "Rigo" Urán coming back from a catastrophic injury, the USA's oldest professional cycling team must come together as they face the sport’s biggest contest: the Tour de France. Other riders featured in this include Dani Martinez, Sergio Higuita, TeJay van Garderen, and Neilson Powless. There have been tons & tons of cycling docs before, though this still looks quite good.


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Official Trailer for 'Americonned' Doc About USA's Income Inequality

Americonned Trailer

"It's just not sustainable, the system is going to collapse." Shine a Light Films has revealed an official trailer for a documentary film titled Americonned, formerly known as Poor: The Movie. From filmmaker Sean Claffey, the film is a clear look at how the War on Poverty become a War Against the Poor. In the United States, there has been an upward redistribution of over $50 trillion from the bottom 90% to the top 1% over the last 40 years. Politicians on both sides created a protection racket for the rich, and corporations are deliberately crushing unions. In this epic David vs. Goliath story, Chris Smalls and Derrick Palmer lead a movement to unionize Amazon workers for the first time, after the corporation fired Smalls for speaking up for workers' rights. They are inspiring legions of workers to, as the late, great Congressman John Lewis said, get into "good trouble." This looks like an inspiring, hard-hitting doc film about what's wrong with America, with invigorating stories of how to fix economic problems and make a real difference. Check this out below.


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