Official Trailer for Netflix's Turkish Romantic Comedy 'Private Lesson'

Private Lesson Trailer

"Rule number one: you're going to do what I tell you." Netflix has revealed an official trailer for a Turkish romantic comedy called Private Lesson, arriving for streaming on Netflix starting this December. Netflix has been releasing more & more localized content to live up to agreements they've made with each country to produce a lot more content there in exchange for providing tons of films for viewers. What is this romcom all about? Posing as a private tutor, Azra secretly coaches students on achieving their goals in life and love — but not without a few bumps in the road. The cast of the film includes Bensu Soral as Azra, Halit Özgür Sarı, Helin Kandemir, Rami Narin, Hatice Aslan, Hülya Gülşen Irmak, Murat Karasu, Elif Ceren Balıkçı, Deniz Altan, and Esengül Yılmaz. This seems like a quirky Turkish reinvention of the Cyrano de Bergerac story, with a woman falling for a man she's supposed to be setting up for someone else.


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Official Trailer for Turkish Series 'Hot Skull' About a Verbal Epidemic

Hot Skull Series Trailer

"You have no idea who you're dealing with." Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for an intriguing new dystopian thriller from Turkey titled Hot Skull, which will be out to watch on Netflix starting in December. Adapted from a Turkish novel of the same name, this sort of apocalyptic story involves a cool sci-fi concept where talking can spread a disease by connecting pathways in one person's mind. In a dystopian world, as an epidemic spreads through verbal communication, a tyrannical institution pursues a linguist immune to the disease. This seems like clever contemporary commentary where fascist ideas are turned into a physical disease, hence the epidemic, and some people wear headphones all day to stop themselves from catching it. The main character is a linguist, played by Osman Sonant, who is hunted by the ruthless Anti-Epidemic Institution. The cast also includes Şevket Çoruh, Hazal Subaşı, Tilbe Saran, Kubilay Tunçer, Özgür Emre Yıldırım, Gonca Vuslateri, and Zerrin Sümer. It actually looks pretty cool, not sure where the story is headed and what exactly it's trying to say, but I'm hoping there's a few good twists in it. Take a look.

Promo Trailer for Slovakian Sapphic Love Story 'The Chambermaid'

The Chambermaid Trailer

"Your secret will remain yours." Screen Daily has revealed the first official trailer for The Chambermaid, a historical drama from a Slovakian filmmaker that is premiering this week in Estonia. It's world premiering at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (aka PÖFF) which is underway right now. Originally titled Slúžka in Slovakian, the film is described as "a touching romantic melodrama about 15-year-old Anka and wealthy-born Res who is exactly her age, but at the other end of the social ladder." It's a historic story about two female lovers, remaining secret in a world of men, until their lives are torn apart by the chaos of war. "They both realise that they have found a soulmate in each other – like in many world literature classics. The two of them become best friends and lovers, but a tragedy strikes them during World War I." The Chambermaid stars Dana Droppová, Radka Caldová, Vica Kerekes, Zuzana Mauréry, & Anna Geislerová. This is a good trailer, setting up the passionate romance. But it's definitely NSFW - featuring some nudity & sex.


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New Trailer for Korean Action Film 'The Roundup' with Ma Dong-seok

The Roundup Trailer

"You need a good ass whooping!" Madman Films has debuted the new Australian trailer for a Korean action movie called The Roundup, which is actually a sequel to 2017's The Outlaws, also about renegade cops. The film was already released in both South Korea and the US back in May earlier this year, but it was such a quiet release we never heard about it or posted a trailer back then. I caught up with the film at the Sitges Film Festival in October and it's a blast. Train to Busan star Ma Dong-seok leads this action crime film as "The Beast Cop" who heads to Vietnam to extradite a suspect. However, he discovers additional murder cases and learns about a killer who had committed crimes against tourists for many years. He gets caught up in even more crime and chaos trying to find and stop the criminals before they disappear once again. The cast also includes Sukku Son, Choi Gwi-hwa, Ji-hwan Park, Heo Dong-won, and Ha-Jun. Fire it up.


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First Official UK Trailer for Adil & Bilall's Intense Syria Thriller 'Rebel'

Rebel Trailer

"I'm just trying to survive. Like you." Signature Entertainment in the UK has revealed an official trailer for Rebel, the intense action thriller war film from the acclaimed Belgian-Moroccan filmmaking duo known as Adil & Bilall. This first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, and will be out in the UK next month, but with no US date set yet. Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah are known as talented action directors who broke into Hollywood with Bad Boys for Life, then Disney+'s "Ms. Marvel" series as well as Batgirl for WB (before they shelved it). This was made inbetween all that. Set in Brussels and Syria, Kamal resolves to change his life for the better, so he leaves to help war victims in Syria. But he is forced to join a militia and is left stranded in Raqqa, suddenly working for the bad guys. Back home, his younger brother Nassim quickly becomes easy prey for radical recruiters, who promise to reunite him with his brother. Their mother, Leila, fights to protect the only thing she has left: her youngest son. It stars Amir El Arbi, Aboubakr Bensaihi, Younes Bouab, Kamal Moummad, and Lubna Azabal. A very good film, nothing else like it out there.

Full UK Trailer for Empress Sisi Film 'Corsage' Starring Vicky Krieps

Corsage Trailer

"A lion doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep." Picturehouse in the UK has revealed another trailer for the indie Austrian drama Corsage, from award-winning Austrian filmmaker Marie Kreutzer. This one is opening in both the US and the UK at the end of December right around the holidays, playing exclusively in art house theaters. It's also Austria's submission to the Academy Awards this year. Empress Elisabeth of Austria, referred to as "Empress Sisi", is best known for her beauty and fashion trends. But in 1877, she celebrates her 40th birthday and must fight to maintain her public image. With a future of only ceremonial duties in front of her, she rebels against her public image and comes up with a plan to protect her legacy. Vicky Krieps stars as Elisabeth in the film, along with Florian Teichtmeister, Jeanne Werner, Alma Hasan, Finnegan, and Colin Morgan. Not one of our favorite films this year, an acquired taste I might say (I recommend skipping it entirely). But some may find it peculiar and fascinating. Give it a look below.

Teaser for 'Amusia' Love Story About an Inability to Hear Any Music

Amusia Trailer

"There isn't a medical explanation." UMI Films + Rai Cinema have revealed a first look teaser trailer for an interesting new Italian film titled Amusia, premiering this month at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (aka PÖFF) in Estonia. Amusia, from the Greek "a-musia," meaning lack of harmony, is a biological musical disorder that causes inability to process, understand and recognize music. In a world saturated with music, Amusia tells the story of a girl who is born without the means to hear it.
 The disease, and lack of acceptance, push her to run away, finding herself in a forgotten suburban neighbourhood. There she befriends a boy who is fighting his own solitude through music as he tries to prevent his own dreams from rotting away. 
A love story between two people that turn out to be not so different after all. The film stars Carlotta Gamba as Livia, Giampiero de Concilio, Fanny Ardant, Maurizio Lombardi, and Adriano Chiaramida. This is very compelling teaser, that starts intriguing and ends on a sweet note with these two lovers. Check it out.

Dutch Labyrinthine Thriller 'Nr. 10' Official US Trailer from Drafthouse

Nr. 10 Film Trailer

"What do you know about my mother?" Drafthouse revealed their official US trailer for a Dutch film titled Nr. 10, which is being released this fall exclusively in Alamo Drafthouse movie theaters around the country. This is the latest feature from Borgman director Alex van Warmerdam, and it first premiered at Fantastic Fest and the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival last year. Günter was raised by foster parents after being found abandoned in the woods with no memory as a child. Years later, when a man approaches him on the street and whispers a strange word in his ear, he begins to experience visions from his fractured past that reveal a dark secret, threatening what he thinks he knows about his life and the very nature of his existence. Described as "a labyrinthine thriller with a stunning conclusion you will not predict or soon forget." Starring Tom Dewispelaere, Frieda Barnhard, Pierre Bokma, Hans Kesting, Anniek Pheifer, and Jan Bijvoet (aka the original "Borgman"). This looks super funky, and very dark, twisted, alluring. Who IS this guy, what's going on, who are these other people? Glad to see Drafthouse giving this a proper release soon.


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Another New Trailer for Wong Kar-Wai's 'Blossoms Shanghai' Project

Blossoms Shanghai Trailer

Come back to cinema, WKW! Tencent Pictures is China has debuted yet another new promo trailer for a web series + feature film project called Blossoms Shanghai, also known as only Blossoms (繁花) for China. This has been in the works for years and years. We featured a different trailer for this last year already, but it still hasn't been released yet. It's all rather vague. This is an adaptation of a 2012 novel of the same name from Jin Yucheng, telling the story of a young entrepreneur named Mr. Bao as he seeks wealth, status and romance set against a backdrop of China's 1990s economic boom. The story of a "self-made millionaire" in Shanghai during the 1990s, a young opportunist with a troubled past. Wong has said it is a "deeply personal venture as a return to his hometown of Shanghai," and he has been working on its script and development for five years." Starring Hu Ge as Mr. Bao, with Kris Wu, Ma Yili, Tang Yan, and Xin Zhilei. There's still no English subtitles in the trailer but it's all about that WKW aesthetic & mood, of course. Have a look.


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New US Trailer for Heartfelt Swedish Comedy 'Food and Romance'

Food and Romance Trailer

"I dreamed of working with food, but then I got pregnant early." Samuel Goldwyn Films has revealed an official US trailer for an indie romantic comedy from Sweden titled Food and Romance, which is the very generic English title for this movie originally known as Tuesday Club (or Tisdagsklubben) in Swedish. A sudden change discovering her husband is cheating forces Karin to re-evaluate her life. With the help of friends, food and passion she refuses to accept that life has an expiration date and takes the second chance she is given to explore her passions and find new love. This almost seems like Sweden's version of Eat Pray Love. Of course she'll find love again when she gets obsessed with food!! This stars Marie Richardson, Peter Stormare, Ida Engvoll, Björn Kjellman, Sussie Ericsson, Carina M. Johansson, & Maria Sid. It looks charming and spunky, with an unexpected twist of Stormare being the love interest in this one.


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New Trailer for 'Boy From Heaven' Film About Corruption in Religion

Boy From Heaven Trailer

"Make sure he is elected." Memento International has revealed an official trailer for an acclaimed film titled Boy From Heaven, set entirely in Egypt even though it's actually a Swedish production. This premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Best Screenplay award, and has since played at numerous other festivals including the Zurich, Hamburg, London, Busan, Vancouver, Ghent, Mill Valley Film Fests. On the first day back after summer, the grand imam collapses and dies in front of students at a religious university in Cairo. This marks the start of a ruthless battle for influence to take his place. The film is about corruption and how even the most holy organization, the prestigious Al-Azhar University located in Cairo, is susceptible to horrible power play dynamics. The film stars Tawfeek Barhom as Adam, Fares Fares, Mohammad Bakri, Makram Khoury, Mehdi Dehbi, Moe Ayoub, Sherwan Haji, and Ahmed Lassaoui. I was a fan of this one in Cannes, mostly because it's so frighteningly honest about corruption, but the reviews were mixed from critics. I hope it gets a US release set soon - expected to open early 2023.

French Action Sequel 'Lost Bullet 2' Full Trailer with More Car Chases

Lost Bullet 2 Trailer

"What do you want?" "For him to pay!" Netflix has launched the full-length official trailer for Lost Bullet 2: Back for More, a "high octane" sequel to the French film Lost Bullet from 2020. That one has been on Netflix since 2020 and is one of the underrated gems that is worth a watch if you enjoy action movies. Lino is a car savant-turned-police officer with a need for speed. Determined to find the murderers of his brother and his mentor, Lino continues his hunt and won't let anyone – or anything – get in his way. Lost Bullet 2 is the exciting sequel to the 2020 French action thriller that "wastes nothing in its quest to deliver the goods." Starring Alban Lenoir, Diego Martín, Pascale Arbillot, and Stéfi Celma. This looks dope!! It doesn't seem as polished as the Fast & Furious films, but does have that same energetic streets-on-fire vibe. Enjoy.


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