Victorian London Prison Curse Horror Film 'The Gates' Official Trailer

The Gates Horror Trailer

"Save us Father! There's evil down here." This looks creepy. 101 Films has unveiled an official trailer for an indie supernatural horror film called The Gates, made by the filmmaker Stephen Hall. The title must be a reference to the "Gates of Hell", not just the prison itself. Or perhaps somewhere else more sinister… Set in Victorian London, a chilling thriller at a prison. A serial killer has been sentenced to death by electric chair in the 1890s, but in his final hours, he puts a curse on the prison he is in, and all of those in it. The film stars Michael Yare and Richard Brake, along with John Rhys-Davies & Elena Delia as two post mortem photographers, turned paranormal investigators; plus David Pearse & Peter Coonan. This looks much better than expected, with a scary story to boot. And the intense end of the trailer hints at a big showdown.


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Freaky Possessed Fiancé Horror Film 'Mother, May I?' Official Trailer

Mother, May I? Trailer

"A boy's best friend is his mother." Dark Sky Films has unveiled an official trailer for the indie horror film called Mother, May I?, made by filmmaker Laurence Vannicelli. This premiered recently a genre festival, and opens on VOD to watch this summer in July. When his fiancé, Anya, starts behaving like his recently deceased mother, Emmett is forced into a nightmarish game of therapy… or is it a possession? He then tries mushrooms to let go of his trauma from his past involving his mother, but it seems to make things worse. In this trippy horror film, actors Kyle Gallner and Holland Roden experience a strange, Oedipal nightmare that involves a dead mom, some magic mushrooms, and an unexpected transformation. The small indie cast also includes Michael Giannone and Chris Mulkey. This looks super creepy (I don't want to experience any of this) and surreal, with lots of strange things going on and some extra weird footage in this trailer.


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A Horde of Giant Hungry Alligators in Action Horror 'The Flood' Trailer

The Flood Trailer

"We're all going to get eaten alive!" Yes, yes they probably will. Saban Films has revealed the trailer for an action horror movie called The Flood, another of these junky direct-to-video B-movie horror flicks that seem to be popping up all the time now. It's from the same bad filmmaker who also made Battle For Saipan, also with Casper Van Dien, who is back again for this one. A horde of giant hungry alligators is unleashed on a group of in-transit prisoners and their guards after a massive hurricane floods Louisiana. Yes, this is the alligators-in-a-prison movie, if anyone wants to watch. Starring Casper Van Dien, Nicky Whelan, Louis Mandylor, Devanny Pinn, Ryan Francis, Randy Wayne, and Kim DeLonghi. This does not seem worth anyone's time or money - steer clear of this one, folks. There are plenty of other better giant alligator / croc movies to watch instead: Sewer Gators, Crawl, Black Water: Abyss, Runner Runner, and The Tank.


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Brooklyn Brownstone 70s Ghost Thriller 'Brooklyn 45' Official Trailer

Brooklyn 45 Trailer

"The ghosts of your past would like to have a word with you." Shudder has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror creation titled Brooklyn 45, the latest from indie genre filmmaker Ted Geoghegan. This premiered at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival, also playing at The Overlook Festival, and will be streaming on Shudder (as well as on AMC+) starting in June this summer. It's one of these original indie creations that deserves our attention and if you have the time, check it out at home. It's set in the 1970s and takes place entirely at a Brooklyn brownstone. Five military veterans, best friends since childhood, gather together to support their troubled host, and the metaphoric ghosts of their past become all-too-literal. The film stars Anne Ramsay, Ron E. Rains, Jeremy Holm, Larry Fessenden, Ezra Buzzington, and Kristina Klebe. This starts out rather nice and turns into something crazy & intense in the second half. Have a look.


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Second Trailer for 'The Blackening' Horror Comedy - Opening in June

The Blackening Trailer #2

"Why Black women gotta save everyone all the damn time?!" Lionsgate has debuted a second trailer for The Blackening, an original horror comedy landing in theaters in June - one month from now. The first trailer is much better than this, but this is still a funny trailer. The movie is a contemporary riff on the Black guy dies first trope from many horror movies. Seven Black friends who go away for the weekend only to find themselves trapped in a cabin with a killer who has a vendetta. Will their street smarts and knowledge of horror movies help them stay alive? Probably not… This stars Grace Byers, Jermaine Fowler, Melvin Gregg, X Mayo, Dewayne Perkins, Antoinette Robertson, Sinqua Walls, with Jay Pharoah, and Yvonne Orji. It's directed by Tim Story, known for Fantastic Four (2005), Barbershop, and Ride Along. This trailer has that old school nightvision camera screening reactions footage, like they used to show in 90s TV ads all the time. And it works quite well here! I'd like to watch this with a big crowd on opening weekend.


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Freaky Teaser Trailer for Blumhouse's 'Five Nights At Freddy's' Movie

Five Nights At Freddy's Trailer

"We're going to have so much fun together." Blumhouse has revealed a first look at the horror film Five Nights At Freddy's, an adaptation of the super popular video game series of the same name. They made a surprise film out of this and it's already ready for release in October. "It's time to clock-in." The main series consists of nine video games taking place in locations connected to a family pizza restaurant franchise named "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza", after its mascot, the animatronic bear Freddy Fazbear. A troubled security guard begins working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. While spending his first night on the job, he realizes the night shift at Freddy's won't be so easy to make it through… Starring Josh Hutcherson, with Matthew Lillard, Elizabeth Lail, Mary Stuart Masterson, Kat Conner Sterling, Jessica Weiss, & Grant Feely. So this is obviously another Chuck E. Cheese horror riff, with the animatronic creatures coming alive and killing people. They already did this with Nicolas Cage in Willy's Wonderland? This looks even better.


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Watch: Scary Stop-Motion Short Film 'Everybody Goes to the Hospital'

Everybody Goes to the Hospital Short Film

"As doctor put on his gloves, I tried to be brave." Another one-of-a-kind animated short. Everybody Goes to the Hospital is a stop-motion animated short film by a filmmaker named Tiffany Kimmel. Based on a true story, Everybody Goes to the Hospital is a stop motion animated exploration of physical, psychological, and familial trauma, telling the tale of 4-year-old Little Mata as she's taken to the hospital in late 1963 with appendicitis. "In making this film, I wanted to capture the storybook-like quality that I experienced when hearing this story as a child", Kimmel states. She also wanted her "mom's childhood experience to be played out in the doll-like manner she told it, as an unprocessed traumatic fairytale," whilst also carrying a warning for "others to believe their children and to stay close." Featuring the voice of Lucia Hadley Wheeler. This is such a hauntingly scary story to tell that it may make you afraid of ever visiting a hospital after watching.


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Vivid Full Trailer for 'Medusa Deluxe' Competitive Hairdressing Horror

Medusa Deluxe Trailer

"All I want to do is cut hair. And they keep dropping." Mubi has revealed an official trailer for Medusa Deluxe, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Thomas Hardiman. This premiered at a handful of film festival last year, including Locarno, Beyond Fest, Fantastic Fest, Fantasy Filmfest, and the London Film Festival. It's set for a Mubi release streaming in Europe, though the US release date hasn't been set yet. A high-stakes hairdressing competition descends into paranoia and chaos after a participant is viciously murdered, in this astonishing faux single-take (with a bunch of long takes) comedy-thriller. Starring Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Clare Perkins, Darrell D'Silva, Debris Stevenson, Harriet Webb, Heider Ali, Kae Alexander, Kayla Meikle, Lilit Lesser, Luke Pasqualino. "Medusa Deluxe is a unique and audacious trip quite unlike anything you’ll experience." It looks like crazy fun, though the boxy aspect ratio doesn't fit.


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Murder Mystery in the Scottish Highlands - 'Mercy Falls' Film Trailer

Mercy Falls Trailer

"We know she's coming, we know she'll find us." Tubi has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror thriller mystery film from Scotland titled Mercy Falls, directed by Scottish filmmaker Ryan Hendrick. It'll be available for streaming for free on Tubi next week. A group of friends sets off into the Scottish highlands in search of a long lost cabin, but an unforeseen tragedy befalls the group when one of them is injured. After making a decision about how to proceed, the friends uncover a secret that leads to suspicion, betrayal, and murder. Yet another mysterious murder & crime thriller on streaming services - serving up more of what everyone is addicted to these days. This stars Lauren Lyle, Nicolette McKeown, James Watterson, Layla Kirk, Joe Rising, and Eoin Sweeney. It doesn't look so bad, with foggy forest horror atmosphere.


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Sarah Snook in Unsettling Horror Film 'Run Rabbit Run' Official Trailer

Run Rabbit Run Trailer

"You don't like me. You make me hide and hide." Netflix has revealed their official trailer for an indie horror film titled Run Rabbit Run, which first premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It received mixed reviews, despite being one of the most talked about horror films premiering in the Midnight section of the festival. Sarah Snook plays a fertility doctor who believes firmly in life and death, but after noticing the strange behavior of her young daughter, must challenge her own values and confront a ghost from her past. Seems like it will have some scary twists. Described as a "exquisitely fine-tuned psychological thriller, elegantly incorporating unsettling visual and aural cues to signal how destabilized Sarah’s world has become." Also starring Lily LaTorre, Damon Herriman, and Greta Scacchi. Alas this trailer doesn't make this look any better than the mixed reviews I heard from Sundance, but still might be worth a look if you're someone who's into this kind of discomforting bad-trauma-from-the-past horror. Take a peek below.


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Junky Cannibal Cult Horror Thriller 'The Devil Comes at Night' Trailer

The Devil Comes at Night Trailer

"The whole town's acting bizarre!" Uncork'd Ent. has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror thriller film called The Devil Comes at Night, which is yet another "devil" horror title along with I Saw the Devil, Along Came the Devil, Shame the Devil, Prey for the Devil, May the Devil Take You, etc. This premiered last year and will be out on VOD directly in June to watch, heading straight-to-video this summer. A washed up boxer named Ben searching for his inheritance must fight for his own life when he's trapped in his deceased father's farmhouse by a local cannibal cult. So now they're just taking overused tropes from different genres and mashing them up! The Devil Comes at Night stars Ryan Allen, Adrienne Kress, Jason Martorino, Elias Zarou, Shawn Ahmed, Todd Campbell, and Dana Fradkin. This looks as terrible as they come, it makes sense they're dumping this one on video right away. Move along folks, there's nothing to see here.


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Watch: Super Gross Horror Short 'Your Houseplants Are Screaming'

Your Houseplants Are Screaming Short Film

"What feels likes days to us, are seconds to it. It's standing there now, but soon it will move." Time to water your plants! This crazy short film called Your Houseplants Are Screaming is now online to watch after first premiering at the 2022 Slamdance and Fantasia Film Festivals last year. Made by Benjamin Roberds, with SFX by Katie Gregg. Human houseplants are held captive by a giant plant creature. Confined to their pots, the houseplants struggle to comprehend the horror of being shelf ornaments in a grotesque hell house made of flesh, meat, muscle and bone. It's one of this totally wild concepts that they actually somehow pull off. What if instead of houseplants, a plant (or is it a tree?) had human plants. It's all reversed - everything in the plant's world is made of "flesh" (like how we make everything out of wood). The rest of it is disgusting and hilarious. This is something that used to only play on TV after midnight, I'm glad everyone can enjoy it.


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