Two Families at Odds in Dutch/Danish Horror 'Speak No Evil' Trailer

Speak No Evil Trailer

"No one's forcing you to stay, but I really hope you do." Shudder & IFC have revealed an official trailer for a crazy new indie horror film from Denmark titled Speak No Evil, which initially premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in the Midnight section. A Danish family visits a Dutch family they met on a holiday. What was supposed to be an idyllic weekend slowly starts unraveling as the Danes try to stay polite in the face of unpleasantness. What exactly happens? You have to watch and find out. One description says "their lives [are] altered in unexpected, deeply horrifying way." Reviews say it's "a frightening fable about the rise of complacency in the face of evil over the past decade." The mostly English-language film stars Morten Burian, Sidsel Siem Koch, Fedja Van Huêt, Karina Smulders, Liva Forsberg, Marius Damslev. This is a great trailer that doesn't give away much of the film but does setup the stakes and tease the horror.


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Freaky New 'First Look' Trailer for del Toro's 'Cabinet of Curiosities'

Cabinet of Curiosities First Look

"Each of the episodes has a whole world - they present you with different delights. Some are savory, some are sweet. You get a surprise from each of the bites." Netflix has unveiled a new "first look" teaser trailer for Guillermo del Toro's horror anthology series coming to Netflix this October. The full title is Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities, based on his own short story. This anthology of sinister stories is told by some of today’s most revered horror creators, including the directors of The Babadook, Splice, Mandy, and more. It features eight unique horror stories that challenge the classical horror genre. In this new teaser trailer, GdT discuses how he wants to say with this series that "the world is world beautiful and horrible – at exactly the same time" allowing various directors total freedom to tell scary stories. They've focused and worked on building practical monsters and making them feel real and scary, which is especially thrilling in a world where everything is most CGI these days. Yeah this looks fantastic!! Every single first look in here is chilling. I'm especially excited for the Panos Cosmatos & Catherine Hardwicke films. What about you?


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Quick Trailer for Doc 'The Horror Crowd' About the Horror Community

The Horror Crowd Trailer

"The horror crowd helps each other out." Buffalo 8 has revealed an official trailer for documentary The Horror Crowd, another documentary about the film community and how vibrant and exciting it is. After premiering back in 2020 it's finally getting a VOD release this September. Director Ruben Pla assembled an all-star cast of actors and filmmakers to discuss the Hollywood horror community, covering such wide-ranging topics as women in horror, race relations, "being the weird kid," and film festivals, as well as the unique community and support that exists within the space. Among the near-40 people who appear are Lin Shaye (Insidious), Director Russell Mulcahy (Highlander, Resident Evil: Extinction), Producer / Director Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity), Brea Grant (12 Hour Shift), Director Ernest R. Dickerson ("The Walking Dead"), Director Adam Robitel (Escape Room), Clare Kramer ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"), Blumhouse’s Director of Development Ryan Turek, Greg Grunberg (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), Director Chelsea Stardust (Satanic Panic), Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw franchise) and others. Check it out below.

Must Watch Trailer for 'Saloum' Awesome African Neo-Western Horror

Saloum Trailer

"He's preparing for something. Something… he isn't telling us." Shudder has unveiled an official trailer for a film from Africa titled Saloum, a break-out feature from Congolese director Jean Luc Herbulot. This first premiered in Midnight Madness at TIFF 2021 last year and rocked numerous other genre festivals including Fantastic Fest and Beyond Fest. I flipped for this, one of the most creative and badass African films paving the way for a New Wave of African cinema. The film takes place in the West African nation of Senegal, on the delta known as Saloum. The film follows a trio of mercenaries escorting a foreigner drug dealer through dangerous lands. Not only is the film packed with vibrant, often neon, style expressed through colors and light and distinct costumes, but it switches up genres part of the way in and dips a bit into action horror. Starring Yann Gael, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Roger Sallah, Mentor Ba, and Bruno Henry. Yeah this film is awesome and you need to take some time to watch because it will rock your TV as soon as you press play.

Another Violent Home A.I. Horror Thriller - 'Margaux' Official Trailer

Margaux Trailer

"I have quite the weekend in store for you…" Paramount Movies has unveiled an official trailer for a freaky horror thriller Margaux, the latest bland creation from B-movie action director Steven C. Miller (of tons of bad movies including Extraction, Marauders, Arsenal, First Kill, Escape Plan 2: Hades, Line of Duty). Yet another new "Artificial Intelligent turns against people" uninspired thriller, especially one that's about a smart home that turns deadly (why this again?). A group of college friends rent a smart house for a weekend of partying. Later, they start to realize that "Margaux", the house's super advanced AI system, has sinister designs for them. The cast features Madison Pettis, Vanessa Morgan, Richard Harmon, Lochlyn Munro, Jedidiah Goodacre, Phoebe Miu, Jordan Buhat, Brittany Mitchell, and Louis Lay. This is another of these "how does this junk keep getting made" kind of movies. It looks so cheesy and forgettable.


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New US Trailer for Pagan Folk Horror Film 'Jikirag' Made in Canada

Jikirag Trailer

"We struck an oath. Why has she abandoned the words." Vertical Entertainment has revealed an official US trailer for an indie horror film from Canada titled Jikirag, the feature directorial debut of the film's three directors. This "Pagan folk horror" film is getting a US release in September, though it hasn't shown up at any fests. A pagan village, founded on the bones of both innocent and foul, is deeply rooted within the heart of an ancient Eden. When a balance of flesh and soil decays, the last surviving village elder battles madness and the macabre to save her people from not only themselves but the monstrous judgment that burrows up from below. Starring Tracey Roath, Alexander J Baxter, Roy Campsall, Josefin Jönsson Tysén, Jenna Hill, and Corey Woods. Unfortunately this doesn't look great - underlit cinematography, campy dialogue, convoluted threats. No wonder all the festivals rejected this - we should all probably skip it, too.


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Freaky Supernatural Horror Thriller 'The Harbinger' Official Trailer

The Harbinger Trailer

"The Harbinger has come." Screen Media Films has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror feature titled The Harbinger, opening soon in early September this year. Hoping to escape their past, Daniel and Theresa Snyder move their troubled young daughter Rosalie in to a quaint Midwestern town, but they are followed by the evil they tried to leave behind. When neighbors and other locals begin to die, the Snyders turn to a Native American seer and uncover a legend that may hold the key to saving their family, or a path to a grisly end for them and all they hold dear. This almost sounds like Poltergeist. The supernatural horror film stars Will Klipstine, who also directs this, plus Irene Bedard, Madeleine McGraw, Amanda MacDonald, and Steve Monroe. It sorta looks like a re-imagining of The Omen, with a young girl "taken" by the Devil. This gets super intense at the end and teases that gnarly demon (or is that the Devil himself?).


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'The Day After Halloween' Film Trailer - 'The Hangover' Meets Horror

Day After Halloween Trailer

"Hello guys! I need to talk to you, about a party you had here last night…" Kamikaze Dogfight has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror creation titled The Day After Halloween, arriving on VOD later in August this summer. No relation to the 1979 horror film also titled The Day After Halloween, which is a bit strange to see nowadays. "It's The Hangover meets Horror when Gravitas Ventures and Kamikaze Dogfight invite you to witness The Day after Halloween." Directed by Chad Ostrom, and written by Danny Schluck, this frighteningly fun genre treat sees two lifelong buddies forced to unravel the circumstances that led to a corpse in their bathtub in the wake of a Halloween party. Sounds intense. The film stars Danny Schluck, Brandon DeLany, Aimee Fogelman, and Victoria Meade. This doesn't look that good, which isn't a surprise considering this hasn't earned any buzz at the small festivals it has been screening at. Check it out.


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Radical Trailer for Multiverse Horror Anthology Feature 'Tiny Cinema'

Tiny Cinema Trailer

"Here, we don't believe in dreams… we live in nightmares." Dread Presents has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror anthology featured called Tiny Cinema. It's premiering at two different genre festivals this month (Popcorn Frights / FrightFest) and will be out on VOD in September. From the makers of Butt Boy, Tiny Cinema is a twisted tale of seemingly unconnected strangers whose lives will change in incredible and bizarre ways forever. This seems to be the very first "multiverse" horror film. "Game Night" spirals out of control when a simple joke goes over a guest's head. "Edna" is looking for love in all the wrong places. "Bust" sees two friends stopping at nothing to help their impotent buddy. "Deep Impact" has a delivery man deliver a package to himself… from the future. "Mother*******" focuses on an unlucky mafia card game. And "Daddies Home" finds a man transforming after unknowingly snorting ashes of his date's father. Starring Tyler Rice, Philip Ursino, Sam Landers, Kristina Clifford, Shelby Dash, Austin Lewis, Olivia Herman, Matt Rubano, Kyle Lewis, Matt Rasku, and Kevin Michael Moran. This is one hell of a wicked trailer! Totally sold.


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Someone Made a 'Casper' Rip-Off? Official Trailer for 'Ghoster' Movie

Ghoster Trailer

"Your mom wouldn't have let us just give up without a fight." WTF is this!? Lionsgate unveiled an official trailer for a direct-to-video movie called Ghoster, which is a blatant Casper rip-off in every way. Aside from the 1995 Casper movie, there have been rumors that studios are trying to develop and make another new Casper movie, but nothing has happened yet. In the meantime, it looks like some crafty producer decide to make this BS. "Enter an enchanted, ghostly world with the captivating family adventure." An inquisitive girl and her father must unravel the secrets of Echoville Manor which has held the world's cutest spirit Ghoster captive for 50 years, before Yuto the ghost dragon wipes them all out in his quest for immortality. The cast features Sophie Proctor, J.R. Brown, Josh Escayg, Rachel G. Whittle, Marlon Ladd, and Gerardo Davila. It looks amusing and I'm sure kids will enjoy it. But it also looks like rubbish anyone should avoid.


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Full Trailer for 'Glorious' - A Bathroom Stall Lovecraftian Horror Film

Glorious Trailer

"The universe has a favor to ask… you need to satisfy my physical form." Shudder has revealed a wild full-length official trailer for the indie horror thriller film Glorious, which will be streaming later in August on Shudder. After a rough breakup, Wes ends up at a remote rest stop. He ends up locked inside the bathroom with a mysterious figure speaking from an adjacent stall. Soon Wes realizes he's involved in a situation even more terrible than he could imagine. How's that for a pitch?! Bathroom glory hole horror!! J.K. Simmons, who you can hear in this trailer, is the voice of the "God" in the other stall. "Glorious is an intimate indie horror full of twists and unimaginable turns that boasts one of the most jaw-dropping roles of Simmons' career. Psychedelic, comedic, overwhelmingly messy, surprisingly emotionally, Glorious has all the makings of a future cult hit." Also starring Ryan Kwanten. This looks crazy and messed up and demented and super fun! Invite the whole family for a glory hole movie (not that kind of movie) night. Take a peek below.


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First Look Teaser for Kid Friendly Horror 'Spirit Halloween: The Movie'

Spirit Halloween: The Movie Teaser

"Pop up Halloween store in a creepy lot?" "Awesome!" File this under "huh?" You know those Halloween stores that pop up in abandoned places and sell costumes and other junk? Spirit Halloween stores, they're called, and you've definitely drive by two or three of them. Maybe even five or six. They've decided to make an entire movie - Spirit Halloween: The Movie - which is pretty much just a glorified feature-length ad that will play in theaters this October. When a new Spirit Halloween store opens in a deserted strip mall, three middle school friends who think they’ve outgrown trick or treating dare to spend the night locked in on Halloween. But they soon find out it's haunted by an angry evil spirit who has possessed all the creepy animatronics. Starring Christopher Lloyd and Rachael Leigh Cook, with Donavan Colan, Dylan Frankel, Jaiden Smith, and Marissa Reyes. This plays much more like a full trailer than just a teaser. It also looks like they've ripped off "Stranger Things'" success just so they can sell more stuff and make money.


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