New Trailer for 'The Legend of La Llorona' Horror with Danny Trejo

The Legend of La Llorona Trailer

"What's a Llorona? And what does it want with my son?" Saban Films has unveiled an official US trailer for a horror film titled The Legend of La Llorona, the feature debut of filmmaker Patricia Harris Seeley. This is the third horror film in the last few years about the Mexican ghost story of La Llorona. Warner Bros released The Curse of La Llorona, then there was also La Llorona from Guatemala last year. Do we really need another one? This one looks like the least interesting one yet. While vacationing in Mexico, a couple discovers their son's disappearance is tied to a supernatural curse. Aided by the resourceful taxi driver Jorge (Danny Trejo) the family races to save their only child, navigating the foreboding countryside held by menacing cartel thugs. Gaining strength and power and leaving a path of death and destruction in her wake, La Llorona is seemingly unstoppable. The cast also includes Autumn Reeser, Antonio Cupo, and Zamia Fandiño. This looks exactly like both of the other films before? Why keep telling the same story over again.

Home Invasion Thriller 'See For Me' Trailer Starring Skyler Davenport

See For Me Trailer

"Where are they now?!" IFC Films has debuted the first official trailer for a home invasion horror-thriller titled See For Me, taking the concept of Don't Breathe and mixed with a techno thriller involving someone helping remotely over the phone. This first premiered at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, and later stopped by the Vancouver and London Film Festivals. When blind former skier Sophie cat-sits in a secluded mansion, three thieves break in to go after the hidden safe. Sophie's only defense is army veteran Kelly. Kelly helps Sophie defend herself against the invaders and survive. The film stars Skyler Davenport as Sophie, with Kim Coates, Jessica Parker Kennedy, and Laura Vandervoort. This is a cool concept for a horror film, and it looks scary! I just hope the film is good. I dig the way this trailer ends… in darkness.

New US Trailer for Horror 'Achoura' About a Scary Moroccan Legend

Achoura Trailer

"He feeds on children." Dark Star Pictures has released an official US trailer for a French-Moroccan horror film titled Achoura, finally getting a release in the US this December after originally premiering in 2018. Following raves at Cinepocalypse, the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival, Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival, and other fests, the US gets to now witness the terrifying tale of a Moroccan legend. Four childhood friends are reunited when one of them surfaces after twenty years, forcing them to deal with a creature straight out of a spine-chilling Moroccan legend. They will have to confront the terrifying events of their youth and fight a monstrous creature from folk lore. "It is sociologically proven that fantasy and horror cinema has always enjoyed a renewed interest from audiences and critics in times of social and economic turmoil," the director explains. Achoura stars Sofiia Manousha, Younes Bouab, Omar Lotfi, Iván González, Moussa Maaskri, & Mohamed Choubi. It's always cool to see the supernatural forces that haunt other cultures.

Shot-on-Video Sci-Fi Horror 80s Throwback 'Forgotten Trash' Trailer

Forgotten Trash Trailer

"When I'm done with you, no one will remember who you are." Retro Video Pictures has debuted a trailer for Forgotten Trash, a wacky 80s throwback indie creation made by filmmaker Brandon Espana. A film graduate stumbles across an alien in the woods who convinces him to help with an intergalactic television show. In it, the alien travels from planet to planet torturing and killing its inhabitants. Rather than adding digital effects, Espana shot the movie on a MiniDV camcorder then transferred it to VHS to get the grainy visuals. It plays like a genuine relic rather than a pastiche of tongue-in-cheek nostalgia. "I wasn't trying to make something self-referential," he explains. "It was always intended to be a straightforward, low-budget genre movie that draws influence from '70s and early '80s regional horror." The indie film stars Connor McDonald and Steve Kasan. "Clocking in at just shy of an hour, Forgotten Trash is a brisk throwback to the halcyon days of VHS." Accompanied by the ghastly short The Apparition & Ms. Delware. Take a look.

Watch: Terrifying Horror Short 'Stay Pretty, No Pity' with Maria Ozawa

Stay Pretty, No Pity Short Film

"Pretty, pretty, pretty…" Who's up for something creepy? Stay Pretty, No Pity is a horror short made by filmmaker Wilco C. Rullens, starring Maria Ozawa as a young woman haunted by a strange Japanese ghost. The 11-minute short is a proof of concept for a full feature, if enough people are excited about it. "If a ghost shows herself to you in the mirror and asks: 'Do you want to stay pretty?' What would your answer be?" The short is based on the Japanese folklore of Oiwa Yotsuya (Yotsuya Kaidan). A true story from the Edo period, it told of a samurai that had his beautiful wife killed because she became deformed, only to be haunted by her vision until he went insane and killed himself. Now hundreds of years later, Yotsuya is back! Out to punish more ugly characters by recruiting the pretty. Scary. And also a cautionary tale about beauty, but strangely this short doesn't seem to deal with that at all. Does she learn any lessons? Not really… This plays a bit like Ringu meets any other urban legend involving a mirror, featuring one freaky Japanese ghost.

Spine-Chilling Horror Film 'The Darkness of the Road' Official Trailer

The Darkness of the Road Trailer

"What happened to your face?" Uncork'd Entertainment has released an official trailer for an indie horror film titled The Darkness of the Road, made by a Venezuelan filmmaker named Eduardo Rodriguez. "The Darkness of the Road will again remind you to be careful who you pick up on the road!" A single mother and her young daughter are driving on a desolate road in a moonless desert. After meeting a young hitchhiker, the mother realizes her daughter is missing. As they search for her, a merciless force begins to torment the two women. Starring Najarra Townsend and Leah Lauren, with Paris Dylan, Gwyneth Glover, and Johnny Whitworth. There is so much blue in this trailer. So many intense colors. And some creepy dude.

Christine Nyland & Jacob A. Ware in Horror 'An Unquiet Grave' Trailer

An Unquiet Grave Trailer

"There isn't any right or wrong, there's just what happens." RLJE Films has debuted an official trailer for the indie horror drama An Unquiet Grave, which is arriving on VOD starting in January after a streaming run on Shudder earlier this year. The film originally premiered at the 2020 Nightstream Film Festival last year, and was one of the most buzzed about films showing there. A year after losing his wife in a car crash, Jamie convinces her sister to return with him to the site of the accident and perform a strange ritual. But as the night wears on, it becomes clear that he has darker intentions. "An Unquiet Grave is an exploration of grief, and the harm we cause when we don't take responsibility for our own healing." Starring Jacob A. Ware & Christine Nyland. This looks like Pet Sematary lite but about reviving a wife not a few dead pets.

New Trailer for Vintage Horror Film 'The Wild Man of the Navidad'

The Wild Man of the Navidad Trailer

"A force of evil will torment a town." Dark Sky Films has released a new 2021 trailer for this indie horror film originally from 2008 called The Wild Man of the Navidad, made by filmmakers Duane Graves & Justin Meeks. This premiered years ago but is getting a re-release, or so it seems. It is allegedly based on the real-life journals of Dale S. Rogers, a man who, in the 1970s, lived along the banks of the Navidad River in Sublime, Texas - the same area where the original legend of the "Wild Man of the Navidad" surfaced back in the late 1800s. This vintage horror tale debunks history books to tell the harrowing story of a rural Texas community whose residents were terrified for years by a mysterious creature inhabiting the nearby woods. The film stars William McBride, Justin Meeks, Stacy Meeks, Alex Garcia, Bob Wood, Shannon Biggers, and Charles Robertson. It's fun how this trailer plays like a '90s documentary about this town.

Official Trailer for Undead Acid Rain Horror Film 'Amityville Uprising'

Amityville Uprising Trailer

"I just killed a dead guy!" Lionsgate has unveiled an official trailer for an indie direct-to-VHS horror film called Amityville Uprising, another B-movie creation from the genre filmmaker Thomas J. Churchill - of Amityville Harvest, The Business of Christmas, and Big Freaking Rat recently. The Amityville franchise has entered public domain, hence the over-use of the concept despite none of it having any real connection to the original story or the original ghosts or anything. Amityville Uprising takes place after a chemical blast at a military base sets off a supernatural disaster. The explosion unleashes a toxic acid rain that dissolves the flesh of anyone trapped in it. Even worse, it causes the dead to rise again and attack the living. How's that for a concept? The movie stars Mike Ferguson, Scott C. Roe, Tank Jones, Alysha Young, Michael Cervantes, and Barry Papick. This horror looks especially dumb, but sometimes that can be fun to watch.

Mutant Priest Goes Berserk in Red Band 'Death to Metal' Horror Trailer

Death to Metal Trailer

"We're on the same side, huh, Father?" Wild Eye Releasing has debuted a brand new red band trailer for a rockin' horror comedy "metalsploitation" film titled Death to Metal, the latest from indie filmmaker Tim Connery. This premiered at a few small festivals back in 2019 - including the Spooky Empire Film Festival and SoHo Horror Film Festival - but is only now getting a proper VOD release in the US this fall. After a freak accident, a disturbed priest is transformed into a mutated killing machine on a mission to wipe out the godless fans of heavy metal music. Down with that demonic music! Starring Alex Stein, Grace Melon, Andrew Jessop, Charlie Lind, and Dan Flannery, plus an appearance by Chelsea Byers as "Demon Grandma". Ha. This does look totally wild and extremely bloody. But will anyone take out this damn priest?!

Full Netflix Trailer for Korean Series 'Hellbound' About Death Angels

Hellbound Trailer

"Please spare me!" Netflix has launched a final trailer for the new horror series streaming later this month called Hellbound. It's co-written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho, the same filmmaker behind the two Train to Busan movies, plus The King of Pigs and Seoul Station. This premiered at TIFF 2021 a few months ago, and it also played at the Busan and London Film Festivals. Hellbound is a story about otherworldly beings (called "Death Angels") who appear out of nowhere to issue a decree and condemn individuals to hell. These supernatural events cause great mayhem and enable the religious group "The New Truth" to grow in influence. A few people, however, become suspicious about its activities and begin investigating its involvement in mysterious events. Min Hyejin, a lawyer, challenges Jung by claiming the demonstrations of hell to be simply supernatural occurrences. She joins forces to fight against the chaos instigated by The New Truth. The series stars Yoo Ah-in, Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jeong-min, Won Jin-a, and Yang Ik-june. It actually looks pretty damn good, with plenty of eerie, dark atmosphere and tons of crazy intense characters.

Four Deadly Girls in Trailer for 'Ankle Biters' Canadian Horror Comedy

Ankle Biters Trailer

"It's us against him!" Dark Star Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for a Canadian horror comedy called Ankle Biters, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Bennet De Brabandere. This is opening on VOD in the US later this month, skipping theaters and creeping into your home soon. A retired pro hockey player invites a single mother and her four little girls to his cottage for the summer, and discovers that the girls are violently opposed to having a new dad. These four adorable girls plot to murder him after they mistake an act of lovemaking as an attack on their mom. Described as "a new horror-comedy in the tradition of Mom & Dad and The Hunt." Ankle Biters, initially known as Cherrypicker, stars Zion Forrest Lee & Marianthi Evans as the adults, plus Lily Gail Reid, Violet Reid, Rosalee Reid, and Dahlia Reid. This looks cute and amusing until it gets seriously terrifying - especially when the spiders crawl out. WTF you crazy kids?!?




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