New UK Trailer for Zombie Musical Comedy 'Anna and the Apocalypse'

Anna and the Apocalypse Trailer

"Yeah - certain death is so much fun!" Vertigo Releasing in the UK has revealed a brand new, official UK trailer for the horror comedy Anna and the Apocalypse, which is really an enjoyable zombie Christmas musical. This trailer is much better than the US one, capturing the crazy fun aspects of this movie. A girl and her friends must fight - and sing - their way through a zombie invasion to reach the supposed safety of their school, not knowing if their parents and friends are still alive. There's a bunch of original songs in this, a few you can hear in this trailer. Starring Ella Hunt as Anna, along with Malcolm Cumming, Sarah Swire, Christopher Leveaux, Ben Wiggins, Marli Siu, and Mark Benton. I first saw this at the Sitges Film Festival last year and wrote a great review. If you love musicals, if you love zombies, you have to catch this.

Freaky First Trailer for Kölsch & Widmyer's 'Pet Sematary' Adaptation

Pet Sematary Movie Trailer

"It was a myth… Kids used to dare each other to go into the woods at night." Paramount has unveiled the first trailer for their new take on Stephen King's Pet Sematary, which was already adapted once before in 1989. This new adaptation sticks close to the story in the book, about a family that moves to a rural home where they discover a "Pet Sematary" nearby. After the family cat is killed, they bury it in the Pet Sematary and then very weird things start to happen. Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz star, with John Lithgow, Alyssa Brooke Levine, Hugo Lavoie, Jeté Laurence, and Obssa Ahmed. I'm actually curious about this film. It doesn't need to be remade, but maybe it will turn out good. And from this first look, it seems there is some promise for this fresh take on the freaky small town horror story. That cat is the scariest part.

Watch: Supernatural Horror Short Film 'El Aura Azul' Set in Colombia

El Aura Azul Short Film

"I think you've been out in the sun too long." Continuing to feature horror short films during the month of October, here's another one to watch. El Aura Azul is a horror short made by filmmaker Andy Harbeck, set in capital city of Medellín, Colombia. The title translates to The Blue Aura, and it's about a young woman who returns home from an afternoon at the pool to discover she might have awakened a supernatural force. The short stars Manuela Vásquez Ochoa, Valentina Abad Pérez, and Camila Velez. The scary stuff that does appear isn't that scary, but I like the cinematography and the way he builds up the tension in this.

Crazy Teaser Trailer for Artificial Intelligent Sci-Fi Horror 'Peripheral'

Mobile Homes Trailer

"Finish the book, Bobbi!" Amp International has unveiled a teaser trailer for a wickedly weird sci-fi horror thriller titled Peripheral, from director Paul Hyett (The Seasoning House, Howl, Heretiks). The film is about a young writer named Bobbi Johnson struggling to finish her second novel. She installs an artificial intelligence into her home to help her finish, but it takes over her mind and manipulates her work to suit its own nefarious ends. Hannah Arterton stars as Bobbi, along with a smaller cast including Tom Conti, Rosie Day, Jenny Seagrove, and Elliot James Langridge. I honestly don't even know what to make of this - there's so many weird things happening and so much funky imagery in this trailer it's hard to make sense of it. But I guess I will admit: I am curious about this. A little bit, perhaps? Have a look for yourself.

Watch: Deadly Dance Horror Short 'The Rizzle' Directed by Josh Tanner

The Rizzle Short Film

"Try The Rizzle if you dare…" Hulu has launched a fun new competition called the Huluween Film Fest, featuring 8 horror shorts made by up-and-coming filmmakers. One of those shorts is this one - The Rizzle, made by Australian filmmaker Josh Tanner. The film is about a young woman who loves the roaring 20s. One night while watching videos on YouTube, she comes across a video for the dance routine called "The Rizzle" that she's never seen before. Starring Holly Rooth and Steven Bishop. Now that we're in October again, we're featuring new horror short films to get everyone, and keep everyone, in the horror movie mood throughout this month. This short is fun - I like the twist on The Ring concept and the chilling vibe. Enjoy.

Back in the Horror Groove - Jumping Into the 51st Sitges Film Festival

Sitges Film Festival

After attending for my first time last year and enjoying every minute of the fest, I'm back in the town of Sitges, Spain (or Catalonia) to kick off the 51st Sitges Film Festival. It's the Spanish cousin of the Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest with all kinds of genre films playing over the next 10 days. Lots of horror and sci-fi and action and more. I'm really excited to be here. I'm really excited to see a bunch of these films. It's just an excellent film festival, right on the beach, with enthusiastic audiences that love genre films. And this year I decided to stick around the entire time (and not head up to the London Film Festival like last year) so I can fit in more films and enjoy this charming little beach town. Plus it's October - the perfect time to watch horror movies and discover something new and wild and amazing in the mix. Time to jump right into Sitges.

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One Final Trailer for Bad Robot's WWII Zombie Horror Film 'Overlord'

Overlord Trailer

"What happens to those people?" "They have been given a purpose…" Paramount has released the second & final trailer for an action horror movie titled Overlord, a secret project from Bad Robot made by Australian filmmaker Julius Avery (Son of a Gun). This premiered at Fantastic Fest a few weeks ago to rave reviews - read Jeremy's review here. Overlord is about a group of WWII soldiers who end up stuck behind enemy lines after D-Day. They discover the Nazi's secret plans to create more powerful soldiers using supernatural forces. Starring Jovan Adepo, Wyatt Russell, Pilou Asbæk, John Magaro, and Mathilde Ollivier. I'm really looking forward to watching this. Looks grisly and dark and intense, bring on the undead soldiers.

Watch: 2-Minute Horror Short Film 'Tap' Directed by Dave Bundtzen

Tap Short Film

"Tap - - If You Hear It… It's Too Late." It's October! That means it's time to start featuring some new horror short films to get everyone, and keep everyone, in the horror movie mood throughout this month. Up first is a two-minute short film titled Tap, from director Dave Bundtzen. The film won Best Horror Short Film at the Top Shorts Film Festival, and it's a surprisingly scary, but quick watch. Tap stars Katherine Celio and Mike Dinsmore. This reminds me of the short Where Is It we featured last year in the fall. I always enjoy shorts like this because it shows how films can be quite effective at scares within just a few minutes of time.

Stephen Dorff & Melissa George in New Trailer for Thriller 'Don't Go'

Don't Go Trailer

"I don't know what I'm supposed to do!!" IFC Films has debuted an official US trailer for an Irish horror thriller titled Don't Go, originally titled Don't Let Go, the latest from filmmaker David Gleeson (Cowboys & Angels, The Front Line). Devastated by his daughter's death in a terrible accident, Ben becomes convinced that he can bring her back through a recurring dream on a beach. But is it only a dream? Or is Ben really losing his mind? Ben & Hazel end up pulled deep into a mystery far beyond their understanding. Stephen Dorff and Melissa George star as Ben and Hazel, along with Simon Delaney, Gavin O'Connor, Grace Farrell, and Aoibhinn McGinnity. The film features a score composed by popular EDM musician Ferry Corsten. This looks like an engaging, emotional, psychological horror that will really mess with your head.

Trailer for Possession Horror 'Welcome to Mercy' with Kristen Ruhlin

Welcome to Mercy Trailer

"You must control… you almost killed your daughter." IFC Midnight has debuted the first official trailer for an indie possession horror titled Welcome to Mercy, from filmmaker Tommy Bertelsen. The story follows a single mother named Madaline who begins to experience symptoms of the stigmata, so she seeks the help of a local priest and nun to help her understand what is seen and unseen, and hopefully avoid becoming the new antichrist. She ends up at a remote covenant. Kristen Ruhlin stars and wrote the screenplay for this indie horror. It also features Lily Newmark, Eva Ariel Binder, Eileen Davies, Victoria Sokolova, Danis Grube, Toms Liepajnieks, Sophia Massa, and Ieva Seglina. Possession films are getting more and more redundant, but this looks like it gets super intense once she meets up with these relentless nuns.

First Trailer for Netflix Horror Film 'Malevolent' Starring Florence Pugh

Malevolent Trailer

"Angela, it's just a house…" Netflix has debuted the first trailer for an indie horror titled Malevolent, a new horror film by Icelandic filmmaker Olaf de Fleur Johannesson. The chilling thriller film is about a pair of fake paranormal investigators who suffer the ultimate reality check when confronted by the horrors that lie hidden within a haunted orphanage. But supernatural terrors are the least of their problems when they discover the very real evil lurking in the isolated house. Starring Florence Pugh and Ben Lloyd-Hughes, along with Celia Imrie, Scott Chambers, and Georgina Bevan. This starts out pretty mellow, but get intense fast and looks very freaky once they get into the house. The sound in this trailer is really unsettling as well. Quite an effectively creepy trailer, perfect to launch at the beginning of scary October. Take a look.

India Eisley in First Trailer for Mirror Image Horror Film 'Look Away'

Look Away Trailer

"Why are you doing this!?" Vertical Entertainment has released an official trailer for a horror thriller film titled Look Away, the latest feature from director Assaf Bernstein (of The Debt). The twisty, not-so-clever concept involves a disconnected, insecure high school teen who switches places with her "supportive, but evil, twin that she discovers in the mirror's reflection." Who then acts out on other impulses and feelings. Look Away stars India Eisley as Maria and "Airam" (which is, obviously, just Maria spelled backwards), as well as Jason Isaacs, Mira Sorvino, Harrison Gilbertson, Penelope Mitchell, Adam Hurtig, and Kristen Harris. Looks like it will all play out exactly as expected, of course she's going to learn her lesson.




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