Hilarious Arnold Action Figure Commercial for His New 'FUBAR' Series

Arnold Action Figure Trailer

"He's ready to risk it all to protect his family… and save the world!" Ha! Dang this is pretty funny. Netflix has posted an amusing throwback action figure commercial promo video for the FUBAR spy comedy action series. It just started streaming this past weekend (view here), and they're trying to build the buzz with some clever viral marketing stunts. Arnold Schwarzenegger's FUBAR is a global spy adventure - when a father & daughter learn that they’ve each secretly been working as CIA Operatives for years, they realize their entire relationship has been a lie and they truly don’t know one another at all. It's pretty much a True Lies sequel. FUBAR stars Arnold, along with Monica Barbaro, Milan Carter, Gabriel Luna, Fortune Feimster, Travis Van Winkle, Fabiana Udenio, Barbara Eve Harris, Aparna Brielle, Andy Buckley, and Jay Baruchel. I'm smiling at how much they pack into this 90 second video, with good jokes about Arnold being the Terminator, his old age, the title "FUBAR", and more. This actually does make me want to tune in.


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Second Trailer for Comedy 'No Hard Feelings' with Jennifer Lawrence

No Hard Feelings Trailer

"I like your house a lot, it's cozy." Awkwarddd. Sony Pictures has debuted the second trailer this summer's big sex comedy titled No Hard Feelings, arriving in theaters later in June. It's directed and co-written by "The Office" writer Gene Stupnitsky, and produced by Jennifer Lawrence. What if she was paid (in the form of a new car!) to have sex with you, but for some reason you couldn't actually do it? Yeah that is the whole idea behind this and it all seems so cringe. Lawrence stars as Maddie, who finds a job offer: wealthy helicopter parents looking for someone to "date" their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy, before he leaves for college. To her surprise, Maddie soon discovers the awkward Percy is no sure thing. The cast includes Andrew Feldman as Percy, Laura Benanti, Natalie Morales, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Matthew Broderick. None of the comedy in either of these trailers works for me. Maybe others are laughing more…?


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Watch: 'Rushmore' Spoofs from 1999 of 'Truman Show' + 'Armageddon'

Rushmore 1999 MTV Movie Awards

"We're gonna blow it up, sir, but we're gonna need the best dynamite man imaginable." So find that man and save Earth! Found in someone's dusty video collection comes this comedy bit that originally aired at the end of the 1990s. Wes Anderson's big breakout film was Rushmore, his second feature film after his indie debut Bottle Rocket. It opened in theaters in early 1999 after initially premiering at the 1998 Toronto Film Festival. The film was a massive indie hit at the time, earning over $17 million at the box office that year. In celebration of its success, the cast were recruited to make skits for the 1999 MTV Movie Awards to help promote the event. Someone found this old video and uploaded it on YouTube for all of us to enjoy. I didn't even know they made this! I'm sure most forgot. It features Jason Schwartzman reprising his role as Max Fischer to put on new plays - riffing on The Truman Show, Armageddon, & Out of Sight. View below.


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Wesley Snipes & Tiffany Haddish in Comedy 'Back on the Strip' Trailer

Back on the Strip Trailer

"It's time for you to get on stage, and do it your way!" GVN Releasing is handling the US opening of this comedy titled Back on the Strip, made by writer / actor Chris Spencer. While it's not made explicity clear in the trailer, this seems like a spoof of the Magic Mike movies, with an old crew of male strippers coming back for a revival show in Las Vegas. "The Chocolate Chips" must get together again to help out a friend of theirs, a magician named Merlin, who is sent by his mom to Vegas to get his act together. The old crew features Wesley Snipes, JB Smoove, Gary Owen, Bill Bellamy, and Faizon Love (the funniest one in this), along with Spence Moore II, Tiffany Haddish, and Raigan Harris. This looks like it has some good jokes and funny lines, but it also looks extremely cheesy, especially set in Vegas. Ignore the date on the poster below - this now opens in August in US theaters if anyone wants to have some "Chocolate Chips" fun.


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Watch: Star Wars by Wes Anderson - 'The Galactic Menagerie' Trailer

The Galactic Menagerie Trailer

"With a star-studded ensemble featuring the galaxy's most eccentric cast, The Galactic Menagerie is the most delightfully off-beat Star Wars adventure yet." Have fun with this amusing A.I. generated trailer for The Galactic Menagerie - created by the YouTube channel "Curious Refuge". What if Wes Anderson made a Star Wars movie? That was the prompt they put in to Midjourney A.I. to make this. It has all the usual hallmarks of his distinct style – pastel colors, static frames, quirky costumes, hipster characters, and more. As others have already pointed out, this borrows from an SNL sketch years ago that also riffed on Wes Anderson's style for a horror movie trailer. Someone also made a trailer for "Wes Anderson's Harry Potter" using A.I., and the results are quite similar. Just to be clear - this is for fun, not to be taken seriously. And if you hate all these A.I. creations, all good, this is only for a laugh. Though I would totally watch this movie…


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The Boys Are Back: 'Buddy Games: Spring Awakening' Sequel Trailer

Buddy Games: Spring Awakening Trailer

"Let us play!!" Paramount Movies has revealed a funny trailer for Buddy Games: Spring Awakening, a surprise sequel to Josh Duhamel's bro comedy Buddy Games from 2019. The gang go back to where it all began - Spring Break! After the death of one of their own, Bobfather and the boys steal the urn and go on a trip to commemorate his life at the place where the Buddy Games began, but everything goes wrong when they find themselves in the middle of a spring break party they're a bit too old for now. The wild and crazy comedy stars the old crew Dan Bakkedahl, Kevin Dillon, Josh Duhamel, and Nick Swardson, plus James Roday Rodriguez, Lochlyn Munro, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jensen Ackles. I can appreciate the premise this time which seems to be: what if this isn't fun anymore, why are these people doing this?! Ha. The rest of it looks suitably ridiculous, and all the drugs & drinking is nothing new for buddy comedies.


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Road Trip to Aliens in Canada - 'Unidentified Objects' Comedy Trailer

Unidentified Objects Trailer

"I promise that this will all make a lot more sense when I can show you…" Quiver Distr. has released the first official trailer for an indie comedy called Unidentified Objects, marking the feature directorial debut of NYC-based filmmaker Juan Felipe Zuleta. This first premiered at the 2022 Inside Out Film Festival last year, and also played at Outfest LA, Fantastic Fest, NewFest - with a release set for June this summer. An uptight dwarf and his free-spirited, alien-obsessed neighbor hit the road on a border-defying search (up into Canada) for their place in the universe. On their increasingly-surreal odyssey, Peter & Winona encounter bickering lesbian cosplayers, shroom-addled survivalists, and even extraterrestrial highway cops. Starring Golden Globe nom Sarah Hay as Winona, and Matthew August Jeffers as Peter, along with Roberta Colindrez, Tara Pacheco, and Kerry Flanagan. This looks like some quirky, funky indie entertainment.


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Shailene Woodley & Jack Whitehall in Sci-Fi Comedy 'Robots' Trailer

Robots Trailer

"This is terrible! They've completely stolen our lives!" A perfect robo-couple on the run? Neon has revealed an official trailer for an indie sci-fi comedy called Robots, made by two comedy filmmakers named Casper Christensen (Klown) & Anthony Hines (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm). This has shown up out of nowhere with a quiet summer release, which is an early sign that it's not very good. As the title indicates, it's actually about androids - or two robots - who go off on their own adventure. Charles is a womanizer while Elaine is a gold digger. The duo learn to regain their humanity when forced to team up and pursue robot doubles of themselves. Starring Shailene Woodley x2 as Elaine, and Jack Whitehall x2 as Charles, Emanuela Postacchini, Chelsea Edmundson, and Richard Lippert. This looks super awkward and not as funny as it should, coming across as a made-for-TV movie more than an indie comedy. Still might be a fun watch?


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Official Trailer for Pete Davidson's Comedy Series 'Bupkis' on Peacock

Bupkis Series Trailer

"You run around like a kid, and you're not a kid anymore." Peacock has revealed an official trailer for Pete Davidson's new comedy series called Bupkis, arriving for streaming at the beginning of May. The show is described as a "heightened fictionalized version of Pete Davidson's life." Apparently it's an action comedy, mixing grounded storytelling with Davidson's usual absurdity, directed by the filmmaker who also made the films Big Time Adolescence and I Want You Back. The series has been compared to Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm, featuring Pete's real-life persona with unapologetically R-rated storytelling – he ain't holding back. In addition to Pete Davidson, the cast includes Edie Falco as Davidson's mom, and Joe Pesci as Davidson's grandfather. Guest stars include Charlie Day, Brad Garrett, Simon Rex, Jon Stewart, Ray Romano, Kenan Thompson, and Chase Sui Wonders. This is just a comedy TV series, but this trailer plays like a feature film. Looks like could be hilarious, and brutally honest, a great combination for a show.


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Too Much Fun in Italy - Full Trailer for 'Book Club: The Next Chapter'

Book Club: The Next Chapter Trailer

"What's the protocol here – where do I stuff the dollar bills?" Focus Features has revealed the full-length official trailer for Book Club: The Next Chapter, following up the teaser from last December. The highly anticipated sequel to the hit comedy Book Club from 2018 brings back screen icons Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen, and Mary Steenburgen as best friends on a trip to Italia. They are joined by Andy Garcia, Don Johnson, Craig T. Nelson, Giancarlo Giannini, Hugh Quarshie, and Vincent Riotta. This one follows the four best friends as they take their "book club" to Italy for the fun girls trip they never had. When things go off the rails and secrets are revealed, their relaxing vacation turns into a once-in-a-lifetime cross-country adventure. Yet another cliche "what if these friends got into trouble on a wild trip to Europe" story but it looks like a ton of fun anyway, especially with this superb cast. Who wants to join them?


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Fun 'Don't Worry Barbie' Mash-Up w/ Florence Pugh & Margot Robbie

Don't Worry Barbie Mash-Up

"What do you think they're really doing out there…?" Are they real people? Do they have real lives? Only one way to find out… The latest teaser trailer for this year's Barbie movie debuted and everyone around the world went crazy for it. Some may noticed that the concept is similar to that in Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling last year, about a woman living in her perfect little picturesque world without a care in the world. That is, until she decides to try and leave. Editor Nelson Carvajal decided to combine these two movies for a fun little project. "My latest mashup trailer re-imagines Greta Gerwig's Barbie in the fashion --pun intended -- of Olivia Wilde's Don't Worry Darling, in that Barbie starts to suspect the outside world isn't what she thinks it is." She's not just a toy, now is she? This seems to be the plot of both movies - have a look.


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Comedy 'The End of Sex' Starring Emily Hampshire & Jonas Chernick

The End of Sex Trailer

"When we have a problem, we fix it – calmly!" Blue Fox Entertainment has revealed an official trailer for a sex comedy called The End of Sex, a movie for all those parents who feel like they're in their own "end of sex" times after they have kids. So try some kinky things maybe? This premiered at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival last year, as it's a Canadian feature, and it will open in both Canada and in the US in late April. The End of Sex tells the story of a married couple who are feeling the pressures of parenting and adulthood. After they send their young kids to camp for the first time, they decide to embark on a series of comic sexual adventures to rediscover the joy of sex again and reinvigorate their relationship. The indie film stars Emily Hampshire and Jonas Chernick, along with Gray Powell, Lily Gao, and Melanie Scrofano. This looks rather tame and generic, and it's a story we've seen plenty of times before in other films. Have a look.


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