New Trailer for Kevin Hart's Unfunny 'Die Hart' Series Recut as a Movie

Die Hart Trailer

"You're like a real life Rambo!" Amazon has revealed a brand new trailer for a repackaged and recut Quibi series titled Die Hart, which will be (re)released for streaming on Prime Video later in February. This was initially made as one of these dumb Quibi series, where you view short snippets at a time on the app, and the service failed pretty quickly because it was a bad idea all along. The footage has been edited into a movie version, which will be streaming only. It follows a fictionalized version of Kevin Hart as he tries to become an action movie star. He attends a school run by Ron Wilcox (played by Travolta), where he attempts to learn the ropes on how to become one of the industry's most coveted action stars. Ugh. Originally written for Bruce Willis but Willis didn't understand the concept of Quibi (phew!) and turned it down replaced by John Travolta. The cast includes Nathalie Emmanuel, Josh Hartnett, and Jean Reno. This looks so bad, stay away folks. But props to them for releasing it anyway. I guess maybe a few people might find it funny?


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Mel Brooks' Hulu Comedy Sequel 'History of the World: Part II' Trailer

History of the World Part 2 Trailer

"We are about to embark on the biggest campaign in the history of the world, part 2!" Mel Brooks is back!! Hulu has debuted the full-length official trailer History of the World: Part II, a long awaited sequel to Mel Brooks comedy classic History of the World, Part I. And it looks hilarious!! Originally from 1981, the anthology film mocks and makes fun of great moments in human history. This follow-up sequel does the same - but as a sketch comedy series that playing out across four nights. It features tons of incredible guest stars and performances: Jack Black, Zazie Beetz, Jillian Bell, Ronny Chieng, Rob Corddry, Danny DeVito, David Duchovny, Jay Ellis, Josh Gad, Kimiko Glenn, Jake Johnson, Richard Kind, Johnny Knoxville, Lauren Lapkus, Jenifer Lewis, Poppy Liu, Joe Lo Truglio, Jason Mantzoukas, Ken Marino, Jack McBrayer, Zahn McClarnon, Charles Melton, Kumail Nanjiani, Brock O'Hurn, Andrew Rannells, Emily Ratajkowski, Sam Richardson, Nick Robinson, Seth Rogen (as Noah!!), Sarah Silverman, Timothy Simons, J.B. Smoove, David Wain, Taika Waititi, Reggie Watts, Tyler James Williams. I'm up for this!! Looks like it might totally serve.


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Malin Akerman in Fun Trailer for Sex Heist Comedy 'The Donor Party'

The Donor Party Trailer

"You were supposed to find me nice guys, so I could have nice babies!" Vertical Entertainment has unveiled an official trailer for a sex comedy titled The Donor Party, opening this March in theaters and on VOD. This plays like a 90s Hollywood comedy like they don't make that often anymore. Recently divorced Jaclyn desperately wants to become a mom – by any means necessary. After a messy divorce, she decides to enlist the help of her best friends to help pull off the ultimate sperm heist on unsuspecting "donors" during her friend’s intimate birthday party! Who's ready for some awkward fun? The comedy stars Malin Akerman, with Rob Corddry, Erinn Hayes, Bria Henderson, Dan Ahdoot, Rizwan Manji, Ryan Hansen, and Jerry O'Connell. Yeah this looks super uncomfortable but also quite funny? Might be worth a watch.


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Watch: M. Night Shyamalan Stops By the 'Vidéo Club' Store in Paris

M. Night Shyamalan - Le Vidéo Club

"This is the best sushi you will ever have." Join director M. Night Shyamalan as he browses through this Paris video store in the latest offering of the "Vidéo Club" series made by Konbini. We've posted videos of Brad Pitt and Terry Gilliam in this classic video store, now it's Shyamalan's turn. At first he talks extensively about his love for Akira Kurosawa films and stories with a moral dilemma, then he raves about Bergman's Persona and Bresson, specifically the 1956 film A Man Escaped. He also goes on to talk about Lynch's Twin Peaks and Hitchcock's Rebecca (one of his favorites in his collection at home) and Julia Ducournau's Raw - saying how this one blew him away and he ended up hiring her to shoot some eps of his TV show "Servant" because of it. He also mentions that he'd like to work with Robert Pattinson one day, while talking about how he loved Robert Egger's The Lighthouse and its DP Jarin Blaschke. Plenty of good picks in this - enjoy.


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Watch: SNL's Funny 'Mario Kart' Movie Spoof Starring Pedro Pascal

Mario Kart SNL Spoof

"Karting out here isn't a game… If we're gonna make it, we need all the help we can get." Ha! Yeah this is hilarious. I'd actually watch if it were real!! On last night's Saturday Night Live, they aired a fake trailer for a new "Mario Kart" adaptation. It's a riff on HBO's The Last of Us series, which is getting rave reviews from critics, but it's also spoofing how hard it is to turn Mario into a movie or show. Even though there actually is a Super Mario Bros movie coming out in a few months anyway! This comedy sketch give us a taste of what it would be like if they turned Mario Kart into a gritty HBO post-apocalyptic series. "It's been ten years since our kingdom fell. The only thing we have left? Hope." Pedro Pascal (this week's SNL host) stars as Mario, with Chloe Fineman as the Princess. The production value is off the charts, this looks legit and has some solid VFX for a fun TV spoof. It's a' worth watching just to hear Pascal dramatically say, "It's a' me, Mario."


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David Harbour in Netflix Haunting Comedy 'We Have a Ghost' Trailer

We Have a Ghost Trailer

"Ready to have some fun?" Netflix has revealed an official trailer for the next horror comedy from writer / director Christopher Landon, best known as the creator of Happy Death Day and Freaky. His latest is titled We Have a Ghost, launching on Netflix this February. Finding a ghost named Ernest haunting their new home turns Kevin's family into overnight social media sensations. But when Kevin and Ernest go rogue to investigate the mystery of Ernest's past, they become a target of the CIA. The best part about this is that David Harbour (from "Stranger Things", Hellboy, and Violent Night) stars as the titular ghost, Ernest, based on a short story by Geoff Manaugh. The cast also includes Jahi Winston, Tig Notaro, Erica Ash, Jennifer Coolidge, and Anthony Mackie, plus Faith Ford, Niles Fitch, Isabella Russo, and Steve Coulter. This does look funny! Landon keeps delivering with his funky fresh horror comedy ideas. I'm in.


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Fan-Made 'Real Nuke' Making Of Featurette for Nolan's 'Oppenheimer'

Real Nuke Oppenheimer Featurette

"We all know that Chris is very big in getting everything on camera and doing things as real as possible." One of our most anticipated 2023 movies is Christopher Nolan's latest titled Oppenheimer, telling the story of the creation of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos in the 1940s. By now, most movie fans have heard the real news that Nolan created shots showing the nuclear explosion without using any CGI. Which is just a bit crazy? But also awesome. Nolan is famous for doing everything for real on set, with practical FX and set pieces and stunts. Last year someone made a joke about how he probably thought about detonating a real nuke just to get the perfect shot. Taking that joke even further: "I can't believe they released the footage of Christopher Nolan dropping a real nuke!" Filmmaker Stephen Ford created this entirely fake, entirely fan-made featurette to riff on that "rumor" and it's a must watch. It's so perfectly edited, I'm in awe! I cackled when Hoyte Van Hoytema mutters "shit, how are we gonna do this?" I have to post it for everyone to enjoy.


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Watch: Mav Trains Reindeer in 'Top Gun: Yuletide - Christmas Mission'

Top Gun: Yuletide - Christmas Mission

"Trust your instincts! You think up there, you're dead." Lock 'n load, Mav, it's time to deliver the presents! Nerdist made a fun mashup video called Top Gun: Yuletide - The Christmas Mission for the holidays. Inspired by a tweet from actor Glen Powell, they took footage from Top Gun: Maverick and combined it with footage from the Santa Clause movies to create this "Yuletide" special. It features Maverick taking on the great challenge of wrangling the reindeer and "flying" the Santa sleigh to help deliver all of the presents on Christmas Eve. I was hoping for more full-on CGI footage of Maverick flying the Sleigh, but it's just some creative editing to make it all work. Nonetheless this is super entertaining and funny and really captures the ridiculous vibe of the "What if Maverick but reindeer instead of fighter jets?" pitch. By now, everyone knows that Top Gun: Maverick is the biggest Hollywood hit of the year and will likely land Oscar noms, too. Enjoy.


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Anna Konkle & Jermaine Fowler Get into Trouble in 'The Drop' Trailer

The Drop Trailer

"Some things you can’t take back… like dropping your friend's baby." Hulu has revealed the official trailer for a romantic comedy mishap movie titled The Drop, which originally premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year. The film will land on Hulu for streaming in January after playing at festivals this year. In this cringe comedy, a married couple face a marriage test when one of them drops a baby during a tropical island wedding. "Paradise becomes purgatory for our couple as recriminations, passive-aggression and old wounds begin to permeate the island reunion and throw Mani & Lex's future into deep uncertainty." Anna Konkle & Jermaine Fowler star as Lex & Mani, with Jillian Bell, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Robin Thede, Aparna Nancherla, Joshua Leonard, Jennifer Lafleur, and Elisha Henig. Exec produced by the Duplass Brothers. This looks remarkably unfunny and forced, an awkward cringe fest because the writing and performances are so bad. Avoid this one at all costs (no wonder it's being dumped in January).


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Wacky Dark Comedy 'Decrypted' Trailer About the Bitcoin Creator

Decrypted Trailer

"What do you two really think of each other?" Trinity Creative has revealed the official US trailer for the dark comedy film Decrypted, a wacky crypto film made by filmmaker Tom Sands. After debuting last year in the UK, the film is now available to watch on VOD in the US if anyone is curious - "the feature film that is taking the crypto community by storm." An outrageous and provocative film about a mismatched NSA team who kidnap Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, to get the info they need to destroy cryptocurrencies. The botched interrogation forces together a group of people who then get into all kinds of trouble. The cast includes Talisa Garcia, Sophia Myles, David Hoflin, Amanda Abbington, Kevin McNally, Clive Francis, Aki Kotabe, Don Gilet, and Sophie Barker. This looks too dumb and kooky to be any good. But I'm glad someone is willing to make jokes about this eccentric group of people, and laugh about crypto.


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Watch: Star Wars Series 'Andor' Gets a Fan-Made 1975 TV Opener

Andor 1975 TV Intro

"He is a new kind of hero for a new age. His name is Andor." This is where that ol' phrase "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" makes sense - a long time ago in 1975, a Star Wars series aired on television. Ha ha. A YouTube channel created this glorious fan-made TV intro for the Andor series replicating the 70s TV intro style. It's kind of amazing! Set five years before the events of Rogue One, the series follows rebel spy Cassian Andor during the formative years of the Rebellion. It's showrun and created by writer Tony Gilroy. Diego Luna returns as Andor, with a cast featuring Stellan Skarsgård, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, Denise Gough, Kyle Soller, as well as Genevieve O'Reilly as Mon Mothma; plus Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera. "It's 1975. A New Hope won't be released for another two years, and George Lucas is mostly known as the American Graffiti guy. You just finished watching the latest episode of Barney Miller." "And now, we bring you tonight's TV movie premiere. Get ready to travel to a far away galaxy that existed a long, long time ago. It's the science fiction spectacular…ANDOR. Every Thursday night, only on ABC." Ha.


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Official Trailer for Hulu's Holiday 'Binge' Sequel 'It's A Wonderful Binge'

It's A Wonderful Binge Trailer

"The Bingers are taking over, man, we're taking over." Hulu has unveiled the trailer for a comedy sequel titled It's A Wonderful Binge, arriving for streaming in early December on Hulu. This sequel to the Hulu original film The Binge from 2020 continuing the spoof comedy riffing on The Purge, but with drugs. Set in a time where all drugs and alcohol are illegal, the only day anyone can participate in the "fun" is on Binge day. In The Binge 2: It's A Wonderful Binge, "The Binge" happens miraculously on Christmas – unleashing a new holiday adventure featuring magical storybooks, catchy songs, claymation, and more. 'Tis the season… to get shitfaced! The ensemble comedy features a big cast including Eduardo Franco, Dexter Darden, Zainne Saleh, Marta Piekarz, Danny Trejo, Tony Cavalero, Nick Swardson, Kaitlin Olson, Tim Meadows, Paul Scheer, and more. Surprise, surprise, it looks pretty terrible. You might want to skip this.


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