A Mask is Cursed with Black Magic in 'Bad Girl Boogey' Horror Trailer

Bad Girl Boogey Trailer

"It's like a parasite… you put the mask on and it 'joins' you." Dark Star Pictures has revealed the official trailer for an indie horror film from Australia called Bad Girl Boogey, made by the trans filmmaker Alice Maio Mackay. After premiering at a few genre festivals last year, it'll be out on VOD to watch in July this summer. A slasher horror made on a tiny budget. Years ago, Halloween blood was shed by the wearer of a parasitic mask cursed with black magic and bigotry. Angel's friend is killed by person wearing same mask almost two decades later. They must overcome their struggles, fight fear, and find the killer before he takes out everyone. "An inclusive slasher film proudly representing the queer community and loudly announcing an exciting new directorial voice." The cast includes Lisa Fanto, Iris Mcerlean, Chris Asimos, Toshiro Glenn, Lewi Dawson, Kate Bonney + a voiceover cameo by horror icon Bill Moseley. Tread carefully.


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Second UK Trailer for Riley Keough & Gina Gammell's 'War Pony' Film

War Pony Trailer

"You know that you're not any different from them." Picturehouse in the UK has debuted a second trailer for the coming-of-age indie film about Native Americans titled War Pony. It's now playing in theaters in the UK as of this weekend, though strangely it still has no US release date set yet. This first premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival last year in Un Certain Regard. Stunning, tender and utterly compelling, War Pony tells the interlocking stories of two Oglala Lakota men coming of age on the Pine Ridge Reservation. It's a powerful tale of life, hope and belonging on the reservation. Featuring spellbinding performances from first-time actors Jojo Bapteise Whiting and LaDainian Crazy Thunder, and created over a period of several years, in collaboration with real members of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The cast includes Wilma Colhof, Jeremy Corbin Cottier, Woodrow Lone Elk, and Sprague Hollander. This is a very short 30-second promo, but there's enough here to make anyone want to see this. Opens late July in US theaters.


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Lucía & María José Take Down the Town in 'Everyone Will Burn' Trailer

Everyone Will Burn Trailer

"It's not just a lullaby. It's a prophecy… and omen." Drafthouse Films posted their official US trailer for a Spanish horror thriller film titled Everyone Will Burn, originally called Y Todos Arderán in Spanish. This played at the Alamo Drafthouse's Fantastic Fest last fall and the same trailer originally debuted back then, but with Drafthouse Films finally opening this in theaters this summer it's time to give it another look. In a small village in Leon, María José prepares to end her life after failing to get over the death of her son. Everything changes when she is visited by Lucía, a strange little girl who might just be connected to a local legend about the apocalypse. That's quite an enticing pitch! Macarena Gómez and Sofía García co-star as María José and Lucía, along with Rodolfo Sancho, Ana Milán, Rubén Ochandiano, and Germán Torres. This looks pretty gnarly, stay away from this kid or she'll F you up! The last shot is a banger, damn.

New US Trailer for Spanish Thriller 'The Beasts' Set in a Small Village

The Beasts Trailer

"Do you think I'm here on a whim?" Greenwich Ent. has revealed an official US trailer for an indie thriller from France + Spain called The Beasts, originally known as As Bestas (which translates to The Beasts) in its original title. This one first premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival last year, also stopping by the Chicago, Philadelphia, and Palm Springs Film Festivals. It opens in art house theaters in the US starting this July. An expatriate French couple (played by Denis Ménochet and Marina Foïs) decide to operate an organic farm in the Spanish countryside. However, their earnest enthusiasm reeks of patronizing privilege to the handful of "hill people" families who have toiled on the land for generations. Tensions between locals and foreigners boil over in this edge-of-your-seat thriller set right in the Spanish countryside. Lots of critics have been flipping for this. It looks incredibly tense and unsettling, with some astounding cinematography and performances that make it especially gripping to watch. Certainly worth seeking out - take a look below.


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Emma Stone & Mark Ruffalo in Full Trailer for Lanthimos' 'Poor Things'

Poor Things Trailer

"A woman plotting her course to freedom… how delightful!" Searchlight Pictures has unveiled a full official trailer for Yorgos Lanthimos film titled Poor Things, produced by and starring Emma Stone. This looks magnificently weird and wacky and wondrous! Lanthimos & Stone teaming up again for something wacky following The Favourite in 2018. The strange new comedy tells the incredible tale & fantastical evolution of Bella Baxter, a young woman brought back to life by the brilliant & unorthodox scientist Dr. Godwin Baxter. The film stars Emma Stone with Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe, Ramy Youssef, Jerrod Carmichael, and Christopher Abbott. A seriously excellent supporting cast. This looks quite whimsical and amusing, telling a Frankenstein story that also seems to be a tale about women's liberation, following Bella learning figuring out who exactly she is. I'm in! Still not sure where this story is headed, but I'm intrigued to find out.


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Cannes 2023: Best of the Fest - Rohrwacher + Koji Yakusho + Gondry

Cannes 2023 - Best of the Fest

What are the best films out of this year's Cannes Film Festival? Which ones should you be taking an interest in? What films should be a priority for you to see? After 12 days at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, after watching a total of 31 films, it's time to present my 2023 list of my Top 10 Favorites. This was my 13th year back to this festival, and I still enjoy being there right in the middle of all the craziness and all the crowds and all the hype about new cinema. It's rejuvenating, even if it's raining and queues are crazy long and the screening is delayed and everyone is tired. As I usually say - there's always more to see, always more to take our breath away. These ten listed below are the ones that connected with me emotionally or intellectually, and I hope you'll consider watching a few when they arrive in your neighborhood. They are worth the wait. It might have been a weaker year at Cannes, for the most part, but am still glad I could fall in love with a few of these movies. This is my final recap of Cannes 2023 - don't miss any of these films below. Best of the fest.


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US Trailer for 'The Passengers of the Night' with Charlotte Gainsbourg

The Passengers of the Night Trailer

"To the pleasure of your company. Here with me." KimStim Films has debuted a new official US trailer for the French indie drama called The Passengers of the Night (also known as Les Passagers de la Nuit), which will finally be out in theaters this summer. The film first premiered at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival last year, but it hasn't made much of an impact since then despite playing at many other international fests. Set in 1981 in Paris, this is sort of an autobiographical tale of a French family and their interactions. Left by her husband, Elisabeth finds herself alone, responsible for the day-to-day care of her two children. She picks up a job on a night-time radio show, where she meets the free-spirited Talulah, a youngster she decides to take under her wing. The French drama "is filled with small acts of kindness that have profound effects." Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as Elisabeth, with Noée Abita as Talulah, Quito Rayon Richter, Megan Northam, Thibault Vinçon, & Emmanuelle Béart. A slow-paced film about the power of connection…


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New Trailer for Acclaimed Mexican Film 'Tótem' Made by Lila Avilés

Mister Organ Trailer

"When will the world end?" An early promo trailer has debuted for an acclaimed indie film from Mexico titled Tótem, one of the few truly excellent films from the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. It should've won the Golden Bear, in my opinion, but they skipped over this one entirely. Mexican director Lila Avilés’s Berlinale Competition film Totem is about a family getting ready for a birthday party, told through the eyes of a young girl. Seven-year-old Sol spends the day at her grandfather's home, helping with the preparations for a surprise party for her ailing father. Throughout the day, chaos slowly takes over, fracturing the family's foundations. Sol will embrace the essence of letting go as a release for existence. It's a wonderfully soulful, touching film about family and life on this planet. With Naíma Sentíes, Monserrat Marañon, Marisol Gasé, Saori Gurza, Teresita Sánchez, Mateo García Elizondo, Juan Francisco Maldonado, and Iazua Larios. Not the best trailer for this film, but I hope it finds the right audience whenever it's released.


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Second Trailer for Aussie Horror Hit 'Talk to Me' Arriving This Summer

Talk to Me Trailer

"I let you in… I let you in…" A24 has debuted a second official trailer for the indie horror favorite Talk to Me, made by the Australian brothers known as "RackaRacka" on YouTube. It played to rave reviews at both the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals this year, after first premiering in Australia late last year. This is a much better trailer, setting up what should be one of the big horror hits of the year. When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new "thrill," until one of them goes too far and unleashes terrifying supernatural forces. The film stars Sophie Wilde as Mia, Joe Bird as Riley, plus Alexandra Jensen, Otis Dhanji, Miranda Otto, Marcus Johnson, Alexandria Steffensen, Zoe Terakes, and Chris Alosio. I'm a big fan of this one, and I'm waiting for it to open so everyone can experience it and flip out over it. This creepy hand definitely needs to become the new "thing".


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Official Trailer for 'Heightened' Indie Comedy Made by Sara Friedman

Heightened Trailer

"You were so fearless as a little girl… I wonder what changed?" An official trailer has debuted for an indie dramedy titled Heightened, marking the feature directorial debut of actress / filmmaker Sara Friedman. After making numerous shorts, she writes and directs and stars in this feature film about a woman returning to her home town in Maine. It seems to be another of these very personal, autobiographical films where a filmmaker just tells their own story because that's the only good story to tell right now. Following a mental breakdown, a young woman must return home to Maine for treatment. After she is unwillingly thrust into nature, she finds unexpected solace in the company of a neurotic Park Ranger, who is dealing with issues of his own. Friedman co-stars with Dave Register, playing the funky Park Ranger, along with Sarah Clarke, Mike Mitchell, Xander Berkeley, Moira Driscoll, and Dipti Mehta. This looks amusing, check it out.


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Cannes 2023 Trailer Roundup - Get a Look at Some of This Fest's Films

Cannes 2023 Trailer Roundup

"Can you find the wolves in this picture?" With the 2023 Cannes Film Festival officially wrapped up, the next step for each of these films is to get a proper release. Most of them have distribution set, but not all of them do yet. For one final recap of the festival - below are 18 different trailers for Cannes 2023 films that were at the festival. Not many trailers have been released from the line-up yet, but these are the best ones we could find now (also check out these: The Idol, Jeanne du Barry, Indiana Jones). These trailers should give you a glimpse of the kind of films that played at Cannes this year, and if there is any one of them that looks interesting - add it to your watchlist so you can catch it later. They all deserve to find an audience outside of the festival, and hopefully sharing these trailers will bring attention to even the little ones. Enjoy.

Victorian London Prison Curse Horror Film 'The Gates' Official Trailer

The Gates Horror Trailer

"Save us Father! There's evil down here." This looks creepy. 101 Films has unveiled an official trailer for an indie supernatural horror film called The Gates, made by the filmmaker Stephen Hall. The title must be a reference to the "Gates of Hell", not just the prison itself. Or perhaps somewhere else more sinister… Set in Victorian London, a chilling thriller at a prison. A serial killer has been sentenced to death by electric chair in the 1890s, but in his final hours, he puts a curse on the prison he is in, and all of those in it. The film stars Michael Yare and Richard Brake, along with John Rhys-Davies & Elena Delia as two post mortem photographers, turned paranormal investigators; plus David Pearse & Peter Coonan. This looks much better than expected, with a scary story to boot. And the intense end of the trailer hints at a big showdown.


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