First Teaser for Witchcraft Horror Film 'The Old Ways' Set in Veracruz

The Old Ways Trailer

"They have seen something inside you." An early festival teaser trailer has unveiled for an indie horror film titled The Old Ways, from filmmaker Christopher Alender. This is premiering at the Sitges Film Festival this month, which is why this trailer is being released to build more buzz after its debut. The film follows Cristina Lopez, as played by Brigitte Kali Canales, a Mexican American reporter who goes back to her homeland of Veracruz in Mexico chasing a story on witchcraft and faith healers. But then she becomes the subject of her own story, kidnapped by a local "bruja" and her son. The indie cast includes Andrea Cortés, Julia Vera, Sal Lopez, AJ Bowen, Weston Meredith, & Julian Lerma. This is just a first look teaser, but there's enough creepy footage to give me a jolt. Snakes…! Why'd it have to be snakes?! Tread carefully.

Something is After Odessa Young in Murder Mystery 'The Giant' Trailer

The Giant Trailer

"There's something about this summer that brings the past back to life…" Vertical has released an official trailer for The Giant, a murder mystery thriller that initially premiered at last year's Toronto Film Festival. Odessa Young stars as a teenager about to graduate in a small town, whose life is changed forever when a series of murders begin on the same night that her missing boyfriend suddenly reappears. "Charlotte gets the unshakeable feeling that somehow it is coming for her – in ways more troubling than she could ever know." Also stars Ben Schnetzer, Jack Kilmer, Madelyn Cline, Danny Ramirez, and PJ Marshall. There's tons of dark, grainy, close-ups in this - which is annoying but it's a style choice. I'm most intrigued by the evil force, and that shot in the rain because it is a terrifying shot. Horror fans need to check this out.

John Hurt Plays an Aging Screenwriter in 'That Good Night' Trailer

That Good Night Trailer

"Are you hiding something?" Trinity Creative has released an official trailer for an indie drama titled That Good Night, which originally premiered in 2017 at the Edinburgh and Shanghai Film Festivals. The film stars John Hurt (who passed away in early 2017 before this premiered at the festivals) as Ralph, a once-famous screenwriter, who is now in his seventies and terminally ill. But he still has two final missions: to be reconciled to his son, Michael, and, secretly, to ensure he is not a burden to his wife, Anna, as he goes "into that good night". The film's cast includes Sofia Helin, Max Brown, Erin Richards, Charles Dance, and Noah Jupe. I'm not so confident about this considering it has taken three years to finally get a release, but it does look quite interesting. I enjoy Hurt's hat the most. As for the rest, it might be a heartfelt watch.

Lavinia Wilson in Trailer for Austrian Indie Drama 'What We Wanted'

What We Wanted Trailer

"We deserve a nice life, too." Netflix has revealed an official trailer for an Austrian indie drama titled What We Wanted, the feature directorial debut of Austrian filmmaker Ulrike Kofler. This intimate, emotional story is about a couple that is struggling to conceive despite trying multiple times. Alice, played by Lavinia Wilson, and Niklas, played by Elyas M'Barek, are a couple who's biggest wish is to have a child of their own. After several failed attempts they decide to go on a holiday to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia to clear their minds. There they meet a family from Austria that seems to have everything they ever wished for. But appearances can be deceiving… Which usually means they'll discover they have plenty of problems as well, since we like to look at others who have what we want as perfect, but that's not true. It also stars Anna Unterberger, Lukas Spisser, Iva Höpperger, and Fedor Teyml. This one got me - it looks very good.

First Trailer for True Story Con Men Dark Comedy 'Stealing Chaplin'

Stealing Chaplin Trailer

"Show some respect, he's an icon!" "Respect?! We just dug him up!" OutThere McFilms & High Octane Ent. have released an official UK trailer for a crime comedy titled Stealing Chaplin, inspired by real events. Two wacky Las Vegas-based con men dig up and steal the corpse of comedian Charlie Chaplin in order to ransom it. With the grave-robbing theft gaining the world's attention and the reward rising daily, soon every local lowlife, criminal and dirty cop wants a piece of the action. Stealing Chaplin stars Simon Phillips, Doug Phillips, Peter Woodward, Al Sapienza, along with Mr. Las Vegas himself: Wayne Newton. "If Charlie Chaplin taught us anything; it was that laughing in times of difficulty sometimes the best medicine. So in light of everything going on in the world at the moment we are very pleased to be partnering with High Octane to deliver Stealing Chaplin to the world." This looks way too dull to be any good, but it might be fun.

UK Trailer for German Coming-of-Age Sexual Awakening Film 'Cocoon'

Cocoon Trailer

"Imagine if it were like that with everything that's beautiful. One minute it's there. And then it's gone." Peccadillo Pics in the UK has released a UK trailer for the German coming-of-age / sexual awakening drama Cocoon, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. Kreuzberg is Nora's microcosm. The silent observer, she's always tagging along: at parties, at school, at the pool, on rooftops. Nora drifts around the monotonous housing blocks with her big sister and her friends… But Nora has her own way of looking at the world, and when she meets Romy, she realizes why. There is music in the air, Nora's body is changing, and caterpillars are spinning cocoons. A "true depiction of the trials and triumphs of female adolescence, Cocoon is a raw and honest coming-of-age tale that every woman can relate to." The film features Lena Urzendowsky, Jella Haase, and Lena Klenke. Looks like a very vibrant, alluring indie gem from Berlin.

Charlie Hunnam & Jack O'Connell are Brothers in 'Jungleland' Trailer

Jungleland Trailer

"We got one option – we fight." Paramount has released a trailer for an emotional and gritty drama about brothers titled Jungleland, the latest from talented filmmaker Max Winkler (of Ceremony and Flower). A reluctant bare-knuckle boxer and his manager / brother must travel across the country for one last fight to pay off a debt to a mob boss, but an unexpected travel companion exposes the cracks in their bond along the way. Charlie Hunnam and Jack O'Connell star as the brothers Stan and Lion, with an exquisite cast featuring Jonathan Majors, Jessica Barden, Fran Kranz, John Cullum, Owen Burke, as well as Meredith Holzman. This is one hell of a trailer, also a showcase for the stunning cinematography by DP Damián García. A strong reminder that Winkler is a very good filmmaker and I hope he keeps making more.

Family Drama 'The World Without You' Trailer Feat. Radha Mitchell

The World Without You Trailer

"Closure is the most detestable word…" Legacy Distribution has released the official trailer for The World Without You, an emotionally-charged indie familial drama marking the feature directorial debut of writer / director Damon Shalit. It first premiered at the Dances With Films Festival last year, and is finally getting a VOD release this fall. A family is brought together for the one-year anniversary of the death of their son Leo, a journalist killed while on assignment in Iraq. Old hurts and dark secrets emerge, threatening to tear the fragile threads that are holding the family together. Starring Radha Mitchell, Perrey Reeves, P.J. Byrne, Chris Mulkey, James Tupper, Suzanne C. Johnson, Annika Marks, Lyndie Greenwood, Joel Reitsma, and Lynn Cohen. This film looks like it has some brutally honest things to discuss at least.

Official Trailer for 'Black in Minneapolis' About a Powerful Uprising

Black in Minneapolis Trailer

"We have to stop them." "Stop them how?" Monument Releasing has debuted an official trailer for the film Black in Minneapolis, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker David J. Buchanan, who grew up in Minneapolis. This hasn't premiered at any festivals, but will be out on VOD by the end of this month to watch anyway. A Black man witnesses a police officer murder his brother during a routine traffic stop and responds by igniting a movement to fight against police violence. Shot in Minneapolis before George Floyd's murder, it's described as a "modern-day Malcolm X story." Buchanan explains his idea: "This is the first time I've made a politically charged film, and I wanted to ground the fiction of the story in reality. I have a strong background in documentary… so I took that knowledge and used it to interview real people about their experiences with law enforcement. The film is made up of interviews spliced between the narrative portions of the film." Starring Toussaint Morrison, Geoff Briley, and Malick Ceesay. It's worth a look.

Learning to Love Bocce Ball in First Trailer for 'Team Marco' Comedy

Team Marco Trailer

"Women lovvvvveeee a good bocce toss." Samuel Goldwyn Films has released an official trailer for an indie comedy titled Team Marco, which originally premiered at the Mill Valley, Red Rocks, and Lone Star Film Festivals last fall. Marco is obsessed with his iPad and hardly leaves the house. But when his grandmother dies and his grandfather moves in, Marco's life is turned upside-down and he's forced… to go play outside. "Nonno" introduces him to bocce ball and to the neighborhood crew of old Italian men who play daily at the local court. With sport, laughter and love, Marco finds connection to other people and rounds up a team of neighborhood kids to take on Marco's grandfather and his pals. The sweet comedy stars Owen Vaccaro, Anthony Patellis, Louis Cancelmi, and Anastasia Ganias-Gellin. Most Americans have no idea what bocce ball is, or how to play, which is probably the funniest part of this film. Learn a new sport! Check it out.

A Man Searches for the Owner of 'The Bra' in Azerbaijan Comedy Trailer

The Bra Trailer

Indican Pictures has released an official US trailer for an indie, light-hearted comedy titled The Bra, from German filmmaker Veit Helmer. The film is already out to watch now, but we're just catching up with it at this point. Set in the country of Azerbaijan (nestled between Iran and Georgia) the film tells the story of an aging train driver named Nurlan. To escape from his lonely existence, he embarks on the most adventurous journey of his life: to find the owner of a perky piece of blue underwear that his train snagged off a washing line. He rents a small room in Baku and begins his quest. Starring Predrag 'Miki' Manojlovic as Nurlan, with Paz Vega, Denis Levant, Chulpan Khamatova, Maia Morgenstern, and Frankie Wallac. This has the look and feel of an old classic B&W film, something from a time long ago, a comedic quest for love. And this dialogue-free trailer is pretty dang good - emphasizing that this film is entirely dialogue-free, too.

Official UK Trailer for Seaside Romance 'Ammonite' with Kate Winslet

Ammonite Trailer

"She's unlocked something in you." Lionsgate UK has released an official UK trailer for the indie romance Ammonite, the second feature film written & directed by God's Own Country director Francis Lee. This just premiered at the Toronto and London Film Festivals this fall - read our review here. There's no date set for the UK yet, but it's still aiming to open in the US in November. Set in 1840s England, an acclaimed but overlooked fossil hunter named Mary Anning and a young woman sent to convalesce by the sea develop an intense relationship, altering both of their lives forever. Starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan, along with Gemma Jones, James McArdle, Alec Secareanu, and Fiona Shaw. This film is a rather cold but charming story of pure love - about two people who finally brighten up after finding each other. Take a look.




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