Dale Elliott Plays a Jamaican Runner on the Rise in Trailer for 'Sprinter'

Sprinter Trailer

"They're calling this young man the Rasta Rocket!" FilmRise has debuted the official trailer for an indie sports drama titled Sprinter, from Jamaican director Storm Saulter (Better Mus' Come). This premiered at the American Black Film Festival and is getting a VOD this spring, for who those who want to check it out. Sprinter is about a talented Rastafarian teenager in Philadelphia who hopes to qualify for the national youth track team for the World Youth Championships. Newcomer Dale Elliott stars as Akeem Sharp, who is set to be Jamaica's next big track-and-field sensation. Real-life Jamaican track sensation Usain Bolt makes an appearance as well, of course. The film also stars Lorrain Toussaint, Kadeem Wilson, Dennis Titus, Shantol Jackson, Bryshere Y. Gray, and David Alan Grier. Featuring songs by NE-YO and Jamaican dancehall performer Shenseea. Executive produced by Jada & Will Smith, and Richard Jefferson. See below.

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Another Trailer for Olivia Wilde's Coming-of-Age Comedy 'Booksmart'

Booksmart Trailer

"We haven't done anything, we haven't broken any rules!" Annapurna Pics has released an additional green band trailer for the high school comedy Booksmart, the feature directorial debut of actress Olivia Wilde. The first red band trailer debuted last month when the film premiered to massive praise at the SXSW Film Festival. We still expect more trailers, but this has a bit of extra footage to keep this on your radar. Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein star as two academic superstars and best friends who, on the eve of their high school graduation, realize they should have worked less and played more. Determined not to fall short of their peers, the girls decide to try to cram four years of fun into one night. Also stars Jessica Williams, Lisa Kudrow, Will Forte, and Jason Sudeikis. Everyone has been totally raving about this! Get ready.

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Official US Trailer for French Thriller 'My Son' with Guillaume Canet

My Son Trailer

"How far would you go to bring your child home?" Cohen Media Group has released an official US trailer for the French thriller My Son, originally titled Mon Garçon in French (which just translates to My Son). This premiered in 2017 in France, but is just now finally getting a theatrical release in the US starting in Los Angeles next month. Guillaume Canet plays a man in the midst of a failing marriage. One day he receives a distressing message from his ex-wife that their seven-year-old son has disappeared while at camp, which sends him on a dark path to find out the truth. Director Christian Carion "places long-time collaborator Guillaume Canet in unique shooting conditions to create this searing portrait of a man out of control, a father forced into violence by his desire to protect his son." This also stars Mélanie Laurent, Olivier de Benoist, and Mohamed Brikat. It's been a long wait for this to play in the US, but might've been worth it.

First Teaser Trailer for Bong Joon-ho's Family Tragicomedy 'Parasite'

Parasite Trailer

Get ready for the next Bong Joon-ho film! CJ Entertainment has debuted an official Korean trailer for Bong Joon-ho's next, a family drama titled Parasite. Don't be deceived, however, as there's definitely still some murder and mystery in this - it's not just a simple drama about a family. All unemployed, Ki-taek's family takes peculiar interest in the Parks for their livelihood until they get entangled in an unexpected incident. This stars Song Kang-ho (Bong's usual lead from Memories of Murder, The Host, Snowpiercer) with Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Jang Hye-jin, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam, plus Park Seo-joon. We don't usually post international trailers without subtitles, but this is the new Bong Joon-ho film! Can't help it. He's one of my favorite filmmakers, and rumors are this will premiere in Cannes. Definitely worth a look.

Olga Kurylenko in Full UK Trailer for Hostage Film '15 Minutes of War'

15 Minutes of War Trailer

"Prove why your special unit is so special." Signature Entertainment has debuted the official UK trailer for an intense rescue drama titled 15 Minutes of War, based on the shocking true story of a hostage situation in 1976 in Somali. From director Fred Grivois, the film stars Olga Kurylenko as an American teacher accompanying twenty-one French children. Their school bus is taken hostage at the Somali border, so the GIGN is sent and after 30 hours of tension their plan is executed. The elite team is tasked with carrying out a simultaneous five-men sniper attack to get the children and their teacher out safely. The film also stars Alban Lenoir, Sébastien Lalanne, David Murgia, Michaël Abiteboul, Guillaume Labbé, Ben Cura, Vincent Perez, Josiane Balasko, and Kevin Layne. This looks like most other hostage thrillers, with some intense moments and brutal scenes where they're doing only what is necessary to save everyone.

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First UK Trailer for Scottish Party Film 'Beats' Produced by Soderbergh

Beats Trailer

"Rave to your grave…!" Altitude Films has debuted a dance-able official UK trailer for an indie film titled Beats, which premiered at the Slamdance and Rotterdam Film Festivals earlier this year. Set in the summer of 1994, the film is about two best mates from a small Scottish town who head out for one last night together before life takes them in different directions. Going to an illegal rave, the boys journey into an underworld of anarchy, freedom and collision with the law, as they share a night that they will never forget. Beats is executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, and presented in black & white, which is a cool choice. The party film stars Cristian Ortega, Lorn Macdonald, Laura Fraser, and Brian Ferguson. This looks damn good, thanks to an excellently energetic trailer with some nice touches (and awesome vintage techno music).

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Kristen Stewart & Laura Dern in 'Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy' Trailer

Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy Trailer

"Are you really who you say you are?" Universal has released the first official trailer for the true story film Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy, also known as JT LeRoy, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year. The film tells the story of a young woman named Savannah Knoop who spent six years pretending to be the celebrated author and cult status character JT LeRoy, the made-up literary persona of her sister-in-law. Kristen Stewart stars as Savannah, and the cast includes Laura Dern, Diane Kruger, Jim Sturgess, Courtney Love, Stella Maxwell, and Kelvin Harrison Jr. This almost unbelievable true story was also told in a documentary recently called Author: The JT LeRoy Story, and it's a fascinating story to examine looking back on it all now. This feature version of her story looks like a fun one, give it a whirl.

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Official Trailer for Alex Lykos' Amusing Rom-Com 'Me & My Left Brain'

Me & My Left Brain Trailer

"I don't subscribe to the modern day transient attitude towards relationships." How dating has changed. Panoramic Pictures has debuted an official trailer for an indie romantic comedy from Australia titled Me & My Left Brain, the second feature film made by filmmaker Alex Lykos (creator of Alex & Eve previously). Described as a "Woody Allen style rom-com", the film imagines the "inner critic" (the "left brain" hence the title) of a middle aged man as another man who constantly confronts him in his daily life. Alex Lykos stars as Arthur, and Malcolm Kennard plays his left brain, with a cast including Chantelle Barry, Natalia Ladyko, Rachael Beck, Simon McLachlan, and Laura Dundovic. This looks somewhat amusing, with a few funny lines, worth a look if you're interested. With an all-jazz score by Cezary Skubiszewski. Have fun.

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Rafe Spall & Emilia Fox in US Trailer for Cancer Drama 'Acres & Acres'

Acres & Acres Trailer

"Kiss the boys two times after I'm gone." Gravitas Ventures has released the first official trailer for an indie drama titled Acres and Acres, the latest from director Niall Johnson. This film originally opened in the UK back in late 2016, and is just now getting a US release nearly three years later. It was first released under the title Mum's List, which is also the name of the book it's based on. The film is about Singe and Kate, a couple from North Somerset, whose lives were turned upside down when Kate was diagnosed with incurable breast cancer. Over her last few days, she created her list: writing her thoughts and memories down, to help the man she loved create the best life possible for their two sons, after she was gone. Starring Rafe Spall, Emilia Fox, Elaine Cassidy, William Stagg, and Matthew Stagg. Looks like a really heavy tearjerker.

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New Trailer for Berlinger's 'Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, & Vile'

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile Trailer

"This is about catching a monster." Netflix has released the second official trailer for Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, which first premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year receiving quite a bit of (good and bad) attention. This film tells the story of Ted Bundy, one of the most notorious serial killers in history. He lived in Seattle, Washington, but traveled around America killing young women in multiple states and consistently denying the charges. A chronicle of his crimes, told from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend, who refused to believe the truth about him for years. Starring Zac Efron as Ted, and Lily Collins as Liz, with a cast including Kaya Scodelario, John Malkovich, Jeffrey Donovan, Dylan Baker, Haley Joel Osment, and Jim Parsons. The film is scary in that it shows how easily he got away with killing so many, and how women fell for his looks despite knowing he's a brutal killer. Terrifying.

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First Trailer for Aussie Drama 'Ride Like a Girl' Starring Teresa Palmer

Ride Like a Girl Trailer

"It's not just about speed, it's about patience." Transmission Films has debuted the first official trailer for an inspirational sports biopic from Australia titled Ride Like a Girl, which is also the feature directorial debut of actress Rachel Griffiths. The film tells the story of Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup - horse-racing's toughest two-mile race - back in 2015. Teresa Palmer stars as Michelle, with a wonderful cast including Sam Neill, Sullivan Stapleton, Stevie Payne (as himself), Genevieve Morris, Sophia Forrest, Henry Nixon, Aaron Glenane, and Zara Zoe. This looks great! Seems to be a bit better than your average sports biopic, with plenty of hardship and heart keeping her motivated as she fights her way into the male-dominated world of jockeys. Plus, Sam and Teresa are both wonderful to watch.

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Jessie Buckley Soars in US Trailer for Country Singer Film 'Wild Rose'

Wild Rose Trailer

"If you got a voice, you've got something to say." Neon has debuted the official US trailer for Wild Rose, to go along with the first UK trailer from earlier this year. This premiered at the Toronto and London Film Festivals last year, also just stopped by SXSW. Jessie Buckley (who also stars in the film Beast) plays a young mother from Glasgow, fresh out of prison, who decides to give up everything and move to Nashville to chase her dreams of becoming a country singer. But not without some bumps in the road. An "uplifting story with an original soundtrack about family, dreams and reality, and three chords and the truth." The film's cast includes Julie Walters as her mother, plus Sophie Okonedo, Jamie Sives, Gemma McElhinney, James Harkness, and Ashley Shelton. This looks really good, and reviews have been really good. Enjoy.

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