Alison Brie in First Trailer for 'Horse Girl' Film Premiering at Sundance

Horse Girl Trailer

"I know that it sounds crazy, okay? I know that it sounds really crazy but it just feels really real." Netflix has unveiled an official trailer for an indie drama titled Horse Girl, which is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this month - then arriving on Netflix a few weeks later. Directed by Jeff Baena, Horse Girl is a darkly humorous psychological thriller about a woman's search for the truth, "however abstract it may be." Sarah, a rather awkward woman with a fondness for crafts, horses, and supernatural crime shows, finds her increasingly lucid dreams trickling into her waking life. Alison Brie stars, and co-wrote the script; the film was also executive produced by Jay & Mark Duplass. The cast also includes Debby Ryan, John Reynolds, Molly Shannon, John Ortiz, Paul Reiser, and Jay Duplass. Seems like a quirky, compelling little film.

First Trailer for 'Coda' Starring Patrick Stewart as a Famous Pianist

Coda Trailer

"So just play, Henry… Play for them. I'll be listening…" Gravitas Ventures has debuted an official trailer for indie drama called Coda, the feature directorial debut of writer turned filmmaker named Claude Lalonde. This premiered at a film festival last year but hasn't shown up anywhere else, and will be released on VOD at the end of this month. Patrick Stewart stars as a famous pianist struggling with stage fright and sadness late in his career finds inspiration with a free-spirited music critic he connects with. Katie Holmes plays the critic, named Helen, and the cast includes Giancarlo Esposito, Letitia Brookes, and Drew Davis. Never heard of this film before, which is strange, but it looks rather sweet. Always like films about pianists.

Maren Eggert in German Drama 'I Was at Home, But' Official Trailer

I Was at Home, But Trailer

"Leave me alone, please!" The Cinema Guild has unveiled an official US trailer for the acclaimed German indie drama titled I Was at Home, But… (with ellipses officially / translated from Ich War Zuhause, Aber in German). This premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last year, and stopped by numerous other prestigious festivals including Hong Kong, Melbourne, San Sebastián, Toronto, New York, Chicago, and Vienna. This complicated family drama set in Berlin "tells the story of Astrid, a forty-something mother of two, struggling to regain her balance in the wake of her husband's death…" Her son disappeared for a week and now that he has returned, he faces trouble at school and his toe requires amputation. As new questions confront Astrid from every angle, even simple activities like buying a bicycle or engaging with a work of art, are fraught with unexpected challenges. Starring Maren Eggert as Astrid, Jakob Lassalle as her son. For cinephiles only.

Bill Nighy & Annette Bening in Trailer for Divorce Drama 'Hope Gap'

Hope Gap Trailer

"Fine isn't the same as happy. Now we're happy, aren't we Edward?" Roadside Attractions has debuted an official trailer for an indie drama titled Hope Gap, which first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last fall before stopping by the London Film Festival and FilmBath Festival. TIFF explains: "Featuring brilliant performances from Bill Nighy and four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening, this exquisite drama from writer-director William Nicholson will resonate with anyone who has ever navigated the choppy waters of long-term love." The story follows a woman who, after 29 years of marriage, must deal with the challenges of divorce and splitting up. Grace ultimately regains her footing and discovers a new, powerful voice. It also stars Josh O'Connor, Aiysha Hart, and Ryan McKen. A moving story about finding yourself at any age.

First Trailer for Nanny Comedy 'Saint Frances' Starring Kelly O'Sullivan

Saint Frances Trailer

"Have you nannied before?" Oscilloscope Labs has debuted the trailer for an indie dramedy called Saint Frances, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival last year. It also played at the Montclair, Lighthouse, Munich, Traverse City, Nashville, Milwaukee, and Denver Film Festivals last year. Kelly O'Sullivan stars, and also wrote the screenplay, playing a woman in her 30s who finally lands a job as a nanny for a six-year-old girl. After an accidental pregnancy turned abortion, and other troubles, she finds an unlikely friendship with the six-year old she's charged with protecting. Also starring Ramona Edith-Williams, Jim True-Frost, Francis Guinan, Lily Mojekwu, Mary Beth Fisher, and Charin Alvarez. The poster for this is utterly fantastic. Described in reviews as "a quintessential millennial comedy and a timeless commentary."

First Trailer for 'Lost Girls' Film with Amy Ryan & Thomasin McKenzie

Lost Girls Trailer

"I've been dismissed and ignored, but one thing I won't be is silenced." Netflix has revealed the first official trailer for the investigation drama Lost Girls, which is premiering at the Sundance Film Festival later this month. Lost Girls is based on the true story of Mari Gilbert, adapted from the non-fiction book by Robert Kolker investigating what might be going on and why the cops aren't helping. When Mari Gilbert's daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation right into the gated Long Island community where Shannan was last seen. Her search brings attention to over a dozen murdered sex workers. Amy Ryan stars as Mari Gilbert, with a full cast including Thomasin McKenzie, Lola Kirke, Oona Laurence, Gabriel Byrne, Miriam Shor, Kevin Corrigan, Dean Winters, & Austyn Johnson. A very powerful first look.

First Trailer for 'Olympic Dreams' Film with Nick Kroll & Alexi Pappas

Olympic Dreams Trailer

"I wake up every day a little bit afraid!" IFC Films has released the first trailer for an indie dramedy titled Olympic Dreams, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival last year. It also played at the RiverRun, Seattle, Mill Valley, and Hawaii Film Festivals, and is arriving in theaters in February. Olympic Dreams is the first movie ever filmed on location during the Olympics in Athletes Village (filmed at PyeongChang 2018 in South Korea). The movie "offers audiences a never-before-seen behind of life behind the Games and the people whose entire worlds are shaped by them." Written by and starring Nick Kroll and Alexi Pappas, the story follows a young cross-country skier who bonds with a volunteer doctor after her competition ends. This looks like a sweet, honest look at love and how much connection matters no matter where we are and what we're going through. The cast includes Gus Kenworthy, Morgan Schild, and other athletes. Enjoy.

Tallie Medel & Norma Kuhling in Indie Drama 'Fourteen' Teaser Trailers

Fourteen Trailer

"Did he seem nervous when you asked him to dinner?" This small indie film playing on the festival circuit is a worthwhile discovery and still needs a distributor. Fourteen is the latest film made by American indie filmmaker Dan Sallitt, and it first premiered at the Berlin Film Festival last year before playing all over the world (at Uruguay, Melbourne, Vancouver, Mill Valley, Vienna, Thessaloniki Film Festivals). Tallie Medel and Norma Kuhling star as two friends struggling with the realities of adult life. The film takes place over a decade, showing us only a few disparate scenes between them when they reconnect and converse. The cast also includes Lorelei Romani, C. Mason Wells, Dylan McCormick, and Kolyn Brown. This earned some rave reviews from critics at festivals; it's a unique, low-key drama that will connect more with some than others. These teasers were released during its festival run; we're still waiting to see a full-length trailer.

First Teaser Trailer for 'Charm City Kings' Film Premiering at Sundance

Charm City Kings Teaser Trailer

"One way or another, I'm going to be with that clique!" Sony Pictures Classics has revealed a teaser trailer for Charm City Kings, a feature drama premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this month. The film is a feature adaptation of the acclaimed documentary 12 O'Clock Boys, which premiered in 2013, and opened in theaters in 2014. The film is about a 14-year-old boy named Mouse who joins a notorious dirt bike gang in Baltimore. Sundance describes this as an "electric feature that pulses with teen gusto, thumping hip-hop, and amazing bike tricks. Soto directs an astonishingly talented cast to create a narrative bursting with pitch-perfect performances and intoxicating emotion." Starring Jahi Di'Allo Winston as Mouse, plus Meek Mill, Will Catlett, Teyonah Parris, Donielle Tremaine Hansley, and Kezii Curtis. This looks crazy good!! One hell of a teaser to build hype before Sundance. Check this out and catch 12 O'Clock Boys as well.

Tye Sheridan in First Trailer for 'The Night Clerk' with Ana de Armas

The Night Clerk Trailer

"This is a fragile boy, and you need to understand that." Saban Films has unveiled an official trailer for an indie thriller titled The Night Clerk, which is arriving in theaters this February despite not premiering at any festivals or elsewhere. While on duty, a young, socially challenged hotel clerk witnesses a murder in one of the rooms but his suspicious actions land him as the lead detective's number one suspect. This is written and directed by an award-winning playwright – Michael Cristofer – making his third feature film, his latest since Original Sin in 2001. Tye Sheridan stars as the hotel clerk Bart Bromley, with a cast including Ana de Armas, John Leguizamo, Helen Hunt, Johnathon Schaech, and Jacque Gray. This reminds me a lot of Bad Times at the El Royale, but doesn't look anywhere near as good as that film. Take a look below.

Ana de Armas & Wagner Moura in First Trailer for 'Sergio' from Netflix

Sergio Trailer

"This mission requires the very best." Netflix has debuted a trailer for Sergio, an indie drama premiering at the Sundance Film Festival this month. Inspired by a documentary also titled Sergio, the director of that doc makes his first narrative feature telling the story of a UN diplomat working in the world’s most unstable regions. The film is set in the chaotic aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq, where the life of top UN diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello hangs in the balance during the most treacherous mission of his career. "Inspired by a true story, Sergio is a sweeping drama focused on a man pushed to his physical and emotional limits as he's forced to confront his own divisive choices about ambition, family, and his capacity to love." Starring Wagner Moura as Sergio, with Ana de Armas as his love interest, plus Garret Dillahunt, Clemens Schick, Will Dalton, Bradley Whitford, and Brían F. O'Byrne. This looks like a solid drama, with a dash of political commentary, but mostly a story about perseverance and the challenges of being a diplomat.

Jonathan Mangum in First Trailer for 'A Patient Man' Revenge Drama

A Patient Man Trailer

"People deal with the loss of a loved one in a lot of ways…" The first official trailer has debuted for an indie revenge drama titled A Patient Man, marking the feature directorial debut of veteran editor Kevin Ward. Tom has been in a terrible car accident. After four months of recovering from his injuries, he starts the long process of putting his life back together again. And also begins planning revenge on the person responsible. It's pretty obvious from the trailer what's going on, so it's not really a spoiler or anything, but this does look like a tricky setup for a film to make you wonder what's really happening. Jonathan Mangum stars with Tate Ellington, plus a small cast including Kelsey Scott, David Jahn, Elaine Loh, and Amir Talai. This looks like a low key psychological drama that may be worth a watch. I also dig the minimalistic poster.




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