Official Trailer for Appalachian Trail Mystery Thriller Indie Film 'Still'

Still Movie Trailer

"Vows weren't meant for this. What we're doing - this ain't natural." The Orchard has released an official trailer for an indie drama titled simply Still, a shortened version of the original title Moon Shine Still. This premiered at the Atlanta Film and Video Festival last year, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Takashi Doscher, born in Atlanta, GA. The indie film is about a young hiker who stumbles onto an isolated farm after losing her way on the Appalachian Trail. She's taken in by a strange yet beautiful couple trying to protect a secret deep in the mountains. That's a bit vague, but still intriguing. The small cast includes Lydia Wilson, Nick Blood, and Madeline Brewer. This looks very suspenseful and eerie, but a bit unrefined.

Mads Mikkelsen in First Trailer for Action Thriller 'Polar' From Netflix

Polar Trailer

"Why are you doing this?" "I like it." Netflix has debuted an official trailer for a stylistic action thriller film titled Polar, the latest film by a Swedish filmmaker named Jonas Åkerlund, who also directed the black metal film Lords of Chaos - which is also getting released early this year. Polar stars Mads Mikkelsen as a master assassin who comes out of retirement to contend with a group of young hit men. The cast includes Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick, Matt Lucas, Ruby O. Fee, Fei Ren, Anthony Grant, Josh Cruddas, Robert Maillet, Julian Richings, Johnny Knoxville and Richard Dreyfuss. It's based on the Dark Horse graphic novel "Polar: Came from the Cold" written by Victor Santos. This looks super stylish and comic booky, with tons of cheesy action scenes. Might be fun, but I don't think it's going to be any good.

Official Trailer for Small Town Indie 'Don't Come Back From The Moon'

Don't Come Back From The Moon

"It was as if he vaporized out of the driver's seat and just… floated away." Brainstorm Media has debuted an official trailer for an indie drama titled Don't Come Back From The Moon, an adaptation of a novel that first premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2017, where it won a Special Jury Prize for Directing. This was made by cinematographer Bruce Thierry Cheung before he made the junk sci-fi film Future World, but is just now getting released. It's about a group of kids in a small California desert town who are forced into a scavenging life when their fathers abandoned them ("for the Moon") without warning. Starring Jeff Wahlberg, James Franco, Rashida Jones, Alyssa Elle Steinacker, Henry Hopper, Hale Lytle, Jeremiah Noe, and Cheyenne Haynes. This looks like one of those artsy indies filled with random shots of kids hanging out, running around, and doing whatever. The cinematography is all there is to compliment.

Cameron Monaghan in First Trailer for 'Anthem of a Teenage Prophet'

Anthem of a Teenage Prophet Trailer

"I know what's going to happen… every detail of it." SP Releasing has debuted an official trailer for another YA it-super-sucks-to-be-teen-these-days film titled Anthem of a Teenage Prophet, adapted from a novel originally titled "Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet". The extra sappy story is about a teenager who realizes he has the power of premonition, and freaks out when he predicts the death of one of his friends. Dubbed the "Prophet of Death" by the media, Luke experiences more death flashes that become reality. Terrified by his new ability, Luke gets a prescription for a powerful sedative, which stops the visions for a while, but soon they—and his general disillusionment with life—return. Cameron Monaghan stars as Luke, with Peyton List, Juliette Lewis, Grayson Gabriel, Aaron Pearl, Richard de Klerk, and Alex MacNicoll. The kid really has the perfect emo look, with that long hair, darting eyes, and everything. But this still looks bad.

Zach McGowan as Chuck Wepner in Boxing Film 'The Brawler' Trailer

The Brawler Trailer

"I'm Chuck." "I know who you are…" Vertical Entertainment has unveiled the first official trailer for The Brawler, a new boxing film from produce / director Ken Kushner. The Brawler is yet another telling of the true story of boxer Chuck Wepner, a man from Bayonne, New Jersey who becomes an underdog boxer and gets a shot to fight the champ. Chuck is the real life inspiration behind the Rocky movies, and his story was already profiled in another film titled simply Chuck, with Liev Schreiber playing Wepner in that one. The Brawler stars Zach McGowan (from Dracula Untold, "The 100", "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.") as Chuck, with a cast including Amy Smart, Joe Pantoliano, Taryn Manning, and Burt Young. This doesn't look like it's going to be any good, unfortunately, seems the other Chuck film is the better choice between these two.

Second Official US Trailer for Pawlikowski's B&W Romance 'Cold War'

Cold War US Trailer

"Pawlikowski is a peerless dramatist." Amazon Studios has debuted another trailer for the award-winning Polish film Cold War (or Zimna Wojna), which first premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year. The film is expected to get a Best Foreign Language Film nomination at the Oscars, and possibly win as well. Cold War is the latest from acclaimed Polish filmmaker Pawel Pawlikowski (of The Woman in the Fifth, Ida) and he also won Best Director in Cannes. It's about a passionate love story between two people, who are fatefully mismatched. Wiktor, played by Tomasz Kot, falls for Zula, played by Joanna Kulig, and they spend years drifting together and apart. Set in Europe against the background of the Cold War in the 1950s. The cast includes Borys Szyc, Agata Kulesza, Cèdric Kahn, and Jeanne Balibar. It also has gorgeous B&W cinematography by DP Lukasz Zal. The film is already out in theaters - certainly worthy of your time.

Two Teaser Trailers for 'Lords of Chaos' About Norwegian Black Metal

Lords of Chaos Trailer

"Yeah, this is gonna end bad." Gunpowder & Sky has released a very short first teaser trailer for an indie horror drama titled Lord of Chaos, which actually premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year in the Midnight section (as a late addition to the fest). The indie film is based on "truth and lies", as the trailer indicates, telling the (mostly true) story of the attempt to launch Norwegian Black Metal, following its most notorious practitioners. The plot is actually about a teenager's quest to spread Norwegian Black Metal in Oslo, Norway in the early 1990s, which results in a very violent outcome. Rory Culkin stars, with Emory Cohen, Sky Ferreira, Jack Kilmer, and Valter Skarsgård. I've been hearing good things about this from the genre world. It seems a bit unconventional but a compelling true-story horror drama. Take a look.

Noomi Rapace in First Trailer for Bodyguard Thriller 'Close' on Netflix

Close Trailer

"Let's get one thing straight - I no longer work for you. From now on, you do as I say." Netflix has debuted the first official trailer for a gritty action film titled Close, which will be premiering on Netflix in just a few weeks. Described as an "adrenaline-pumping action thriller", written and directed by Vicky Jewson, the film is about a bodyguard assigned to protect a young woman who is handed the keys to her father's business. When things go wrong and they end up kidnapped, they both must learn to fight back and escape in order to make it home alive. Noomi Rapace stars as Sam, with a cast including Sophie Nélisse, Indira Varma, Eoin Macken, Charley Palmer Rothwell, Akin Gazi, Huw Parmenter, and George Georgiou. This looks like an intense action flick, but also looks cliche with all the usual tropes. Still might be worth a watch.

First Official Trailer for Survival Film 'Arctic' Starring Mads Mikkelsen

Arctic Trailer

"She's running out of time… I have to find help." Bleecker Street Films has debuted the first official trailer for survival thriller Arctic, the feature debut of filmmaker Joe Penna. This premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year and it's one of the best survival movies ever made. Yes, seriously. It truly is. I first saw this at Cannes (read my review) and really loved it, and even though there have been plenty of terrific survival films over the years, this one jumps to the top of the shortlist as a realistic, enthralling, emotional, gripping film about the incredible strength it takes to survive in the cold. Mads Mikkelsen stars as the survivor of a plane crash in the arctic. The film also features Maria Thelma Smáradóttir as a helpless young woman he tries to save. This was filmed mostly in Iceland, and features a really wonderful score by composer Joe Trapanese. I highly recommend catching this film when it opens, one of my favorites from last year. Enjoy.

First Trailer for Sci-Fi 'Crossbreed' Starring Vivica A. Fox as President

Crossbreed Trailer

"Does this mean war, Madame President?!" Uncork'd Entertainment has released an official trailer for an indie sci-fi alien film titled Crossbreed, a low budget action thriller starring Vivica A. Fox as (highlighted by PR) the first black female president. The film is about an "alien bio-weapon" created inside a top secret facility orbiting Earth. A team of mercs are sent to retrieve it, until the weapon escapes, and starts wreaking havoc onboard the space station. The full cast includes Daniel Baldwin, Stink Fisher, Devanny Pinn, Antoine Lanier, John T. Woods, Mu-Shaka Benson, and Vernon Wells. It's described as "an action-packed throwback in the tradition of Aliens and Escape from New York" though it does not look anywhere near as good as either of those. Crossbreed is heading straight to VOD next month if you do want to see this.

Chevy Chase & Richard Dreyfuss in Official Trailer for 'The Last Laugh'

The Last Laugh Trailer

"Do you even have an act?" "I never had an act." Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for an indie road trip comedy titled The Last Laugh, the latest from filmmaker Greg Pritikin (Totally Confused, Dummy, Surviving Eden). The comedy stars Chevy Chase as a retired talent manager who is reunited with his first client, Buddy Green played by Richard Dreyfuss, a comic who quit show business 50 years ago. This is another one of those amusing old geezers go on a road trip and re-discover how much fun the world is kind of films. The small supporting cast includes Chris Parnell, Kate Micucci, and Andie MacDowell. This looks like it has a few good laughs, but not as many as you might be expecting from this duo. Watch below.

Mia Wasikowska & Christopher Abbott in Red Band 'Piercing' Trailer

Piercing Trailer

"There will definitely be a lot of blood." Universal has released a freaky red band trailer for the indie horror thriller Piercing, the second feature from up-and-coming filmmaker Nicolas Pesce (his first film was The Eyes of My Mother). The film is currently playing in select theaters for those interested. It premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and went on to play at tons of festivals all over the world this year. Piercing is an intimate psychological thriller about a man who goes to a hotel with the intention of killing a prostitute, but gets into more trouble than he can handle with this particular girl. Mia Wasikowska and Christopher Abbott star, with a small cast featuring Laia Costa, Olivia Bond, Maria Dizzia, and Wendell Pierce. I'm not into this film much, but this is a nicely wicked trailer that should grab the attention of a few people.




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