Broken Lizard Completes Indiegogo Goal to Make 'Super Troopers 2'

Super Troopers

The last we heard anything about a sequel to Broken Lizard's cult classic comedy Super Troopers, the script was finished, and a studio was willing to distribute, but the money still needed to be raised to actually make the film. And here we are, nearly a year later, and it's time for fans to help make it happen. Broken Lizard just started an Indiegogo campaign to raise some money for the sequel, or the film won't get made. Fox Searchlight will distribute the film, but it's up to Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske to get the cash, and they made a video to convince you to help.

Alejandro Jodorowsky Heads to Kickstarter to Help His Next Project

Alejandro Jodorowsky

We hope that you were familiar with the abstract and mesmerizing work of Alejandro Jodorowsky before he was at the center of the spectacular documentary Jodorowsky's Dune, which chronicled the filmmaker's failed attempt to adapt the iconic sci-fi novel. But if you first came into contact with Jodorowsky because of that documentary, then you know just what a wonderful thinker and artist the man can be. Now he's working on his next film, and like many filmmakers struggling to get a project made outside of Hollywood, he's looking to Kickstarter for a bit of help. It's called Endless Poetry, and you can find out more below.


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Kickstart This: 'SCORE: A Film Music Documentary' About Composing

SCORE: A Film Music Documentary

Do you love film scores? Do you love listening to soundtracks all day? Is John Williams or Ennio Morricone or Danny Elfman or Hans Zimmer your favorite musician? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is a documentary for you. Longtime readers will know that I am a huge fan of scores myself, and I love discovering new work and enjoying old favorites. There's a brand new documentary called SCORE: A Film Music Documentary that just launched a Kickstarter page to get the final bit of funding it needs to finish up. We've been pitched on this one via email as well, and it honestly sounds like the kind of doc that we'll be excited to see once they're ready to premiere it. Until then, it needs our (financial) support to be completed.

Can Disney Veterans' Steampunk 'Hullabaloo' Film Save 2D Animation?


While computer animation continues to flourish with Pixar Animation films like Toy Story and Finding Nemo and The House of Mouse's own Walt Disney Animation with Wreck-It Ralph and Frozen, the old school hand drawn, 2D animation is starting to fall to the wayside. But some Disney veterans are getting together to create a new steampunk-themed adventure called Hullabaloo, which will be a short hand drawn animation film which they hope to turn into a web series, TV show or even better, a feature-length film. And what's even more exciting, is the two heroes are a pair of brilliant, female engineers. Look below!

Don Cheadle Sets Up an Indiegogo Campaign for Miles Davis Biopic

Miles Davis

For years now, actor Don Cheadle has passionately been trying to get a biopic about jazz musician Miles Davis off the ground. The film is called Miles Ahead (it used to be called Kill the Trumpet Player), and for all of Cheadle's efforts, the film has struggled to get off the ground. But in the age of crowdfunding, it seems like he might have some hope. So the actor has taken to Indiegogo to kick off a campaign to help get the film in front of cameras. Unlike recent efforts from director Zach Braff, the amount to be raised is much more modest as Cheadle is only looking to raise $325,000 by early July in order to start shooting. Read on!

'Elstreet 1976' Goes Behind the Masks of Hidden 'Star Wars' Actors

Elstreet 1976

Even the most casual Star Wars fans are familiar with the likes of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher (all part of the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII), but only the hardcore know those who helped bring characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett to life. You might know that James Earl Jones provided the voice for Luke Skywalker's Sith father, but do you know an actor named David Prowse put on the mask to play the character on set? Or do you know the actor behind the mask of Han Solo's bounty hunter nemesis Boba Fett? A new documentary called Elstreet 1976 focuses on those actors and more, but they need help.

Support American Genre Film Archive to See Delicate 35mm Prints

The American Genre Film Archive

There's plenty of efforts in the entertainment industry to preserve actual negatives and film prints from cinema's history in order to preserve films of the past as the industry moves into the future that is in favor of digital filmmaking. However, The American Genre Film Archive is after a little more than that. Housed in a secret location in Austin, Texas, the AFGA has been preserving "orphan films that are moldering in storage units or being disposed of into the dark abyss of the ocean." But they also want audiences to be able to see some of these delicate prints without risking damage. And that's where they need your help. Read on!

'Back to the Future II' Inspired Documentary Focuses on 2015 Tech

Back to the Future Part II

Though the HUVr tech hoverboards inspired by Back to the Future Part II turned out to be an obvious hoax, at least Nike's power laces are a real thing coming in 2015. The fact that we're able to talk about these things so commonly, and most of the general population knows what we're talking about, just goes to show you how engrained the Robert Zemeckis' time traveling trilogy has been on pop culture. In fact, the technology "created" to populate the year 2015 in the sequel has been referenced and used as inspiration for real science for decades. Now a new documentary aims to explore just how accurate the film's prediction of future technology turned out to be or how far we are from realizing Zemeckis' film vision of 2015. Read on!

Bing! SlashFilm Needs Help Making a Movie with Stephen Tobolowsky

Stephen Tobolowsky

While you might not know Stephen Tobolowsky by name, you've certainly seen him in countless films like Groundhog Day (Ned! Ryerson!), Spaceballs, Sneakers, Radioland Murders, The Insider and Memento, and his voice is unmistakable in Robots, Buried and The Lorax. Plus, there's all the TV appearances on shows like "Glee" and "Heroes." Our friends as SlashFilm and writer David Chen have been host to the unique and fascinating podcast The Tobolowsky Files, and now they're trying to turn some of the actor's stories (now available in a book) into a concert documentary film, and they need help.


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'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Remake Needs Kickstarter for One Last Scene

Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

There's already a book on shelves and a documentary adaptation in the works about Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala, two kids who decided to put together a homemade adaptation of Raiders of the Lost Ark when they were kids. The film has been shown at some special screenings around the country, but catching it has been pretty damn hard. However, the film has never been 100% completed because it's missing the infamous airplane scene featuring Indiana Jones facing off with a tough, bald Nazi mechanic before meeting a bloody end. But now Strompolos and Zala are trying to finish it, and they've asked Kickstarter for help.


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Kickstart This Awesome New Movie Connection Card Game 'Cinelinx'


If you love movies and like playing games, then we have something cool for you. The folks from the movie website Cinelinx have decided to attach their namesake to a new card game for cinephiles. However, in order to become a reality, they need the help of anyone who might be interested to help the project by way of Kickstarter. So what is Cinelinx? Well, as they explain, "The Cinelinx game consists of 220 cards that have either actors names, directors names, movie titles, scenes, quotes, or genres on them. The point of the game is to play the hand you're dealt by finding connections between the cards." Sound pretty good? More below!


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Watch: Dinosaurs, Vikings, Guns & More in 'Sin City' Style 'Kung Fury'

Kung Fury

If the Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse (or the feature-length Machete inspired by the film) wasn't enough craziness on the big screen for your liking, then we have a new project for you to check out. Kung Fury a film inspired by the 80s, and shot much like Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Sin City. During an unfortunate series of events, a friend of renegade cop Kung Fury is assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time: Adolf Hitler, the Kung F├╝hrer. So Kung Fury decides to travel back in time, to Nazi Germany, in order to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. But the craziness doesn't end there as Vikings, guns, dinosaurs and mutants share the screen too. Watch now!



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