Impressive Indie Sci-Fi Film Trailer 'Colonials' Set in the Distant Future

Colonials Sci-Fi Trailer

"Bring me that Colonial!" Epic Pictures Group has unveiled an official trailer for an indie sci-fi film called Colonials, launching on VOD to watch in the US this April. It was previewed at Comic-Con last year and looks like it might actually be entertaining for anyone into epic interplanetary storytelling. A space colonist traveling from Mars crash lands on Earth after an attack from an advance Moon enforcer. When he wakes up, he becomes caught up in a movement to save a Resistance stuck in the dark ages – and the galaxy from human extinction. Colonials was directed by Andrew Balek and Joe Bland, for Bland Productions. Starring Greg Kriek, Sean Kanan, Daniel Roebuck, Jon Provost, and Allie Ayers Lindsey. This looks quite impressive, with a large scale concept and ambitious ideas - including intriguing designs for the spaceships & suits. It does look a bit like a video game, but I'm curious to see if it delivers the goods as a movie anyway.


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Betty Gilpin as a Nun vs A.I. in First Trailer for Sci-Fi Series 'Mrs. Davis'

Mrs. Davis Series Trailer

"You are the only person on the planet who can fulfill this quest!" NBC has released the official trailer for Mrs. Davis, a new sci-fi series launching for streaming on NBC's Peacock next month. This is screening at the 2023 SXSW Film Festival this week, hence the trailer dropping just in time for the premiere. Co-written by "The Big Bang Theory" writer Tara Hernandez and iconic "Mystery Box" writer Damon Lindelof, it's about Artificial Intelligence and nuns. Get ready…! Betty Gilpin stars as Simone, a nun who goes to battle against an all-powerful Artificial Intelligence known as "Mrs. Davis." This looks like it goes to some wild & crazy places - as seen in this footage. The series cast includes Jake McDorman as Wiley, an ex-boyfriend who also stands against the AI, Margo Martindale, Andy McQueen, Ben Chaplin, David Arquette, Elizabeth Marvel, and Katja Herbers. It seems like Lindelof's meta commentary on A.I. and Facebook, mashed up with wacky ideas - let's have a badass Nun fight the machines! Why not? I dig it, I'll be watching.


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Watch: 'Attack of the Giant Bubbles' Sci-Fi Invasion Mashup Short Film

Attack of the Giant Bubbles Short Film

"Have you seen something strange in the sky these days?" They're coming, they're invading! Bubbles, giant white bouncing bubbles! Batten down the hatches, get the defense system ready. This amusing three minute sci-fi mashup is the latest creation from French filmmaker / editor Fabrice Mathieu (we also posted his In the Shadow noir short a month ago). Attack of the Giant Bubbles is a cinema mashup short film using the white bubbles from the 60s TV series The Prisoner and some footage from classic sci-fi films including: Forbidden Planet, Mars Attacks!, Moonraker, Space: 1999, Thunderbirds are Go. It also has a kind of Independence Day vibe. Just another fun video made by Fabrice - makes me want to watch all these.


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Simu Liu & Sam Worthington in A.I. Sci-Fi Thriller 'Simulant' Trailer

Simulant Trailer

"He didn't know that he was a SIM." Mongrel Media in Canada has unveiled the first official trailer for an indie sci-fi thriller titled Simulant, made by filmmaker April Mullen. This Canadian production will be in theaters in Canada in April, then in the US this summer. A humanoid A.I.'s attempt to win over a widow's heart places it in the path of a government agent trying to stop the rise of machine consciousness. It's about an android that is reprogrammed to try and be more human to win back his ex-lover, but this puts him in the cross-hairs of the Artificial Intelligence Compliance Enforcement (AICE) agency. This plot is just a twist on Blade Runner pretty much, with Worthington as the Deckard character. The film stars Robbie Amell, Jordana Brewster, Alicia Sanz, with Simu Liu, and Sam Worthington (as the agent). The director adds this comment regarding the film: "In a very real near future, where technological advancements force us to reckon with our conceptual limitations around life, death and consciousness, how do we as humans push ourselves into the next stage of evolution?" Can we really co-exist with A.I. people? Only time will tell.


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Official Trailer for Super Low Budget Sci-Fi Multiverse Film 'Interface'

Interface Trailer

"I think there may be a way to bring Michelle back…" Gravitas Venture has revealed the official trailer for an indie sci-fi thriller titled Interface, a very low budget creation from filmmaker Kemo Diatta (who goes by just "Kema" in this trailer). He is making his feature directorial debut, and co-wrote the script and also produced. This looks like one of the only other indie Multiverse creations aside from EEAAO, but it doesn't look it's any good at all. After tragically losing their father, two sisters try to save their estranged mother by tracking down an Interface machine across the multiverse that will allow them to go into her mind and bring her back from a coma. The indie stars Samm Wiechec, Makenna Perkal, Havon Baraka, Michael Sigler, Robyne Richards, Joshua Weyers, Andrew Vela, Daniel Fitzgerald, and Katie Kay. I'm all for clever sci-fi, but this looks like a student film that has ripped off so many other films it's not even funny.


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International Spy Series 'Citadel' Official Trailer with Richard Madden

Citadel Trailer

"I have seen you before… in a dream." Amazon has revealed an official trailer for a thrilling action sci-fi spy series called Citadel, from the creators of the series "Zoo" before. Streaming at the end of April on Prime Video. Global spy agency Citadel has fallen, and its agents' memories were wiped clean. Now the powerful syndicate, Manticore, is rising in the void, planning to establish a New World Order. Can the Citadel agents recollect their past and summon the strength to fight back? The show is described as an "action-packed spy series with a compelling emotional center" and "an expansive and groundbreaking global event comprising a mothership series & several local language satellite series" - apparently set in the Italian Alps, India, Spain and Mexico. Richard Madden stars as Mason Kane, Priyanka Chopra Jonas as Nadia Sinh, Stanley Tucci, Lesley Manville, Osy Ikhile, Ashleigh Cummings, Roland Møller, Davik Silje, Caoilinn Springall, and many others. This almost looks like it's borrowing the train sci-fi concept from Source Code and remixing it with Mission: Impossible & James Bond. Alas it doesn't look as good as any of those movies.


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Dystopian Sci-Fi Series 'Silo' First Teaser Featuring Rebecca Ferguson

Silo Teaser

"What if everything you know to be true is one big lie?" Apple has revealed a quick teaser for an intriguing new sci-fi series titled Silo, arriving for streaming starting in May. This new title, Silo, is the same title as the book series it's based on - but the project was going with the title Wool initially while in production. Perhaps a reference to the "wool" being pulled over our eyes? "The truth will surface." In a ruined and toxic future, thousands live in a giant silo deep underground. After its sheriff breaks a cardinal rule and residents die mysteriously, engineer Juliette starts to uncover shocking secrets and the truth about the silo. The series stars Rebecca Ferguson as Juliette, with an ensemble cast including Tim Robbins, Rashida Jones, David Oyelowo, Common, Harriet Walter, Avi Nash, Chinaza Uche, & Iain Glen. This looks legit - I dig the entire setup and all of the shots of this huge "silo" they're living in. Is it just a giant metaphor for Plato's Cave? Is it just another Logan's Run update or something more nefarious? Very curious to find out.


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Surviving on a Sea Outpost in Futuristic Thriller 'Last Sentinel' Trailer

The Last Sentinel Trailer

"Why would they send us here… if there's no one out there?" Vertical Entertainment has revealed the first trailer for an intriguing sci-fi thriller film titled Last Sentinel, made in Estonia by an Estonian filmmaker named Tanel Toom. Here's the premise: set in the near future, a skeleton crew of soldiers is stranded at sea on an abandoned military outpost awaiting the arrival of reinforcements or an enemy invasion, whichever comes first. That's a good setup, I'm just curious where it's headed. Will someone save them? Will they kill each other first? (The most likely outcome.) What's going to happen to them… The film stars four people: Kate Bosworth, Thomas Kretschmann, Lucien Laviscount, and Martin McCann. I'm a sucker for these kind of sci-fi concepts that play with the ambiguous fear of "what's out there?" This has a few great "holy shit" shots in here, and I'm curious what this "device" is they keep referring to in the station. Maybe this will play nicely with Nolan's Oppenheimer? Looks a bit like the first a-bomb. Or is it something else…?


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Thomas Haden Church is Searching for UFOs in 'Acidman' Film Trailer

Acidman Trailer

"He thinks very highly of himself." Brainstorm Media has revealed an official trailer for an indie film titled Acidman, the latest from filmmaker Alex Lehmann - who also debuted another film, Meet Cute, last year. This film premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival and is finally available an enitre year later. Maggie tracks down her estranged father Lloyd, now living in the Oregon wilderness obsessed with UFOs; together they attempt to make first contact. It stars Thomas Haden Church and Dianna Agron, with Sameerah Luqmaan-Harris and a doggie. This seems a like a rather sweet story about how the UFO nut dude isn't actually that crazy and might actually have some nice life lessons to offer us. Looks like a good indie! Enjoy.


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Nature Fights Back in Eco-Thriller Series 'The Swarm' Official Trailer

The Swarm Trailer

"The idea of not being alone is… strangely comforting." ZDF Studios has unveiled an official trailer for a sci-fi streaming series from Germany titled The Swarm, also known as Der Schwarm. This is premiering at the 2023 Berlin Film Festival in their new "Berlinale Series" section, streaming this March in Germany. Still no info for the US. This eco thriller is based on a novel and is an international co-production, with all of the dialogue in English. Intro from the book: Whales begin sinking ships. Toxic, eyeless crabs poison Long Island's water supply. The North Sea shelf collapses, killing thousands in Europe. Around the world, people are beginning to feel the effects of the ocean's revenge as the seas and their inhabitants begin a "violent revolution" against mankind. At stake is the survival of the Earth's very fragile ecology—and ultimately, the survival of humanity. The series writers/directors "have created a world-encompassing mystery series that is more than just a spectacularly illustrated thought experiment." Starring Cécile de France, Alexander Karim, Leonie Benesch, Joshua Odjick, Takuya Kimura, and others. It looks pretty cool - and scary.


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Intense Official Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi Horror Creation 'Into the Abyss'

Into the Abyss Trailer

"The sun will turn into darkness and the moon into blood…" Black Mandala Films has revealed an official trailer for an incredible Argentinian sci-fi horror indie creation known as Into the Abyss, which is a short title from the original Me encontrarás en lo profundo del abismo ("You will find me deep in the abyss"). This terrifying story had its world premiere at the Mar del Plata Film Fest, and it won Best Director, Best Sound and a Special Mention at the last edition of the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Fest. They came from heaven, installing perpetual night. Then the deluge that would change humanity forever. Bannon is trapped in the middle of a city isolated and covered by a black and rainy sky, which epitomizes the end and decay of the old world. Seeking to leave the condemned area, he will realize his very existence drags the vestiges of that world & must be put to the test or perish in the Abyss. Starring Martin Rispau, Germán Baudino, Chucho Fernández, Paula Brasca, and Demián Salomón (from the series Terrified). The score in this trailer is intense! It looks like a gnarly creature feature and post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror all rolled into one.


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Near-Future Climate Change Series 'Extrapolations' Apple TV+ Trailer

Extrapolations Trailer

"What makes you think the world is going to get better??" Apple has revealed an official trailer for a new near-future series called Extrapolations, from writer Scott Z. Burns. I wouldn't call this sci-fi, because it's much more sci-real, a vitally important and scary look at what's going to happen when climate change really takes over. The series features "unanticipated stories of how the upcoming changes to our planet will affect love, faith, work and family on a personal and human scale." It's written by and showrun by the same guy who wrote the scripts for The Informant, Contagion, Side Effects, The Mercy, and The Laundromat, so he definitely knows what he's talking about here. "Are we brave enough to become the solution to our own undoing before it’s too late?" The series features a massive ensemble cast: Meryl Streep, Sienna Miller, Kit Harington, Daveed Diggs, Edward Norton, Diane Lane, Tahar Rahim, Yara Shahidi, Matthew Rhys, Gemma Chan, David Schwimmer, Adarsh Gourav, Keri Russell, Marion Cotillard, Forest Whitaker, Eiza González, Murray Bartlett, Indira Varma, Tobey Maguire, Hari Nef, Heather Graham, Michael Gandolfini, MaameYaa Boafo, Gaz Choudhry, Cherry Jones, Ben Harper, Judd Hirsch, Neska Rose. This looks terrific! Check it out.


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