First Trailer for Sci-Fi Anthology About Mysterious 'Portals' That Open

Portals Trailer

"You're the only one who has been to the other side and back." Screen Media Films has debuted an official trailer for an indie sci-fi thriller titled Portals, an anthology film featuring a number of segments (three in total + a wrap-around story) all connected to cosmic events happening all over the world. After a series of blackouts, mysterious cosmic anomalies appear everywhere across. The few who are drawn to them, curious about what's inside, don't return. "With our collective love for horror anthologies, we wanted to challenge ourselves and do something new, unique and more cosmic from what's already been done previously," said creator and producer Chris White. "I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised by what Portals is offering especially with our line up of seriously kick-ass filmmakers… Get ready for an awesome ride!" The sci-fi film stars Neil Hopkins, Deanna Russo, Gretchen Lodge, Natacha Gott, Phet Mahathongdy, Ptolemy Slocum, and Salvita Decorte. I'm definitely curious about this, seems pretty crazy. Take a look.

Natalia Reyes Featured in Yet Another 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Preview

Terminator: Dark Fate - Dani Trailer

"I'm done running! I'm going to stand, and fight!" Paramount has debuted a new "Extended Preview" for Terminator: Dark Fate focusing on the Mission of Dani, played by Mexican actress Natalia Reyes in this sixth Terminator movie. This one acts as a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, starting up the day after Judgement Day. It seems Dani is the character being saved from the Terminators this time, just like John Connor was saved by Arnie in T2. Badass actress Linda Hamilton returns as the first Sarah Connor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is also back again, along with Edward Furlong as the original John Connor. Cameron is producing and is credited on the story. The full cast includes Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna as another Terminator, with Diego Boneta, Alicia Borrachero, Steven Cree, Tábata Cerezo, Brett Azar, & Claudia Trujillo. Let's hope this movie is good, since these trailers aren't the best.

Watch: Funny Short Film 'Rust in Peace' Revives an Abandoned Robot

Rust in Peace Short Film

"How does a robot get drunk? How does a robot shave?" Who's up for some robot love? Rust in Peace is a fun short film written & directed by Will Welles. After playing at festivals over the last year, the 17-minute film is now available to watch online in full. The short is about an abandoned robot that awakes alone in a junkyard. He travels home, to his creator's ranch, to learn if the love he feels is returned. "The heart of the film is a breakup story," Welles reveals. "The kind of breakup where you have a big fight, think its over, then the next day your partner is in the kitchen making eggs like nothing is wrong." The short stars Rhys Coiro & Douglas Tait. With a clunky practical robot that walks and talks, and wonders if anyone still loves him.

First Trailer for Space Station Survival Thriller '3022' with Omar Epps

3022 Trailer

"We're all that's left!" An official trailer has arrived for an intriguing indie sci-fi film titled 3022, the latest from producer / director John Suits (The Scribbler, Pandemic). It's hard to tell if that title refers to the year, or something else. The film is about a crew of four astronauts stuck on a dying space station after Earth experiences a cataclysmic event. They watch this happen, then spend the rest of the time trying to figure out what to do and how to survive. Starring Omar Epps, with Kate Walsh, Miranda Cosgrove, Jorja Fox, Angus Macfadyen, and Audrey Looye. This really doesn't look too bad. Way too many lens flares being used, but otherwise seems like a much better take on the concept from The Cloverfield Project about people trapped in space when Earth suddenly goes bye bye. I really hope it's better! Check out the first look below.

Watch: Ruairi Robinson's New Sci-Fi Horror Short 'Corporate Monster'

Corporate Monster Short Film

"They're everywhere! Don't you see." Dive back into the mind of sci-fi filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, who just released his latest short film online. Corporate Monster is the latest film by Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson, who we are big fans of here at FS. Over the years we've featured his other sci-fi shorts including Blinky and The Leviathan. Inspired by the current state of the world, which Robinson rather aptly describes as "f*cked", Corporate Monster tells the story of a man who loses his job and "starts to believe that parasitic creatures are controlling the world." It's basically They Live remade by Neill Blomkamp, filtered through Robinson's mind. The short film stars Kett Turton and Jenna Coleman. This gets a bit too real half-way through, but that's the point. To reflect society, and make us think. Maybe there really are aliens out there?

Trailer for Canadian Time Travel RomCom 'James vs. His Future Self'

James vs. His Future Self

"I'm from the future!" An official trailer for has arrived for a fun new time travel comedy from Canada titled James vs. His Future Self. This is premiering at the Cinefest Sudbury Film Festival this week, and is also playing at the Calgary & Edmonton Film Festivals. The crazy idea for this: the scientist who invented time travel goes back in time to convince himself to never invent it in the first place. "When he won't go along with the plan, it becomes a wicked battle of man versus himself - literally." Not too bad of a concept, right? Starring Jonas Chernick, Daniel Stern, Francis Conroy, Cleopatra Coleman, and Tara Spencer-Nairn. This seems to be less about science, more about self, with a romantic angle that is driving the plot. I really hope this is good, but it doesn't look too good from this trailer. There's only one way to find out, right?

Watch: Trevorrow's 'Jurassic World' Short 'Battle at Big Rock' in Full

Battle at Big Rock Short FIlm

"Where is everyone?" FX and NBC have released the surprise new short film titled Battle at Big Rock, following up the most recent Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie. Directed by Colin Trevorrow, who is currently working on Jurassic World 3, the short just debuted on FX and is now available to watch online. Trevorrow explains the setup continuing directly after the end of FK: "You have these animals loose in an unfamiliar environment, they’re disoriented, struggling to adapt. The first people they run into are bound to be camping. I wanted to see that." He adds that, "it's a celebration of everything we love about the franchise" and a movie that they've always wanted to make. Battle at Big Rock stars André Holland, Melody Hurd, Natalie Martinez, and Pierson Salvador, and runs only 8 minutes. "There have been a few sightings, but this is the first major confrontation between dinosaurs and humans." This gets intense! Watch it below.

Awesome Trailer for Lo-Fi 'Cosmic Opera' Sci-Fi Film 'Blood Machines'

Blood Machines Sci-Fi Trailer

"Bring us back the moolah, or you and Lago will be in big trouble!" This looks awesome!! A full trailer has debuted for an indie sci-fi project titled Blood Machines, written and directed by Seth Ickerman. This French lo-fi sci-fi is actually a "medium-length" film coming in at 50 minutes, telling the story of an A.I. escaping its spaceship as a female ghost and challenging two blade runners into an galactic chase. Featuring a score by the synthwave artist Carpenter Brut. The film is a sequel to the music video Turbo Killer, the first collaboration between Brut and Ickerman. The full-length Blood Machines stars Elisa Lasowski, Anders Heinrichsen, Noémie Stevens, Christian Erickson, Joëlle Berckmans, and Natasha Cashman. I totally love the look of everything in this, from the Alien-inspired ship with gnarly teeth added, to the Blade Runner-esque grainy visuals that still have a unique style all their own. I'm really excited to watch this one.

Luke Hemsworth in Official Trailer for Indie Sci-Fi Thriller 'Encounter'


"We need to contain this." Vega Baby has released an official trailer for the indie sci-fi thriller Encounter, which is being released straight-to-VOD at the start of October. This premiered at the Other Worlds Austin Film Festival last year, but hasn't played at any other fests - which is not a good sign. It's about a group of friends who uncover an alien object in a rural field, which they learn holds great secrets. The object attaches itself to one of them, but what is it doing to him? Starring Luke Hemsworth (not to be confused with his brothers Chris and Liam), with Anna Hutchison, Glenn Keogh, Christopher Showerman, Vincent M. Ward, Cheryl Texiera, and Tom Atkins. Looks as bad as it sounds, but maybe it's still a fun B-movie.

Linda Hamilton & Natalia Reyes in Full 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Trailer

Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer

"If you don't make it, everybody dies!" Paramount has revealed a new full-length trailer for Terminator: Dark Fate, the sixth Terminator movie that brings us all the way back to the first two James Cameron movies. This one throws away those other sequels and gives us an actual direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day, starting up the day after Judgement Day. Badass actress Linda Hamilton returns as the first Sarah Connor, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is also back again, along with Edward Furlong as the original John Connor. Cameron is producing and he is credited on the story. The cast includes Mackenzie Davis, Gabriel Luna as another Terminator, with Natalia Reyes, Diego Boneta, Alicia Borrachero, Steven Cree, Tábata Cerezo, Brett Azar, & Claudia Trujillo. This definitely looks like it has some awesome action, but I'm not sure if the rest of it will hold up. Almost too much going on in here. Fire it up.

Venice 2019: James Gray Goes on a Trip into Deep Space in 'Ad Astra'

Ad Astra Review

What is out there? What is waiting for us in the stars? James Gray's long-awaited sci-fi adventure Ad Astra has finally arrived. This time Gray takes us out into deep space on a journey with an astronaut named Roy McBride, set in the near future when we've colonized the Moon and Mars but have only just started to reach the edges of our own solar system. McBride is sent on a mission to find his missing father, hoping to figure out what's causing electrical storms wreaking havoc on Earth. This lonely, slow burn space movie is an awe-inspiring, magnificent journey into the stars. As a big time space geek, it ticks every last box. It's sensational to watch, meticulously realized and meditative, more melancholic than exciting but still a stellar experience.

Full Trailer for Enthralling 'Memory: The Origins of Alien' Documentary

Memory: The Origins of Alien Trailer

"They were all thinking about this as more than a science fiction adventure in the future." Screen Media Films has debuted an official trailer for the movemaking documentary Memory: The Origins of Alien, a clever, fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary looking back at this seminal sci-fi horror classic (first released in 1979). This doc premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and it's finally opening (in theaters + VOD) in October. From Swiss doc director Alexandre O. Philippe (The People vs. George Lucas, Doc of the Dead, 78/52), this film tells the untold origin story behind Ridley Scott's Alien - rooted in Greek and Egyptian mythologies, underground comics, the art of Francis Bacon, and the dark visions of Dan O'Bannon and H.R. Giger. A "contemplation" on the symbiotic collaborative process of movie-making, the power of myth, and our collective unconscious. This is not your usual doc, it explores the creation of this sci-fi film in a remarkable and captivating way - by examining the mythos & the big ideas behind its inception.




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