Watch: 'The Tunnel' Short Film Follows Refugees in the Euro Tunnel

The Tunnel Short Film

Don't stop running! This film is one of these super tense thrillers where you hold your breath the entire time until it's over. The Tunnel is a remarkable short made by an Iranian filmmaker named Arash Ashtiani based in the UK. Presented by BFI Network and Lush. This is based on true stories. Three refugees run the race of their lives through the Euro Tunnel, trying to beat the trains and overcome their terror in a bid to reach freedom and start new lives in the UK. An interview explains that the The Tunnel "drops us into the tense third act of a larger story Ashtiani is developing with co-writer Daniel Metz." Starring Mohammad Amiri, Ramin Farahani, and George Georgiou. This was not shot on location - it is a set built inside of a studio, and many of the trains are miniatures. Which is even more incredible because it's all so believable.


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Watch: 'The Fourfold' Animated Short Explores Mongolian Animism

The Fourfold Short Film

"Nature is the homeland of human begins. Tengri is the deity and the father sky. Earth is mother with rivers nourishing all beings." This mesmerizing animated short film is titled The Fourfold, and it's made by a filmmaker with a connection to Magnolia. Based on the ancient animistic beliefs and shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia, The Fourfold made by Alisi Telengut provides an exploration of the indigenous worldview and wisdom. It explores our connection with nature, with this planet we all live on, and how we need to take better care of it by respecting it. I think this spiritual connection is something that is becoming increasingly important as humans destroy the environment; we need to reconnect & learn from this ancient indigenous wisdom. See a real photo of an ovoo from Mangolia right here. Enjoy this 7 minute short below.


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Watch: Jack Dunphy's Awkward Hand-Drawn Short Doc 'Brontosaurus'

Brontosaurus Short Film

"I've never felt so connected to someone in my life." These can be dangerous words! This strange, awkward animated short film is a very personal tale about a short-lived relationship. Brontosaurus is a short film made by filmmaker Jack Dunphy, and it first premiered last year at various festivals including True/False, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Cucalorus. "A tale of lust, eating disorders, crossing boundaries, and tiny toy dinosaurs." It's an intimate short doc featuring hand-drawn animation to tell a story of, uh, why you don't sleep with your assistant. Dunphy adds via IG: "It's been a long and winding road with this one, so I'm glad people are finally seeing it." While the style is a bit rough, and entirely unflattering, it goes right along the story and captures his depressed attitude. I hope he finishes his other film one day! In the meantime, this isn't the most uplifting short to watch but I still recommend it anyway just for all the creativity and honesty.


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Watch: Animated Horror Short Film 'Ghost Dogs' Brings Back Old Pets

Ghost Dogs Short Film

"Are you afraid of the bark?" What a tagline! Ha. The premise of this wonders if "there could be a really interesting story if dogs could sense the spirits of deceased pets." Scary. Ghost Dogs is an award-winning animated short film made by filmmaker Joe Cappa - it's now online to watch. A family's new rescue pup is terrorized by deceased pets in this mind-bending horror short. "An homage to those rare moments of self-discovery when you are eleven years old, flipping through channels, and you stumble upon The Shining by accident. The kind of content you weren't supposed to watch but did anyway." Also: "we hope Ghost Dogs evokes a sense of wonder for all those who watch it… Taking them to that place when they were exploring genres of film without knowing exactly what they were getting into." Oh definitely. There's so much weird, wacky, creepy stuff happening in this – love it. Stop hesitating, just click play. You know you want to! Enjoy.


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Watch: 'Charlotte' Animated Short Film About a Forgotten Folk Song

Charlotte Animated Short Film

"There is something far worse than being forgotten… and that is to be misunderstood." That's a powerfully true statement. Is it possible to connect with and understand different people through music? That's sort of the premise behind this stop-motion animated short film titled Charlotte, created & directed by filmmaker Zach Dorn. After first premiering at the 2021 Toronto Film Festival last fall, it's now available to watch online below. Forgotten folk singer Lena Black discovers that her fifty-year-old song "Charlotte" has been remade into a hit pop song. Set in the aftermath of the release and the new pop song's massive success, this short explores how the legacy of the song impacts Lena and her family. The film stars the voices of O-Lan Jones (as Lena), Devin Schlatter, Chase Padgett, Phoebe Jane Hart, and Michael Goldfried. This is a much more contemplative film than you might be expecting, focusing more on the words being spoken.


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Watch: Absurd Swedish Comedy Short 'The Man Who Wouldn't Cry'

The Man Who Wouldn't Cry Short Film

"If you care about your own future, shed some f*&#! tears before half past four!" Crying is a strange thing. Sometimes it hits right at the wrong time, sometimes it hits at just the right time. Sometimes we can't cry, sometimes we can't stop crying. What kind of crier are you? The Man Who Wouldn't Cry is an amusing, kooky Swedish comedy short film made by filmmakers Emil T. Jonsson and Björn Boström. After playing at festivals last year, it's available to watch online for free below. A man tarnishes his ad company's reputation when he refuses to mourn the death of a beloved actress and now his professional & social life is in jeopardy. Starring Sissela Kyle, Jonas Ö. Nilsson, and Christoffer Nordenrot. This short has some clever social commentary baked in, about how much pressure society puts on us. Can't we cry on our own?! I guess not…


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Watch: Stop-Motion Short 'Fulfilament' Following 'Light Bulb' Ideas

Fulfilament Short Film

It's time for something light and charming. Fulfilament is a fun stop-motion animated short film made by a South Wales-based filmmaker named Rhiannon Evans. This originally premiered years ago and played at festivals in 2016, but we're only catching up with it now thanks to our friends at Short of the Week. "Ever wondered where those light bulb moments come from? A lightning bolt from a brainstorm cloud creates a little, lost thought who just wants to find a place to belong but instead discovers what it takes to become a great idea." This is such a cute little short with unique visuals. It's kind of like Pixar's Inside Out, a strange journey through the inner workings of your brain, only if everything was made from light bulbs and metallic materials. Every good idea needs to find the right place in mind to thrive! Enjoy this animated short below.


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Watch: Amusing Short Film 'The Amateur' About Pandemic Daycare

The Amateur Short Film

"I wanna go home." When the pandemic first hit, and we were all sent into lockdown, many parents had to start taking care of their kids - all day long. They had to become their own daily daycare, which isn't exactly an easy task. The Amateur, an amusing short film from Norway, presents a look at one father and his two-year-old twins in their new life at "hjemmebarnehagen" - the stay-at-home daycare. "A pandemic descends upon the world. Behind all the complex decisions and actions of the national and international society, what happens to the average man when society closes down?" The Amateur stars the adorable Agnes, Ella and Henry (who is also adorable). It offers us a little glimpse at their life as they venture outside to allow their mom some free time to work from home. I actually wish there was more of this! Three minutes isn't enough.


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Watch: Evolution Complete - 'Endling' A Sci-Fi Short Film About A.I.

Endling Sci-Fi Short Film

"Does the mystery of an irrational entity require unraveling?" What would our world be like if humans were replaced by advanced Artificial Intelligence beings? Endling imagines exactly that kind of upcoming future, following two beings taking the remains of the last human to be buried. They drive an impressive classic Corvette, which the human used to own. It's an intriguing, low key sci-fi film about A.I. in which they discuss the many flaws of humanity and how emotions rule us. Martin Challinor and Jasmin Hoinka star as the two A.I. beings. This isn't the best short you'll ever see, but it's somewhat creative and makes you think about our place on this planet. Will we ever evolve beyond the human condition? Only time will tell…


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Watch: A Little Dog in a Big City in 'Fresh Cut Grass' Animated Short

Fresh Cut Grass Short Film

"How much is that doggie in the window?" The world is a big place, and you always have to be careful - you never know where you might end up! Fresh Cut Grass is an animated short film from Ireland made by a filmmaker named Robert Cullen - who now works as the Creative Director at Boulder Media animation studios based in Dublin. This originally premiered back in 2014, but we're just catching up with it thanks to our friends at Short of the Week for reposting it. Better late than never…! A little dog visits the big city in search of his older sister. This gets extra dark real fast once he arrives in the city and starts searching, as it's not the friendliest place. This is probably NSFW - otherwise it's worth a watch to see something unexpected.


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Watch: Visit a Flooded Kolkata in Animated Short 'Wade' from India

Wade Animated Short

Here's a unique short film from India that we're glad to post on FS made by an animation studio known as Ghost Animation. "A climate change horror story" is the film's simple tagline. Wade is a mesmerizing 15-minute animated short film that is now available to watch online. This initially premiered in 2019 and it played at the 2020 Annecy Film Festival, as well as numerous other fests worldwide recently. In an alternate "post-apocalyptic" version of Kolkata, India, rendered unbearable due to the rising sea level, things take a dark turn when a family of climate change refugees are ambushed by a pack of tigers on the flooded streets. It is described as "an award-winning post-apocalyptic action animated short that grapples with what the world will look like in the wake of climate change." There's so many interesting creative decisions with this short - not only in regards to the climate change storytelling focusing on this kind of bleak future, but other tiny details like making the eyes so big and white, and drawing such humongous tigers. Check it out below.


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Watch: Incredible Fan-Made Animated 'Fellowship of the Ring' Short

Fellowship of the Ring Short Film

It's time to journey back to Middle-Earth again. This is an exceptional animated film made by an animator / filmmaker named Eddie Sharam. He decided to challenge himself by creating an animated version of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring, and pack the entire story into 2 & 1/2 minutes. Not only does he pull it off, without any dialogue (which is a massive achievement in its own right), all of the animation is stunning, too. Everyone knows the classic Rankin/Bass animated version of The Hobbit/LOTR, which is the only other official Hobbit movie. Sharam has managed to come up with his own entirely unique look and feel, while still maintaining the unforgettable magic and glory of the classic Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings movies. Featuring music by Nick Froud. I would seriously watch an entire series like this. But we also have that Amazon LOTR series coming soon anyway. This short is a must watch 2-minute adventure.


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