Watch: Creepy Horror Short 'Window Dressing' from Dave Bundtzen

Window Dressing Short Film

"Looks that Kill and then you Die!" We are excited to debut the latest horror short film made by filmmaker Dave Bundtzen and Flix Horror titled Window Dressing. Last year we featured Bundtzen's two-minute horror film Tap, this time he's giving us a four-minute horror short to enjoy. Starring Elaine Partnow and Colleen Kelly. It's always cool to see how clever and creative filmmakers can be in such a short amount of time. If I was programming a film festival, this short film would play perfectly before Peter Strickland's In Fabric. As always, will be keeping watch on Bundtzen's work as he keeps making more. Watch in full below.

Watch: Wedding Day Comedy Short 'Made Public' from Foster Wilson

Made Public Short Film

"I know this poll had nothing to do with me, and everything to do with you." Here's a fun short film to give you a good laugh and lift your spirits, only a 14 minute reprieve from your day's activities. Made Public is a "multiple award-winning short film" made by Foster Wilson, her latest clever comedy narrative offering. This fantastic comedy short is set on a wedding day, and begins when a groom accidentally posts a poll on social media about their marriage and his bride suddenly freaks out about it. Starring Jeanine Mason and Josh Zuckerman, with Patrick Quinlan and Caroline Bloom. This is an ingenious short that seriously packs in quite a bit of social commentary on top of an amusing, enjoyable marriage story. It's not just about social media, it's also about society itself. Looking forward to seeing more from Foster, she's got a clever eye.

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Watch: Matt Puccini's Short Film 'Lavender' with Michael Hsu Rosen

Lavender Short Film

"We were just… checking in with each other." Fox Searchlight has released the acclaimed short film titled Lavender online this week as part of their "Searchlight Shorts" program, highlighting great short films for all of us to enjoy. Lavender premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and is the third short made by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Matthew Puccini. The film stars Michael Hsu Rosen as a young gay man who grows increasingly entangled in the marriage of an older couple. Also starring Michael Urie, Ken Barnett, and Christopher Schaap. With cinematography by Brandon Roots. There's a marvelous softness to this film, a deep understanding conveyed through the power of great cinema. It's worth a watch.

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Watch: Breakwater's Short Doc 'That's My Jazz' About a Father & Son

That's My Jazz Short Film

"My dad was the best at what he did. So then it's important for me, no matter what I do, to carry on that legacy…" Whoaaaa this is fantastic. That's My Jazz is a short documentary film (under 15 mins) by Ben Proudfoot, who runs a studio based in Nova Scotia called Breakwater Studios. He profiles a top pastry chef named Milton Abel II, who looks back on his relationship with his father, a top jazz musician named Milton Abel Sr. from Kansas City. I can't describe it better than Kottke already did: "The film is a tender and moving rumination on their relationship and the balance between achieving greatness in the world and being present in the lives of your loved ones." I adore the mix of jazz, footage, and storytelling in this. Bliss.

Watch: English Tourists vs French Locals in 'La Boulangerie' Short Film

La Boulangerie Short Film

"How many times can we repel wave after wave of these tacky English invaders?" So how about a warm, fresh baguette to bring home this Monday? La Boulangerie is a short film written & directed by Luke Jin. After premiering at festivals in 2017, it's now available to watch online. A small bakery in the quaint French village of Castillonnès plots to banish British tourists forever, but a budding summer romance between a baker and an Englishman reveals an unlikely heroine. The short is actually a rather cute comedy, with some beautiful cinematography that plays right into the story. Starring Alix Bénézech as Claudia, with Steve Whiteley, Milly Keveren, and Renaud Calvet. This might just lift your spirits and give you a big smile.

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Watch: Maisie Williams Stars in Emotional Short Film 'Stealing Silver'

Stealing Silver Short Film

"I'll come visit you again soon." After her unforgettable turn as Arya on "Game of Thrones", English actress Maisie Williams has been taking on compelling roles in films big and small. One of her side projects is a short film titled Stealing Silver, which premiered last year and is now available to watch online. The short is written & directed by Mark Lobatto, a production assistant who worked as the Wachowskis' assistant on Jupiter Ascending, currently making short films proving his talent as a director. Maisie Williams stars as a woman confronting a painful time in her life when she discovers the truth about a mysterious old man living across from her. Her sister tells her to look after an elderly neighbor, a confused German man named Udo, as played by Ronald Pickup. He provides some comfort and proves people are more fragile than we know.

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Watch: Jie Weng's Cute Stop-Motion Short 'The Quintet of the Sunset'

The Quintet of the Sunset Short Film

"In this twilight of our life, we just went through a gap in the endless flow of time." Cat lovers, this short is for you! The Quintet of the Sunset is a lovely, fabric stop-motion animated short film. This short won the Vimeo Staff Pick Award at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival - Short Film Corner just last month, which is why it has been given an online premiere right away. Made by Chinese filmmaker / animator Jie Weng, the film is about a woman with five cats each with their own personality; or rather, the five cats take care of her. "With impeccable craft and style, this Chinese animator creates a fantastical world where cats become the characters we’ve always imagined from assassins to superstars. Both playful and poetic, this animated short shifted our perspective and made us fall even more in love with our furry feline friends." A tender little film.

Watch: Interactive 360° Short Film Experiment '4:3' from Ross Hogg

4:3 Interactive Short Film

Whoa. Dive into something a bit entrancing and completely experimental. 4:3 is a new short film made by creative filmmaker Ross Hogg (follow him @MrRossHogg), and it's barely 5 minutes in total so it's a quick watch. This experimental short combines 12 animated projections together to develop a rhythmic dialogue exploring the intrinsic relationship between sound and image using 16mm film, paint, and projectors. We featured Hogg's very impressive animated short Life Cycles last year, and he continues to break the rules of short filmmaking with such creative, mind-bending work. There's no narrative in this, but it is interactive - you can click and drag the video to change the view 360° around the visual setup as it plays out. Have fun.

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Watch: Compelling Refugee Short 'Nightshade' from The Netherlands

Nightshade Short Film

This award-winning short film is one of the most compelling films about the refugee crisis in Europe so far, gripping and thought-provoking. Nightshade, also titled Nachtschade in Dutch, is a short film made by Dutch filmmaker Shady El-Hamus that follows a young boy and his father. This premiered at festivals in 2017 but is now available online to watch for free. Tarik helps his father Elias transport illegal immigrants into the Netherlands. When an accident occurs on their latest drive, he gains the recognition from his father he wants, but at a high price - the loss of his own innocence. Starring Kubilay Sengul as Tarik, Mustafa Duygulu as Elias. Featuring music by Terence Dunn. This focus on the kid in this short is what makes it impressive, an intensive study on how tiny decisions and little moments can shape a person, especially kids.

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Watch: 'Still Ill: 25 Years of the Beastie Boys' Music Short Documentary

Still Ill: 25 Years of the Beastie Boys Short Film

"That beats starting to sound funkier." There's an excellent new music doc available online for everyone to watch. Still Ill: 25 Years of the Beastie Boys Ill Communication is a short 14-minute doc produced by Amazon Music, celebrating the release of the Beastie Boys' iconic 1994 album Ill Communication - complete with a fresh Amazon playlist. Featuring a bunch of old footage & photos. "Still Ill weaves together archival footage and interviews with the surviving Beastie Boys Michael "Mike D" Diamond and Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz. Also included are interviews with Beastie collaborators Mario Caldato Jr. and Mark Nishita, illustrating the winding road that led to the classic album." Through footage and the words of his friends, the documentary captures Adam Yauch's journey into activism, which would blossom with the Tibetan Freedom Concerts later in the decade, as well as his famous denunciation of misogyny in hip-hop on the single "Sure Shot". This is a great short doc worth a watch even if you're not the biggest Beastie Boys fan.

Watch: Frank Ternier's Creative Mixed-Media Outrage Short Film 'Riot'

Riot Short Film

"Look at this street… See. Think of those who've passed before you." How about an uber creative, intensive short to end the week? Riot is a short film by French filmmaker / artist Frank Ternier, and after playing on the festival circuit for two years it's now available to watch online. The film combines various filmmaking techniques — animation, observational footage, interpretive dance — about an uprising in a neighborhood after a boy is killed by police. SOTW explains: "Ternier's gripping and powerful film pairs bravura animation techniques with raw feeling to capture, with a rare authenticity, the physical and emotional violence of such a tragedy, and the rage felt by everyone in its wake." This can also be simply described as an "experimental mixed media interpretive dance French art short film about social injustice" - and it's really worth a watch.

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Watch: Three Adorable 'Baymax and Mochi' Short Films from Disney

Baymax and Mochi Short Films

Playtime with Baymax and Mochi. To promote the launch of their new animated TV series based on Big Hero 6, Disney has been making short films featuring the lovable robot Baymax and the rascal kitty Mochi, owned by Hiro Hamada. You haven't all forgotten about Big Hero 6, have you? One of Disney's big animated movies, originally released in 2014. The animated short set is called Baymax & Mochi, and so far they've released three 90-second short films in total: Flowers and Butterflies, Mochi and his Toy, and Messy Room. They're just too cute to pass up! The three shorts have a lovely watercolor style to them that reminds me of Studio Ghibli's films. I guess they're keeping the Japanese influence strong for this series. Watch all 3 below.




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