Watch: Smart Short Film 'Mathlete' Set in a Ghanaian Boarding School

Mathlete Short Film

"How much does it take to corrupt a soul?" Discover what it takes in this compelling new thriller short film titled Mathlete, from a talented up-and-coming Ghanaian filmmaker named Ebeneza Blanche. It's set at an elite Ghanaian boarding school, following a group of students in a math class. The focus is on one named Emmanuel, who is a model student, as his teacher points out. But he doesn't have enough money to pay the school fees – until he comes up with a plan one night. This stars Emmanuel Wilberforce, Yaw Filla, Glenn Ascencion, Eben Badu, and Malachi Manukure. It's pretty clear this is made by a super smart filmmaker who knows what he's doing. I'm looking forward to seeing him make a full-length feature, which will hopefully making him mainstream. Until then, even at 15 minutes, this short is definitely worth a watch.


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Watch: Adorable Animated Short 'Cassini' - A NASA Probe Mini Ballet

Cassini Short Film

Space - the final frontier… This adorable animated short film called Cassini is a must watch - coming in just under 4 minutes. We missed this when it first launched back in 2021, made during the early days of the pandemic while in lockdown. "This is a four minute animated film based on the Cassini-Huygens space probe mission. The impetus for the short began in 2017 when I was weirdly touched by the news that the probe had run out of time after 20 years in space and was programmed to commit suicide by dive-bombing into Saturn's rings." It's a parable about loneliness, exploration, and perseverance. And reminds me of the wonderful doc Good Night Oppy. Director Nate Milton states: "Even though it's based on true events, it's really more of a spiritual film about the Cassini." Hope everyone is as moved by this space probe as he was.


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Watch: Surreal, Extra Wild Hand-Drawn Animated Short 'Soft Animals'

Soft Animals Short Film

So this is what happens when two wild animals encounter each other. Soft Animals is an animated short made by filmmaker Renee Zhan. It's online to watch after showing at festivals 2021. Zhan's intro explains it all: "The film is about two people who bump into each other at a train station and all kinds of strange, unexpected, and powerful feelings bubble up to the surface. It's about the animal / body part of us which is boiling away underneath the awkward banality of small talk. I really wanted to capture that feeling… when you see someone and the rational brain side of you remember all the bad dumb shit, but the inside soft animal BODY part of you is experiencing something completely different and just wants to cuddle up and go to sleep together." With the voices of Paul Panting & Joanna Ruiz, plus lots of weird sounds / creatures.


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Watch: Awesomely Dark Animated Short 'Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse'

Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse Short Film

This is awesome!! Another excellent creation from the ingenious minds at the Swiss animation studio known as YK Animation, based in Bern. Mr. Pete & the Iron Horse is one of their latest short films - created and directed by Swiss animation filmmaker Kilian Vilim. This originally premiered in 2021 and played at many film festivals over the last two years - finally available online to watch. Stop what you're doing and click play below! The diligent soldier Mr. Pete does everything to meet the high standards of his baroness. To satisfy her insatiable lust for speed he shovels madly on her new iron horse. It's a parable about authoritarianism, mainly about soldiers and workers who fall in line and mindlessly work for their master. It's a nod to Nazis, but also about many things happening now around the world. The ending is just right. A must watch short.


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Watch: Rad, Vibrant Sci-Fi Music Video for Aerosol Jezus' Song 'Cozey'

Aerosol Jezus' Cozey

Take an intergalactic voyage to explore different worlds in this enthralling five minute music video for the band Aerosol Jezus. Los Angeles-based director Mitchell Abraham created this impressive sci-fi music video for the track titled "Cozey". It's now available to watch online and if you're into sci-fi and stunning visuals like I am, it's a must see. Experience the thrilling journey of an astronaut, driven by his obsession to uncover mysterious gems scattered across the galaxy in this captivating sci-fi epic,as he discovers the true cost of his pursuit. Shot on location over four months with only two people. This is so good and so enticing, I'd like to see them put together a longer short film based around this astronaut character, adding in some additional narrative. Yes it's just a music video, but sometimes filmmakers come up with something really cool that transcends just being visually striking. Make it happen! Check out the "Cozey" video below & enjoy.


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Watch: Scary Stop-Motion Short Film 'Everybody Goes to the Hospital'

Everybody Goes to the Hospital Short Film

"As doctor put on his gloves, I tried to be brave." Another one-of-a-kind animated short. Everybody Goes to the Hospital is a stop-motion animated short film by a filmmaker named Tiffany Kimmel. Based on a true story, Everybody Goes to the Hospital is a stop motion animated exploration of physical, psychological, and familial trauma, telling the tale of 4-year-old Little Mata as she's taken to the hospital in late 1963 with appendicitis. "In making this film, I wanted to capture the storybook-like quality that I experienced when hearing this story as a child", Kimmel states. She also wanted her "mom's childhood experience to be played out in the doll-like manner she told it, as an unprocessed traumatic fairytale," whilst also carrying a warning for "others to believe their children and to stay close." Featuring the voice of Lucia Hadley Wheeler. This is such a hauntingly scary story to tell that it may make you afraid of ever visiting a hospital after watching.


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First Trailer for Animated Alien Short Film 'Alien: Monday' by Otaking

Alien: Monday Trailer

"The worst day of the week." There's a new animated sci-fi short film in the works titled Alien: Monday, an Alien-inspired short set on a spacecraft involving a xenomorph on the loose. We missed this trailer when it first debuted a few weeks ago, but happy to post it anyway because this looks damn good. Animator Paul "Otaking" returns with more retro anime shading in this new chapter of a familiar tale. The crew of the Thanatos, a remote mining ship at the edge of the galaxy, discover the danger of undeclared cargo. We all know what happens next. There's no dialogue or voices yet, though they list the voice cast in the credits: Sara Secora and Phillip Sacramento. Not sure when this will get a full release, hopefully by the end of 2023. We'll definitely keep an eye out for any news. While 20th Century did make a series of Alien short films a few years ago, this seems to be a fan-made project created entirely in their own free time. Take a look below.

Watch: Animated Short 'Silvering' About a Woman Finding a Grey Hair

Silvering Short Film

You never want to find your first grey hair. It's not a great experience. Yeah, it's normal, we all get grey hair at some point in our lives. But why now?! This animated short film called Silvering is made by a Scottish animation filmmaker named Eilidh Nicoll, who made this personal film about her own experience with a stray hair. Nicoll made this as her graduation film from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2021. This 6-minute short is written and directed and animated entirely by Nicoll, and has no dialogue - but it definitely doesn't need any. The sound design does all the work, along with the distinct style of the hand-drawn animation. As always, animated shorts are powerful in their storytelling potential - they're always so creative and engaging and clever, offering different perspectives and insight into life's experiences. Enjoy Nicoll's Silvering below.


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Watch: Super Gross Horror Short 'Your Houseplants Are Screaming'

Your Houseplants Are Screaming Short Film

"What feels likes days to us, are seconds to it. It's standing there now, but soon it will move." Time to water your plants! This crazy short film called Your Houseplants Are Screaming is now online to watch after first premiering at the 2022 Slamdance and Fantasia Film Festivals last year. Made by Benjamin Roberds, with SFX by Katie Gregg. Human houseplants are held captive by a giant plant creature. Confined to their pots, the houseplants struggle to comprehend the horror of being shelf ornaments in a grotesque hell house made of flesh, meat, muscle and bone. It's one of this totally wild concepts that they actually somehow pull off. What if instead of houseplants, a plant (or is it a tree?) had human plants. It's all reversed - everything in the plant's world is made of "flesh" (like how we make everything out of wood). The rest of it is disgusting and hilarious. This is something that used to only play on TV after midnight, I'm glad everyone can enjoy it.


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Watch: Delightful Animated Short Film 'La Plongeuse' About a Diver

La Plongeuse Short Film

Up to the top of the diving board! Encore! Encore! Practice, practice, practice makes perfect, as they say… But what about some rest and recovery? Maybe a bit of that, too, can help make perfect. La Plongeuse is a mesmerizing animated short film made by a Ukrainian filmmaker based in France named Iulia Voitova. La Plongeuse translates directly to The Diver, as the short is about a diver. This was her graduation project in 2018 from the animation school La Poudrière in Bourg lès Valence, France - now online for everyone to watch. A professional diver undergoes an intense training regime punctuated by relentless blasts on her trainer's whistle. Utterly exhausted, she refuses to dive again and decides to visit a masseur. I'm a fan of this minimalistic animation style, using paint and paper to craft the characters and bring the sports story to life.


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Watch: Video Game Rage in Funny 'Sticks of Fury' British Short Film

Sticks of Fury Short Film

"Choose your fighter!!" Who's up for an old school Street Fighter showdown? Grab your controller and get in the zone. This comedy short film titled Sticks of Fury is now online to watch after premiering at the 2022 London Film Festival last year, and playing at numerous other festivals. "There are few things more important than linkin' gyal, but when an opportunity arises to put some youngers in their place, Tobz knows what time it is." An older brother gets schooled in Street Fighter by his younger sibling's friend in this short directed by Yuan Hu. It's only 7 mins - worth a watch. "A visually dazzling, hilarious ode to losing at video games and the egos which get battered along the way." This stars Demmy Ladipo as Tobz, plus Keiyon Cook and Samuel Anoon. If you need any more convincing - it was made with no budget over lockdown in the director's living room. Yet it has the geeky spunk and intensity of Scott Pilgrim - this short is great fun.


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Watch: Chester Cornell Confronts Death in 'Yona' Animated Short Film

Yona Short Film

At some point or another, you will always confront your deepest, darkest secrets before the end of your time. It's inevitable. Yona is an excellent animated short film made in France by filmmakers Gautier Alfirevic & Kevin "Teau" Rose. This initially premiered in 2019, but we're just catching up with it now thanks to a reminder from our friends at Short of the Week. It's still worth a watch anyway. After an expedition that went wrong, Chester Cornell, American Captain of the Union finds himself deeply wounded. As he is about to die, an unexpected encounter will make him face his fears and doubts. I'm glad this was made in France because they show the ugly truth about America's past and its mistreatment of Native Americans, especially throughout this time in the country. This short is also for adults, not for kids, with a horrifyingly dark story.


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