Watch: Insta Meme Horror Comedy Short 'Double Tap' by Eros Vlahos

Double Tap Short Film

"Like this post or he'll eat your blood!!" OMG, click click click!! There's clever two minute short films, and then there's amazingly clever two minute short films. This one is the latter. Double Tap is a clever horror comedy short from Greek filmmaker Eros Vlahos (aka @Eros_V) and it packs a punch in only 2 minutes, 42 seconds of footage. A screen-obsessed teen ignores an Instagram meme chain and unleashes a Dickless Troll. Big mistake. Starring Olive Grey and "The Dickless Troll". Described by Short of the Week: "There are films that demand a theatrical viewing. Films where the director would have nightmares at the thought of a person hunched over their mobile device watching their hard work on a 5.6" screen – this isn't one of them." Ha. So true! This is one of the best takes on social media horror I've ever seen. Click below - or don't?

Watch: James Gallagher's 'Love' Short About Fathers, Sons, & Tennis

Love Short Film

"Are you trying to scare me?" "What do I gain by scaring you?" A captivating dramatic short film to watch - Love is the latest short written and directed by James Gallagher. This originally premiered at festivals last year, and is now available online to watch thanks to SOTW. Love is indeed a film about "fathers, sons, and tennis", but it's also about masculinity. The filmmaker is trying to grapple with the frustration of toxic masculinity – and how it's passed down between generations, how you're forced into it at a young age, how hard it is to fight against it if you resist, how much it becomes a normal part of a man's life. The short stars Boris McGiver, Will Hochman, Elise Kibler, and Susan Sarandon. Much like the game of tennis, there's a delicate back 'n forth balance in this film - with both the editing and the storytelling. Watch below.

Watch: Creepy Horror Short Film 'The Collector' by Marcus Alqueres

The Collector Short Film

"If a setback occurs, we can intercede. However, the greater the relief the bigger shall be your token." The Collector is a short film by Brazilian filmmaker Marcus Alqueres - formerly from the VFX industry now a filmmaker, who also made the other shorts Flying Man and Crittus we've featured before. This is about a drug dealer who turns to an unusual company for help with a problem. That's about as much of an intro as necessary, the rest you'll discover while watching. There's a touch of supernatural in this that makes all the difference, plus the unsettling atmosphere of the whole short makes it a chilling watch. Starring Stefano Capuzzi Lapietra as Pepe, Nathália Boga as Julie, and Plínio Soares as "Pai". Alqueres is a one-man-show, writing & directed & producing in addition to working as cinematographer and co-editor on the short.

Official Trailer for Award-Winning 'Wives of the Skies' Vintage Short

Wives of the Skies Trailer

"We've all heard the lurid tales of these stewardesses…" Panik Piktures has debuted an official trailer for an award-winning short film titled Wives of the Skies, a "romantic dramedy" set in the 60s. Actress Honey Lauren decided to make this after learning about how obsessed men are with vintage stewardess outfits from the 1960s. "I have long recognized that where there is a pattern, there is a story. Wives of the Skies, is a story. And a question… 'Sex sells, but at what cost?'" Indeed. The 20 min. short is about two stewardesses from Fine Air, Fran and Marcy, who are interviewed by a young British writer. Starring Rachel Alig and Maddison Bullock, with Sebastian Fernandez and Drew Brandon Jones. The short film also tries to address the primitive issue of "Trust vs. Mistrust", and displays the Japanese art of rope binding, Kinbaku. It's still playing on the festival circuit now, which is why we're featuring the trailer until it's available online.

Watch: Daniel Craig's Full 7-Minute Heineken Anti-Bond Commercial

Daniel Craig Heineken

"I think you have my bag." Almost everyone has seen the Heineken ad that aired during the Super Bowl earlier this year, promoting No Time to Die and starring Daniel Craig as himself but also kind of, sort of as James Bond. The TV spot is a cut down version of a rather lovely 7-minute short film directed by Miles Jay, and it's now available to watch online in full. The story involves "Mr. Craig" losing his wallet and bag inside a taxi driven by a woman who is late to a party. He goes chasing after her, and ends up at the same beautiful castle where they bump into each other. I quite enjoyed this short because we get to see a different side of Craig. Now that he's done playing Bond after No Time to Die (which was delayed until November this fall) he seems to be distancing himself from the character, and showing how talented he is (e.g. Knives Out). The later moment with the woman in this is an especially great example of how soft he can be. Watch below.

Watch: Short Doc Film 'The Clinic' About a Free Health Clinic in Fresno

The Clinic Short Doc

"This is user friendly… They're going to get respectful treatment." There is nothing more important than healthcare. We need it more than ever nowadays. With so many people struggling financially and medically, a doctor who listens and understands, and provides care judgement-free can make all the difference. The Clinic is a short documentary made by filmmaker Elivia Shaw, profiling one generous healthcare provider who gives free support to those who need it most. Amidst a devastating opioid epidemic, a needle exchange and free clinic operates in the shadows of Fresno, California. Dr. Marc Lasher provides care out of a "dingy old school bus", but that doesn't matter. As you'll see with this short, his compassion and openness and care can actually change lives. This doc's power is in its rawness, by showing us real compassion at its most pure.

Watch: Riz Ahmed's Short 'The Long Goodbye' Directed by Aneil Karia

The Long Goodbye Short Film

"Did they ask you where you're from…? Where're you really from?" Oh, damn. British actor / musician Riz Ahmed has released a short film titled The Long Goodbye, which was created as a creative project that goes hand-in-hand with his new album (also titled "The Long Goodbye"). The intense short film starts out rather lovely, showing Riz with his family, but it turns into something much more sinister and frightening halfway through. Ahmed explains that he created this album and this short, made by director Aneil Karia, because he's breaking up with the UK. "The record is a breakup album - but with your country. So many of us feel like we're being dumped by the place we call home, a home that we built." And the short film, "takes this feeling to its conclusion." Yes it most certainly does. If you look closely, the symbols the "bad men" are wearing look similar to the logo for the fascist Norsefire Party in V for Vendetta. I'm sure that's on purpose.

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Watch: 'Dirty Machines: The End of History' Short About Time Travel

Dirty Machines: The End of History Short Film

"Even something as arbitrary as a piece of litter could have the power to change the entire course of history." WHOA! This is one of the best shorts you'll ever see!! Dirty Machines: The End of History is a proof-of-concept short for a sci-fi series about time travel. Written & directed by David Matthew Olson, who also stars in it, the concept involves a tourist taking a trip back in time to the beginning of time travel, a moment where we follow a scientist about to discover the formula. This is Christoper Nolan-esque brilliant, especially in the use of the intense, lingering score used throughout the first half. Filmed in the Stockholm subway. I love love love everything about this, all the intellectual dialogue, and the fact that the woman who invents time travel has a cute dog with her (named in the credits as Bone Chomsky). It's all just so perfect.

Watch: Animated Short Doc 'Carlotta's Face' Visualizes Face Blindness

Carlotta's Face Short Film

"I never found my pile of people." What would life be like if you couldn't recognize anyone's face? What if you couldn't recognize your own face? Carlotta's Face is a beautiful short animated documentary made by German filmmakers Valentin Riedl & Frédéric Schuld. The film introduces us to a woman named Carlotta. "She suffers from the miswiring of a tiny brain region that makes it impossible for her to see and remember faces as a complete construct, called prosopagnosia or face blindness." Her entire life is completely different because of this. "Watching herself in the mirror, Carlotta each day views the face of a different woman." She overcomes this challenge by learning to recognize her face with thousands of self-portraits. Riedl & Schuld work to visualize her experiences through animation, and it's a mesmerizing and enlightening film to watch.

Watch: Stylish Vampire Short 'Suicide by Sunlight' from Nikyatu Jusu

Suicide by Sunlight Short Film

"You don't have to be scared of mommy." In a near future New York City, Black Vampires walk amongst us. Suicide by Sunlight is an impressive short film made by up-and-coming filmmaker Nikyatu Jusu, and it originally premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival last year. It's finally online to watch in full - all 17 minutes of it and it's worth just a bit of your time to view. Valentina, a day-walking Black vampire protected from the sun by her melanin, finds it difficult to suppress her bloodlust when a new woman is introduced to her estranged twin daughters. This stars Natalie Paul as Valentina, with a cast including Teren Carter, Motell Gyn Foster, Ellie Foumbi, and Souleymane Sy Savane. The filmmaker has been earning tons of buzz for years for her shorts, and this yet again proves that she has a knack for fresh, vibrant storytelling.

Watch: 'Sin City'-Esque Short Film 'Scratch' Directed by Ronan Jorah

Scratch Short Film

"I didn't give you the itch, I just helped you scratch it." A short film with some style! But perhaps just a tad too much style? Give it a watch! Scratch is a slick, compelling 10-minute short film directed by New York-based filmmaker Ronan Jorah, dipping his toe into filmmaking again after helping in post-production for years. Here is the quick pitch for this: "On the night of a double murder, a mysterious patron of a roadside diner has a date with the Devil." It's described as boasting a "Sin City type feel with supernatural and crime elements tying it together." And that is pretty dang accurate. The short stars Mark Delabarre, Carey Van Driest, R.J. Foster, JR Carter, Peter Daniel Straus, Tiffany Peach, and Rob Eigenbrod. Featuring cinematography by Shannon Madden, winner of the Emerging Cinematographer's Award. Watch this below.

Watch: Supernatural Horror Short 'Hazard' Directed by Gairo Cuevas

Hazard Short Film

"No one's ever lived to tell the tale." Scary! You never know what could be waiting out there for you if you breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Hazard is a supernatural horror short film, now available to watch online after premiering at festivals last year. The short was directed by Emmy award winner Gairo Cuevas, based in the Bay Area, who currently works at Pixar Animation Studios as a cinematographer / editor for all the making-of videos. Hazard stars Joanna Kay as Jane, and Adrian Deane as her friend on the phone. Jane's car breaks down in the outskirts of a small-town, and while she waits for her friend, she dares her to try conjuring a local ghost. Don't try this at home. Featuring music by Sylvain Carton & Mouzhan Yousefi. This is an incredibly frightening little short film, just the right kind of horror to give you a genuine scare. Always cool to see up-and-coming filmmakers showcase their talent with scary horror shorts like this one.




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