Official Trailer for 'Friedkin Uncut' Documentary About the Filmmaker

Friedkin Uncut Doc Trailer

"The whole story of Hollywood can be expressed in one sentence." Ambi Dist. has released an official trailer for the filmmaking documentary titled Friedkin Uncut, about William Friedkin (director of The French Connection, The Exorcist, Sorcerer). This initially premiered at the Venice Film Festival last year, and it's opening in US theaters this month for curious cinephiles. Venezia explains: "The title of the documentary reflects at one and the same time Friedkin’s candor and eccentricity, elements that have contributed over time to the shaping of his exceptional skills as a storyteller." It's more than just a simple tribute or look at his career, many other talented artists "join Friedkin to reflect on the significance of being artists and on the beauty of bringing yourself into question in the name of an artistic calling experienced in the authentic dimension of a work." The film has appearances by Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, Willem Dafoe, Wes Anderson, Matthew McConaughey, Ellen Burstyn, Michael Shannon, and Juno Temple. Watch below.

First Full Trailer for Cody Stokes' Crime Drama 'The Ghost Who Walks'

The Ghost Who Walks Trailer

"If I was you, kid, I'd run like hell…" Ghost Walker Films has released the official trailer for an indie crime drama titled The Ghost Who Walks, the feature directorial debut of filmmaker / cinematographer Cody Stokes. This is playing at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Alabama coming up this month, and is still looking for a distributor after premiering this summer. This "action-packed tale of redemption" is about a criminal fresh out of jail who rats out his former boss for one last chance to reunite his family and become the father he never was. Garland Scott stars, along with Frank Mosley, Alexia Rasmussen, Gil Darnell, Dasha Nekrasova, Nattalyee Randall, Linda Kennedy, and Peter Mayer. The plot isn't that original, but the film looks like it has an energy and vibrant style that sets it apart from everything else. And it's an awesome trailer with some seriously slick, intense editing at the end. I really want to see this film now! Give it a look.

First Trailer for Bruce Springsteen's New Concert Film 'Western Stars'

Western Stars Trailer

"Change… How do you change yourself?" Warner Bros has revealed the first official trailer for a live concert movie titled Western Stars, in which music legend "Bruce Springsteen invites you to experience his latest album as a special cinematic event." Western Stars is Springsteen's 19th studio album so far, and it's already available now before this new concert doc hits theaters. Longtime collaborator Thom Zimny directs together with Springsteen in his directorial debut. WB also just released the Springsteen-inspired musical Blinded by the Light in theaters this weekend, and this trailer is attached to the film now in theaters. "Bruce lives in the super rarified air of artists who have blazed new and important trails deep into their careers. With Western Stars, Bruce is pivoting yet again, taking us with him on an emotional and introspective cinematic journey, looking back and looking ahead." The film features all 13 songs on the album, backed up by a band and a full orchestra, under the cathedral ceiling of his nearly 100-year-old barn. Hot damn, Bruce.

Official Trailer for 'Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool' Music Documentary

Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool Trailer

"He wanted us to live on the stage, creating in front of the people." Abramorama has finally debuted an official trailer for music documentary Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The doc went on to play at the Miami, Cleveland, Atlanta, Montclair, Krakow, Seattle, Sydney, and Munich Film Festivals, and is playing in select US theaters this month. From acclaimed doc filmmaker Stanley Nelson, Birth of the Cool tells the full story of jazz icon Miles Davis, who played trumpet and revolutionized jazz music forever. "Newly released archival material, alongside interviews with pre-eminent historians and personal friends like Quincy Jones, illustrate a man of intensity and devotion to his craft. Despite the indignities of America during the time of segregation, nothing was going to stop Davis from realizing his dream: to create a new form of musical expression. Davis worked like a physicist with his collaborators to push musical experimentation and widen the tones and lyricism of jazz—the effects of which are felt to this day." I've heard great things about this, plus it's Miles frickin' Davis! Have to watch this doc.

First Japanese Trailer for Kore-eda's 'The Truth' Premiering in Venice

The Truth Trailer

"The house looks like a castle!" Gaga Films from Japan has unveiled the first official trailer for the new film from acclaimed / beloved Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, who won the Palme d'Or last year for Shoplifters. He's already back again with The Truth (also known as Shinjitu in Japanese, or La vérité in French), one the first films he has made that isn't set in Japan, starring an international cast. This is set to premiere as the opening night film at the Venice Film Festival kicking off later this month, then it will stop by the Toronto Film Festival next. Made in France and set in France, The Truth is about a stormy reunion between a daughter and her actress mother, Catherine, against the backdrop of Catherine's latest role in a sci-fi picture as a mother who never grows old. Starring Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche, Ethan Hawke,Ludivine Sagnier, and Roger Van Hool. This is one of those films with a superb cast, but looks quite awful, and seems like a weird follow-up for Kore-eda after the Palme, but why not I guess. Take a look.

Kristen Stewart & Vincent Cassel in First Trailer for 'Underwater' Movie

Underwater Trailer

"We drilled into the bottom of the ocean, and we don't know what came out." Fox has launched the first official trailer for an action-thriller titled Underwater, which is indeed set underwater. It's about a crew of underwater researchers who must scramble to safety after an earthquake devastates their big subterranean laboratory. Sounds a bit like The Abyss, but without the military men. Underwater is the next film from the director of the impressive indie sci-fi The Signal, named William Eubank, which we were big fans of back in 2014. His new film stars Kristen Stewart, T.J. Miller, Vincent Cassel, John Gallagher Jr., Jessica Henwick, Mamoudou Athie, and Gunner Wright. This trailer undoubtedly seems to hint at some alien creature or something creepy that has emerged from the depths. The final shots definitely got my attention.

Full US Trailer for Cel-Shaded Anime Film 'Promare' with Matoi Mechas

Promare Trailer

"Someone has to shoulder the fate of mankind." GKids has unveiled the full-length official US trailer for the Japanese anime feature film Promare, from animation filmmaker Hiroyuki Imaishi (Gurren Lagann, Kill la Kill). We featured the first teasers previously, but give this full trailer a look. This is the first feature-length film made by the acclaimed studio known as Trigger. "Promare uses a bold cel-shaded visual style to tell a blistering action-adventure story, and is the spiritual successor to many of director Imaishi’s former works." The story follows Galo and the Burning Rescue Fire Department who battle against "Mad Burnish", a group of mutants who are able to control and wield flames, and the fire disaster they have unleashed on Earth. The main Japanese voice cast features Arata Furuta, Tetsu Inada, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Masato Sakai, Taichi Saotome, and Kenichi Matsuyama. Glad to see this will be playing in theaters in the US.

Promo Trailer for German Film 'A Regular Woman' About Being Free

A Regular Woman

"I am just a woman…" The Match Factory has released an official promo trailer for a German film titled A Regular Woman, originally Nur Eine Frau (or "Just a Woman") in German, made by filmmaker Sherry Hormann. This premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, but is still seeking international distribution outside of Germany. The film is based on the true story of Hatun Aynur Sürücü, whose murder caused an outcry in 2005. It tells of her struggle for a free, self-determined life in the face of her family's intense opposition. Her brothers refuse to accept her lifestyle, and insults & threats continue to escalate. Finally, the young woman reports her oldest brother to the police. But this won't save her in the end… Starring Almila Bagriacik as Aynur, with a cast including Rauand Taleb, Meral Perin, Mürtüz Yolcu, Armin Wahedi, and Aram Arami. A sad story of how hard it is to live a free life, no matter where you're from. Definitely worth a look.

Full-Length Trailer for Larry Fessenden's Frankenstein Film 'Depraved'

Depraved Trailer

"I figured it out! I figured out how to bring them back…" IFC Midnight has debuted the full-length official trailer for Larry Fessenden's Depraved, a compelling modern take on the classic Frankenstein story of a man created from spare parts. Described as the "best film version of the Frankenstein legend in decades", Fessenden's Depraved is a "meditative reimagining of" Mary Shelley's classic novel that "explores the crisis of masculinity and ideas about loneliness, memory and the subtle psychological shocks that shape us as individuals." The plot follows a disillusioned field surgeon suffering from PTSD who endeavors to make a man out of body parts and bring him to life in a Brooklyn loft. Depraved stars Owen Campbell, Chloë Levine, Alex Breaux, David Call, Joshua Leonard, Ana Kayne, and Maria Dizzia. I've been hearing some great things about this, perhaps the best update on Frankenstein in a long time - and this footage confirms that it might live up to the hype. Watch the trailer for "a punk rock New York Frankenstein" below.

Alexandra Daddario in Trailer for RomCom 'Can You Keep a Secret?'

Can You Keep a Secret? Trailer

"Has he told you anything about himself?" Vertical Entertainment has unveiled the first official trailer for another same-old-story romantic comedy titled Can You Keep a Secret?, the feature directorial debut of TV producer / director Elise Duran. The film is adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name by Sophie Kinsella. Thinking they're about to crash, Emma spills her secrets to a stranger sitting next to her on a plane. At least, she thought he was a stranger… Until she later meets Jack, her company's young CEO, who now knows every humiliating detail about her. Now she must suddenly figure out whether "telling the truth is the answer to finding love." Really? That's what this is about? Alexandra Daddario stars with Tyler Hoechlin, Sunita Mani, Kimiko Glenn, Laverne Cox, and Kate Easton. We've seen this story before.

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First Trailer for Fan-Made 'The Matrix: Next Generation' from Sydney

The Matrix: Next Generation Trailer

"None of this is real!" No matter how you feel about the sequels, The Matrix will always remain one of the best sci-fi movies ever made. Maybe one day Hollywood will go back and make more. "A couple months ago, after a rewatch of the trilogy, a few of us wondered what our own take might be on the concept - something episodic, set largely in a college, in that moment where the protagonist isn't yet fully aware of the world they are plugged into." That's the idea behind The Matrix: Next Generation - made by Australian filmmaker Lincoln Hall and a group of his friends. They live in Sydney and actually filmed in a few of the real locations used in The Matrix, to make this trailer for an episodic series about the "next generation" of people learning about the Matrix and how to escape it. Great work from everyone involved - now I wish this really was real.

Nicolas Gob in UK Trailer for 'The Shiny Shrimps' Water Polo Comedy

The Shiny Shrimps Trailer

"Hot guys crossing Europe by bus… Things are definitely gonna happen." Peccadillo Pictures has debuted an official UK trailer for an amusing French gay comedy titled The Shiny Shrimps, also Les Crevettes Pailletées originally in French. Matthias Le Goff, an Olympic champion at the end of his career, makes a homophobic statement on TV. His punishment: coach "The Shiny Shrimps", a flamboyant and amateur gay water-polo team. They have only one goal in mind: to qualify for the Gay Games in Croatia where the hottest international LGBTQ athletes compete. But the guys are more interested in partying than practicing, unless Le Goff can get them in line. Nicolas Gob stars as Le Goff, with a cast including Alban Lenoir, Michaël Abiteboul, David Baïot, Romain Lancry, Roland Menou, Geoffrey Couët, Romain Brau, Félix Martinez, Maïa Quesemand, and Pierre Samuel. This reminds me of Sink or Swim, another French water sports all-male-team comedy from last year. This film looks kinky and fun, and just wee a bit cheesy.




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