Dakota Fanning is a Band Roadie in 'Viena and the Fantomes' Trailer

Viena and the Fantomes Trailer

"We have to behave like a band!" Universal has released an official trailer for an indie music drama titled Viena and the Fantomes, another film from Mexican filmmaker Gerardo Naranjo (he also has Kokoloko this year). Dakota Fanning stars as the titular Viena, a young roadie who's on a journey of self-discovery and shocking survival, as she travels across America with a post-punk band called The Fantomes during the 1980s. She ends up trapped in a dangerous love triangle between a good natured roadie and an unbalanced band member. The film's cast includes Jeremy Allen White, Frank Dillane, Olivia Luccardi, Sarah Steele, Philip Ettinger, and Ryan Leboeuf, plus Caleb Landry Jones, Zoë Kravitz, Evan Rachel Wood, and Jon Bernthal. Looks like this could be good, it's packed with plenty of post-punk melodrama.

Full Trailer for Award-Winning, Time-Bending Sci-Fi Thriller 'Volition'

Volition Trailer

"Maybe it's time you learn the truth about your condition." Giant Pictures has debuted an official trailer for an indie sci-fi thriller titled Volition, which won the Best Feature award at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival last year. The word "volition" means "a choice or decision made by the will"; making the choice for yourself. The film is about a man afflicted with clairvoyance who tries to change his fate when a series of events leads to a vision of his own imminent murder. An interesting twist. It's described as a "tightly-wound puzzle of a ride", and a "mind-bending science-fiction thriller, where the line between fate and free-will blurs." Starring Adrian Glynn McMorran, Magda Apanowicz, John Cassini, Frank Cassini, Aleks Paunovic, and Bill Marchant. Not really sure what to make of this from this trailer, there's a lot going on but not a lot of it makes sense at first. Hopefully the film clears up everything in its own sneaky way. Might be worth a look.

First Trailer for Horror Film 'Star Light' with Scout Taylor-Compton

Star Light Trailer

"You are not safe with her in there…" 1091 Media has revealed an official trailer for an indie horror titled Star Light, a twisted little film directed by filmmakers Mitchell Altieri & Lee Cummings. A kind-hearted teen's life is turned upside down when he helps a world famous pop star on the run try to escape her violent pursuers. He ends up hiding out with her at a friend's house, turning a fun graduation party into a night of living hell. Starring Cameron Johnson as Dylan & Scout Taylor-Compton as Bebe A. Love; also joined by Rahart Adams, Liana Ramirez, Garrett Westton, Chandler Rachelle, Hagen Mills, Tiffany Shepis, Kevin Jiggetts, and Bret Roberts. This looks like it has a crazy twist where it turns out the pop star is some kind of creature. Maybe a werewolf or something else? I wonder if this is going to turn out to be a horror commentary on how pop stars are all man-eating monsters? Looks pretty cool from this first trailer.

Judy Greer Has a Killer Dog in Trailer for Horror 'Good Boy' from Hulu

Good Boy Trailer

"He's not just a dog… He's a good boy!" Hulu has revealed a trailer for their next offering in the ongoing "Into the Dark" anthology horror series. They've been producing tons of original horror films from all kinds of different filmmakers, and this next one looks horrifying and hilarious. Good Boy is directed by Tragedy Girls filmmaker Tyler MacIntyre, and stars Judy Greer as a woman who gets a cute little dog as an emotional support pet. She's in for a surprise when she discovers that he kills anyone who adds stress to her life. "You look at the dog and you just think, there’s no way this little creature, this beautiful little dog could ever do anything harmful to anyone. And yet…" Also stars Steve Guttenberg, Ellen Wong, Elise Neal, Maria Conchita Alonso, McKinley Freeman, and Chico. This looks so damn good! Cuddly little killer.

Rediscovering Happiness & Freedom in 'Chasing the Present' Trailer

Chasing the Present Trailer

Let your journey begin with Chasing the Present. 1091 Media has unveiled the trailer for an intriguing new documentary titled Chasing the Present, which premiered at the Flickers' Rhode Island Film Festival last year. The film follows a materially successful young man, riddled with anxiety. Embarking on a world-wide journey to explore the root cause of the modern societal epidemic of stress and emotional suffering, he finds answers to why a person, who seemingly has it all, can continue to suffer from debilitating panic attacks. We can all free ourselves from anxiety and recognize the beauty and power that lies within each of us, if we are willing to go there. "Given the state of the world right now, this is a timely and important release. Chasing the Present has a lot to offer for those who struggle with mental health and anxiety." This looks exactly like my cup of tea, about exploring what's wrong with society and how to rediscover yourself and free your mind.

Official Trailer for 'A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone' Doc

A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone

"My dream was to develop a new color." Passion River Films has posted a trailer for an indie documentary titled A New Color: The Art of Being Edythe Boone, which was already released last year. But this is the first time we've come across it, so we're happy to feature it anyway. Originally produced for TV, the one-hour-long doc film is a profile of self-taught artist Edythe Boone. Long before Black Lives Matter became a rallying cry, Edythe Boone embodied that truth as an artist, an educator, and a great-grandmother. When a personal tragedy ignites a national outcry, everything that Edythe has worked so tirelessly for is at stake. "Filmed over five years, A New Color illuminates how the passionate, heart-felt work of one resilient woman can reverberate throughout a community and inspire both art and a more powerful chorus for justice." It's particularly touching and inspiring to see her encouraging so many others to paint and become artists, too.

Emilia Clarke in Horror Anthology Film 'Murder Manual' First Trailer

Murder Manual Trailer

"8 Tales of Horror." Ammo Content + Hewes Pictures have debuted the first official trailer for a new horror anthology feature titled Murder Manual, available to watch sometime on VOD this summer. Frightening, interlocking chapters depicting horrific and psychologically altering tales of death. Yet another fun horror anthology project, but with a bit of a twist. "While Murder Manual is an anthology film, the trailer reveals that all the stories are intertwined in sinister ways. They are all brought together to form the titular purpose, a murder manual, with horrifying events to accompany its creation." The film's main cast features Emilia Clarke, Melanie Cruz, Bryan Manley Davis, Hadley Fraser, Anthony Goss, Van Hansis, Sally Hughes, and Sophie Knapp. From this first look footage, there doesn't seem to be much in here that is interesting or unique, perhaps there's more substance hidden inside the manual. Only one way to find out…

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First Trailer for Errol Morris' Documentary About LSD & Timothy Leary

A Film By Errol Morris Trailer

"You've come to free me." Showtime has unveiled the first trailer for the latest documentary film made by veteran documentarian Errol Morris. The title is currently only A Film By Errol Morris, because they haven't decided on an official title yet. This documentary focuses, once again, on LSD and the "High Priest of LSD" Timothy Leary. This isn't the first time Morris has dabbled in LSD, his Netflix series "Wormwood" is also about the CIA experimenting with psychedelics. The film is inspired by Harcourt-Smith's memoir, "Tripping the Bardo with Timothy Leary: My Psychedelic Love Story", and Morris interviews her to discuss her history with Leary before he became an informant for the FBI. "Devotion or selfishness? Perfect love or outright betrayal? Destiny or manipulation?" This is more of a teaser, but I am certainly intrigued. Always curious to hear what people will say about their past and how they look back on their choices at a distance.

Reading Old Love Letters in Hong Sang-soo's 'Hill of Freedom' Trailer

Hill of Freedom Trailer

"Kwon - you are the greatest person I know. That's what I know now." Grasshopper Film has debuted an official US trailer for the indie Korean dramedy Hill of Freedom, yet another of Hong Sang-soo's fanciful films. This one originally premiered in 2014 at the Venice & Toronto & New York Film Festivals, but is only now finally getting released in the US. Kwon returns to Seoul from the mountains and is given a packet of letters from Mori back from Japan to propose to her. Kwon drops and scatters the undated letters. She reads them and has to make sense of the chronology - and so must we…? Starring Seo Young-hwa, Ryo Kase, and Moon So-ri. Early reviews describe the film as a "melancholic delight", and that it is "also consistently funny, the highlight being a subplot involving another house guest having an issue with her temper." Enjoy.

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First Trailer for Insanely Gory Brazilian Horror Film 'Skull: The Mask'

Skull: The Mask Trailer

"It's a mask, not the devil." Holy hell! The first official trailer has debuted for a horror fantasy thriller titled Skull: The Mask, emerging out of Brazil this year. The gory horror film just premiered at the Chattanooga Film Festival online to some crazy good buzz so far, and if you're curious what this looks like, you can see some footage below. The film is an action-packed contemporary horror depicting a supernatural serial killer based on pre-Colombian mythology in a hunt for revenge in the metropolis of São Paulo. It's described as "mystical slasher film" and a "Brazilian bloodbath", and another review calls it an "insanely gory, ambitious effort." Starring Guta Ruiz, Tristan Aronovich, Ivo Müller, and Gilda Nomacce. The big, bad guy in this looks gnarly! Stay away from him. This is a brutal, uncensored trailer full of blood and guts - watch out.

New UK Trailer for 'Inheritance' Thriller with Lily Collins & Simon Pegg

Inheritance Trailer

"The truth must stay buried. Forgive me." Signature Ent. in the UK has debuted a second trailer for an indie thriller titled Inheritance, the latest from filmmaker Vaughn Stein. The film just opened on VOD in the US, and will be available in the UK in July as well. A patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy their lives. His daughter Lauren receives a flash drive and keys, which lead her to find a man locked up inside the basement of her family's estate. Lily Collins stars as Lauren, with Simon Pegg as the guy in the basement, and a full cast including Connie Nielsen, Chace Crawford, Michael Beach, and Patrick Warburton. This looks so twisted and dark, with some big reveals once it gets going. Not just a simple, low key thriller about a random guy. I'm intrigued by these trailers because they make it seem really messed up.

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Crazy First Trailer for Korean Stuck-in-Isolation Zombie Film '#Alive'

#Alive Trailer

"Can we really live?" "We have to make sure we do." Lotte Ent. has unveiled a teaser trailer for the Korean zombie thriller titled #Alive, yes including the hashtag. The rapid spread of an unknown infection has left an entire city in ungovernable chaos, but one survivor remains alive in isolation. That synopsis sounds a lot like a pandemic virus thriller, but it's really about zombies. After locking himself into his apartment alone, a neighbor across the street finds him. This trailer sets up that part of the film - the rest is them struggling to survive in isolation. This stars Yoo Ah-In (from Burning) and Park Shin-Hye (from The Royal Tailor). There's not too much in this trailer, but what they do show us looks awesome. A gnarly updated twist on the stuck-inside thriller with an apartment complex as a playground. Click the [cc] button for English subtitles.




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