New Trailer for Restored Re-Release of Olivier Assayas' 'Demonlover'

Demonlover Trailer

"No one sees anything. Ever. They watch, but they don't understand." Janus Films has debuted a re-release trailer for the 2K restoration of acclaimed French filmmaker Olivier Assayas' early 00s film Demonlover, which first premiered at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. The film is about a French corporation that goes head-to-head with an American web media company for the rights to a 3D manga pornography studio in Japan, resulting in a power struggle that culminates in violence and espionage. Starring Gina Gershon, Chloë Sevigny, Connie Nielson, & Charles Berling. It's described as "hallucinatory, globe-spanning… neo-noir thriller and media critique in which nothing — not even the film itself — is what it appears to be." Reviews call the erotic film "a beautiful and disturbing contemporary filmic object." The new re-release is a 2K restoration of the unrated director's cut supervised by Olivier Assayas himself. Quite spicy - have a look.

Official Trailer for 'Bullied' Doc Examining Causes and Consequences

Bullied Doc Trailer

"Very clear that there's a contagion effect…" Global Digital Releasing has debuted an official trailer for an indie documentary titled Bullied, the latest doc film made by philosophy professor Dr. Thomas Keith. A really powerful film, Bullied traces bullying and the effects of bullying, but also the methods and programs that have proven efficacious in reducing bullying. This award-winning documentary discusses the reasons for, consequences of, and solutions to bullying taking place in schools, and across social media platforms where cyber-bullying is at an all time high. This looks like a compelling follow-up to the other key bullying doc called, of course, Bully from 2012. Sadly no matter how many films they make and how much they try to confront bullying, it rages on… But hopefully this film sheds some new light on how to deal with and stop it.

First Trailer for 'The Most Beautiful Boy in the World' Documentary

The Most Beautiful Boy in the World Trailer

"The slightest bloody thing makes you hit the roof." Juno Films has released a promo trailer for a doc called The Most Beautiful Boy in the World, which is premiering at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival soon. In 1971, at the world premiere of Death in Venice in London, Italian filmmaker Luchino Visconti proclaimed Björn Andrésen, the teen star of his latest film, "The most beautiful boy in the world." This is the story of a boy who was thrust to international stardom for his iconic looks and lived a life of glamour. 50 years later, Björn looks back on what it is was like to be known as the "most beautiful boy in the world." The doc film is made by Swedish filmmakers Kristina Lindström & Kristian Petri. "Being immortalized as an iconic boy meant that Andrésen spent most of his adult life trying to be invisible, refusing to have his identity shaped by a shallow fantasy about who he was." It's described by Sundance as "a thoughtful and quietly devastating meditation on obsession, trauma, and the cost of fame." It looks damn good, offering nuanced commentary.

Nick Robinson & Jason Clarke in Official Trailer for 'Silk Road' Movie

Silk Road Trailer

"This guy's the first Millennial gangster." Lionsgate has unveiled an official trailer for a movie called Silk Road, telling the rise & fall story of the founder of the infamous darkweb drug website called "Silk Road". This hasn't premiered at any film festivals and is heading straight to VOD in February for any curious to watch. Philosophical 20-something Ross Ulbricht creates Silk Road, a dark net website that sells narcotics, while DEA agent Rick Bowden goes undercover to bring him in. Nick Robinson stars as Ross, who values freedom above all, and Jason Clarke co-stars as the DEA agent. It's a back-n-forth story about the two and how similar they are. Also starring Katie Aselton, Jimmi Simpson, Daniel David Stewart, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Lexi Rabe, Will Ropp, with Paul Walter Hauser, and Alexandra Shipp. I really wish this looked better than it does; it's a cool story to tell, but this seems like it's a wannabe The Social Network.

First Trailer for Mysterious Horror 'Honeydew' with Sawyer Spielberg

Honeydew Trailer

"You're on my property!" Dark Star Pictures + Bloody Disgusting have unveiled the first official trailer for an indie mystery horror titled Honeydew, marking the feature directorial debut of Devereux Milburn. This looks super fucked up, so watch out - only for real die-hard horror fans. The film originally premiered at the Tribeca and Nightstream Film Festivals last year. Strange cravings and hallucinations befall a young couple after seeking shelter in the home of an aging farmer and her peculiar son. Stay away from these creepy folks. Starring Sawyer Spielberg in his first role, Malin Barr, Barbara Kingsley, Stephen D'Ambrose, and Jamie Bradley. Horror writer Anya Stanley describes the film as: "a filthy-ass movie and I mean that as a sincere compliment." Definitely looks messed up, don't watch this if you're planning on eatin' anytime soon.

Full Trailer for 'A Glitch in the Matrix' Docu Premiering at Sundance

A Glitch in the Matrix Trailer

"The Matrix was real." Bring on this cinematic mindfuck! Magnolia has debuted the full-length trailer for A Glitch in the Matrix, the latest film by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Rodney Ascher - of Room 237, The Nightmare, and The El Duce Tapes. This is premiering at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival this week, and will be released on VOD right away only a week later. A Glitch in the Matrix tackles this question "are we living in a simulation?" with testimony, philosophical evidence and scientific explanation in his for the answer. The feature film "traces the idea's genesis over the years, from philosophical engagements by the ancient Greeks to modern discussions by Philip K. Dick, the Wachowskis, and leading scholars and game theorists. Ascher deftly parallels conversations with people who believe we're living in a computer with the purely digital nature of the film itself; all interviews were conducted via Skype, all reenactments were digitally animated, and archives are largely drawn from ’90s-era cyber thrillers and video games." Oh hell yes, this is so my kind of philosophical deep dive and all the footage looks awesome. Can't wait to watch.

Meet Brothers Issachar & Zabulon in First 'Mother Schmuckers' Trailer

Mother Schmuckers Trailer

"Did you lose him?" Clubb Guitos has revealed the first official trailer for Mother Schmuckers, a wacky new Belgian comedy premiering at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival this month. The film screens in the Midnight category, and marks the feature directorial debut of two Belgian brothers - Harpo Guit & Lenny Guit. In the film, Issachar and Zabulon, two brothers in their 20s, are supremely stupid and never bored, as madness is part of their daily lives. When they lose their mother's beloved dog, they have 24 hours to find it - or she will kick them out. "Defying traditional labels, Mother Schmuckers doesn't take itself too seriously. Instead, the hilarious observations the brothers make about life and family relationships elevate everyday occurrences. A refreshing piece of filmmaking, their fun, funny and unapologetic style, is a rare and much needed gift in these uncertain times." The film stars Harpo Guit, Maxi Delmelle, Claire Bodson, and Mathieu Amalric. This looks like a ridiculously amusing indie discovery perfect for a Sundance unveiling.

First Trailer for Strange, Hallucinatory Thriller 'The Pond' from Serbia

The Pond Trailer

"The fish is running out of time." Scream Factory has released an official trailer for a very strange, trippy, visually distinct thriller titled The Pond, made by a Serbian filmmaker named Petar Pasic. This hasn't hit any film festivals but is dropping straight to VOD next month for anyone curious about it. Marco Canadea stars as an anthropology professor kicked out from his university for claiming to be on the threshold of an apocalyptic discovery. But someone or something is still interested in his work. As he begins to descend into madness, his hallucinations revealing something sinister is after him… The cast also includes Leslie Kunz and Paul Leonard Murray. I have no idea if this will be any good, but I love films that take bold risks doing some new and different. So many weird and astonishing and WTF shots in this trailer. Check this out.

Full Trailer for Disney's 'Raya & the Last Dragon' with Kelly Marie Tran

Raya and the Last Dragon

"The world's broken… you can trust anyone." "Maybe it's broken because you don't trust anyone." Disney has debuted a full-length official trailer for Disney Animation's exciting new action adventure movie Raya and the Last Dragon, being directed by the filmmakers Don Hall (of Big Hero 6, Moana) and Carlos López Estrada (of Blindspotting, Summertime). The first teaser arrived last fall and this new trailer packs a punch. In a realm known as Lumandra, a re-imagined Earth inhabited by an ancient civilization, a warrior named Raya is determined to find the last dragon. However, along her journey, she’ll learn that it’ll take more than a dragon to save the world—it's going to take trust and teamwork. Featuring the voices of Kelly Marie Tran as Raya and Awkwafina as the last dragon Sisu, Walt Disney Animation Studios' Raya and the Last Dragon opens in theaters and on Disney+ starting in March. This looks like a fun-filled adventure.

Official Trailer for 'Tazmanian Devil' Film About a Nigerian Immigrant

Tazmanian Devil Trailer

"Be very careful of what you allow in your spirit, Dayo, especially in America…" 1091 Pictures has released an official trailer for Tazmanian Devil, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Solomon Onita Jr. This originally premiered at the American Black Film Festival last year, and arrives on VOD early next month for anyone interested. After moving to the United States, Nigerian immigrant Dayo struggles to find a balance between his desire to join a college fraternity and bonding with his estranged father who is a strict pastor at a local church. As he begins the pledging process, tensions rise between him and his father and the rest of "TAZ" as he tries to figure out who he wants to be. Abraham Attah (from Beasts of No Nation and Spider-Man: Homecoming) stars as Dayo, with a cast including Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Adepero Oduye, and Kwesi Boakye. This is a quite an impressive trailer that builds to one intense ending! Damn.

Watch: 'Grab My Hand: A Letter To My Dad' Lovely Animated Short

Grab My Hand: A Letter To My Dad

"Gate check!" A touching, life-affirming short film is now available online for everyone to enjoy. Grab My Hand: A Letter To My Dad is a lovely animated short film co-directed by filmmakers Camrus Johnson and Pedro Piccinini. The film is indeed a letter to Camrus' father, discussing the lessons his "superhero" dad taught him and how to appreciate all the ups & downs of life. "Grab My Hand: A Letter To My Dad was a gift to my grieving father and now a message to all to cherish every second you have with the ones you love while you still can." Featuring the voices of Camrus Johnson, Maaliyah Papillion, and Eric R. Williams. The animation in this is simple but very powerful, it doesn't need excessive details or elaborate action. It's just a visualization of the story Camrus is telling in here, and it enhances the emotions by allowing us to imagine ourselves in a similar situation. What a moving, heartfelt film - I'm glad Camrus is sharing it with the world.

First Trailer for Cinematographers Doc Project 'Erēmīta (Anthologies)'

Erēmīta (Anthologies) Trailer

An early promo trailer has debuted for an experimental pandemic project called Erēmīta (Anthologies) (the word "Erēmīta" translates to "Hermit" in Latvian). This was conceived by Egyptian cinematographer / filmmaker Sam Abbas, and is an anthology of short docs intertwined with literature composed during the 2020 pandemic by leading DPs. Abbas explains: "I, like many others, get very excited about using certain cameras, lenses, conversations with the cinematographer, colorists, sound designers but really, everyone I work with! But when it comes down to it, if needed, cinema can be made under any circumstances… We can only make a film virtually… We all share two main things: passion and a plethora of time." Each DP oversaw their individual film, having final cut for their piece. "There is no theme, film whatever you want, however you want with whomever you want." Featuring footage from Alexis Zabé, Ashley Connor, Antoine Héberlé, Sam Abbas, Soledad Rodríguez, Stefano Falivene. This is just a teaser as the film premieres this fall. Enjoy.




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