Dark Secrets + LSD in Shudder Horror Film 'Spoonful of Sugar' Trailer

Spoonful of Sugar Trailer

"Bone-chilling, knee-buckling nastiness." Get ready for another acid trip horror film. Shudder has unveiled an official trailer for another indie horror film streaming soon titled Spoonful of Sugar, the latest from director Mercedes Bryce Morgan. This premiered at Fantastic Fest last year and also played at the Cucalorus Film Festival. A disturbed babysitter experiences a sexual awakening while using LSD to alternatively treat a seemingly “sick” kid. Morgan Saylor stars as Millicent, who is working on her thesis about children with severe allergies. She's hired to babysit Johnny, a sickly, mute child who suffers from every allergy under the sun. As she discovers Johnny's dark family secrets things begin to become unhinged. The cast includes Kat Foster, Danilo Crovetti, Myko Olivier, Danilo Crovetti, & Keith Powell. Looks like it gets extra wild with LSD sending everyone up the walls and all over the place. Maybe too much in one film? Or maybe not.


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Trailer for Acclaimed Documentary 'Refuge' Set in Clarkston, Georgia

Refuge Doc Trailer

"Hate is a disease. And we just need to make sure there's no space for hate to grow." Shout has revealed an official trailer for an indie documentary film about America called Refuge, formerly known as Clarkston. Refuge is set in the "most diverse square mile in America" - Clarkston, Georgia (see Google Maps). A stirring and inspiring blueprint for the healing of America, a captivating story of two unlikely friends who transform their anguish and tribulations into compassion and understanding. The doc illustrates the false promises of hate and reveals where real and lasting refuge is found. "Where there is love, there is refuge." It's about a former KKK leader from Georgia who befriends a Syrian Kurd after they first meet at a local event. The film provides an enthralling exploration of hatred, its origins, and the means of healing. A production of Katie Couric Media and Artemis Rising Foundation, Refuge will debut in theaters and on VOD directly this March. If you're moved by this and want to help spread the word, there's info on impact campaign on the film's site.

Slick First Trailer for 'Liaison' Thriller with Eva Green & Vincent Cassel

Liaison Trailer

"Can you trust this man… after what you did to him?" Oooh - what did she do?! Apple TV has revealed an official trailer for a thriller series titled Liaison, which will be available later this month on the streaming service. The descriptions for this so far are all a bit vague: An international struggle between governments and the hackers who just want to watch it all burn. So it's kind of like Mr. Robot, or not? Something else? It stars Vincent Cassel and Eva Green as the main characters - former lovers caught in the middle of it all. Liaison is a high-stakes, contemporary thriller exploring how the mistakes of our past have the potential to destroy our future, mixing action with an unpredictable, multilayered plot - "espionage and political intrigue play out against a story of passionate and enduring love." The supporting cast also includes Peter Mullan, Gérard Lanvin, Daniel Francis, Aziz Dyab, Marco Horanieh, Stanislas Merhar, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, and Laëtitia Eïdo. It looks solid, though hopefully the politics aren't screwy, hard to tell here. Worth a look?


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Mel Brooks' Hulu Comedy Sequel 'History of the World: Part II' Trailer

History of the World Part 2 Trailer

"We are about to embark on the biggest campaign in the history of the world, part 2!" Mel Brooks is back!! Hulu has debuted the full-length official trailer History of the World: Part II, a long awaited sequel to Mel Brooks comedy classic History of the World, Part I. And it looks hilarious!! Originally from 1981, the anthology film mocks and makes fun of great moments in human history. This follow-up sequel does the same - but as a sketch comedy series that playing out across four nights. It features tons of incredible guest stars and performances: Jack Black, Zazie Beetz, Jillian Bell, Ronny Chieng, Rob Corddry, Danny DeVito, David Duchovny, Jay Ellis, Josh Gad, Kimiko Glenn, Jake Johnson, Richard Kind, Johnny Knoxville, Lauren Lapkus, Jenifer Lewis, Poppy Liu, Joe Lo Truglio, Jason Mantzoukas, Ken Marino, Jack McBrayer, Zahn McClarnon, Charles Melton, Kumail Nanjiani, Brock O'Hurn, Andrew Rannells, Emily Ratajkowski, Sam Richardson, Nick Robinson, Seth Rogen (as Noah!!), Sarah Silverman, Timothy Simons, J.B. Smoove, David Wain, Taika Waititi, Reggie Watts, Tyler James Williams. I'm up for this!! Looks like it might totally serve.


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Malin Akerman in Fun Trailer for Sex Heist Comedy 'The Donor Party'

The Donor Party Trailer

"You were supposed to find me nice guys, so I could have nice babies!" Vertical Entertainment has unveiled an official trailer for a sex comedy titled The Donor Party, opening this March in theaters and on VOD. This plays like a 90s Hollywood comedy like they don't make that often anymore. Recently divorced Jaclyn desperately wants to become a mom – by any means necessary. After a messy divorce, she decides to enlist the help of her best friends to help pull off the ultimate sperm heist on unsuspecting "donors" during her friend’s intimate birthday party! Who's ready for some awkward fun? The comedy stars Malin Akerman, with Rob Corddry, Erinn Hayes, Bria Henderson, Dan Ahdoot, Rizwan Manji, Ryan Hansen, and Jerry O'Connell. Yeah this looks super uncomfortable but also quite funny? Might be worth a watch.


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Dive Into a Final US Trailer for Australian Fish Friend Film 'Blueback'

Blueback Trailer

"The only way to make sure he's safe, is to keep him secret." Quiver Distribution has revealed an official US trailer for the Australian eco drama Blueback, now set to open in theaters (nationwide!!) in March in the US. The film originally premiered at TIFF 2022 last fall, and already opened in Australia earlier in the year. Most recently it just played at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival last monh. An inspiring story for the whole family, Tim Winton's best-selling novel comes to life on the big screen. The latest film from The Dry director Robert Connolly, starring Mia Wasikowska. The story follows Abby, a young girl who initially befriends a magnificent wild blue groper while diving. When she's older, Abby realizes that the fish is under threat, and she takes inspiration from her activist Mum, Dora, taking on the poachers to save her friend. The film also stars Radha Mitchell, Ilsa Fogg (as the younger Abby), Liz Alexander, Ariel Donoghue, Clarence Ryan, Pedrea Jackson, Erik Thomson, Eddie Baroo, and Eric Bana. This is certainly worth a watch.


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Official Trailer for 'Palm Trees and Power Lines' Starring Lily McInerny

Palm Trees and Power Lines Trailer

A reminder: don't ever get in a car with anyone you don't know. Momentum Pictures has revealed an official trailer for an indie drama titled Palm Trees and Power Lines, which originally premiered at last year's 2022 Sundance Film Festival over a year ago. The film is finally arriving on VOD (and a select few theaters) in the US starting in early March. A disconnected teen girl named Lea living in Southern California enters a relationship with a man twice her age. She sees him as the solution to all her problems, but his intentions are not what they seem. It's yet another story about a young woman thinking she has control over herself, only to end up drifting into dangerous territory when she falls for a much older guy who isn't actually as nice as he seems. Newcomer Lily McInerny stars as Lea, along with a smaller indie cast including Jonathan Tucker, Gretchen Mol, and Armani Jackson. I saw this at Sundance and I was not a fan at all, just too drawn out and obvious where it's going. But it did get some positive reviews out of the festivals. Have a look.


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First Look Teaser for Animated 'Agent Elvis' Series with McConaughey

Agent Elvis Teaser

"So - you think he's ready?" "Your training starts now." Netflix has unveiled an official teaser trailer for an adult animation series titled Agent Elvis, which is – as you've guessed – about what if he was also a secret agent. In this series, Elvis Presley trades in his white jumpsuit for a jet pack when he is covertly inducted into a secret government spy program to help battle the dark forces that threaten the country he loves -- all while holding down his day job as the King of Rock 'n Roll (did they watch Elvis?). Academy Award-winner Matthew McConaughey stars as the voice of "Agent Elvis". Robert Valley created the character designs, and Agent Elvis' wardrobe was designed by John Varvatos. The music and original score was composed by Tyler Bates and Timothy Williams. It was animated by the studio Titmouse in Vancouver. The look and feel reminds me of Archer or Clone High or even that one series Kid Notorious (if anyone else knows of this?). Looks like it will be a fun time, especially with McConaughey voicing the King. Fire up the first look below.

Watch: M. Night Shyamalan Stops By the 'Vidéo Club' Store in Paris

M. Night Shyamalan - Le Vidéo Club

"This is the best sushi you will ever have." Join director M. Night Shyamalan as he browses through this Paris video store in the latest offering of the "Vidéo Club" series made by Konbini. We've posted videos of Brad Pitt and Terry Gilliam in this classic video store, now it's Shyamalan's turn. At first he talks extensively about his love for Akira Kurosawa films and stories with a moral dilemma, then he raves about Bergman's Persona and Bresson, specifically the 1956 film A Man Escaped. He also goes on to talk about Lynch's Twin Peaks and Hitchcock's Rebecca (one of his favorites in his collection at home) and Julia Ducournau's Raw - saying how this one blew him away and he ended up hiring her to shoot some eps of his TV show "Servant" because of it. He also mentions that he'd like to work with Robert Pattinson one day, while talking about how he loved Robert Egger's The Lighthouse and its DP Jarin Blaschke. Plenty of good picks in this - enjoy.


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International Trailer for French Forest Fire Survival Thriller 'The Blaze'

The Blaze Trailer

"In any case, you should never leave your vehicle." Studiocanal has revealed an offiical international trailer for a French disaster movie / survival thriller called The Blaze in English, originally known as En plein feu in French. It follows Simon and his father Joseph who embark on a race-against-the-clock to escape a wildfire while stuck in their car. The filmmaker explains: "The idea with Blaze is to create an immersive and sensorial experience where we're feeling a scary and suffocating atmosphere building up." The film was shot in France's tree-covered southwest region where thousands of hectares were destroyed by wildfires recently. The story follows a young man determined to escape with his elderly father from a rapidly approaching wildfire, until they get caught in a traffic jam on the one road out. The film stars popular French actor Alex Lutz, André Dussollier, and Sophie Parel. It will open in France this March, but has no US release yet. This definitely looks intense, especially once Simon leaves and heads out into the forest… Not a good idea.


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Full Trailer for 'The Consultant' Series with Christoph Waltz & Nat Wolff

The Consultant Trailer

"I won't be here forever… I'm only the consultant." Such a sly bastard, he seems so evil. Don't want to ever encounter this schmuck in real life. Amazon has revealed the official trailer for the series The Consultant, streaming on Prime Video later in February. Based on the book of the same name, The Consultant stars Christoph Waltz as Mr. Patoff, a mysterious business "consultant" who takes over running a mobile game company known as CompWare. "Management has decided to go in a sinister direction." Another description says it's about the "relationship between employee and boss – asking how far we will go to get ahead, and to survive," though it seems about something much more dark and freaky. This series also stars Nat Wolff, Brittany O'Grady, and Aimee Carrero. This looks damn good, but it also seems like a story that would fit better in a film (ala The Menu) than a series. I want to see where it's headed. Is he the Devil in disguise?


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Norwegian Werewolf Thriller 'Viking Wolf' Trailer - Playing on Netflix

Viking Wolf Trailer

"Believe me… you're dealing with a bloodthirsty beas, which must be stopped before the infection spreads." Available to watch on Netflix in Europe now is a Norwegian werewolf horror thriller titled Viking Wolf, also known as Vikingulven. We're just catching up with this trailer - the film is already streaming as of this past weekend. Elli Rhiannon Müller Osbourne stars as 17-year-old Thale, who moves with her parents to a small town when her mother gets a job with the local police. After a student is brutally murdered at a party Thale attends, she suddenly becomes a key witness. Who, or rather what exactly, was the killer? The town must stop the bloodthirsty beast before it kills everyone in its path. She also starts to have strange visions and bizarre desires… Also starring Liv Mjönes, Vidar Magnussen, Mia Fosshaug Laubacher, Sjur Vatne Brean, and Silje Øksland Krohne. This would probably play better as a fall release, but it still looks like it might be a solid werewolf horror. There's a few shots of the wolf + his/her teeth at the end.


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