Promo Trailer for Syrian Refugee Animated Movie 'Lamya's Poem'

Lamya's Poem Trailer

"You were made a writer because someone somewhere needs your words." West End Films has revealed an official promo sales trailer for an indie animated featured titled Lamya's Poem, directed by the writer / producer Alexander Kronemer. This first premiered at the 2021 Annecy Film Festival a year ago, and it also played at the Zurich and Vancouver Film Festivals last year. A young refugee girl fleeing violence and war finds a book of poetry by the celebrated 13th century poet - Rumi. The book becomes a magical gateway where she meets the young Rumi when he was a refugee, escaping the terrible wars of his time. In a shared dream world populated by monsters and other threats that represent the perils they face on their respective journeys, she must help him write the poem that 800 years later will save her life. Featuring the voices of Mena Massoud, Faran Tahir, Millie Davis, Raoul Bhaneja, and Aya Bryn. This looks a bit heavy-handed, but I'm curious about it nonetheless. The voice acting isn't great but seems like an important story.


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Another Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'Nope' Shot with IMAX Cameras

Nope IMAX Featurette

"It's a bigger adventure than I've ever tried to tell." Universal has debuted yet another intriguing behind-the-scenes featurette for Jordan Peele's movie Nope, following the other "Cinematic Event" featurette from a few weeks ago. This one focuses on the crew involved in pulling off this epic sci-fi spectacle, including a look at the IMAX (and 65mm) cameras they used to film this movie. As everyone knows from Christopher Nolan's movies, IMAX cameras a much bigger and much more cumbersome, and require entirely different rigs. Nope's cast features Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Barbie Ferreira, Michael Wincott, Donna Mills, and Terry Notary. The final trailer for Nope was also released a few weeks ago, but I know many are trying to steer clear of any spoilers or details about this before going in to watch. Peele has been working with DP Hoyte Van Hoytema, who has worked on Nolan movies before, and I can't wait to see what they've put together for this. I really enjoy seeing a featurette entirely focused on the camera team.


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Diane Keaton in Coming-of-Old-Age Comedy 'Mack & Rita' Trailer

Mack & Rita Trailer

"You didn't want to be old, what you wanted is to be YOU." Gravitas Premiere has unveiled a trailer for an indie comedy titled Mack & Rita, the latest from filmmaker Katie Aselton after her films The Freebie and Black Rock. This is being given a full on wide release in August, most likely because it has Diane Keaton in it and she can usually bring in audiences. A 30-year-old writer, played by Elizabeth Lail, spends a wild weekend in Palm Springs and wakes up to find she has magically transformed into her 70-year-old self - as played by Diane Keaton. "Freed from the constraints of other people's expectations, Rita comes into her own, becoming an unlikely social media sensation" and sparking a tentative romance. The film's ensemble cast includes Taylour Paige, Loretta Devine, Simon Rex, Dustin Milligan, Amy Hill, Lois Smith, Wendie Malick, Patti Harrison, Martin Short, Addie Weyrich, Aimee Carrero, and Nicole Byer. This is a fun coming-of-old-age concept and getting Keaton is perfect. Much like Big but going older! Enjoy.


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One Final Trailer for 'Elvis' with Austin Butler - Opening This Week

Elvis Final Trailer

"In that moment, Elvis the Man was sacrificed… and Elvis the God was born." Opening on Friday this week is Baz Luhrmann's extravagant, ravishing biopic telling the story of Elvis!! The King of Rock. This officially premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival last month, and is dropping in theaters nationwide this week - with Warner Bros giving it one final push with this trailer and a featurette. The movie chronicles the life and career of rock-and-roll legend Elvis Presley, starring Austin Butler (also seen in The Dead Don't Die, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) as the iconic musician. Covering his entire life, from childhood to stardom and his tragic early death. This also stars Tom Hanks as his promoter Colonel Tom Parker, Luke Bracey, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Dacre Montgomery, David Wenham, Richard Roxburgh, Kate Mulvany, Elizabeth Cullen, & Natasha Bassett, plus Kelvin Harrison Jr. as B.B. King, and Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley. I saw this one in Cannes and it's definitely a summer movie like no other, big and loud and sweeping and epic. Not easy to tell his entire story in one movie, but Luhrmann shoots for the Vegas moon.


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New Trailer for 'My Old School' Docu-Drama Starring Alan Cumming

My Old School Doc Trailer

"Hiding in plain sight…" An official trailer has arrived for an intriguing documentary film titled My Old School, recalling a stranger-than-fiction story about a guy who pretend to be a school student in the 1990s in Scotland. This first premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and will be playing in select theaters this July. Alan Cumming stars in this since the actual guy who the story is about, the "real" Brandon Lee (not related to the actor), didn't want to be shown. He's interviewed and his voice is in this, but Cumming "plays" him even though it's a doc with him retelling his story of what happened. Cumming is involved because back in the 90s he tried to make an indie film about this, but it fell apart. Now years later they've made this doc and it's utterly fascinating. In 1993, a "16-year-old" kid named Brandon Lee enrolled at Bearsden Academy, a secondary school in a well-to-do suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. What followed over the next two years became the stuff of legend. You have to hear all the stories, and make up your own mind.


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Kevin Bacon in First Teaser for LGBTQ Slasher Horror 'They/Them'

They/Them Trailer

"This is a safe space… for everyone." Peacock has revealed the first teaser trailer for a new horror comedy slasher film called They/Them, a reference to the "they/them" pronounces from the LGBTQ community. This film marks the directorial debut of an acclaimed screenwriter named John Logan (Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Aviator, Sweeney Todd, Rango, Hugo, Skyfall, Spectre, Alien: Covenant), with Jason Blum of Blumhouse producing. They/Them is an empowering slasher film starring an ensemble cast with Carrie Preston, Anna Chlumsky, Theo Germaine, Quei Tann, Anna Lore, Monique Kim, Darwin del Fabro, Cooper Koch, and Austin Crute. Plus, of course, Kevin Bacon as the camp counselor. When a group of LGBTQ+ campers arrives at Whistler Camp, a religious conversion camp, a mysterious killer starts claiming victims, and they must reclaim their power if they're going to survive the horrors of the camp. I dig the literal slash in this slasher teaser trailer - all this footage got my attention… Curious to see more from it.


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Official Trailer for Outstanding Documentary 'The Territory' from Brazil

The Territory Trailer

"I believe the Amazon is the heart, not just of Brazil, but the whole world." National Geographic Films has revealed an official trailer for The Territory, an incredible documentary film about an Indigenous tribe in Brazil fighting to defend their territory from invading "farmers" from the cities. This premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and it's one of the best from the fest - it's a phenomenal film. When a network of Brazilian farmers seizes a protected area of the Amazon rainforest, a young Indigenous leader and his mentor must fight back in defense of the land and an uncontacted group living deep within the forest. The film follows the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau people, with some footage shot by the tribe members and their own videographer (which is awesome btw!!). The film opens in August in theaters in the US, complete with a a multiyear impact campaign will launch in support of Indigenous land defenders across the Amazon. It won tons of awards at festivals so far, and is produced by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. I wrote in my review: "Powerful filmmaking combined with a powerful must-tell story makes for an unforgettable film."


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'Five Days at Memorial' Post-Hurricane Katrina Hospital Series Teaser

Five Days at Memorial Teaser

"There is nothing else to do for them, except to make them comfortable." Apple TV has revealed the first teaser trailer for a new streaming series titled Five Days at Memorial, another hospital series but with a specific, chilling story to tell this time. What would you do if everything failed? Based on actual events from Hurricane Katrina, Five Days at Memorial tells the story of the many exhausted caregivers at a New Orleans hospital who were forced to make heart-wrenching decisions amidst the storm's aftermath. It's based on the book of the same name by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sheri Fink. Doctors and nurses at the intensive care unit of a New Orleans' hospital struggle with treating many patients during Hurricane Katrina when the facility is without power for 5 days. This stars Vera Farmiga, Cherry Jones, Robert Pine, Cornelius Smith Jr., Julie Ann Emery, and Adepero Oduye. The teaser provides a look at some of the struggles they were dealing with, including limited food & water, and no extra supplies. Looks like a very tough watch.


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Ruby Rose & Hari Nef & Paris Berelc in eSports Comedy '1UP' Trailer

1Up Trailer

"You never go full chicken, Lilly!" Lionsgate has unveiled the official trailer for an eSports comedy titled 1UP, the latest from filmmaker Kyle Newman (of Fanboys and Barely Lethal previously). The film is about a gamer who quits her college sports team due to sexism from all the men, and decides to start her own team to compete in the league and beat the men. This borrows the classic 90s sports comedy movie structure where a frustrated but talented player breaks off and creates an underdog team as they fight to take down their former teammates - except that this is set in the eSports world where racism & sexism is still rampant. Paris Berelc stars as "V", for Vivian, and is joined by Ruby Rose, Hari Nef, Madison Baines, Lolita Milena, D.J. Mausner, Taylor Zakhar Perez, & Naomi Kyle. It does look like direct-to-video quality, but might still be funny enough to enjoy. What's the game they're playing in the big competition? Have fun.


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Official US Trailer for Claire Denis' Romance 'Both Sides of the Blade'

Both Sides of the Blade Trailer

"Ohh, mon amour!!" IFC Films has revealed the sultry official US trailer for an indie "erotic thriller" made by French filmmaker Claire Denis titled Both Sides of the Blade, which originally premiered at the very forgettable 2022 Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. The film also goes under the title Fire, or the French title Avec amour et acharnement which translates directly to With love and dedication; but I've heard Denis has been upset about the title she prefers and none of them really work well for this one anyway. The film is a love triangle story about a woman caught between two men, her long-time partner and his best friend, her former lover. Both Sides of the Blade stars Juliette Binoche, Grégoire Colin, and Vincent Lindon. I saw this film at Berlinale and hated it, along with everyone else I talked to, it's a poorly shot mess and has no redeeming message or qualities with mediocre performances from everyone in it. I was surprised by how miserable it is to watch, unfortunately. But that's my own take - perhaps others will find more to it… or not.


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Winona Ryder & John Gallagher Jr in Thriller 'Gone in the Night' Trailer

Gone in the Night Trailer

"When they want something, they'll do whatever it takes." Vertical Entertainment has revealed an official trailer for Gone in the Night, a mysterious new thriller from filmmaker Eli Horowitz. This just premiered at the 2022 SXSW Film Festival a few months ago, and will be arriving to watch later this summer. When Kath and her boyfriend arrive one evening at a remote cabin in the redwoods, they find a mysterious couple already there. Her boyfriend disappears with the young woman, and Kath becomes obsessed with finding an explanation. She enlists the help of an unlikely supporter, played by Dermot Mulroney, with discovering an answer for their sudden breakup— but the truth is far stranger than she could have imagined. Winona Ryder and John Gallagher Jr. star with Owen Teague and Brianne Tju. This trailer gives away quite a bit, except for the final big reveal of what is going on and what really happened. Still curious to find out…?


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Don't Forget to Smile - Official Trailer for Creepy 'Smile' Horror Film

Smile Trailer

"I'm seeing something no one else can see except for me… it's smiling at me." Paramount has unveiled the first official trailer for a new horror thriller titled Smile, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Parker Finn. "Once you see it, it’s too late." After witnessing a traumatic experience involving a patient, a doctor's own mind begins to turn on her. Uh oh. You will never trust a smile again… This almost seems like it's borrowing the concepts from It Follows and Ring, but with smiling as the creepiest thing. I do like the countdown of 7 days because it means this woman better find out what's going on fast, and it gets crazier the more she investigates. Sosie Bacon stars as Rose, with Jessie T. Usher, Kal Penn, Rob Morgan, Kyle Gallner, Caitlin Stasey, and Judy Reyes. This is one hell of a spooky trailer, with some clever shots and very freaky moments. Even the final shot at the car window will give you a good jump. Don't forget to smile.


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