Retrospective Teaser Trailer for NYC's 60th New York Film Festival

Riotsville, U.S.A. Trailer

The fall film festival season is weeks away from kicking off this year. And it looks like an exciting line-up of films!! After Venice and Telluride and Toronto, the next major fest is the New York Film Festival in NYC. I adore this festival and always had a great time attending every year while living in NYC. Hosted by the iconic Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side, NYFF is celebrating its 60th year in 2022. Huzzah!! "An annual bellwether of the state of cinema that has shaped film culture since 1963, the festival continues a long-standing tradition of introducing audiences to bold and remarkable works from celebrated filmmakers as well as fresh new talent." The 60th NYFF kicks off on September 30th, with tickets going on sale next month. One of the best things about the fest is it runs for a full two weeks, ending on the 16th of October. They've launched this fun teaser trailer looking back at some memorable moments throughout their 60 year history. My favorite shot in here is the one with the Coen Brothers and their wild 80s hairdos. Take a look.


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Official Trailer for Outstanding Doc 'Riotsville, U.S.A.' About America

Riotsville, U.S.A. Trailer

"1967 had given the establishment proof that something was broken – and being born." Magnolia Pictures has finally unveiled an official trailer for this outstanding documentary film titled Riotsville, U.S.A., one of the best docs I've seen this entire year. This originally premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January, and I listed it as one of my favorite films of the fest. Welcome to Riotsville, a fictional town built by the US military. Using all archival footage, the film explores the militarization of the police and creates a counter-narrative to the nation's reaction to the uprisings of the late '60s. It is an eye-opening look at how America has used violence to suppress progress and liberal ideas ever since the radical 60s. And it's scary af. Featuring writing by Tobi Haslett, and narration by Charlene Modeste. At Sundance this year, I wrote about how it's, "another important this-should-be-shown-everywhere film telling the truth about America." I can't recommend this terrific film enough and I hope it's shown to every American in school from now on.


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Intense WWII Rescue Movie 'Wolves of War' Trailer with Ed Westwick

Wolves of War Trailer

"This mission is about more than protecting innocent, it's about protecting everyone." Blue Fox Ent. has revealed an official trailer for WWII action thriller titled Wolves of War, which will be landing direct-to-VOD in September. The film is about a group of British officers who lead a team of allied commandos on an impossible mission in Bavaria near the end of the war to extract an American scientist being held hostage by the Nazis. It seems to be a low-rent, direct-to-video Saving Private Ryan, but with the added stakes of the scientist being involved in the atomic bomb program. Which is such perfect fodder for even more forgettable cinema these days. Wolves of War is directed by Giles Alderson, and stars Ed Westwick, Rupert Graves, Matt Willis, Sam Gittins, Éva Magyar, and Anastasia Martin. Usually I'm all about these kind of films but it looks like this was made on such a small budget I don't even know if it will have any action in it.


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Natascha McElhone Discovers Herself in 'Carmen' Official US Trailer

Carmen Trailer

"No one can blame you for falling in love." Good Deed Entertainment has revealed an official US trailer for the film Carmen, an empowering feminist drama from Malta starring Natascha McElhone. This just premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival and opens in theaters in September. Carmen is perhaps veteran director and accomplished actor Valerie Buhagiar's most joyous film outing yet. Set in a sun-dappled village in Malta in the 1980s, McElhone gives her career-best performance as a 50-year-old woman finding a new start in life through romance. In a small Maltese village, Carmen has looked after her brother, the local priest, for her entire life. When the Church abandons Carmen, she is mistaken for the new priest. Carmen begins to see the world, and herself, in a new light and find loves along the way. Also starring Michaela Farrugia, Steven Love, Richard Clarkin, and Henry Zammit Cordina. This looks a tad cheesy and obvious, but it also seems like a joyful story about finding true freedom. The film is also in English - enjoy.


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Superb Trailer for 'Sidney' Documentary About Actor Sidney Poitier

Sidney Doc Trailer

"It's not easy being the first – when you had to represent an entire race." Apple TV has revealed an official trailer for Sidney, a documentary about iconic, Oscar-winning Bahamian-American actor Sidney Poitier. As we all know, Poitier passed away at the beginning of this year at the age of 92, though it's obvious they've been working on this documentary for years already. The film is set to premiere at the 2022 Toronto Film Festival before it will be streaming on Apple TV+ in September. This sweeping documentary portrait of the late, great Sidney Poitier surveys his films, life story, and litany of accomplishments as an artist and activist who forever changed what it means to be Black in America. Featuring interviews with many great people icnluding Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, Robert Redford, Lenny Kravitz, Barbra Streisand, Spike Lee and others. The film is also produced by Derik Murray, in close collaboration with the Poitier family. I love what Kravitz says in this: "He came to this Earth to move it, to change it, to shake it." Definitely will be watching.


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Official Trailer for 'Call Jane' Abortion Drama with Elizabeth Banks

Call Jane Trailer

"We are of use! Yeah it's not perfect, but it works." Roadside Attr. has unveiled the first official trailer for the drama Call Jane, which originally premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. This film is a dramatized, fictional version of the story of "The Janes", the underground abortion network that ran in the late 60s / early 70s in Chicago. The real story is told in the documentary called The Janes, which was already released by HBO. In this film, the story follows a married woman with an unwanted pregnancy lives in a time in America where she can't get a legal abortion and works with a group of suburban women to find help. After her own procedure she begins to work with them to help other women get safe abortions. "Inspired by true events, director Phyllis Nagy's film captures the essence of late-60s social change via one woman's quest to get a safe and legal abortion." Starring Elizabeth Banks, Sigourney Weaver, Chris Messina, Wunmi Mosaku, Kate Mara, Cory Michael Smith, Grace Edwards, plus Evangeline Young. The doc version of this story is way, way better than this film and I recommend watching it instead.


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Emily Watson & Paul Mescal in Irish Drama 'God's Creatures' Trailer

God's Creatures Trailer

"Is there no feeling in you?!" A24 has revealed an official trailer for the indie film God's Creatures, an Irish drama from this year's Cannes Film Festival. It premiered in the Directors' Fortnight sidebar section at Cannes and will be opening in September in select theaters AND on VOD at the same time from A24 Films. It's a new film from the filmmakers behind The Fits, set in Ireland, described as "Rural Gothic, Astute Psychological Drama." In a windswept fishing village, a mother is torn between protecting her beloved son and her own sense of right and wrong. A lie she tells for him soon rips apart their family and close-knit community in this tense, sweepingly emotional epic. The film stars Emily Watson, Paul Mescal, Aisling Franciosi, Declan Conlon, Marion O'Dwyer, Toni O'Rourke, Brendan McCormack, and Isabelle Connolly. It's another of these dramas about an entire town turning against people. I caught this in Cannes and it was one of my least favorite films of the fest, but I'm sure it some viewers will be moved by it. Dive in.


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First Trailer for 'The Class' - A Modern Update of 'The Breakfast Club'

The Class Trailer

"These are called 'school rules' - nobody cuts, nobody causes trouble…" Brainstorm Media has revealed an official trailer for an indie comedy titled The Class, which is described as a "modern re-imagining of The Breakfast Club." They didn't get the rights to remake it so they just made this rip-off of version instead. And it probably won't be anywhere near as good as the John Hughes original - this bad trailer guarantees that. A heartwarming coming-of-age drama, The Class follows a group of a high school seniors forced to spend Saturday completing a failed or missed final exam—and learning about the values, betrayals, and love within themselves and their classmates along the way. Starring Charlie Gillepsie, Lyric Ross, Hanna Kepple, Juliette Celozzi, with Debbie Gibson and Anthony Michael Hall. This looks like a TV remake for The CW, with barely an ounce of the same authenticity and honesty in the rather brilliant original film. That one is a timeless classic for a reason, it doesn't need a modern update like this to still be relevant to kids today.


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Official Trailer for 'Untold: The Race of the Century' Yacht Race Doc

Untold: The Race of the Century Trailer

"It was time that we had to do something radical." Netflix has revealed an official trailer for Untold: The Race of the Century, another new sports history doc in the ongoing "Untold" series on Netflix. We also recently featured the trailer for Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 about streetball and the AND1 league. A chronicle of the thrilling 1983 America's Cup, Race of the Century is a classic underdog story. It tells the tale of the scrappy group of Australians who band together to dethrone the New York Yacht Club, and break the longest-running win streak in history — 132 years! — in the most prestigious sailing competition in the world. Key members of the 1983 U.S. and Australian crews sit down for interviews sharing their experience of this ultimate race to victory. The doc will increase your heart rate as we watch one Australian team come together to take down this 132-year winning streak. This looks radical indeed! Nothing like a good underdog story taking down some snobby Americans. I don't know anything about yacht racing, but I will be watching.


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Watch: Trippy Animated Music Video for 'I Gotta Cry' by Klaus Layer

'I Gotta Cry' by Rick Flair Music Video

Some of the most original and wild and totally crazy animation being made these days happens to be created for music videos. The latest must watch music video is this one for the song "I Gotta Cry" by Rick Flair & Klaus Layer. The animation in here is created by an Italian animator named Francesca Colombara, who is known for her incredibly funky, weird, trippy designs and super weird characters float and flying all over the screen. This one is definitely that kind of psychedelic journey vibe, an ideal fit for this retro dance track. If you dig her style, check out more of her work or hire her to make some animation for your project. There's no specific explanation or story behind what's happening in this video, but it involves a lot of mushrooms and strange characters interacting. Just turn down the lights, take a big puff, turn up the volume, and enjoy.


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Road Trip Thriller 'End of the Road' Trailer Featuring Queen Latifah

End of the Road Trailer

"It's us or them!" Netflix has revealed a trailer for End of the Road, a road trip thriller from TV filmmaker Millicent Shelton landing on Netflix next month. Queen Latifah and Chris Bridges star in this road trip thriller about a mom of two kids who relocates across the country with her kids and brother. The family’s move to the southland is thrown into complete chaos when they witness a murder on their road trip. Now, the murderer will stop at nothing to find them. Sounds like a very original concept, right? Alone in the New Mexico desert, they have to fight for their own lives when they become the targets of this mysterious killer. Directed by Millicent Shelton, End of the Road also stars Beau Bridges, Mychala Faith Lee, Shaun Dixon, and Frances Lee McCain. This looks like a generic action thriller with that Netflix sheen, but I'm hoping there's a few unique twists and turns. At least this trailer doesn't give away everything - take a look.


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Josh Duhamel is 'The Flying Bandit' in Crime Comedy 'Bandit' Trailer

Bandit Trailer

"Anyone seen this guy?" Quiver Distribution has revealed an official trailer for a true story crime thriller titled Bandit, about the story of "The Flying Bandit" who robbed over 50 banks in his lifetime. This one is landing direct-to-VOD and in a few theaters in September, despite not hitting any films festivals before. The movie is based on the true life story of Gilbert Galvan Jr. (also known as "The Flying Bandit"). Galvan escaped from a Michigan prison and crossed the border into Canada. Up there he creates a new identity and falls in love, leading him to rob 59 banks and jewelry stores while being chased by a police task force. He still holds a record for the most consecutive robberies in Canadian history. Josh Duhamel stars as Gilbert / Robert, with a cast including Elisha Cuthbert, Nestor Carbonell, Mel Gibson, and Haley Webb. This is a very hyper, fast-paced trailer which doesn't really setup or sell this movie that well. There's nothing about this that really stands out, except he seems to be a master of disguise and quick changes. Check it out.


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