Another Trailer for Garrone's 'Pinocchio' Movie with Roberto Benigni

Pinocchio Trailer

"I don't want to be a puppet…" Vertigo Releasing from the UK has debuted a new trailer for their upcoming release of the Italian update on Pinocchio, from director Matteo Garrone (Roman Summer, Gomorrah, Tale of Tales, Dogman). This premiered at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year after opening in Italy on Christmas last year. This new take on the story from Carlo Collodi's novel of the same name is staying true to that book, telling a more grounded story with fantastical elements. Roberto Benigni (who previously directed his own Pinocchio film in 2002) stars as Geppetto, Federico Ielapi plays Pinocchio, with a full cast including Marine Vacth, Marcello Fonte, Gigi Proietti, Davide Marotta, Massimiliano Gallo, Rocco Papaleo, and Massimo Ceccherini. This version has been dubbed into English for the film's UK release. Early reviews have been quite mixed - but if you think it looks interesting, it's worth renting at least.

Official US Trailer for Mysterious Greek Fairy Tale Horror 'Entwined'

Entwined Trailer

"Will you tell me what is going on in that house?" Dark Star Pictures has released an official US trailer for a Greek mystery fantasy horror titled Entwined, marking the feature directorial debut of filmmaker Minos Nikolakakis. This premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, and it also played at the Thessalloniki, Warsaw, Bucheon, and Fantaspoa Film Festivals last year. Panos, a city doctor, relocates to a remote Greek village to offer his services to the underserved community. There he meets a woman with a mysterious skin condition named Danae, and he quickly falls for her. But soon discovers "Danae is not the helpless princess he thought she was, and time is of the essence for both of them." Uh oh. Starring Prometheus Aleifer, John De Holland, Maria Eglezaki, and Anastasia Rafaella Konidi. This reminds me of the superb Swedish film Border, also a strange forest fairy tale, and this seems to borrow a few of those fantasy themes.

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Watch: Amusing Animated Short Film 'Cyclists' from Veljko Popovic

Cyclists Short Film

"From the first moment… I discovered a whole world of stories and characters inside [of] Vasko's work." Another award-winning animated short has finally made its way online and it's a must watch. Cyclists is an amusing animated short by Croatian animation filmmaker Veljko Popovic, inspired by the art of Vasko Lipovac. This originally premiered at the Annecy Film Festival in 2018, and won Best Short Film that year. The cycling season is nearing its grand finale. During the final race, the two men in the lead are competing for more than the Grand Trophy; they are fighting for the affection of a lady and fulfilment of their erotic fantasies. Meanwhile, the small town prepares for the arrival of a large ocean liner and its dashing captain. Not only is there a unique style to it, the story is also poignant and brutally honest in its depiction of lust. One note: this gets raunchy and is NSFW, with lots of nudity and sex. But that makes it more of a must see.

First Short Teaser Trailer for Quentin Dupieux's Fly Film 'Mandibules'

Mandibules Teaser Trailer

Hi, fly. Memento Films in France has unveiled a short 15-second teaser trailer for the film Mandibules, the latest from wacky French musician / filmmaker Quentin Dupieux. The pandemic hasn't stopped him from working! Mandibules was also announced as part of the line-up for the 2020 Venice Film Festival, kicking off in September. So what the heck is this film about? Two simple-minded friends discover a giant fly in the trunk of a car and decide to domesticate it to earn money with it. Of course. Definitely a Dupieux concept. The film stars Adèle Exarchopoulos, Grégoire Ludig, Bruno Lochet, Coralie Russier, India Hair, David Marsais, with Dave Chapman as "La Mouche" (aka The Fly). There isn't really much to this teaser trailer except a quick shot of the giant fly drinking water from a pool, but still, you've gotta see this trailer with a giant fly drinking water from a pool! Because who knows what happens next…? Take a peek below.

Austin Abrams & Lili Reinhart in Trailer for Romance 'Chemical Hearts'

Chemical Hearts Trailer

"I used to be good at socializing…" Amazon Studios has unveiled acial trailer for a teen romance coming-of-age drama titled Chemical Hearts, adapted from Krystal Sutherland's novel "Our Chemical Hearts". The emotionally honest film is "an unapologetic, coming of age story involving a hopeless romantic and a young woman with a mysterious past." A high school transfer student finds a new passion when she begins to work on the school's newspaper, where she meets seventeen-year-old Henry Page, who has never been in love. Described as "a journey of self-discovery that captures the thrills, disappointments and confusion of being a teenager." Starring Austin Abrams & Lili Reinhart, with Sarah Jones, Kara Young, Coral Peña, C.J. Hoff, Shannon Walsh, Bruce Altman, and Meg Gibson. It looks charming and witty and tough, but it also looks like so many other teen romance films. Hopefully there's something unique about this one.

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Yet Another Fashion Doc - 'Martin Margiela: In His Own Words' Trailer

Martin Margiela: In His Own Words Trailer

"Anonymity is very important to me." Oscilloscope has debuted an official trailer for a fashion documentary titled Martin Margiela: In His Own Words, which first premiered at the DOC NYC Film Festival last year. It seems one of the big doc trends right now is films about fashion designers and the crazy lives they lead - there are so many of them recently. After more than a decade since leaving Maison Martin Margiela, Martin Margiela takes a look back at his 20 years of work as fashion designer. Martin Margiela has never shown his face to the public, preferring the clothes to speak for themselves. Likewise, in this fashion doc the designer picks pivotal pieces from his collections. The film features interviews with, among others, Margiela himself, Jean Paul Gaultier, Carine Roitfeld, trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, fashion critic Cathy Horyn, and fashion historian Olivier Saillard. The score was composed by Belgian rock band dEUS. Check this out.

Official US Trailer for Kôji Fukada's Slow Burn Drama 'A Girl Missing'

A Girl Missing Trailer

"It had to come out eventually." Film Movement has debuted an official trailer for a Japanese indie drama titled A Girl Missing, the latest from acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Koji Fukada (Sayônara, Harmonium, The Man from the Sea). This film first premiered at the Locarno and Toronto Film Festivals last year, and stopped by a number of international festivals throughout the fall. Koji Fukada's followup to the critically-acclaimed Harmonium, A Girl Missing "is a satisfying slow-burn drama expertly told." A home-care nurse's relationship with the family she has spent years working for is threatened when her nephew is arrested for kidnapping their daughter. Japanese filmmakers love to tell dramatic stories about family and interpersonal relationships with devastating twists and turns. The film stars Mariko Tsutsui, Mikako Ichikawa, and Sôsuke Ikematsu. This looks like it starts out rather slow & calm and gets extremely intense as it goes on.

First Trailer for 'Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story' Doc

Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story Trailer

"I thought I was having an acid flashback." Gravitas has released an official trailer for a documentary titled Happy Happy Joy Joy: The Ren & Stimpy Story, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The film is, as the title states, a story about the iconic cartoon series Ren & Stimpy. A documentary that explores the rise and fall of The Ren & Stimpy Show. But it's also a film about the rise and fall of the show's controversial creator, John Kricfalusi. He was accused of abuse and manipulation and has since retreated from the spotlight, but is interviewed in this film, not only to tell the R&S story but to speak his piece. Other artists on the show like "Bob Camp, Vincent Waller, Billy West, Chris Reccardi, Jim Gomez, Vanessa Coffey and more, share their surprising insights into the true cost of creating a pop culture classic; what it's like capturing lighting in a bottle, and the overlooked secret to true artistic genius." Worth a watch.

So Who Was He? 'Jay Sebring....Cutting To The Truth' Official Trailer

Jay Sebring....Cutting To The Truth Trailer

"He was forgotten… He was erased…" Shout Factory has debuted a trailer for an indie documentary titled Jay Sebring….Cutting to the Truth, which premiered at the Cinequest Film Festival earlier this year and at the Phoenix Film Festival as well. This fascinating, in-depth look at the legacy of revolutionary sixties Hollywood trendsetter Jay Sebring follows his meteoric rise as a cultural icon and his untimely murder at the hands of the Manson family. The biopic doc "is an illuminating portrait of Sebring, the long-forgotten artist, designer, and entrepreneur who created a billion-dollar Men's hair & fashion industry and defined iconic Hollywood styles for men. The documentary traces Sebring’s life from his humble Michigan roots to his meteoric rise as a groundbreaking trendsetter and further examines the facts and myth leading up to the fateful night." The film is all from the perspective of his cousin, trying to figure out who his uncle really was.

Trailer for Barbara Kopple's Doc 'Desert One' About a Rescue Mission

Desert One Trailer

"If we are successful, it will be your achievement. If we are not successful, it will be my defeat." Greenwich Ent. has released an official trailer for the documentary film Desert One, the latest from award-winning docu filmmaker Barbara Kopple. This originally premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year, and also stopped by the DOC NYC, AFI Fest, Hamptons Doc Fest, Palm Springs, Big Sky, and Boulder Film Festivals. Using new archival sources and unprecedented access, master documentarian Barbara Kopple reveals the story behind one of the most daring rescues in modern US history: a secret mission to free hostages of the 1979 Iranian revolution. This looks incredible! With Kopple directing, this already has an edge over so many docs. She is so talented at looking back into history and telling these remarkable stories with so much detail and fervor. This is also just a gripping trailer that fully sold me on this film. Looking forward to watching it.

First Trailer for Aaron B. Koontz's Horror Western Film 'The Pale Door'

The Pale Door Trailer

"I understand there was a reward?" RLJE / Shudder has released the first trailer for a horror western titled The Pale Door, the latest bloody offering from Camera Obscura director Aaron B. Koontz. After a train robbery goes bad, two brothers leading a gang of cowboys must survive the night in a ghost town inhabited by a coven of witches. This is a hell of a setup and a hell of a freaky reveal once they get to this brothel and discover what's going on. Starring Devin Druid, Zachary Knighton, Bill Sage, Pat Healy, Natasha Bassett, with Stan Shaw and Melora Walters. At first glance this reminds me of From Dusk Till Dawn, trapped in one saloon fighting off nasty demons. The witches crawling all over the ceiling are frickin' scary.

Johnny Whitworth & Zazie Beetz in Trailer for Mystery 'Still Here' Film

Still Here Trailer

"Each day that passes I can feel her getting further away from me…" Blue Fox Ent. has released an official trailer for an indie mystery drama titled Still Here, marking the feature directorial debut of Romanian-American filmmaker Vlad Feier. Set in New York City, the film is about the heartbreaking story of a twelve year old missing girl and the pain of her family. Following a journalist who is assigned the story, risking his career and his own life taking the matter into his own hands. Based on true events. The film stars Johnny Whitworth, Maurice McRae, Afton Williamson, Larry Pine, Jeremy Holm, and Zazie Beetz. This looks so very tragic and heartbreaking, the somber score in this trailer really bringing out all the emotions. But I think it's ultimately a story about the goodness that we can find in our hearts if only we stop and look.

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